How choose candles for yoga?

Candles are a fantastic way to encourage relaxation and set the mood. Choosing the right candles for yoga is essential to creating a peaceful and Zen-meditation atmosphere. Knowing about candle scents and their benefits helps to create an unforgettable ambiance.

Which candles are best for yoga? Candles for yoga must be scented and non-toxic with longer burn time. Choosing the scent of candles depends on the type of yoga class. For example, eucalyptus and spearmint are popular choices for stress relief, while the lemongrass scent is excellent for meditations.


tealight candles for yoga


Plenty of candle scents can improve focus during yoga sessions and help achieve more significant benefits. Furthermore, to choose the right candles for yoga, attention should be paid to the quality of the candle.

Why use a candle for yoga practice?

Our daily lives are so stressful, it is important to take a few minutes to focus on our well-being. And nothing like a yoga session in symbiosis with one or more scented candles.


Group of people performing yoga in fitness studio with pillar candles


A successful yoga session is one where the atmosphere is relaxed, soothing, and calming. One scented candle will help you create this atmosphere. A true invitation to relax, it quickly transports you to a true haven of peace.

Stimulators of relaxation and inner peace, scented candles have a direct effect on your mind but also on your body. The dancing, flickering flame of a candle quickly becomes hypnotic.

The delicate scents coming from the candle during its burning will promote letting go, detachment, and serenity. Some fragrances have anti-stress, calming, and relaxing properties.

The use of a scented candle is often recommended to those who are just starting out, to people who have difficulty concentrating or focusing their attention.


Practicing yoga with scented candles in jars


A scented candle is much more than an accessory for the practice of yoga. It’s a real ally to let yourself be carried away in a moment of well-being.

How to choose the right type of candles for yoga

Selecting the best candles for yoga involves finding calming scents and ensuring the candles are made from non-toxic ingredients.

Candle type

Choose candles made from natural waxes such as soy wax, beeswax, or coconut wax. These types of candles are non-toxic and do not emit harmful chemicals when burned.

If you were to do yoga every day, then a soy candle would be ideal since it would allow you to avoid exposure to harmful substances. Soy candles still smoke, of course, but you’ll have to deal with it unless you are willing to go for a flameless candle.


coconut shell candles for yoga a woman practicing yoga with soy wax candles


By the way, if you want a safe and natural candle, then strongly consider beeswax candles. These candles are completely natural, burn very long, and emit a pleasant honey-like scent.

The scent of candles for yoga

The scent of candles is thought to trigger certain emotions that may be helpful during yoga sessions. For example, here are a number of popular candle scents and what you could expect from them:



lavender scented candles for yoga


Lavender has a long history of being used to purify the body and spirit. It’s also considered one of the safest plants, which is why it’s used widely in oils, teas, soaps, shampoos, and more. Lavender-scented candles used during aromatherapy have been proven to slow down the sympathetic nervous system, which is part of the body that responds to stress. Next time you need to relax, especially if it’s to fall asleep, consider sniffing a little lavender.



Rosemary scented candle in a jar


Rosemary lowers fatigue and enhances brain power, making reflexes more spontaneous.



Sage aroma candles for yoga


This scent may reduce blood sugar levels and control pressure. If you have any specific needs, then you should look up online what kind of scents and essential oils would work for that.


This scent is usually considered refreshing, so it’s a good pick if you want to have an energizing yoga session.


You might not have heard of this, but no doubt you’ve smelled it before. The bergamot scented candle has been known to uplift spirits, making one feel refreshed and less anxious.



Sandalwood tealight candle


Sandalwood has deep roots in history, spirituality, and religion. It’s been used in temples and religious status for centuries. Sandalwood is a distinctive fragrance that does wonders for promoting relaxing, meditative states. The sandalwood scented candle is essentially used as a sedative on the nervous system, calming the body down.


Jasmine is a scent that is so distinctive, it’s even defied science, as no synthetic productions to mimic the smell have ever been successful. Studies have shown that the scented candles of jasmine enhance mental alertness and stimulate brain waves. The smell acts like an antidepressant, uplifting and inducing a warm calming effect.



rose scented candles


Roses might be the most well-known flower and floral scent there is. Almost everyone can picture the unique smell. Roses are symbols of love, beauty, romance, and perfection. The intense scent is useful in calming the nervous system and gives one a positive feeling.

Candle sizes for yoga


woman practicing yoga with different sizes of candles


Choose candles for yoga that fit your yoga and meditation space. Larger candles compliment a spacious area, and smaller ones for a more intimate setting.

Burn time

It is very important that the candle for yoga burns for a long time because then you will focus on yoga and won’t be distracted by lighting another candle.

Quality of candles for yoga

Choose a high-quality candle for yoga that burns cleanly and evenly. This will ensure that you get the most out of your candle during your meditation and yoga practices.

Take Away

Using the best candles for yoga can be a transformative experience. Not only do candles create a soothing atmosphere, but they can also help you focus your attention and connect more deeply with your inner self. By choosing scents and colors that resonate with you, you can customize your meditation or yoga practice to meet your individual needs and intentions.


tealight yoga candles


So, you must explore the world of candles for yoga and meditation. Experiment with different scents and colors, and find what works best for you. And remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, so enjoy the process and allow yourself to fully embrace the beauty and wonder of this practice.

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