11 unique candle decoration ideas

Candles will never go out of style. They can be used as accessories all year-round and can make your home feel like you. If there’s one certain method to create a relaxed atmosphere, by lighting a unique candle. No matter how disorganized your room might be, a sparkling candle could make you experience like you've got it together. Plus, depending on the scent, it could mentally take you somewhere else.


candle decoration ideas


A classic way to revitalize and refresh your home décor is to introduce some beautiful, eye-catching unique candles. Thanks to an ongoing trend in DIY candle making and the production of original candle molds, traditional taper candles and uninspired white-wax candle designs no longer attract many people. The exciting new variety of waxes, scents, and designs has created a wealth of candle decoration ideas ready for you to explore.


tealight unique candles in metal holders


Whether you are an expert in candle decorating or a complete beginner, there are many ways you can create the look of your dreams with unique candles.

Unique candles can elevate the vibe

Modern decorative candles bring not only a majestic glow into home decoration but offer creative design ideas and fun centerpieces for holiday tables and party table decoration. Also, interesting candle designs give great inspiration for crafts. You can make unique decorative candles, inspired by everyday items and food.


summer colorful unique candle


The glowing light of decorative candles add romantic and magic feel to table décor. Humorous and fun candle design ideas, inspired by favorite food bring excitement into party table decoration and delight guests with familiar images.


red pillar unique candle for Valentine's day


Decorative candles symbolize the power and warmth of fire, and people enjoy their mesmerizing glow that make holiday tables very special and charming. From the ancient times people admire the fire, and decorative candles continue the traditions, reinventing the experience with creative design ideas, unusual colors and surprising forms.

11 unique candle design ideas

  1. Candle-light Lantern


decorative candle lantern


A unique candle display idea involves lanterns. A lantern possesses that magical and mysterious vibe into it. Candles on the other hand, also have that mystic vibe once lit up. Thus, combining a lantern and a candle would make a great pairing for a mythical design in your home.

  1. Spice up your home décor with pillar candles


rosy nude textured pillar candle


Pillar candles are an excellent starting point for those initially experimenting with candle design ideas and decorating. Pillar candles have a simple, yet modern look. These unique candles require little in the way of decoration to achieve a desirable aesthetic. Explore a minimalist look with a simple glass terrarium, or embrace the natural, beachy trend and add some colored sand and textured shells. Whatever your tastes, pillar candle design ideas are the perfect way to shake up your home décor.

  1. Elegant white candle with green leaves


floating candles with green leaves and flowers pillar unique candles in jars with green leaves


White candles are just immaculate to look at. Pairing the color white with any green elements would make the perfect combination for any bright and lively part of your house.

  1. Geometric and organic shapes


decorative scented geometric shapes candles geometric unique candles


Design lovers seem to be drawn to the ability to mix curved and organic lines with the rigid structure of 3D geometry. One easy way to achieve this contrast is by using candles and candle holders. Some of them are designed to free-stand, whereas some of them are complemented beautifully by a minimalist holder. In many cases, the stand itself acts as the artistic element in the candle arrangement, helping you keep your look on-trend in a minimalistic way, whilst providing you with the opportunity to decorate your otherwise plainer candle options.

  1. Floating candles and flowers in a fish bowl


Floating candles in a fish bowl


There are a lot of candle decoration ideas out there that use a fish bowl. One elegant design idea for a fishbowl is filling it up with water and designing it with beautiful flowers and other elements. Let the candles float in the water and you have yourself a breathtaking candle design.

  1. Decorative candle holders or stands


tealight burning candle in decorative candle holder


The free-standing unique candle trend may not be your style for a number of reasons, some people prefer to avoid the safety risks of an open flame around kids and pets. There are straightforward candle decorating ideas that help curb this problem by using clever placement of holders or stands.

  1. Artistic candle jar designs


painted candle jar design ideas


Sometimes, all it takes to spruce up your candle decoration ideas is a uniquely designed jar. Practical as well as visually pleasing, your design ideas involving artistic jars can range from simple to elaborate, with pops of color, striking textures and contemporary prints adding another level to your home décor. You can even choose gorgeous transparent jars to highlight your more unique candle molds without worrying about any naked flames.

  1. Summer vibe candle design


summer pillar unique candles summer vibe unique candle design


Flowers and candles can go well together, especially in a summer site setup. A set of beautiful sunflowers and white elegant candles will surely bring the summer vibe into your house.

  1. Unique candles in the form of the naked body


Unique candles in the form of the naked body


A recent trend in candle manufacturing highlights the beauty of the human body in wax, specifically the female form, and draws inspiration from the colors and curves of the naked body. Realistic wax molds create shapes inspired by the body, revealing an end sculpture that is not unlike a museum statue. Introducing one of these candles to your home offers a chic aesthetic and a fun conversation piece – the choice is yours whether or not to burn it.

  1. Rustic wooden candle design


Rustic wooden unique candle design


Going with a simple look, wood dough bowl candles are super trendy and hot right now. You can also add a touch of nature to a wood dough bowl candle by adding some fresh lavender or fruit pieces and spices.

  1. Unique candles with nature elements


Unique candles with nature elements


Use what nature gives us and add some real flowers to a plain white pillar candle. Add florals to the tops of a jar candle as well.

Take Away

Everyone can be creative and have their unique candle decoration ideas. It is just up to our creativity and willingness to commit to our glamorous candle decoration ideas. Use any materials in your home and make your own stunning candle display ideas.



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