The benefits of incense for the body, mind, and soul

Why do we burn incense? Someone uses them to aromatize the house, someone to relax, someone to find spiritual harmony. Indeed, all this can be easily achieved with the right incense, be it incense sticks, incense, etc. Recently, scientists have begun discussions that incense has a beneficial effect on the brain.

Since time immemorial, incense has accompanied various religious rites. Besides the fact that incense is a sacred offering and a way to honor God, it also cleanses us from the inside - fragrant smoke burns out everything negative that is inside us, and refreshes both on a physical and mental level.


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How incense affects a person

One of the benefits of incense is that its smoldering smell has an antidepressant effect. The same fact was recently proved by scientists from a research university in Baltimore. Research has shown that burning incense activates ion channels in the brain, which in turn reduces anxiety and depression.

Incense, as a rule, consists of natural aromatic substances, which naturally create one or another response in us. And what it will be depends on the smell itself. The science of aromatherapy is based on the same property of aromas.

Almost all incense helps to relax and gently relieve stress. Sandalwood, like frankincense, reduces tension in the body and mind, helps to gain awareness, and increases creativity. No wonder incense is often used during meditation.

Cinnamon helps to focus attention, cedar helps to eliminate sadness and sorrow, saffron helps to cultivate a sense of compassion, and jasmine promotes creativity and gives a sense of self-confidence.


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Incense is divided into groups according to their properties:

Stimulants - increase concentration, improve memory, eliminate depression, and give vigor and efficiency. These include aromas of cedar, lemongrass, lemon, fennel, mandarin, orange, patchouli, cinnamon, rosemary, rhododendron, magnolia, camphor, and sandalwood.

Adaptogens - normalize the work of the nervous system, and increase sociability. Mint, lavender, savory, laurel, jasmine, rose, myrrh, oregano, almond.

Soothing - used for mental and physical overwork, stress, and depression. Chamomile, geranium, neroli, lemon balm, sandalwood, tea tree, lotus, orchid, marjoram.

Protection – from energy vampirism, envy, malevolence

Restore the aura - jasmine, lemon balm, almond, sage, carnation, rose, opium, rosemary, juniper, frankincense, and lemon. In cold weather, it is recommended to use: eucalyptus, almonds, cinnamon, geranium, camphor, rose, and aphrodesia. In the warm season: sandalwood, frankincense, hyacinth, violet, magnolia, lemon, bergamot, lavender. Musk is the strongest aphrodisiac.


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Many types of incense are suitable for daily use at home. Bamboo-based Indian incense sticks are the most common: they are inexpensive and readily available, and the palette of their aromas is endlessly diverse. Incense for daily home use is created, as a rule, taking into account the principles of Feng Shui. It has a deep aroma with subtle perils of shades and has a harmonizing effect on the atmosphere of the house. In Japan, burning incense is as much an art as a tea ceremony, calligraphy, or ekibana.
If you do not know which incense to choose for your home, try to recognize "family" fragrances that improve mutual understanding between family members and create the energy of warmth, comfort, and light in the house: jasmine, orange, musk, tangerine, coconut, incense, lemon, sandalwood, myrrh, as well as mixtures of these smells.


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Incense is one of the most versatile and "win-win" gifts, but when choosing it, it is important to take into account the interests of the person to whom your gift is intended so that it is liked and remembered for a long time. If the preferences of the recipient of the gift are unknown, then a woman can safely give incense with floral aromas or vanilla, chocolate. Incense with discreet, "woody" aromas (pine, cedar "dragon's blood", sandalwood, etc.) are suitable for a man.
A universal gift - incense, aromatic oils with "delicious" smells, such as chocolate, vanilla, orange, cinnamon, and others. If you are planning to give incense as a gift, do not forget to give both a stand for them and an aroma lamp at the same time - this will complete the gift and demonstrate your attention and care. It is especially important to add a coaster to a gift of incense, which is not available in every home.


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Incense is ideal for spiritual practices and meditations. Since ancient times, they have been created as a means of healing the body and spirit, therefore they contain exclusively natural, often very rare components that have powerful healing and sacred properties. The aroma of incense is never sweet or "perfume-like" - it is a discreet, noble, and pure aroma of plants growing in a harsh climate. Also, a variety of incense, especially “temple” and sandalwood, are suitable to create an atmosphere for meditation.
Other types of incense that are most often recommended for meditation are aromas that allow you to enrich your spirit and energy, to achieve a harmonious merging with the outside world. These are sandalwood, myrrh, pine, musk, neroli, juniper, rose, rhododendron, etc.


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The effect of incense on the human body

Incense has a general harmonizing effect and helps to increase the flow of energy into the body. It is recommended to use to increase efficiency, and relaxation, as an attraction of the opposite sex, get rid of negative emotions and unpleasant thoughts, and are also actively used for energy cleansing of space.

In order for incense to have only a positive effect, it is important to choose high-quality incense, otherwise, dangerous carcinogens can be released into the air during their burning. If during the burning of incense, you feel a sore throat, headache, or heaviness of breathing, then immediately extinguish them and ventilate the room.



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