Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Thanksgiving table decoration ideas

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and if there is one time of year we like to take the time to create a high-style table, it’s Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a great time to celebrate with friends and family.

It is all about the table for those few hours, after all. It’s kinda like what the dress is for the wedding and the table is for Thanksgiving.

Beautiful Thanksgiving table decoration ideas are key to making your holiday meals with friends and family feel a little bit more special and unique.


Thanksgiving table decor ideas to impress your guests


Whether you go traditional with your Thanksgiving table decoration ideas, style your table with pretty pumpkins, fall foliage, and different types of candles, or prefer to try out new looks and decorations year after year, the following ideas can cater to every taste, budget, and timetable.

How to set a Thanksgiving table


tealight candles for Thanksgiving table decoration Thanksgiving table decor ideas


If you’d like to know how to set a Thanksgiving table, here are some helpful ideas showing where to place your utensils, glasses, plates, and napkins. Once you have the table set and are ready to decorate your Thanksgiving table, go foraging around your house and yard, gathering candles and candlesticks, fresh or faux branches, eucalyptus and other greenery, pinecones, and vegetables and fruits like artichokes, apples, pears, and oranges, which are especially beautiful on a fall table. Then let these beautiful Thanksgiving table decoration ideas inspire you, then get creative and have fun!

After all, Thanksgiving is a celebration, and festivities should be enjoyed by all, including the host.

Thanksgiving table decoration ideas

  1. Keep your Thanksgiving table decoration simple


DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas minimalist decoration for Thanksgiving


At Thanksgiving dinner, the focus is on the food, and you’ll need lots of room on your table for side dishes and turkey. So, the more Thanksgiving table décor you have on your table, the less room you’ll have.  You may want to keep the center simple and instead focus on adding a charger under a simple, white plate with a cloth napkin. Add a leaf or pumpkin, as well as some taper candles.

  1. Woodland for Thanksgiving table decoration


Theme it woodland for Thanksgiving table decoration Warm color palette for Thanksgiving


Pine cones, wooden coasters, and hessian fabric make stunning table decorations at any time of year. Keep it simple for Thanksgiving and pair it with pumpkins or apples from this year’s harvest, and come Christmas, dress it up by adding heavier foliage or a garland and fairy lights.

  1. Get creative with fruits


burning candles with fruits on a wooden tray for Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas with fruits


Picking up some extra fruits at the grocery store may be all you need to add some style to your Thanksgiving table decoration. Fruits in a pretty bowl can make a simple but beautiful centerpiece.

The idea would work just as well for Thanksgiving with a bowl of red apples, a mix of mini pumpkins, pears, and grapes, or a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables for a harvest look. You can add some tealight candles as an addition to the decoration.

  1. Rustic Thanksgiving table decorations


rustic Thanksgiving table decor rustic Thanksgiving table decoration with taper candles and pines


Try rustic Thanksgiving table decoration with a jute runner laid through the length of the table and grey linen napkins, classic chinaware, and pumpkins on either side. To wow your guests, arrange taper candles, dried eucalyptus, pinecones, and circular tree trunk slices in an attractive manner.

  1. Outdoor Thanksgiving table decoration


outdoor Thanksgiving dinner decoration Thanksgiving table settings


This Thanksgiving, consider moving the feast outside if you live somewhere warm all year round. This table really embraces the outdoors with tree-inspired chargers and candle holders. You can also decorate the outdoor table with floating candles. Decorate the path leading to the table with tealight candles in lanterns.

  1. Use seasonal floral arrangement


Natural elements in Thanksgiving table decor Thanksgiving floral centerpiece ideas


When it comes to centerpieces, you can't go wrong with a display of the season's best florals. An arrangement of fall flowers, like amaranth, marigolds, chrysanthemums, or sunflowers, would look stunning as a centerpiece. Place your fall arrangement in a neutral vase and decorate it with small pumpkins or floating candles.

  1. Painted pumpkins for Thanksgiving table decoration


Painted pumpkins for Thanksgiving table decoration


Acrylic paint inspired by Thanksgiving phrases or designs may be applied to miniature pumpkins of different sizes and hues to create a striking yet simple centerpiece. To add even more holiday charm, you can sprinkle these around your home.

  1. Have fun with your napkins


Thanksgiving Napkins folding ideas


Instead of folding your napkins into the typical rectangle and laying them under your silverware, have a little fun with them! One of the beautiful things to do with napkins is to tie them in a simple loose knot and place them on the plate.

  1. Thanksgiving table decoration with candles


Candlelit Thanksgiving table elegant Thanksgiving table decoration


floating candles for Thanksgiving table decoration


Candles always bring a feeling of coziness and relaxation, as burning fire is one of the most pleasant things in the world. Your Thanksgiving dinner will look cool if you decorate it with different types of candles.

You can make a beautiful arrangement or a centerpiece of the usual candles and some accessories. A natural pumpkin with taper candles and lots of grasses is a cool décor idea for Thanksgiving. A pillar candle wrapped with cinnamon bark and twine is an easy and very cool craft for the fall with a touch of aroma. A wooden tray with jar candles is a gorgeous and very easy decoration for Thanksgiving.

  1. Table runner as a Thanksgiving decoration


Table runner as a Thanksgiving decoration


Another element of the Thanksgiving table decoration is a festive table runner. It is used as a separate element or together with a regular tablecloth. In this case, the tablecloth should be of a contrasting color to the main tablecloth. It is better to choose fall fabric colors so that they convey the whole autumn palette. You can decorate the table with candle composition, pine cones, leaves, pumpkins, or other toy birds with fall characteristics. The main dish should be in the middle of a narrow tablecloth.

Crafting a memorable Thanksgiving table decoration is about more than just aesthetics; it's about creating an atmosphere that fosters warmth, gratitude, and connection. As you gather with loved ones around the Thanksgiving table, the effort you've invested in creating a beautiful and inviting setting will not only be appreciated but will also add to the overall sense of gratitude and celebration.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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