Wedding table décor ideas with candles

We all know that flowers are the main item when it comes to wedding table décor, but if you are looking for something different then how about using candles?  Candles create a warm and romantic ambiance, they also give a relaxing and dreamy vibe to the wedding.


taper candles for wedding table decor


There are so many creative and unique ways to use candles as your wedding table décor.

Create a romantic vibe at your wedding with candle decorations. If you want to have gorgeous wedding table décor, you can’t go wrong with candles. You can also set the mood for wedding reception table centerpieces and aisles with beautiful candlelight.

Getting the lighting right at your wedding can make a big difference in setting the mood for your special day.

Many couples choose to use candles during their wedding to set the mood and provide a soft glow.

There are so many ways to utilize candles as wedding decorations! From reception tables, tablescapes, centerpieces, ceremony and aisle décor, gift tables, photo booth backdrops, and more, candles are versatile wedding decorations.

How to incorporate candles into your wedding

The ambiance, mood, and vibe of your big day can be impacted by how you light the room. Candles are a popular lighting choice for weddings, both for the romantic atmosphere candlelight provides as well as their versatility with so many possible vessels, shapes, and arrangements. There are many ways to include candles in your wedding, from plain white taper candles on gold candlesticks to a grand staircase lined with blazing candles or tealight candles in glass vases. Candles are an exquisite choice for any style, venue, or season.


wedding candle decoration with pink roses


One of the simplest and most popular ways to incorporate candles into wedding décor is to use them for wedding table décor and centerpieces. You can arrange them in clusters or spread them out along with other decorative elements like flowers, greenery, or table runners. Candles also make beautiful aisle or pathway decorations. For a wonderful impression, line the aisle of your wedding ceremony with candles. You may also use candles to line the pathway leading to the wedding venue or reception area.

Wedding table décor

There is a reason why candelabras are used at weddings all over the world. Their height makes it simple for guests to communicate across tables. Available in a plethora of finishes to complement all wedding styles including metallic and painted. The atmosphere will undoubtedly be romantic and magnificent whether you want to decorate them with flowers or add candles.


tealight candles for wedding table decoration wedding table decor with floating candles


When organizing your wedding reception, table settings are crucial, especially if a sit-down dinner is planned. A lovely and welcoming ambiance may be created by choosing the ideal centerpieces with candles. Depending on the style and theme of your wedding, there are several ways to combine candles and flowers to create gorgeous table décor.

Wedding table décor ideas with candles

There are so many creative and beautiful ways to incorporate candles into your wedding table décor. Start with your theme, then choose the many candle designs and holders that would best convey it

1. Line tables with taper candles


Line tables with taper candles wedding candle-centerpiece


It might be a little challenging to find the ideal centerpieces for longer, rectangular tables. For regal wedding celebrations and those with a more vintage feel, we recommend running candlesticks down the center of these tables. They’re eye-catching and add height to your table displays without obstructing guests’ views of each other.

2. Votive candles for wedding table décor


Votive candles for wedding table decor wedding table decoration with votive candles


Perhaps the most classic of candle holders, votive candles work beautifully for a variety of wedding table décor. For the couple that prefers a sleek and complimentary wedding centerpiece, consider placing a few at the center of each reception table.

3. Taper candles in the glass cases


taper candles for wedding table in the glass cases Taper candles in the glass cases


For safety, the taper candles are encased in a glass box without a top. They will give a wonderful and delicate look to your wedding table.

4. Floating candles for wedding table décor


Floating candles for wedding table decor wedding centerpiece ideas with flowers and floating candle


Floating candles in decorative bowls or glass vases filled with water make for a classic wedding table décor. Get a variety of sizes or stick with one size, and add flower petals, colorful stones, or foliage to the water for an extra touch of elegance.

5. Waves of candles


Waves of candles for wedding table wedding table decor


Sometimes the way the candles are set up matters more than the candles themselves. This design gives the lights a surreal, dream-like quality.

6. Play with colored candles


colored candles for wedding table summer wedding centerpieces


Similarly, look into colors in a variety of colors. While white is a classic and is certain to go with any wedding ceremony or reception, going with a different color or colors can really make your wedding table décor stand out.

7. Lanterns for wedding table décor


Lantern centerpieces to light up wedding table Lanterns for wedding table decor


Using the lantern as a way to encase the candle makes the centerpiece even more romantic. Surround it with flowers to add more passion to the look.

8. Greenery wedding table décor with candles

Make your wedding table extra special with this gorgeous greenery centerpiece. Featuring peach garden roses in a unique combination of foliage, this design will bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to the room. Soft candlelight will add a little sparkle and shine, creating a truly dazzling effect that is sure to make your guests feel at home. With its stunning beauty and timeless appeal, this centerpiece is the perfect choice for an unforgettable wedding.

Some safety considerations and rules

There are some considerations and rules that you need to follow. If you decide to put candles in glasses, vases, or glass containers, you should make sure that they are fireproof. You wouldn’t want to ruin your magnificent dinner because the glass contained bursts from the high temperature. And this can lead not only to a spoiled mood but also to injuries. Avoid using candles near open windows, fans, in drafts, or in the wind. A sudden stream of air can throw flames on nearby objects. Everyone knows what the result is going to be. When decorating the table with candles do not forget that they should be placed in such a way that they do not disturb the guests while eating and conversing with each other. After the party, be careful to take the candles out of the candlesticks. It is possible for wax drippings to get into the container; when lit on fire, they ignite exactly the same as the candle itself.



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