Candle lit wedding

Wedding decorations with candles are inspirational and they have become a favorite element for any type of decoration. The reason for this is that the lighting is a major planning detail and wedding candles play a huge role in it. Depending on the wedding style and theme, they set the ambiance with a warm colorful glow. Romance, calm, and soothing energy are the hallmark of a candle lit wedding.

Not a single wedding has probably been without candles: they either stand on the tables at a wedding dinner or decorate the ceremony or meet guests at the reception, or create a cozy atmosphere in the recreation area. We are all so used to them that we forget about the basic rules that should be followed when planning a candle lit wedding:

outdoor wedding ceremony with lit floating candles


Candles should not be scented unless they are used outdoors. Some of the guests can easily be allergic to this smell, or they can simply have a headache because, without sufficient ventilation in a room where there are a lot of people, smells begin to “hit the head” strongly.

Before placing candles in any of the decoration areas, it is worth lighting them for a short period of time so that they do not look like new.

You need a candlestick for any type of candle since during the burning process, the wax can damage the surface of the table or tablecloth.

The candle should stand firmly on the candlestick so as not to fall during the evening and not provoke a fire.

Pay attention to the fact that the color of the candles should match the wedding palette: for example, if there is no white in it, you should not use white candles as decoration - choose colored or milk ones.

The main purpose of candles is to burn and illuminate the space. Therefore, when placing them in one or another zone, be sure to light them and make sure that the flame does not go out so that the décor looks as it was intended.


wedding ceremony with lit taper candles in candlestick


Candle lit table setting

Any wedding dinner will sparkle with new colors with candles. You can add them to the main composition or make them the centerpiece of the table. In both cases, they should be in candlesticks or on stands where the wax will drip so as not to damage the surface of the tablecloth.

If the central place on the table is occupied by a floral or other design composition, then choose such candles and candlesticks that will be combined with the main serving element.


white lit pillar candles in jars with flowers on the wedding table floating candles with flowers on wedding table

Antique taper candles look best in a company with classic or “garden” flower arrangements, but thicker and more voluminous options are suitable for informal styles: rustic, and country. Candles can also be an excellent option for decorating long tables: you can make a path through the entire table from candles of different heights or supplement an existing flower garland with them.

Candles are a fragile part of the décor, so be sure to prepare a few spare ones so that in case of breakage you can quickly replace them with new ones.

rustic wedding table decoration with flowers, leaves and green and white taper candles wedding table decoration with flowers and taper candles in candlesticks


Candle lit wedding ceremony

Candles at the ceremony can be not only a beautiful addition to the décor, but also the central element of the entire design. You can get away from the classic daytime option with flowers and arrange a magical evening ceremony in the light of dozens of candles. In addition, to create a romantic atmosphere, add some garlands of light bulbs to the warm candle lights.

Candles can be a replacement for a classic arch or a background during daytime registration. Choose candlesticks of different heights for the reception or use alternative stands: chandeliers, jars, hemp, stepladders, and chests of drawers, even a piano will do! Candles can also decorate the path to the altar - here, instead of the classic options, you can also use bulk ones.


garden decoration with candles and flowers for wedding photoshoot  wedding hall decoration with pillar candles in jar


pillar candles and flowers for wedding hall decoration


Take the best photos with wedding candles

Wedding candles will help make wedding photos especially spectacular during the newlywed’s photo session. Experienced photographers have a great many fantasies on this topic. For example, when photographing outdoors, you can build a heart out of candles, inside which the bride and groom merge in a kiss. Floating candles look great on the water surface of the pool, near which the photo shoot is taking place: for example, they can be placed in the middle of wreaths of flowers.

Home and Hearth

Wedding candles are, first of all, a symbolic reflection of the family hearth. In this regard, today the wedding ritual called "Unity Ceremony" has become widespread. This ceremony is very beautiful and filled with deep meaning. Three candles are used in this ceremony: one pillar candle and two taper candles. The pillar candle is held in the hands of the newlyweds, and the taper candles are in the hands of the parents of the bride and groom. Parents simultaneously light a large candle with their own candles, passing the love and warmth to a new "family hearth", and also blessing the young. The lit pillar candle stands on the table in front of the bride and groom all evening.


unity candle ceremony in garden with white taper candles


The unity candle is always very beautifully decorated (for example, with beads, ribbons, etc.), carved candles are often used, beautifully decorated with rings and flowers. It is possible to put the names of the newlyweds on the candle. Gel candles are very beautiful: they are exquisite, do not smoke, do not melt, and burn for quite a long time.

Wedding candles are kept in a new family for a long time, they are lit again on the wedding anniversary. Thus, candles help the husband and wife to remember that they should do their best to keep the warmth of the family heart respect and love each other for many years, and subsequently pass this ability on to their children and grandchildren.


unity candle ceremony in wedding with white taper candles

Other uses for candles

There are many creative ways to use candles in wedding décor:

  • Gifts for guests
  • Cards and seating plan
  • wedding cake topper
  • Cake cutting area
  • Room lighting in the evening

For each of these options, you need to choose the right candles: thin or thick, colored or white/milky, in a glass candlestick, or without it.

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