Candles and candlesticks in the interior design

Aside from adding pleasant scents to your home, candles and candlesticks in the interior can be an interesting way to spruce up your interior design.

These decorative pieces can appear to dance and bend according to the light breezes they are exposed to and can add a dynamic touch wherever you place them.

Perhaps not everyone knows that in ancient Egypt candles were made from papyrus, and in China - from rice paper. Later, these materials were replaced by wax, however, beeswax was not always used in candle making. Japanese, for example, preferred to make "lighting fixtures" from nuts. Soon, European industrialists also began to produce candles, however, their products remained inaccessible to a significant number of poor citizens for a long time.


used as candle option in ancient Egypt


Now you can find candles of all shapes and colors, made according to different preferences and tastes. Of course, the emergence of modern lighting sources has led to the fact that candles have noticeably lost their role as a source of light, and become a kind of romantic accessory used in exceptional cases. But the flickering light of a burning candle cannot be compared with everyday electric lighting. Nowadays designers are increasingly using this element of décor when creating fashionable interiors.


Candles and candlesticks in different colors in the interior design Taper Candles and candlesticks in the interior design


Candles and candlesticks in the interior: color matters

When choosing a color scheme, remember that the color of the candles should be combined with the color of the main interior items. Sometimes it is advisable to use the effect of contrasting shades, for example, a room with muted colors will look harmonized with some bright colored candles. By the way, the symbolism of each color should be taken into account.


Taper Candles and candlesticks in the interior design


thanksgiving décor with taper candles and candlesticks colorful taper candles and candlesticks


green taper candles with candlesticks black candles and candlesticks in the interior colorful taper candles and candlesticks


Traditional white candles are a symbol of happiness, spiritual purification, and protection. They bring a feeling of freshness and purity and heal spiritual wounds. Red candles give a huge positive charge of energy, attract prosperity and success to the house and increase passion. Candles of a pink shade are able to awaken tender feelings and revive love. Blue candles will help you calm down and focus. Warm shades of yellow candles can create a joyful mood and make the room more comfortable - their positive energy will help to achieve significant creative success. Purple candles give peace of mind and clarity of thought. Green candles symbolize the harmony that comes to the house and gives strength to cure ailments. It is believed that green cone-shaped candles bring career growth and material well-being to their owners. Brown candles guard the health of pets.

Five rules for candles and candlesticks in the interior

  1. When decorating a room with these accessories, it is important to observe stylistic unity and moderation. For an interior designed in a classic style, long taper candles in a massive gilded candlestick are well suited. When decorating a baroque room, candles can be complemented by metal candlesticks decorated with flowers, and figures of animals and people. When decorating a country-style room, you should use green, lilac, and pink accessories of any shape.

candlestick with white candle white taper candles with metal candlesticks


Remember: piling up candles can make the interior look cheap and vulgar.

2. If you are planning a feast under candlelight, you should invite no more than six people - otherwise, the atmosphere will not be so private. You should have at least 5-7 candles – otherwise, the table area will be in the twilight. Thin, short taper candles are best suited - this will allow the audience to see each other well and protect them from accidental burns.


Candles and candlesticks and interior design white Candles and candlesticks in the interior design


 3. To achieve maximum effect, designers advise placing candles in glasses, slightly drowning them in small cereals, beans, or coffee beans. You can create a whole composition by decorating a dish with candles with original pebbles, beads, and natural materials, such as acorns and fir cones.


pillar candles in glass pillar candles in glass holders


 4. Candles on the table must be burning - that's when they look alive. It is not recommended to put this accessory on the table during the daytime, because at this time the fire is almost invisible. They are best suited for evening events. Two or three small candles in the center of a small table will fill the house with a special charm and make such evenings unforgettable.


Dinner-Party Candles and candlesticks and interior design


 5. When choosing candles for the interior, you should simultaneously look for a suitable candlestick. The right product will help support the candles, prevent the melted wax from spreading, and also give the decoration completeness and style.

How to use Candlesticks in interior design


black pillar candle in candle holders


Today, candlesticks are made from a variety of materials. You can find candlesticks made of cupronickel and silver, bronze and brass, wood and glass. You can even make a candlestick yourself - from clay, and even ordinary dough.

A candlestick made from ordinary glass will look very original. To implement the plan, a small stable container made of transparent glass is ideal. As a decoration, it is recommended to use pasta of various types and colors. The more interesting the contents of the glass, the more spectacular the finished candlestick will look.

For one candle, a classic candlestick is quite suitable. Choosing the right model is not difficult, since there are many different options for stands, depending on the size and shape of the candles.

The main purpose of candelabra these days is the decoration and stylistic addition to interiors. The size of this accessory depends on the number of light sources (usually two to seven).

The most demanded are chandeliers with a height of 15” to 24”. For a romantic dinner, it is recommended to use a two-candlestick and a three-candlestick.

An interesting fact about candlesticks

The most amazing material used in the manufacture of modern candlesticks is ordinary rock salt. At first glance, a product made from this natural mineral does not inspire confidence, because it has an unsightly appearance. However, rock salt candlesticks perform not only an aesthetic function but also saturate the air with negative air ions. It is believed that candle holders made of salt increase immunity, restore strength and neutralize stress.


candle holder from rock salt



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