How to decorate wedding candles with your own hands

When you are planning to design your wedding reception, curating your dream vibe and aesthetic is an important part of forming the overall design. Lighting plays a huge role in accomplishing that very task. You could enlist a wonderful florist for your wedding and have the dreamiest table decorations, but the designs may fall flat if you don't consider the lighting that will frame the wedding reception. Wedding candles are a great way to bring a warm ambiance and a romantic vibe to your wedding reception and wedding table decorations.



Wedding candles and their impact

Candles are such a great addition to wedding tablescapes because they add extra sparkle and highlight the tables way more than if there were no candles. Candles give off a warm, amber tone and when you have lots of them in the room, it makes for a bigger impact. Unique wedding décor will make your wedding beyond comparison.

Here are some inspiring ideas on how to make and decorate wedding candles with your own hands.

Make scented candles for guests


gift candles


Making scented candles yourself as a gift is not difficult. These candles are best made in large quantities: it’s a great option for a wedding.

Scented candle making supplies and tools

When you are making wedding candles, it is better to choose small containers, as shown in the photo.

The total time frame will directly depend on the number of candles.


make your candles for your wedding


Step-by-step instruction on how to make wedding candles

1. You need to melt the wax. Put a large pot of water on the fire, and place a container of wax in it. Stir constantly so that all the lumps are evenly dissolved. To do this, it is better to use a wooden spoon or stick.


candle design ideas


2. When the wick is melted, add 10 drops of fragrance oil of your choice. (The recommended usage is usually 1 oz. of scent per lb. of wax. However, the stronger scent you want to achieve the more percentage of fragrance you will need to use).


candle preparation for your wedding


3. If you don’t have glue dots to keep your wicks perfectly centered in your jars, you can pour a few drops of wax into the bottom of the jar and place the wick. Wait a few minutes and pour in some more liquid. Make sure the wick is centered. Making candles for a wedding should be neat and accurate and your guests will appreciate your individual approach.

4. Give your candle a day to harden. Attach a small card with a short wish to the guests.

A handmade scented candle will be a great surprise for guests invited to your wedding. These candle gifts can be used as wedding table decor, and guests can pick them up at the end of the banquet.

How to make wedding candle centerpieces


candle tablescape


Whether you are drawn to rustic wedding themes and envision mercury glass and mason jars at your wedding, glam options like floating candles and candelabras or prefer a bohemian vibe that makes use of candle lanterns, there are ideas here you'll want to use for your party decorations and table centerpieces.

Wedding candle centerpiece supplies and tools

  • one thick think pillar candle
  • two taper candles
  • tracing paper
  • satin ribbon
  • decorative buckles
  • rhinestones
  • scissors
  • glue dots.

The time of preparation is about 60 minutes.

pillar candle decoration


Step-by-step instruction on how to make a wedding candle tablescape

1. Print the text horizontally on the tracing paper. You can use photoshop to add some design to the text. The text can include your names, initials, or a symbolic phrase. Measure and cut the paper to the size of the candle.


text on a wedding candle


2. Attach the designed paper to the candle using glue dots or a glue gun.

3. Measure the tape and thread it through a decorative buckle, carefully attach it to the candle with glue.


decor ideas for pillar candle decor ideas for taper candles


4. You also need to glue ribbons and rhinestones on two taper candles.


tappers and pillar candle


This candle combination is also called the family hearth. Sometimes they lit the family hearth before the wedding celebration ends. The two taper candles are for the parents of the bride and groom. During the ceremony, the parents lit the taper candles, and, with the help of their candles, they lit a fire in the hands of the newlyweds (the pillar candle). This wedding ceremony symbolizes the transfer of the family hearth and the birth to a new family. At the end of the ceremony, everyone will take their candle home as a reminder of a touching and exciting moment.


wedding ceremony with candles


Designed wedding candles can be used to decorate a wedding registration, a banquet or a photoshoot. They will go well with flower arrangements. If you decide to use paper as a wedding décor element along with candles, do not forget about fire safety rules.





This is just a small part of the possible design options for candles. Do not be afraid of experiments and difficulties. Let your ideas be successful, and the wedding perfect!

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