Wedding favor candles to memorialize your special day

If you're on the hunt for the perfect guest gifts that uniquely reflect your nuptials and won't end up getting tossed post-reception, then add wedding favor candles to the top of your list. Just think about it - candles can easily be personalized, they're the ideal size for your nearest and dearest to grab on the way out, and, best of all, they obviously smell wonderful, meaning they'll definitely be used following your wedding.

Favor candles are a wonderful way to thank guests after the ceremony. They are also a good choice for those who want to give something to their guests that they'll actually enjoy for months to come.


candle wedding favor


These candles can be customized to complement your wedding style with tins and pretty packaging. How simple is that! These perfectly-sized votive candles will help friends and family fondly reflect on your delightful wedding day, and they're a lovely way to say thank you in a meaningful way.

It’s important to give party favors and wedding favors that your guests will enjoy and find useful.

Why Give Wedding Favor Candles?

Who doesn’t love candles? Candles always make the perfect gift and favor! This is why we suggest you get candles as your wedding favors for your big day.

Candles can be used in every detail of your wedding including your wedding favors.


personalized tealight candle wedding favors


These wedding favors are a great idea because they can also be both expensive and inexpensive depending on what you choose. For a budget-friendly candle favor, consider making them your own and filling them up in pretty containers, they will be less expensive than ordering them.

People love getting candles as a gift. Both men and women consider candles to be an always-acceptable and highly appreciated gift for a wide variety of occasions. Your guests will love to use these wedding favor candles and will remember your wedding every time they light them up.


purple candle as wedding gift


Candles create a special ambiance. They are about as romantic a light source as you can get! Soft, flickering wicks and sweet fragrances mean they make an appearance in pretty much every romantic movie. Maybe you’ve even used them to set the mood for a romantic dinner with your special someone. With candle favors, you can encourage guests to get in the mood post-wedding!

4 basic types of wedding favors

1 Candle favors for the Summer Wedding

A destination wedding is a journey you take with your closest friends and family to a place that calls the wanderlust of you and your partner. Candles in glasses are a great way to remind your guests of the wonderful memories you made, and are sure to become one of their favorite wedding favors!


wedding candles in jars with flowers tealight wedding candles


Candles that feature notes of Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange, Tangerine, Agave, Citrus, Sugar, Lime, and Peach create a warm, tropical scent that relaxes the senses. The sleek back travel tins make them perfect for a destination wedding favor candle.

These aroma candles also make an excellent gift for summer weddings and an option for minimalist candle wedding decorations.

2 Candle favors for the rustic or fall wedding

Whether you’re planning a cozy backyard wedding or a bold barn wedding, your guests will enjoy getting away from the city and spending time celebrating your love story.


rustic tealight wedding candles with dried flowers rustic tealight wedding candles


The candles with the smell of pear, jasmine, nectarine, apricot, vanilla, and vetiver will transport your guests to a land of apple fields, flowers, and beautiful memories of your wedding.

3 Favor candles for winter

For a love that stands tall like a tree and keeps you warm at night, winter weddings are so beautiful and romantic. Many winter candles might lean into more holiday aromas than winter scents.


candles for wedding guests candles with eucalyptus leaves


The candle that features the natural notes of lemon peel, cypress, evergreen, cedar, fir, amber, and moss are equal parts refreshing and welcoming. As your guests burn through each of the wax melts after the wedding, they’ll remember that on a chilly winter night, your love burned bright enough to warm all of your friends and family.

4 Candle favors for an elegant wedding

Elegant couples know that one of the most luxe ways to elevate their wedding is to have a signature scent. The sea salt and orchid scent will remind guests of the champagne they sipped and the smiles they shared on your big day... All the things you want for wedding favors!


orchid candles lavender smell wedding candles on a tray


Candles that feature notes of sea salt, ozone, and jasmine are perfect to memorialize an elegant wedding theme.

While many choose these scents for beautiful wedding candle favors, they are also very popular for bridal shower candle favors.

Wedding candle favors are versatile enough to fit into any wedding mood, not to mention they’re practical and easily personalized.

Light up your wedding guests' hearts with unique wedding favors.

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