Candle types and candle scents

There is no easier way to add ambience to a room than using candles. Candles are a wonderful, and most importantly, affordable way to create a mood and subtle scent for your home. They are an affordable investment to a beautiful interior.

aroma candles with rose smell home decoration with aroma candles

Candles come in different shapes and sizes. The larger the candle, the longer it burns. Let's take a look at the main types of candles.

Candle types: Candles in a jars


aroma candles in glass scented candles in jar

The most common type of candles are the ones in jars. One of the main advantages of this type of candle is their relative safety, and the fact that you can clean and store the vessel after the candle is completely used up!

Candle types: Decorative candles


decorative aroma candles scented bubble candles

Due to the plasticity of wax, candles can be given any shape! This gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality with a candle that suits your interests. It can be your favorite movie, sport, hobby, or whatever you like.

Candle types: Pillar candles


fruit scented pillar candle scented pillar candles

Pillar candles - high, cylindrical candles that do not have a stand. Often the most economical, compared to others.

Candle types: Votive candles


candle types votive candles votive candles - candle types

Votive candles are very small candles designed to burn for a very short period of time - usually just a few hours. They can be floating, in small jars, or freestanding.

Candle types: Taper candles


French dinner candles candle types taper candles


Taper candles are taller and thinner than pillar candles; they have a shorter burn time and are often used for celebratory or ceremonial purposes, such as religious gatherings, and holidays or placed in candlesticks and burned at dinner time.

How to choose candles for décor?

With the exception of decorative candles, you'll probably want your furnishings to match the aesthetics of your home. Examine the shapes and colors you are planning to use in the room. Since candles will be the focal point of your home, choosing the right candles is key.

If your décor is minimalistic and simple, choose white, cream, navy, or black candles. If your décor is brighter, choose a basic colored candle to make it stand out from the rest of the décor!

Tapered candles are a great choice for dining rooms because they add a romantic touch to your table, while pillar candles are great for display in the living room because they last a long time.

Consider putting jar candles in your bathroom. The jar will help protect the wax from environmental moisture!

scented candles in tray


How to arrange candles of different styles and sizes?

Arranging candles on candle holders is nice and simple, but you can change the height and type of the candles to achieve maximum visual interest.

If you want to arrange multiple candles, place the tallest candles in the center and short candles around them.

Buying candles of the same color but different sizes, thicknesses, and even engraved designs are the best way to get a solid yet interesting look.

Finally, candles are best placed in groups of odd numbers. If you have three pillar candles, arrange them from highest to shortest.

What are the best candle scents?

Candles can smell like anything! What’s your favorite scent? Here are some of the more common candle scents:

Floral aroma candles

Floral: jasmine, peony, roses, tulips and daisies. Choose a floral candle if you want to bring subtle, summery scents into the room.

Baking: With a candle scented with cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, or chocolate, your entire home will be filled with the delicate aroma of a pastry shop.

Cleanness: Choosing a citrus-scented candle will neutralize any food or pet odors you have in your home and give the whole room an instant feeling of freshness.

Holiday: If you're thinking about buying a candle for the holidays, focus on pine, mint, and pumpkin to add another decoration to your holiday décor.

Since candles have an aromatic component, the key is choosing their placement based on the smell. Soothing scents like lavender are a good choice for the bedroom, while invigorating scents like lemon or orange can have a stimulating effect and are best placed in the office. Strong scented candles based on flowers and food should not be placed in a dining room or kitchen as they can interfere with the natural aroma of any delicious food you prepare.

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When scented candles are lit, they release a weak but persistent floral and herbal scent of essential oils. The molecules of essential oils that are released when a candle is burned, enter our respiratory system through inhalation. Therefore, the aromatic composition of such candles is important. Cheap candles containing synthetic ingredients can release toxic fumes when burned. If you like to scent the air in the room with candles, it is better to purchase wax from reputable brands. And in order for you to better understand the issue, here are 5 facts about scented candles.

1. Every flower has its place

If you want to buy a candle as a gift, then the floral option is the safest. Light, delicate, subtle, and unobtrusive scent will suit everyone. If preferences are not known for certain, then among the numerous flowers it is better to bypass tuberose and jasmine - sometimes their smell can cause a headache.

2. Better lower than higher

Candles do not require the attention of everyone who enters. The lower the candle, the faster and more intensely it will fill the room with aroma. They will also suit small rooms - corridors, interior spaces, bathrooms, or toilets.

3. Wick First

A good quality wick helps the candle burn evenly and spread the scent. The wick must be strong to withstand the effects of the candle fragrance oils in the wax. The wick must also be properly secured to the bottom so that it does not swing out of the way while burning.

4. Candle care

Trimming the wick before relighting the candle will give you extra hours of burning and allow the wax to melt evenly. But never cut the wick immediately after you have extinguished it - the wick can sink in the melted wax. If you have a candle with three wicks, the length of all three should be the same with each trimming.

5. Candles don't like to be rushed

It is better not to extinguish the candle until its surface becomes liquid - which can take several hours. Candles have memory, so if you extinguish a candle half-melted, the next time the burning process will be uneven. The correct candle always melts, leaving a thin edge of unmelted wax around the circle.

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