The perfect candle scent for every room in your home

Creating the right atmosphere in your home extends beyond its décor and accessories. Scents are the factors that frequently go unnoticed but have a significant impact on the feel of your living space. They give a place some meaning and create a multisensory experience that enhances the personality of your home. Having a unique aroma in every room will give the place a unique personality. The right scents will add extraordinary charm to every room.

Candle scents can smell like anything! Make sure you choose the right scents for your home as unpleasant scents can cause headaches. Here are some of the more common candle scents:

Floral: jasmine, peony, roses, tulips, and daisies. Choose a floral candle if you want to bring subtle, summery scents into the room.


jasmine scented candles rose scented candle


Baking: With a candle scented with cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, or chocolate, your entire home will be filled with the delicate aroma of a pastry shop.


chocolate candle scent cinnamon scented pillar candles


Freshness: Choosing a citrus-scented candle will neutralize any food or pet odors you have in your home and give the whole room an instant feeling of freshness.


citrus scented candles


Holiday: If you're thinking about buying a candle for the holidays, focus on pine, mint, and pumpkin.


pine scented candle Pumpkin Spice Candle in a jar


Fragrances are an essential and invisible way to create ambiance in the home. Using the right candle scent, you can quickly create a particular ambiance in each room. Not only that, smell also affects your mood, even though you're not always aware of it.

Think about the space    

Consider which room you plan to have your candle in. Knowing the space you intend to burn your candle in will let you think of your candle scent differently.


best home fragrance candles scented candle in home


For instance, is the room small or large? A robust scent may be overbearing for a small room, but that same scent may be perfect for a large room with a lot of space to fill. Think about the function of the space.

How to choose a candle scent?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a candle scent. Price, smell, and burn time should all be taken into account. However, the most important thing to look at is the makeup of the scent itself, because different scented candles offer different experiences. Whilst it may sound a little silly, certain oils and scents do have a mental effect on us. Ylang ylang fragrance oils are said to create emotional balance, whilst lavender fragrance oil is meant to reduce stress and ease tension. Jasmine fragrance oil creates calm and rose fragrance oil acts as a remedy for stress.

Always trim the candle wick

There are two main reasons why you need to trim your candle wick. The first is relatively simple: a longer wick and bigger flame will result in your candle burning faster. The second reason is that the longer the wick, the bigger the flame and the higher the chance your candle will perform ‘incomplete combustion.'


candle wick trimming


Let the entire wax surface melt

You should always leave your candle burning for at least two hours. This is so that you allow enough wax to melt so that it can produce a stronger scent. If you want your scented candle to fill a room quickly, then your best bet is a candle topper. This works by trapping the heat from the candle flame, so the surrounding wax melts more quickly and more fragrance can evaporate.

6 best candle scents for every room in your house

1 Floral candle scents in smaller rooms


Floral candle scent


Scents and colors have a similar effect: light scents and colors make rooms seem larger, while heavier or darker aromas and tints have the opposite effect. So, use light floral fragrances for small rooms and heavier ones, such as myrrh, wood, and sweet spices for larger areas.

2 Citrus is the best candle scent for the kitchen

Use classic smells in the kitchen that are not overpowering and that are fresh and appetizing. Subtle, fresh, and natural aromas such as citrus, herbs, or fruit will create the perfect ambiance in your kitchen without them becoming overwhelming.

3 Light herbal candles in the dining room


herbal taper candles in the dining room


Botanical scents are believed to have rejuvenating, relaxing qualities and may use notes of mint and thyme, sweet orange, geranium, and cedarwood - just the thing for hosting guests and laidback mealtimes.

4 Create a romance in the living room

There are many different options for the living room, depending on the ambiance you wish to create. Gentle floral fragrances are always popular as everyone appreciates them.


living room decor with vanilla candles


Should you specifically prefer a warmer, more sensual ambiance, then it’s best to go with vanilla, sweet spices, or exotic wood.

5 Fresh candle scents are the best choice for the bathroom


fresh scented candle in jar for bathroom


It is no real surprise, but in the toilet or bathroom, you’re better off choosing fresh fragrances such as citrus and seaside. This creates a sense of cleanliness.

6 The lavender candle scent gives you a good night’s sleep

The smell of lavender and chamomile is ideal to banish stress from the bedroom.

bedroom decoration with lavender scented candles

These fragrances will help reduce stress and sleeplessness, thus helping you to enjoy the best night’s sleep.

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