Romantic radiance. Pillar wedding candles to set the mood

Candles are known for the warm, captivating glow that they bring to a space. It’s impossible to fall under the spell of a tablescape illuminated by the charm of a sea of flickering flames.

When it comes to wedding hall decorations, a few elements can create an atmosphere of romance and sophistication, like pillar wedding candles. These versatile candles, with their timeless appeal and warm glow, can transform any wedding venue into a dreamy and enchanting space.


pillar candles with flowers for wedding table decoration


From the ceremony aisle to the sweetheart table, pillar wedding candles are ideal for incorporating into your wedding day. Pillar wedding candles will help you decorate your wedding hall and make your special day even more magical.

Extremely versatile and classic with a commanding presence, pillar wedding candles top the list of most wedding florists and planners. Because of their sturdy form, long burning time, and high-impact glow, pillar candles can be used on tables amidst an arrangement of delicate blooms as well as on the floor at the base of a ceremony structure or staircase.

What are pillar candles?

Pillar candles are candles made from rigid wax (usually paraffin wax) so that they can stand alone without a container. Pillar candles can be made in very different sizes, shapes, and heights, but you will mainly find them in a cylinder-like shape with one wick.


what are pillar candles


Pillar wedding candles are large and cylindrical in shape and come in various heights and widths. They're versatile and can be placed as centerpieces, aisle decorations, or as part of a candle display. Pillar wedding candles are great for creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere, especially when placed in groups of varying heights. They’re often placed as table centerpieces on candle plates or candelabras. Pillar wedding candles have a great burn time and, therefore, will last.

The best wax for pillar candles


beeswax pillar candles  paraffin wax pillar candles


palm wax scented pillar candles


Because pillar candles stand alone, they have to be made from rigid wax. The most commonly used and best wax for pillar candles is paraffin wax, but other waxes can also be used. Pillar candles usually use paraffin wax, beeswax, and palm wax.

Using pillar wedding candles to create a magical wedding atmosphere

Pillar candles are a popular choice for weddings and other special events. They can be used in unity candle ceremonies or as part of table décor.

Wedding centerpiece with pillar candles


pillar wedding candles for table decoration Wedding centerpiece with pillar candles


Incorporate your wedding centerpiece with pillar candles in various creative forms. Opt in for a vintage romantic look with delicate florals, greenery wreaths, and pewter lanterns. The mood for an evening wedding is perfect. Pillar candles add a great romantic vibe to a winter wedding. Fix candles at the table ends for understated elegance, or surround them with impressive blooms for a glam look. For a woodland, earthy vibe, adorn the tabletop with greenery, succulents, and birch wood candles. It’s a rustic look that milks and complements nature’s elements at the same time.

Pillar wedding candles in the cylinders


cylinder vases with pillar candles Pillar wedding candles in the cylinders


Discover the magical effect of these candles in cylinders surrounded by beautiful flowers. Candles with this unique design are very suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Being in tall cylinders, these candles will ensure the complete safety of your wedding.

Candlelight reception entrance


Candlelight reception entrance with pillar candles wedding decoration ideas with pillar wedding candles


Make a grand entrance into your reception by flanking the entrance with pillar wedding candles. They will set the tone for the evening and create a warm welcome for your guests.

Pillar wedding candles in lanterns for aisle decorations


rustic outdoor lanterns with pillar candles for wedding aisle Romantic candle lantern for wedding decoration


Utilizing lanterns for your wedding aisle décor is a great idea because they are extremely versatile and can be found in a variety of styles that will work seamlessly no matter what the theme or feel of your big day. Brightly colored pillar wedding candles in lanterns are a great way to add a pop of color and have a bold look, while still keeping that more traditional candle aesthetic. Clear glass lanterns or even mismatched vintage ones would look amazing for lots of different aspects of your wedding décor. Pillar candles in lanterns make great aisle markers for either an indoor or outdoor wedding, amazing centerpieces for circular or banquet tablescapes, and add a gorgeous aesthetic hanging in your reception space.

The Unity candle


Wedding pillar candles for lighting the Unity candle


The lighting of the unity candle is a poignant and heartwarming moment in many wedding ceremonies. It symbolizes the union of two lives and families. Include this tradition in your ceremony, and choose a pillar candle that perfectly represents your journey together.

Stairs decorated with pillar wedding candles


pillar candles for wedding hall stairs decoration Stairs decorated with pillar wedding candles


If your wedding hall has stairs that you’d like to be elegant and beautiful to walk, line them with candles. This would look great with lanterns, vases filled with candles, or any other aesthetic that fits best with the mood of the day. During the day, candlelight lighting on the path or steps appears sophisticated and attractive, and at night, it becomes much more stunning.

Fireplace décor with pillar candles


Fireplace decor with pillar wedding candles


If your wedding hall has a fireplace, adorn it with pillar candles. Vary the candle sizes and use matching candle holders to complement the décor. Pillar wedding candles can be paired with a floral garland or even with framed photos of the couple for a personal touch.

Pillar wedding candles in combination with other candles


pillar, votive and tealight candles for the wedding centerpiece


You don't have to stick to just one type of candle. You can mix and match different sizes and styles of candles to create an eclectic, cohesive effect for your wedding candle decorations. Pillar wedding candles look very beautiful in combination with floating candles, tealight candles, and taper candles.

Candlelit photo backdrop


pillar wedding candles for photo backdrop


Set up a backdrop for your wedding photos using an arrangement of pillar candles. This not only provides a stunning backdrop but also adds a touch of warmth to your pictures.

Pillar wedding candle ideas with greenery


Pillar wedding candle ideas with greenery


Utilize nature by combining greenery with candles. Bring life to long reception tables by arranging candles on a bed of moss. Throw in textured greenery and bright floral stems for a forest-wild look.

Candle safety information

  • Although candles are lovely, you definitely don't want your wedding to go up in flames. Candles might be dangerous for your wedding day because of strong winds and your guests.
  • Definitely verify with your venue before considering candle lighting. Keep some safety rules in mind:
  • Never leave burning candles unattended for any reason.
  • Never move a lit candle.
  • Candles should be at least a foot from any flammable surface, meaning clothing, linens, flowers, or anything that might pose a risk.
  • Keep candles away from children (and any guests who might get a little fire-happy after a glass of wine).
  • Make sure your candles are on sturdy, stable, flat surfaces, away from ventilation.
  • If your wedding is outside, avoid using candles in high winds.


Pillar wedding candles are more than just decorative elements; they symbolize the warmth and unity of two people coming together in love. By exploring the rich history, creative décor ideas, and the many ways they can be incorporated into your wedding day, you'll discover that these candles are not just an accessory but an essential part of the ambiance and magic of your special day.

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