What are meditation candles?

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing or clearing your mind using a combination of mental and physical techniques.

Depending on the type of meditation you choose, you can meditate to relax, reduce anxiety and stress, and more. Some people even use meditation to help them improve their health, such as using it to help adapt to the challenges of quitting tobacco products.

One way to do this is by lighting a candle and focusing on the flame. Many people find it much easier to clear their minds when focusing on an object. Meditation candles can also help to create a relaxing environment during meditation. To use meditation candles, you will need to choose a candle, create a relaxing environment, and position the candle for meditation. Then, light the candle and begin to clear your mind, and focus on the flame.


candle gazing


What is candle meditation?

Candle meditation, also known as Trataka, is a form of meditation that involves gazing at a candle flame. Meditation candles have been used to enhance the calming and introspective nature of these practices, and they can be a powerful tool for anyone looking to deepen their mindfulness journey. This practice is believed to have originated in ancient India and is often used to enhance concentration, focus, and mindfulness.


candle light meditation


Technique with meditation candles

Many people find it much easier to meditate when focusing on an object, like a candle. Meditation candles can also help create a relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Choose a candle
  2. Create a relaxing environment
  3. Position the candle for meditation
  4. Light the candle
  5. Begin to clear your mind and focus on the flame

Meditation with candles is practiced by gazing at a candle flame. It can sometimes be tricky to keep your eyes open and focus on a candle without them blinking or watering.

This meditation is an amazing way to improve your concentration skills. The candle meditation session usually lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.



The benefits of meditating with candles

  • There are some benefits of when meditating with candles.
  • It helps in improving your concentration and focus on something that you want.
  • It helps you to achieve your goals and dreams in life.
  • It enhances your memory and remembrance ability that is vital for success.
  • It works on your capability to increase your productivity.
  • It effortlessly calms your mind and infuses positivity into your body.
  • You can make proper decisions for your life only when your mind is calm and relaxed.
  • It offers better sleep, and those with disorders can now sleep much better.


how to meditate with candles


The meaning of candle colors in meditation


candle color meaning for meditation


Candle color is often thought to have symbolic meaning in meditation. Different colors may be associated with specific energies, emotions, or intentions, and choosing the right color for meditation can enhance the desired outcome. Here are some common symbolic associations for candle colors:

Orange: Orange will give you a brand new perspective. Orange candles help you not only regain your strength and connection to the outside world, but you'll also start to tell everyone about this miracle. The most important thing to remember is that when you are overflowing with energy, you must know how to channel it properly; good acts will only serve to empower you.


orange burning candles in jars


Purple: Meditating with a purple candle is used to obtain desires, power, and success. Can stimulate idealism and psychic manifestations and help make contact with the spiritual world. Increases enthusiasm, desire, and power. Is also powerful for healing, and spiritual development. Some attempt to use it for power over others.


burning candles with flowers and stones Purple relaxing candles


Red: The red rays that radiate outward as the candle burns fills the room with passionate, creative energy. Lust for any desire you may have with these candles, whether it be for a loved one or a newly found passion.


red candles for Trataka


Green: Meditation with a green candle will clean you of superfluous emotions, ground you, and help you see the issue in a more positive light. It will also help you heal past hurts and move forward without putting too much strain on your spirit.


green taper burning candle


Yellow: A yellow candle for meditation can help with all things tied to the intellect and focus. Burn a yellow candle to enhance learning, overcome mental blocks, expand your wisdom, gain clarity and confidence, bring in new ideas, and see things in a more logical way.


Yellow tealight burning candles


Light Blue: You don't understand the meaning of life, and severe despair chokes you and keeps you from focusing on what matters most. This vicious spiral of self-torture can be broken by meditating with a bright blue candle. It will help you see the world from a new perspective, bring joy into your life, and help you recover from severe depression.


blue pillar candles for meditation


Rose: Rose candle for meditation is great for treating heart ailments, anxiety, and depression. Good for people who suffer from nightmares. This graceful color increases admiration, love, friendship, fidelity, and calmness. Can also arouse emotions. It stimulates compassion for self and others, higher mystical powers, and humor.


rose scented candles


White: Do you feel like you're desperate for a reboot? The meditation with a white candle is maybe one of the most profound. It is great for enlightenment. Meditation aids in the understanding of oneself, one's fate, and the wise management of one's strengths. It will also assist you in releasing negative ideas and preparing yourself for positive vibrations.


white candles for meditation 10


Grey: Gray candles are a cross between white and black and operate as a neutral color. They assist with neutrality, balance, protection, peace, and spiritual wisdom.


grey meditation candles 11


Brown: Do you have self-doubt, a lack of self-confidence, and a sense of purpose? Regular brown candle meditations can help you acquire confidence in yourself and the capacity to defend your point of view and your position in the sun. In addition, the candle's brown hue helps to ground you, which is especially beneficial for those who spend more time in their dreams than in reality.


brown burning candle


It’s important to note that the symbolic meanings of candle colors can vary depending on the tradition or individual interpretation.

Take away

Meditation is a technique for clearing your thoughts and improving your attention. Lighting a candle and focusing on the flame is one technique to achieve this. When focused on the flame, many individuals find it much simpler to clear their minds.

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