15 festive table focal points. Christmas centerpiece inspirations

Decking the halls with the most exquisite holiday décor can turn into a major obsession during this most wonderful time of the year. There are plenty of Christmas mantel ideas and gorgeous holiday wreaths to hang on every door and the Christmas tree. Another way to add distinctive and personalized holiday touches to your house is to arrange a festive dining table featuring a sophisticated Christmas centerpiece.


Christmas table decoration


One of the most meaningful ways to celebrate the season is to sit down to a delicious meal and sip on the best holiday wines, and stunning, eye-catching arrangements make this time of year even more memorable.

Crafting holiday magic

A beautiful Christmas centerpiece is the shortcut to making your home feel instantly happy and festive! Designing a Christmas centerpiece is the perfect way to add a festive touch to your Christmas table or other Christmas décor.


Christmas tiny trees centerpiece tealight candles for Christmas table centerpiece


Christmas centerpieces don’t have to be elaborate or time-consuming. Most of these Christmas centerpieces can be put together in less than 15 minutes. Use a little creativity, and you can probably find everything you need to create your own pretty Christmas centerpiece at home.

15 festive Christmas centerpiece ideas

  1. Use candles, lanterns, and pine cones


candles, lanterns, and pine cones for Christmas table decoration Christmas centerpiece decoration


Lanterns with candles are a classic way of decorating, but they will create a beautiful Christmas centerpiece, and you can use them all year round. The festive and Christmas-inspired touch will be achieved if you surround them with pine cones and sprigs of holly with their charming little red balls.

  1. Rustic Christmas Centerpieces


jar candle for rustic Christmas decoration Rustic Christmas Centerpieces ideas


Select the ideal log for your table, then drill tiny holes along its length to accommodate tiny tealight candles. For this project, power tools are required to make the tealight holes; alternatively, they can be placed on top of the log. Cranberries, pine cones, and tree leaves make festive additions.

  1. Christmas Centerpiece with citrus topiary


Christmas Centerpiece with citrus topiary Orange clove Christmas Topiary with lights


Traditional citrus topiaries are given a whimsical makeover; one features lemons, oranges, and hellebores, while the other features paperwhite narcissus, bay leaves, and figs. For a smaller table, go with a single topiary; for a larger table or buffet, consider grouping two or more.

  1. Silverware with a ribbon tied


Silverware with a ribbon tied for Christmas table decoration


When in a hurry, candles, stemmed glasses, and silverware can all look festive when tied with a beautiful ribbon. Your Christmas table will look more delicate and lovely if you choose a silky ribbon in a jewel-toned color or stick with the classics of red, green, or gold.

  1. Bottles as candle holders


Bottles as candle holders for Christmas dinner table wine bottles centerpiece for Christmas table decoration


Use glass bottles to create sophisticated centerpieces. Place evergreens inside the bottles and top them off with water after label removal and bottle cleaning. For a pop of color, feel free to add a few fresh cranberries. Place a taper candle in the bottle opening after rubbing sticky candle wax into the bottom of the candle. To keep the greens fresh, remember to change the water every few days.

  1. Cinnamon candle centerpiece


Christmas centerpiece with pillar candles, pine cones, and cinnamon Cinnamon candle centerpiece for Christmas decoration


Recreate this gorgeous centerpiece with only a few supplies: candles, cinnamon, ribbon, a few rubber bands, and real or faux cranberries to decorate the base.

  1. Wreaths for the Christmas table


Christmas wreath with flowers and pillar candle Christmas table wreath with pine cones and candle


Your holiday wreath can become a festive centerpiece by fastening a few candlewood cups to a wreath form instead of hanging it. To finish the look, of course, you'll need a few taper candles and an abundance of greenery.

  1. Little Christmas trees


Holiday table with mini tree centerpiece


Line a table runner with small Christmas trees in a variety of colors. To create a textured look, use a mix of paper, wooden, and bottle brush trees. Put homemade beeswax candles that look drippy and more beautiful as they burn.

  1. Christmas centerpiece in white


Winter White Christmas Centerpiece- Christmas coffee table centerpiece


Although white décor can be challenging, this tablescape is the ideal illustration of how to bring out the beauty of a white Christmas centerpiece. Start by combining various textures with white hues to keep the table from appearing flat. Starting from the tallest object, which in this case happens to be a white tree, arrange it in the center of the table and scatter some soy wax candles and various-sized trees around it to create a centerpiece. The table will look bigger and more intriguing as a result.

  1. Simple Christmas centerpiece


Simple Christmas table decoration


The days leading up to Christmas can be quite stressful if you're a host. You don't have to spend hours crafting a homemade centerpiece to add festive cheer to tablescaping—all you need is a bowl filled with ornaments and colorful dinner candles. Another easy and quick way to make your guests feel welcome is to scatter lots of lovely, winter-scented candles around the place.

  1. Stunning Christmas centerpiece with greenery and candles


Holiday Centerpiece with pinecones, candles and greenery


Create a stunning Christmas table centerpiece using seasonal flowers and winter foliage enhanced by candles and fairy lights to make the mood feel magical as day turns into night.

Finish off with pillar candles in tall holders, running the length of the table. Add extra sparkle by wiring a set of microlights into the foliage.

  1. Christmas garland centerpiece


Winter garland centerpiece


Discover how to arrange the most beautiful holiday centerpiece on your table! This garland centerpiece for Christmas was made with warm, votive candles entwined with fresh, fragrant cedar garland.

  1. Christmas centerpiece with candles


Christmas dining table centerpiece with jar candles taper candles for Christmas table decoration


You could also make this Christmas centerpiece with candles surrounded by greenery and ornaments or candy canes.

The décor pieces don’t have to be too dramatic if you want to leave them on the table while you eat. That way, you can still see people sitting across the table.

  1. Christmas ornament platter


Centerpiece of a Christmas ornament platter


This two-minute Christmas centerpiece idea is sure to impress your holiday guests. Just arrange ornaments made of metallic glass globes in a low marble dish.

  1. Floating candle centerpiece


Floating candle centerpiece for Christmas


Don't worry if you're running out of time to assemble your centerpiece! A quick and simple solution is to use floating candles. They're very festive because of the berries and evergreens.

Take away

Your holiday table's centerpiece is its focal point, drawing guests' attention and establishing the mood for the entire meal. It is a representation of coziness, love, and joy. A thoughtfully crafted centerpiece can arouse curiosity and excitement in your guests and help them feel special and appreciated. It facilitates interpersonal interaction and acts as a conversation starter, creating a joyous atmosphere that heightens the cheer of the holiday season.

A lovely Christmas centerpiece awakens feelings and brings back memories, in addition to adding visual appeal. It can take you back to your early years and bring back memories of the wonder and magic of Christmas. It adds a touch of custom and sentimentality, elevating the significance of your holiday get-together. Your table décor will have a distinctive touch when you use the centerpiece as an opportunity to showcase your style and creative expression.



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