Candle Meditation: Do Candles Help with Meditation?

More and more people are recently interested in meditation. It has become clear that practice is a really effective way to improve lives and bring peace and harmony to your inner world. Relaxation techniques often involve using objects to help you concentrate. Today, candle meditation is very popular, as the flame of a candle produces a healing effect, and also helps to gain confidence and calmness.

Just one session is enough to recharge your batteries and get rid of the burden of negative emotions. Whereas, constant meditation contributes to the healing of the whole organism.

Benefits of Candlelight Meditation

What's great about candle meditations is that they have no limits! Fire is able to warm the soul, burn everything negative in a human’s mind, fill it with light, inspire confidence, and give passion. Fire is viewed as a powerful transformer of the negative to the positive. Because of such properties, fire is commonly found in purification rites throughout the world. This is also the element of passion and cheerfulness. If you lack these qualities, a candle meditation may well gift them to you.


meditation with candles


Candle meditation practices also strengthen intuition and develop concentration, helping stop the flow of thoughts. Observe for yourself, how you will begin to anticipate some events. Your sleep will also become much deeper and calmer, and diseases of the nervous system and eyes will be weakened. Your heart will become warmer, and filled with positivity.

Who is right for candle meditation and what is the right time for it?

Candle meditation is ideal not only for adults but also for nervous, anxious, and aggressive children. As watching the sparks of flame can be soothing, this type of daily practice will gradually reduce the child's negative traits.


Kids trataka Candlelight meditation


Time and rules of candlelight meditation

It is best to meditate under the candlelight at night or in the evening. In this case, it is preferable to meditate in a dark room, where nothing will scatter attention. Experts advise using ordinary wax candles without additional odors. There is also another opinion that church candles should be used, and not paraffin candles. However, ancient meditation traditions have no such prejudice.

It is assumed that for complete relaxation, a candle should be placed at eye level. It should be located approximately 11”-25” away from a meditator. Safety tip: keep as far as possible away from flammable objects. If you put candles too close to yourself, it will strain your eyes, and being far from the object will not help you focus because of the extra space in your eyes.

Candle meditation for beginners

There are no special requirements for the first time. Choose a creamy or white candle and try to get rid of extraneous sounds in the room. Silence within the framework of relaxation is the best helper. It is also worth checking the absence of drafts.


Candlelight meditation for beginners


How to Meditate

  • Find your optimal time of day.
  • Find a dark, quiet space with no interruptions.
  • Sit straight, with the candle at eye level. This prevents strain.
  • Take a few deep breaths and settle into your intention.
  • Set a timer for 1 minute to start.
  • Follow the movements of the candle flame with your eyes.
  • Observe your thoughts as they come up, but gently let them go without judgment. Don’t engage with them.
  • Make an effort to blink as little as possible.
  • Develop a sense that your eyes merge and become one eye, invoking the intuitive third eye chakra.
  • When the eyes get tired from the tension, close them slowly and come to a state of rest. Then repeat the previous step.
  • Feel how the flame clears the mind and calms the body. Give fire all negative feelings and unhappiness.
  • After 15-20 minutes, close your eyes and try to feel the flame of the candle in your heart, in the chest chakra. Feel how the glow filled your entire body.
  • Slowly stretch, taking a leisurely deep breath. As you exhale, open your eyes and gradually end the meditation.
  • Finish with gratitude and a commitment to return.

scented meditation candles


Candlelight meditation combined with proper breathing

Breathing exercises have always been an essential part of any meditation. In order for the candle to have a positive effect on the body, it is recommended to enhance its effect with relaxed breathing.

How to Meditate

Completely calm down and imagine your body transparent, empty. At first, breathe only through the left nostril, closing the rest of the nose with the index finger of the right hand. As you inhale, think that the body is filled with the purest light. As you exhale, try to get rid of obsessive thoughts. Repeat inhale-exhale three times.

Close the left nostril with the same finger and again visualize bright white light. Try to expel negative emotions from yourself, i.e. anger or hatred that will come out of you in the form of dark smoke. Repeat this three times.

Now breathe in streams of light with your whole nose. Breathe out confusion, ignorance, and all negative energy. This time, all the negativity leaves not through the nostrils, but with the help of the third eye point between the eyebrows. Do this part of the meditation three times.

