11 candle types to set the perfect mood and ambiance

It's not necessary to spend a lot of money on home décor; simply lighting some candles may create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in any room.

One of the most versatile items on the earth, candles can provide light, set a mood, create an atmosphere, and set the décor. Think about it: in most instances, a candle might be used to achieve the desired design for any occasions. In other words, candles give any area a distinctive atmosphere and elevate its appearance.

There are different candle types with limitless fragrances, colors and styles of candles to choose from, and it can be overwhelming knowing which one to pick for your home.


different candle types


Depending on what candle types you choose, you can add single, cluster or unique candle holders to create the perfect setting.

When it comes to buying a candle, there are a variety of options available. Each candle is made from a different combination of materials. It’s essential to educate yourself on the different candle waxes to make sure you don’t have any allergies to the wax type it was made of.

Candle types for every occasion

The concept of every occasion can be explored by the pattern of the candles one buys. Not only are sizes and locations important but also the variety of forms that may be combined to create lovely texture. They might be floating candles, votive candles, tealights, pillar candles, or taper candles. Also, when choosing them, pay attention to the finishing, they can be completely plain or they can also have different textures that can take them into a particular tone.


scented candles in different colors


Today different types of candles are available in the market. Before buying candles, we should make sure that what will be the use of those candles? Because different types of candles are used on different occasions. Different types include - votive candles, pillar candles, taper candles, decorative candles and scented or aromatherapy candles.

Basic types of candle wax

Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is one of the most versatile and common candle wax used today. It comes in different melt points appropriate for many different applications, from votives to pillars and containers.


Most of the commercially available candle types you buy in stores today are made with paraffin. As a general rule of thumb, paraffin is known for holding the scent better.


Beeswax is versatile and one of the most natural forms of candle wax.

beeswax candle types

Beeswax is a natural wax secreted by honey bees to build their hives. Since the wax does not retain aroma very well, beeswax candles are often unscented. Beeswax candles have a unique benefit in that they purify the air. It is also known to burn longer and brighter without emitting toxic and harmful fumes into the air.

Soy wax

Soy wax is derived from soy beans and being natural and non-chemically derived, is considered among the more eco-friendly candle waxes.

soy wax candles

One benefit of soy wax and soy wax blends is it actually burns slower, allowing you to enjoy your candle for much longer than most.

Its soft and pliable texture makes it ideal for candle-making. Candlemakers and consumers alike enjoy soy wax candles for their ability to burn slowly.

Coconut wax

Coconut wax is a vegan product naturally sourced from coconut oil. The coconut oil is hydrogenated and refined to produce this wax. The refining process removes the coconut smell, which is ideal for those who aren’t fans of the coconut scent or don’t want the coconut scent to interfere with the fragrances in the custom mix.


Coconut wax for candle making

For several reasons, coconut wax is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly wax products available. In addition to being responsibly sourced, coconut wax is also excellent for burning owing to its smokeless and soot-free qualities, providing a clean burn without toxins.

Palm wax


Palm wax is similar to soy wax in that it is made from a natural oil - in this case, palm oil. Palm wax is a very firm, almost brittle wax, that works well for pillars and votives. It usually produces a crystalline or "feathered" effect in the candles that is quite lovely. Palm wax is often blended with soy wax to make it harder.

11 candle types and how to use them

1.Tealight candles


citronella scented tealight candles


Tealight candles are the smallest candle type, so don’t expect a very long burn time. Tealights burn for about two to six hours. Even though they’re so small, these candles can have a big impact on any space when a few are used together. Tealight candles create a comfortable ambience when arranged as a table centerpiece, set up around a bathtub for a relaxing soak or scatter them on a mantle or windowsill to create a cozy light. You can set them out on their own, put the tealights in small lanterns or decorative glass containers or set them in water so they float.

2. Pillar candle types


blue pillar candles on a wooden tray


As their name implies, pillar candles are similar to pillars as they not only look like them but can also stand on their own without a holder, but they might not be dripless. Due to their relatively massive size, these candle styles can burn for hours, while looking all kinds of majestic and beautiful where placed.

These candles burn for different amounts of time depending on the size of the pillar, but they’re typically long lasting. These candles don’t need a container to use, but are often used in larger lanterns or placed onto candle sticks.

3. Birthday Candles


Birthday candle types


Birthday candles are nevertheless significant for restaurant operations even though they are not typical candles used in these premises. When they add birthday candles to your dessert, they go above and beyond in terms of providing excellent customer service. Many customers go out to dine to celebrate birthdays or other occasions. To let visitors express a wish on their big day, they can be placed on top of full cakes, individual slices, or the top of ice cream sundaes.

  1. Decorative Candles

There are a lot of candle options available in the market when it comes to decorative candles. These candles add beauty and lighten up the surroundings.


decorative candles for home decoration Decorative candles


Whether you’re de-stressing yourself after a long working day or planning for a romantic date, decorative candles are just perfect to lighten up your mood. They change the ambiance of your mood instantly and transform the set up into something very special.

  1. Floating Candle types


Floating Candles with flowers


Floating candles give a distinctive visual impact that immediately ups the elegance of a setting. These candles are round and float in the water, their light reflecting off the surface to create a cozy glow. To make spectacular centerpieces, place these candles in large bowls or vases filled with water.

  1. Taper candles


colorful taper candles


Taper candles are long, thin, cylindrical candles that require a holder and are a beautiful choice for a special table setting or as mantel decor. They are famous for the multitude of colors they come in, but they are also created in a wide range of twisted and ribbed shapes in addition to the classic cylinder base shape. This adds to their aesthetic attractiveness and distinctiveness.

  1. Votive candles


Votive candles in holders


Votive candles burn inside the holder they are placed in since they are tiny and, unlike tealights, don't come packed in a container. These little candles are ideal for setting the mood at the dinner table or tucked in between flowers and other beautiful items on a console, buffet, or coffee table. They do come in various colors, but white is the most traditional and popular.

  1. Scented candles


candle types with different scents


Scented candle types have essential oils or artificial scents mixed into the wax to produce a fragrant ambiance while they burn. Scented candles are typically made of a blend of waxes. They come in various forms, from tealights and pillars to container candles, and are especially popular for seasonal and holiday scents, such as pine, peppermint, or lavender scents.

  1. Container candle types


soy wax candles in jars


Candles that have had wax poured into a container are known as container candles. These are frequently made from metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, or other materials. These candles come in a range of sizes and forms, but the majority of them just have one wick inside, as in most cases, vessels are less than three inches in diameter. Because of their already attractive look, these candle types are frequently given as gifts. Many people like using their lovely jars as containers after a candle has been fully burned.

  1. Candle lamps


outdoor candle in lamps


There may occasionally be a base warmer, but the real goal is to heat and melt the wax so that the heat of an electric light bulb may release the smells into the air. Just make sure not to keep the wax warmer on for too long. In reality, they resemble tabletop lamps, complete with a lampshade, except that the candle is placed on a plate instead. For even melting, these different candles have to be situated beneath the bulb. You can leave the wick in them too. Forget all the types of floor lamps and table lamps. These will get that job done plus bring a wonderful scent to the room.

  1. Novelty candles

Novelty candle


Candles having distinctive characteristics and looks are often referred to as novelty candles. Since these candles are typically considered decorative works of art, you may decide not to light them at all. Some candles could be hand-sculpted into sculptures or poured into unique candle molds to take on odd forms. Even ordinary taper candles may be given a playful makeover by bending them into squiggly shapes after being gently softened in a warm water bath.

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