10 best fall-scented candles to make your home smell like fall

There's something about fall that just makes you want to breathe deep. As the temperatures drop and that first crisp hint of autumn fills the air, we suddenly feel the urge to cozy up our homes with the scents of the season. From fruity favorites like apples and, of course, pumpkins, to the warm scents of woods and smoke.

More than any other season, fall encompasses the feeling of comfort that can only be found in the warmth of heart and togetherness. And fall-scented candles will be the perfect additions to your autumn décor and comfort.


fall scented candles soy wax handmade fall candles in jars


Fall-scented candles envelop us and our families in the spirit of the season and many would argue it’s the best-smelling season.

Why use fall-scented candles at home?

Fall-scented candles are very delicate and have a positive effect on us. After busy work, it is very nice when you come home and the house smells warm and nice.


best fall scented candles cozy fall candles


Besides that, the people you live with will also receive the same benefit. Not to mention that your friends and family will enjoy smelling the scents of fall in your home as well. Basically, there is no reason for your home not to smell like fall․

How to choose a fall scent for your home?

As amazing as all the fall scents are, you, unfortunately, can’t use them all in your home. This is because too many conflicting smells will make your home smell worse than not having used a scent at all.


fall pillar candles


Fall-scented candles for the home must be your favorite, it must match your theme.  Be mindful of allergies when making your home smell like fall.

10 best fall-scented candles

  1. Pumpkin fall scent


Pumpkin fall scented candles in jars pumpkin spice scented handmade candle


Pumpkin smell is one of the most popular scents of autumn. Whether it’s a pumpkin spice latte from your favorite coffee shop or a pumpkin-scented candle in your home, the smell of pumpkin gives a cozy feeling to your day.

  1. Apple fall-scented candle


apple scented candles scented candle for autumnal mood


To set an autumnal mood, use apple-scented candles on a cool evening. This will match the fall theme that you made with your new fall decor like earth-toned throw pillows and crocheted doilies. In combination with candles, you can also use delicious baked apple pie for a good fall scent.

  1. Candles with cinnamon smell


scented candles in jars for cozy fall evenings cinnamon scented burning candles on a tray


Cinnamon is also a popular smell for fall. You can easily add cinnamon to your home fragrance. Scented candles with a cinnamon smell are a perfect way to enjoy the fall scent all season long. Fall is truly one magical season of comforting scents and flavors. Having this scent for your home as your fall-scented candle would turn your room into the perfect cozy fall home.

  1. Candles with aromatic herbs


herbs for homemade scented candles


Thanks to cooking and baking, your kitchen might already smell sweetly of herbs such as rosemary and peppermint. To bring those scents to other areas of your home, you can use herb-scented candles. These candles will give off a pleasant fall aroma to your home.

  1. Vanilla fall-scented


Vanilla scented candle in a jar


Classic and delicious, vanilla smell will fill your home with the festive baked good vibes we all know and love. Vanilla-scented candles will provide a pleasant atmosphere for your warm autumn evenings in the company of loved ones.

  1. Eucalyptus candles


Eucalyptus smell candles for fall


The eucalyptus-scented candles are fresh and invigorating, particularly for fall. And that’s why it’s often used in aromatherapy since it invokes physical, mental, and metaphysical benefits.

  1. Cedar and pine-scented candles


pine smell candles


Autumn wouldn’t be complete without long walks through forests with crunching leaves underfoot. Bring that tantalizing, outdoorsy smell inside using aroma candles. Scoop up fallen pinecones the next time you take an autumn stroll. When you get home, place them in an attractive bowl with candles.

  1. Patchouli fall-scented candles


patchouli scented candles


Patchouli fall-scented candles have a strong sweet smell and can help to calm your nerves after an incredibly stressful day. Perfect for those long days that turn into a well-deserved bath in the evening. Light up a patchouli-scented candle to relax and soothe stresses.

  1. Clove fall-scented candle

This popular spice is another scent that truly reminds you of the scents of Autumn. With its slight spiciness together with its sweetness, it just makes you want to lie down near your fireplace. Having this candle scent in your home wafting throughout your house will surely make anyone want to sleep in your super cozy home.

  1. Orange-scented candles


Orange smell fall candles


The amazing scent of oranges is one of the best fall candles for any room of your home. It’s one of the best smells of the season because it’s so versatile.

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