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White Plumbers Candles

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Product Description

Our white plumbers candles are available 36 candles per box, 6 boxes per case. These fine all-purpose candles are molded from pure paraffin and ideal for home and commercial use. They're not just highly practical - they're also quaintly stylish. They have a charmingly outdated, fashionably unrefined, countrified look that makes them ideal for a "shabby chic" setting; that is, a setting that is attractively thrift-store or flea-market or garage-sale.

A setting furnished with gaudy metals and vintage linens - a bohemian setting. A comfortable, cozy cottage setting. Our white plumbers candles contribute wonderfully to elegance that is cheap and full of heart. They also make a wonderful luminary. 
They are chubbier and slightly shorter than our Long White Household Candles.

1.13 inches
2.86 cm
4.5 inches
11.43 cm
Estimated Burn Time
6 hours -8 hours

Minimum purchase quantity Price Unit of measure Packaging Compare box price per unit
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1 box
per box 36 each per box 
1 case
per case 6 boxes per case 
5 cases
per case 6 boxes per case 
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White Plumbers Candles (Bulk)

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