How to make a decorative arrangement with floating candles

Arrangements with floating candles are a great way to decorate an interior or a festive event. Such an original décor will perfectly complement a wedding decoration or a romantic dinner. The use of floating candles creates a special atmosphere: their soft flickering reflected from the water surface fills a room with bright tints of glare and subdued light. Such unusual decorations look good on a table, as well as in a more intimate environment.

Decorative arrangement with floating candles

To make a decorative arrangement with floating candles you will need:

Option 1

If you want to make a single composition, prepare a round vase, the size of which will allow you to place several items inside. Fill the container with water and carefully place the floating candles in the center. Cut off the stems of the flowers and place the flower heads in the vase so that they are freely balanced on the surface. Any flowers are suitable for a decorative arrangement, but varieties with large buds work better. For example, you can use bright gerberas, chamomiles, daisies, orchids, roses, or gardenias that have large petals that will create the right proportions.


floating candles and flowers


Option 2

This design option involves the creation of a more complex compositional scheme based on the simultaneous decoration of several vases at once. For décor, you will need three containers of the same shape, but different sizes. Fill each vase halfway with water. Put three floating candles in the first vase, only one candle in the second vase, and flowers in the third vase. Make sure to shorten the flowers in advance to the desired length. As a result, you will get an unusual design, which will look fresh and extraordinary due to the difference in the height of the containers and the contrasting combination of elements.


Decorative arrangement with floating candles


Option 3

If there are no beautiful vases at hand, you can even use ordinary glass jars to create a composition. Simply decorate the jar with a decorative ribbon around the neck, and complete the décor with floating candles by placing one in each jar.


floating candles Decorative arrangement


Whichever design option you choose, candles will allow you to create a romantic and cozy environment quickly and without hassle. You can create your own arrangement by choosing a design to your taste. Any transparent container will do as a base. For example, you can use crystal or glass bowls, goblets and even glasses. The main thing is that the containers are transparent and do not draw all attention to themselves. You can also use beads, crystals, pebbles, artificial pearls, berries, etc. as décor elements with your floating candles.


Decorative arrangement with floating candles4



As for the candles themselves, many variations are also possible here. When choosing the candles consider the season and features of the event for which the composition is being created. For the New Year, you can use white star-shaped candles, and for Valentine's Day, red heart-shaped candles are the perfect fit. Candles imitating flowers or butterflies will look appropriate for spring events, while for summer you can pick up shell candles that will set the tone for the whole composition.


floating heart candles Decorative arrangement floating shell candles Decorative arrangement


If desired, a little food dye can be added to the water to give the liquid a hue that will blend harmoniously with decorative elements and flowers.

You can apply your creativity and imagination when creating decorations with floating candles. Experiment, and you will get a unique design that will become a real decoration of any solemn or family event.



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