Why do psychologists advise lighting candles in the house every evening?

Why do psychologists advise lighting candles in the house every evening?

The author of the book "The little book of Hygge. Danish secrets to happy living” Meik Wiking calls candles “instant hygge”. That is the easiest way to achieve coziness and comfort. Unlike lamps and fixtures, lighting candles in the house give natural vivid light, which favorably affects the emotional background of a person. This is especially important in the fall-winter period when many suffer from depression.

Mood swings and winter go hand in hand, but the Danes have learned that the right lighting at home makes the atmosphere cozy and winter more enjoyable. According to Meik Wiking, candles help you enjoy the cold winter evenings, and not endure them in anticipation of spring. When you light a vivid light, it becomes cozy and comfortable. And you won’t feel down or sad in such an environment.


Floating candle with cranberry


10 reasons to light candles every night

  1. Lighting candles in the house to get rid of stress and depression

Candles have soothing and healing properties and therefore are often used by massage therapists and psychologists. The burning flame helps to relax and calm the mind. After a busy day, light the candles, watch the flames play, and just take a deep breath. It will take just a few minutes to relax, feel calm, energized, and collect your thoughts. Scented candles are especially effective. Lavender relaxes and relieves stress. Eucalyptus improves concentration and energizes. Lemon and citrus fruits are effective for depression and anxiety.

It has been scientifically proven that aromatherapy affects the mood and performance of a person. Its calming effect is based on how the brain processes odors. The aromatic composition stimulates the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotions. It also contributes to the production of serotonin and dopamine hormones that support good mood.

Ylang Ylang evokes feelings of joy and lightness. Jasmine enhances positive thinking and increases the level of energy. Peppermint will wake your mind up, increase attentiveness, and improve memory. If you are struggling with anxiety, light up scented candles with the aroma of rosemary, lemon, and chamomile, geranium.


 Aroma candles


2. Light candles to fight insomnia and stabilize sleep

Using electronics before going to bed negatively affects the body and the quality of sleep. Firstly, you sit up at your laptop and do not sleep for the recommended 8 hours. Secondly, the blue light emitted by screens reduces magnesium levels, leading to increased fatigue and irritability. Light candles an hour before bedtime. Indulge in pleasant memories and dreams. This will help you feel calm and return to your natural sleep rhythm. When electronic gadgets are not distracting, it is easier to listen to your body and understand when you need to go to bed. In addition, lighting candles in the house helps to focus on your thoughts, put everything on the “shelves” and plunge into the world of dreams with peace of mind.


lighting scented candles


3. Use candles as decoration

Do you want to make your interior stylish, cozy and unique? Nothing can do this better than candles! You can buy candles of different shapes, sizes and colors for any interior style. In the bathroom, they create a SPA environment. The living room is filled with comfort, coziness, and warmth. Light candles in the bedroom and create a unique and romantic atmosphere. Candles in the kitchen create a comfortable environment for evening spiritual conversations over a cup of aromatic tea. In addition, they neutralize unpleasant odors.


lighting pillar candle in tray


4. Light candles to improve your mood

A Japanese study found that the smell of citrus helped to eliminate emotional stress and boost participants’ moods for up to 30 minutes. Try lighting a citrus-scented candle to enjoy the mood-enhancing and energizing power of bergamot, grapefruit, orange, or lemon. These fruity scents were also overwhelmingly rated as being “happy” and “stimulating” during a mood mapping test. Citrus-scented candles help to reduce the dosage of antidepressants, strengthen the immune system and increase the production of hormones responsible for positivity.


 candles to improve your mood


5. Light candles and spend time alone with yourself

We are always busy doing something, following other people's instructions and following our daily routine. Stop for a second and think what do you really want? How long have you been dreaming, listening to your heart, and making plans? Isolate for a few hours from the outside world. Light candles, relax and understand what you really want from life. Spending time alone with yourself helps to better understand yourself, discard the unnecessary and live in pleasure.


Relaxed woman resting in the night with candles


6. Light candles and take a break from everyone and everything

At work, we spend hours looking at the laptop screen, and at home... We do the same, only we switch to TV and TV shows. Thoughts are confused, everything is mixed up in the head. Make it a habit to spend at least an hour a day without electronic devices. Let the brain rest from a powerful informative flow, and thoughts will clear up.


Colorful candles with flowers


7. Light candles to create romance

The flickering of a vivid fire is perfect for a romantic setting. An essential attribute at a dinner for two, as it provides enough light so that you can focus on food and each other, as well as abstract from the world around you. The soft light of the flame is reflected in the eyes of a loved one and a romantic mood is created.


lighting tealight candles in the house


8. Arrange SPA evenings under candlelight

When your soul craves relaxation, prepare a bubble bath, light scented candles and turn on your favorite music. Observe the light of the fire, driving away tension and stress. You will be surprised how much easier it will be for you after such a SPA evening.


Spa treatment with candles


9. Arrange anti-depressive evenings

Light some candles to create good lighting. Take an interesting book, delicious tea and a soft blanket. Even if there is a downpour or a blizzard outside the window, it will be warm in your heart.


Colorful candles in glass


10. Make time for heartfelt conversations

We often do not find time to talk heart to heart with children, parents, and friends. A flickering flame of candles and fresh coffee and buns are a great excuse to ask a loved one what's on their heart.




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