9 reasons to use incense

Smells and aromas have incredible power. They can instantly transport you to the past where that aroma has been originated. Become an absolute association with someone or a place. This is a type of portal that can not only help us travel through time, but also can cause certain reactions. For example, incense can help us relax, sleep, concentrate, stimulate creativity, increase motivation.

The best way to make aromas part of our life is to use certain smells for certain purposes. For example, there are some incense products that are endowed with the right properties to create the atmosphere you need.


use incense in life


What goals can be achieved with incense?

  1. Relaxation. This is perhaps the main goal for people, who live in big cities. Light some incense, put on some music, lie back comfortably on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book. Or, you can take a bath and add some candles and some incense. Soft aromas will make the atmosphere even more harmonious, allowing you to free your mind from every day worries.

Frankincense, sandalwood, and cedarwood are "soothing scents," so they are good for general relaxation.

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety. Help your mind stop worrying and run from one thought to another. To do this, it is best to choose incense with the scent of sandalwood. The aroma of sandalwood incense sticks eliminates undesirable odor and pessimistic thoughts. Its strong and grounding fragrance can transport you to a spiritual realm.
  2. Meditation. Incense is widely used in many rituals to deepen attention, sharpen the senses and lift the spirit. That’s what meditation is. Sandalwood and lotus are often used for meditation, but you can choose what suits you best. One that takes you to the place you need to be without distracting you from your thoughts.

    Meditation Incense


  3. Stimulates creativity. A well-chosen aroma can be used to develop your abilities, stimulate ideas, and improve mental performance. Incense based on "invigorating" aromas.
  4. Increases attention. Less intrusive than, for example, background music, aromas have a more subtle effect on the mind and body, making them the ideal partners for work, study or hobbies that require detailed attention. It is also recommended to choose "invigorating" aromas for this purpose.
  1. Improves sleep. Insomnia is becoming an increasingly serious condition, especially in our modern, constantly rushing society. Burning incense while falling asleep is as good as using a candle. Ideal scents here would be lavender or herbs.

Incense Improves sleep


  1. Yoga practice. Incense can help to focus the mind and prepare the body by creating the right aromatic atmosphere. By engaging in such a natural and rewarding activity, you want to avoid anything artificial, toxic, or simply distracting. Therefore, incense made from natural ingredients will be the best solution - you just need to choose the right scent for a particular type of yoga - from energetic to calming and meditative.

    yoga with incense


  2. Recovery. The aroma of incense sticks has been proven to increase serotonin levels in the brain. As an alternative to medication, non-pharmacological methods to increase brain serotonin levels can improve mood without causing any side effects or dangerous addiction. Serotonin is considered a natural mood stabilizer and helps with sleep, eating, and digestion. Serotonin also helps reduce depression, anxiety, and headaches. Thus, serotonin is good for health, and incense helps to release it!
  3. Air purification. Some incense ingredients have antibacterial properties. For example, green tea. Plus, incense is a simple, quick, and affordable way to cover up unwanted household odors like food, pets, wet clothes, and more.

Learning about incense is an interesting journey to aromas. What you like, what motivates you, what influences you the most! Turning incense burning into a hobby will encourage you to slow down, appreciate things more, even fine-tune your ability to focus and concentrate. There is always something to discover, learn and appreciate.



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