Candle Fair Los Angeles 2023

We, at General Wax and Candle Company, are excited to announce our second Annual Candle Fair held in October! At the request of many of our customers and candle makers, we have decided to make this a “Candle Tradition” and support small businesses that create amazing products for their consumers. Candle makers not only from Southern California but, also from other states are ready and coming to introduce their creations to the candle lovers of California.


candle fair 2023 Los Angeles


A candle fair is a regularly occurring public gathering where candle manufacturers or their representatives offer items made of wax. Candle fairs foster interpersonal relationships and interconnections between candle manufacturers, consumers, and communities.

Eliminating intermediaries allows consumers to get the most distinctive, handcrafted goods while also increasing the amount of money that goes to candle makers, boosting local economies. Although "local" is defined differently at each candle fair, it is not required to just see local candle producers there.

General Wax and Candle, as the organization of this annual candle fair, has implemented guidelines and operating rules that ensure the candle fair consists principally of candle makers and craftsmen selling directly to the public products that they have produced.


candle fair booth Los Angeles


General Wax and Candle Company made sure that the visitors get the most out of their day! Therefore, there is going to be MUSIC, free Beeswax candle-making classes for the KIDS, RAFFLES, and the IN-N-OUT cookout truck!

General Wax and Candle Company which has been serving candle makers all across the US for a long time, by offering a large selection of high-quality candle-making supplies, has organized a Candle Fair in Los Angeles County. Over 30 local and non-local candle vendors and other craftsmen will showcase their new as well as well-known products to the locals.

Our upcoming annual candle fair will take place in Los Angeles on October 14th. Candle Fair is one of the ancient traditions. According to tradition, local candle makers prepare sculptures and candles from wax, and many other wax-related products and introduce them to the locals.



2023 Candle Fair Los Angeles - Vendors

Last year, General Wax and Candle Company invited many talented candle makers, who introduced their work to the public. This year, we’ve decided to include other craftsmen in the Candle Fair, who will present their works and creations, which are prepared with great love. During the event, the visitors will have the opportunity to visit all the booths, study all the presented works in detail, and purchase anything they desire directly from the creator thus helping their small business “flourish”. Many of the vendors participating in the Candle Fair are already known for their masterpieces as they managed to establish their brands throughout the years.


candle fair vendor


Some of the products you will see during the candle fair are as follows:

Candles – candles in different shapes and colors, pillar candles, jar candles, scented candles, sculptural candles, wax melts, natural non-GMO candles, pumpkin candles, skeleton candles, botanical flower candles, candles for magic and meditation, special scent blends for holidays, and more.

Soaps – different scents, shapes, and colors

Home diffusers of different scents. Come find your scent as we all know diffusers can help us relax at home with our favorite scents.

Room sprays - deliver long-lasting fragrance into your home, releasing freshening, odor-eliminating scents, and aromas you’ll love best.


Candle makers at candle fair Los Angeles


About General Wax and Candle Company

General Wax & Candle Company along with its Candle Making division, has been providing quality candles and candle-making supplies since 1949. The company’s origins are in institutional sales such as restaurants, florists, and churches, as well as small or large candle makers. General Wax and Candle and Candle Making Supplies pride themselves on creating and providing great quality candles and candle-making supplies at competitive prices.

By organizing this candle fair, General Wax and Candle Company’s aim is to ensure a place for small candle businesses for tomorrow. Because candles are essential to vibrant lives, the Candle Fair will focus on public engagement that will amplify our impact and make the candles even more valued, more visible, and more deeply embedded in our communities and in our city and its surrounding areas.


candle makers of Los Angeles


Information for non-local visitors

If you’re planning to visit The Candle Fair, which will take place on October 14th, you will have the opportunity to visit some other sightseeing in Los Angeles: the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, the Getty Center, Paramount Pictures Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Universal City Walk, Original Farmers Market, Universal Studio Tour, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Bowl and more.

The Candle Fair Details:

  • What: General Wax 2nd Annual Candle Fair 
  • When: October 14, 2023 
  • Where: 6863 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 
  • Time: 10am - 2pm 


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