Wedding table decoration ideas

Any wedding needs wedding table decorations to create a unified and aesthetically pleasing ambiance. The dining tables are often the first place to start when you’re choosing your wedding decorations, and you want to make a spectacular impression on your guests as they arrive for the wedding reception.

It is crucial to consider every piece of décor, including dinnerware, centerpieces, and table numbers, complements the wedding's overall concept. Whether you prefer a grand and lavish display or a more understated look, there are various creative options to wow your guests.

Set the mood for your dream day - decoration with candles


Candles for wedding table decoration floating candle centerpieces


Nowadays, candles have a special role in any occasion, especially weddings. A wedding is one of the most important events in life, so it is very important to properly and thoroughly prepare for it. Candles are considered the most beautiful attribute for wedding table decoration. Wedding table decoration ideas with candles are refreshing and fast becoming a favorite. This is because the lighting is a major planning detail and wedding candles are huge contributors. Depending on the wedding style and theme, they set the ambiance with a warm colorful glow. Romance, calm, and soothing energy are the hallmark of a candle-lit wedding.  Today’s market is full of various types of candles, and it is important to match the candles correctly with the wedding colors and theme. Each type of candle has its own unique size, shape, and function, and can be used in different ways to create the perfect ambiance for the wedding day. The size, shape, and function of candles will vary based on the type of candle, the occasion, and the desired effect. The main five types of candles that can be used for wedding table decoration are - floating candles, pillar candles, taper candles, votive candles, and tealight candles.


candle centerpieces in wedding


The theme, color scheme, and atmosphere you want to create at your wedding will all influence the type of candle you select. These small but essential décor elements will make wedding tables even more beautiful, giving your guests unforgettable moments.

Floating candles for wedding table decoration


romantic floating wedding centerpieces Floating candles for wedding table decoration


Floating candles are typically made from wax and are designed to float on water. To use them, you would simply place them in a bowl or other container filled with water. The candles may float because of the buoyancy provided by the water. Some people may choose to add a few drops of essential oil to the water to give the candles a pleasant scent. To improve the floating candles' aesthetic attractiveness, you might also add some flower petals or other ornamental items to the water.


floating candles for wedding centerpieces


To have a sparkling, romantic, and altogether scenic and special wedding night, for wedding table decoration use floating candles arranged carefully on the wavy table - they will give a cozy, personal touch. These floating candle centerpieces with flowers will surely bring the ambiance with their soft glow, complementing the candlelight above the table. They will cast a dreamy forest of light while you admire the stunning starry sky.

Pillar candles for wedding table decoration


romantic wedding table decoration Wedding table decoration with pillar candles in jars


Pillar candles are large and cylindrical in shape, and come in various heights and widths. They're versatile and can be placed as centerpieces in a wedding table decoration or as part of a candle display. Pillar candles are great for creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere, especially when placed in groups of varying heights. They’re often placed as table centerpieces on candle plates or candelabras. Pillar candles have a great burn time, therefore, will last long.


Pillar candles for wedding table decoration


Taper candles for wedding table decoration

Taper candles are long, thin candles typically with a cylindrical base that narrows as it approaches the top. Most are plain, but some can be twisted for a whimsical take on a classic look.


taper candles for wedding centerpieces colorful taper candles for your special day


Colorful taper candles are perfect additions to sophisticated and romantic wedding aesthetics, and there are so many ways to use them to decorate!


Taper candles for wedding table decoration


Taper candles are a great way to draw attention to your wedding table decoration. They will offer a splash of color that will draw your guests' attention, whether you use them as centerpieces or as décor. Finding a color that fits your theme and style is simple because there are so many color options available. Additionally, you may select various colors, sizes, and forms to give your event a unique appearance. Add some sparkle with tiny light bulbs around the room, place some on tables with floral arrangements, or use them as cake decorations.

Votive candles


Votive candles for wedding table decoration wedding table decor with votive candles


Votive candles are small and cylindrical in shape and come in glass holders. They're perfect for creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. These small candles are versatile in a variety of ways, such as table decorations, centerpieces, or as part of a candle display with pillars, taper candles, and tealights.

Votives give off a stunning glow when featured on wedding dinner tables. They can be used on elevated surfaces such as mantles to add a touch of ambiance and create a cozy atmosphere. Votives are great on most surfaces, indoors or outdoors, and add a cozy touch to any space. Votive candles are the perfect choice to use as a part of your wedding table decoration.

Tealight candles for wedding table decoration


Tealight candles for wedding table decoration wedding table with tealight candles


Tealight candles are small, and round, and come in metal or plastic cups. Tealight candles are frequently used as part of the table décor at weddings to offer an inviting atmosphere and light. They're a fantastic technique to add a little extra something to the room without being too over the top.  You may design a magnificent and amazing wedding that you and your guests will remember long with the appropriate candles and their location.

How many candles do you need for wedding decoration?

How many candles you’ll need for the wedding depends on what purpose the candle will serve. Is it going to be a primary lighting source, or is it merely decorative?


elegant wedding centerpiece with candles


If you plan on using them to light your aisle, a safe rule to keep is not to have a candle on every row, but rather every other one. Spacing your wedding candle fixtures out is safer and more practical. Consideration should be given to whether the candles on the wedding table decoration are the centerpiece itself or are they only ornamental. Making wedding candle centerpieces is another way to give the wedding venue a romantic feel. The size of the candles will also matter - obviously, you’ll need more tealight candles than big candlesticks.

Take away

There are some considerations and rules that you need to follow. If you decide to put candles in glasses, vases, or glass containers, you should make sure that they are fireproof. Avoid using candles near open windows, fans, in drafts, or in the wind. A sudden stream of air can throw flames on nearby objects. If you use candles for wedding table decoration do not forget that they should be placed in such a way that they do not disturb the guests while eating and conversing with each other. Make sure to remove the candles from the candlesticks after the celebration. Wax remnants may drip into the container, and when set on fire, they ignite exactly the same as the candle itself.



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