Switch your attention to the candle flame. You need to focus on the object as much as possible and free yourself from all thoughts. Visualize how each breath will mark the release of fears and worries thanks to the warmth of the candle. Sweep away all extraneous thoughts.

Meditate like this for about 10-15 minutes.

Even the usual meditation with a wax candle carried out before going to bed, allows you to get rid of many ailments.

Health benefits of candle meditation

  • Increased cognitive performance and focus
  • Improved memory and spatial attention
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved eye health


chakra aroma candles


Cleansing by fire

If you want to purify all organ systems with fire, try to mentally direct the flame to the entire body. If you plan to treat a specific organ, you need to concentrate on them. It should be imagined how the body or a specific area is saturated with health and cleansed by the glow.

You can also visually simulate how the body is completely immersed in the flame of a candle. In this case, only the black energy of diseases will burn, but not a person.

Activating the chakras with a candle flame

There are 7 basic chakras in the human body, a.k.a. human energy centers. All of them help improve physical health, as well as be filled with strength. Meditation with a candle allows you to increase energy tone and cleanse the chakra channels of your hands.

chakra opening with Candlelight meditation


  • Place a red candle at arm's length. Relax and calm your thoughts.
  • Light a fire. Sit comfortably, but be sure to straighten your back.
  • Bring the thumb of your right hand to the highest point of the fire. The flame should not burn the skin, but it should be clearly felt, so choose a comfortable distance.
  • The thumb is associated with the first chakra. Therefore, while inhaling, imagine how the fire rises along the channel along the arm to the very shoulder. As you exhale, direct the flame to a specific chakra.
  • After repeating the procedure 12 times, you can move on to another finger with the next chakra. Then you need to bring the whole palm to the candle. Inhale and exhale fire into all chakras one by one for 12 times.
  • After the right hand, you can move on to the left in the same order of all stages.

For the meditation to be effective, you must first study the location of all the main chakras. At first, it can be difficult to imagine the flame in the body, but after several sessions, the burning of the energy channel is felt more and more clearly. The chakras will pulsate, gradually filling with the warmth of the candle.

Restore vision with candlelight meditation (trataka)

Candle gazing meditation is also known as trataka, or yogic gazing. Its essence lies in the gradual transition from external concentration to internal concentration. This yoga practice not only relaxes and enhances intuition but also quickly relieves eye fatigue.


candle meditation known as trataka


Trataka has two levels.

At the basic stage, a person should simply look at the flame without closing their eyes.

For more advanced users of meditation, there is an inner trataka. The flame in this case exists only in the human mind, in the form of a candle.

You need to contemplate the fire until tears appear in your eyes. In this case, it is imperative to calm your breathing and take a position with a straight back. Meditation with candles is carried out for about 15 minutes, while you do not need to move, blink, or even move your eyeballs. The essence of the procedure is that the eyes should not be strained at all. If fatigue is still felt, you need to take a break for 15-20 seconds by closing your eyelids.

candle meditation trataka benefits


Conducting trataka means letting go of all thoughts and feeling the power of freedom. Just admire the flame of the candle. At the end, you need to close your eyes for 2-3 minutes to keep the image of fire on the retina for as long as possible.

Candle meditation combined with aromatherapy

To activate different energies, you should select candles by color, as well as accompany meditation with pleasant aromas.

  • Pink wax is used for love meditations.
  • Red is to stimulate passion.
  • Green candles restore balance in the soul and help create harmony around.
  • Peaceful meditations can be accompanied by blue candles.


blue aroma candles green tea light meditation candles pink soothing meditation candles in glass


A scented candle helps create the right mood that will awaken the right energy during meditation. It is believed that essential oils, which give a pleasant smell to wax, can have the following effects:

  • Sandalwood helps to achieve the enlightenment of the spirit.
  • Lemongrass and rosemary are set up to solve problems and have clear thoughts.
  • Jasmine or rose oil adds passion, and feelings of passion, they also relieve tension.
  • Heather, vanilla, and patchouli direct energy towards real goals and well-being in life, and develop sensuality.

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Candle meditation may improve focus, cognition, mental health, sleep, and spiritual wellness. Experts suggest speaking with a healthcare professional before beginning a practice if you have an eye disease. People prone to seizures or who have certain mental health conditions should also speak with their doctor before trying it.