10 best wedding candle centerpiece ideas for your special day

Wedding candle centerpieces are almost always the most romantic decorations for wedding celebrations. It’s a lovely and fairly inexpensive way to create precious lighting without going overboard.

It is well known that wedding centerpieces not only set the mood of the event, but they tie the theme together and elevate the reception space, that’s why it is important to choose them wisely.

While floral arrangements continue to be a popular option, wedding candle centerpieces are another option you might like to explore.

Wedding candle centerpieces are a modern take that will add a touch of romance and sophistication to any tablescape! Candles also offer sweet amber lighting that exudes a warm and intimate charm.


wedding candle centerpieces


You can unleash the romance during your special day by incorporating candles into wedding décor. Whether they are tealight candles in glass vases or pillar candles surrounded by fresh flowers, these waxy wonders are a great way to stimulate an intimate ambiance. Not to mention, using candles is a great way to switch it up and save on the cost of overly abundant floral centerpieces. These wedding ideas should make your heart flutter just a little. If so, enjoy the feeling.

Candles for wedding


floating candles for wedding table decoration


In order to get the perfect look, it is crucial to choose the correct candle arrangement for a wedding. Your wedding candle sizes are determinants of how you intend to use them in executing lighting plans. For lighting large areas, you’d need bigger and sturdier candles like pillar candles. But for stunning centerpieces, tealights, and votives are the most versatile. They take your decorative scene notches higher because they’re both functional and aesthetic. Lastly, consider longevity and use only candles with a guaranteed number of hours.

10 best wedding candle centerpiece ideas

  1. Wedding centerpiece with floating candles


Floating candle wedding centerpiece floating candles to set the mood


Floating candle wedding centerpieces can add magic to your décor. White candles of varying colors and sizes in classic cylinder vases will create an elegant ambiance for a formal wedding. Add glass gems and diverse flowers in white and other colors and fill with water. If you’re going for a more casual look, use simple mason jars, dessert dishes, drinking glasses with a single flower, and candles. Cluster them at the table’s center or put them around bowls of fruits and candles. Go with your theme and seasonal element to suit the wedding style.

2.Tealight candle wedding centerpiece


burning tealight candles in jars tealight candles for wedding table decoration


If you want candlelight that is not so overbearing but still emits a romantic ambiance, tealight candles are an excellent addition to your table décor.

These spectacular little candles do not take up too much space or add excessive glare.

Match them with pillar candles or taper candles to create an intimate and beautiful tablescape, or pair them with your favorite flowers to add a romantic touch.

  1. Pillar candle wedding centerpieces


burning pillar candles for wedding decoration pillar candle wedding centerpieces


Pillar candles are great for wedding centerpieces if you are looking for a traditional or modern style table setting. Pillar candles are the most popular ones for many reasons. They provide long-lasting ample lighting and versatility that works with many decorative designs. You can arrange pillar candles on a decorative plate, set them with your leafy table runner, or prop them up on tall wedding candle holders.

  1. Candles in a birdcage


Birdcage with ribbon, flowers and candle wedding candles in birdcage


Birdcage centerpieces made with candles are a potential alternative to candle wedding centerpieces. Could be a fun way to add a more contemporary touch to your wedding. This can also be used in other settings such as romantic dinners, candlesticks, and more.

  1. Taper candle wedding centerpieces


romantic wedding tablescape with elegant rose centerpieces and taper candles Taper candle wedding centerpieces


Taper candle wedding centerpieces are colorful additions to your reception table décor.  They bring a seasonal and themed cohesive look to the table as they match with dinnerware and other centerpieces. Taper candles in blush tones express romance, and a pastel feel to your table setting. Dark shades and hues like deep green ad Burgundy scream subtle romance and neutrals give the best rustic appeal. If your wedding is in the fall, opt for plums, orange, and marigold taper candles. Blacks, dusty blue, and grey are the best winter frosted hues.

  1. Votive candle wedding centerpieces


Votive candle wedding centerpieces


Votive candles are a cute way to decorate your wedding reception tables. You can use votives and tealights in clear glass candle holders or any style of decorative candle holder that matches your theme.

Another way to use them is to scatter them throughout a centerpiece as a way to add light. Votives and tealights can be paired with other types of candles to add dimension to your decorations.

  1. Rustic wedding candles


Rustic wedding candles rustic wedding decor with candles


Rustic candles are perfect for the ceremony or reception. Let your guests see the flame, and let their fragrance provide the atmosphere.

  1. Herbal accents for candle wedding centerpieces


floating candles with greenery centerpieces


wedding table decoration with candles and herbs


Utilize nature by combining greenery with candles. Bring life to long reception tables by arranging candles on a bed of moss. Throw in textured greenery and bright floral stems for a forest-wild look. Wrap candles in fresh herbs like rosemary for a smell-good, look-good, simple centerpiece.

  1. Lanterns with candles


lantern candle wedding centerpieces pillar candles in wooden lanterns


Give your tables a fresh new look with lantern wedding centerpieces that include votives and candles, which are a perfect version of the old-fashioned lights and candles. All you need to add are some berries, greenery, and candles.

  1. Candle wedding centerpieces with flowers


floating candle wedding centerpieces wedding candles with flowers


Flowers are a classic wedding centerpiece for good reason – they’re beautiful and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. To achieve an elegant, romantic glow for your tables pair flowers with candles.

Lighting Sources in the wedding hall

To have different light sources in your venue is an important factor to consider. Candle centerpieces will add a soft glow to your venue, but watch out for light sources that could overpower them.

Avoid candle centerpieces for an outdoor reception that will take place in the daytime. You should also avoid light sources placed directly above the tables so the candles can stand out more.

Take away

There are numerous wedding ideas with candles that are gorgeous and creative. Candles fit perfectly in the aisle, on the tables, and everywhere your imagination can take you. Infuse them into your décor in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your theme.

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