Wax candles: what are they and how to use them?

Before, wax candles were used to light rooms, but today they are more often used for decorative purposes. They create a romantic and cozy atmosphere, and also perfectly calm the nervous system. Moreover, candlelight will allow you to rest your eyes.

The characteristics of wax candles

With the development of modern technology, the composition of candles, as well as their shape and design, gradually changed. In addition, depending on the composition, the melting point of the wax changes, as well as the duration of the burning of the candle.


burning taper candles in candleholders


There are different types of wax and all wax options have a pleasant smell, which can be improved by adding candle fragrance oils.

Candles will allow you to create a fabulous atmosphere, emphasize the excellent taste of the owners of the house, and complement even the most modest interior. Moreover, such decorative lighting will be a great surprise that any connoisseur of comfort and warmth will appreciate.

Making wax candles is gaining popularity as a hobby and an additional small income. You can also have a fun craft activity with your kids.


making candles with your kids

What are candles made of?

The modern market offers a wide range of materials used for the production of candles. In addition to traditional wax, paraffin, soy wax, beeswax, and other wax blends are used, which have their own advantages over classic wax options. Let’s take a look at some of their main compositions and characteristics.

Beeswax. This is a natural and environmentally friendly product, which is characterized by long and bright burning and a pleasant smell. Interestingly, such candles smell even when unlit, and if you are sensitive to smells, you will notice their slight honey aroma. In addition, beeswax candles are good for health.


beeswax candles in different shapes


beeswax candles in jars tealight and pillar beeswax candles


Soy and palm wax. These are natural candles that, when burned, do not emit harmful substances and do not create soot. In the production of candles, they can easily be supplemented with fragrance oils and other candle additives.


soy wax burning candles


scented soy wax candle in a jar  soy wax candles for home decoration


Coconut wax. Such candles are most often handmade, and therefore their price can be higher compared to other candles. When burned, coconut candles release a pleasant coconut scent, making them a great option for aromatherapy. Coconut oil is taken as the basis for the production of such candles, so they are environmentally friendly.


coconut wax candle in a jar scented coconut wax candles


Advantages of wax candles

  • High melting point and bright burning.
  • A wide selection of wax options and their environmental friendliness.
  • Pleasant smell: wax candles can be supplemented with various aromatic additives.
  • They have a soothing and calming look.
  • Wide range of colors.

Original design. Today it is easy to choose a candle for every taste. In the modern market, we can find candles of both the usual options as well as non-standard shapes with various decorative elements.

Affordable price. Thanks to mass production, everyone can purchase wax candles, only handmade candles with a unique design are distinguished by a high price.


benefits of wax candles burning aroma candle


Wax candles: sizes and shapes

Today, manufacturers create candles of various shapes and sizes. Depending on your personal preferences and purpose, you can easily choose the best option.

The largest candle in the world was created specifically for the Muslim holiday in 2005 in Bahrain. Its height was 239 feet, and it had about 14 thousand wicks. This candle was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Another interesting fact: the largest square candle in the world was created in Los Angeles by General Wax and Candle Company. The locals call the candle the "Nui Kukui" which means big candle in Hawaiian and there is a challenge behind the candle: It is free of charge if you can carry it out by yourself (no equipment allowed). The candle weighs 3000 lbs., and has 165 lbs. of fragrance. The candle makers used a rope for the wick because there wasn't a large enough wick to burn it with.


the largest square candle in the world


Ordinary candles are most often produced with a diameter of up to 4”, but larger decorative options are also available. Candles of the usual size decorate shelves, cabinets, tables, and other surfaces. And larger ones, as a rule, are used as floor décor.


burning pillar candles in square glasses pillar candles for shelves decoration


Products vary in height. For décor, they can use both flat versions of a small height, as well as thin or thick tall candles.

As for the form, then the choice is varied. Classic candles are round, square, or cone-shaped. Such options look stylish and perfectly complement any interior.

But modern manufacturers did not stop there and created a large number of options for non-standard forms. Today you can find models in the form of silhouettes of people, animals, buildings, dishes, and other forms. These are not only things and objects that exist in our world, but also all kinds of abstract figures and fictional characters. Figured candles will be the perfect decoration for interiors in modern styles, as they look bright and original.


animal shaped candles tulip flower shape candles


Wax candle design

New unexpected design solutions appear every year. Candles have become not only an integral element of the décor but also the decoration of the interiors of restaurants, and studios for photo shoots as well as various celebrations.

An unusual design can be achieved by using several colors in a candle that form an interesting abstraction. The multi-colored options look bright and fun. Often plain candles are decorated with original drawings that are applied directly to them.

Another interesting solution would be to use leaves, grass, or flowers in wax. When burned, dried flowers will create a pleasant aroma.


decorating candles with dried flowers eco style soy wax candles


For eco-style, candles decorated with burlap will look perfect. It can be tied around the candle and secured with ribbons, bows, buttons, flowers, or small clocks.

The candlestick can be decorated with salt, sugar or other materials. Dried flowers or small shells are perfect for this.

The candles themselves are often decorated with sparkles. They are easy to apply to them at home with a simple glue. Black or white options with bright sparkles will give a chic look.

Decoupage is another decorating method that will help you create an option in any style and color.

Natural cinnamon sticks, which can be used to decorate a candle or a candlestick, will not only create an original decoration but also act as a room fragrance.


wax candles with cinnamon sticks


For coffee lovers, products decorated with coffee beans are an excellent option. They can be poured into a container or glued over a candlestick.


tealight candle in jar with coffee beans


You can buy handmade candles made from natural citruses. Wax is poured into the peel of lemons, oranges, and other fruits, creating a stylish solution for a vibrant kitchen.


DIY citrus candles scented citrus candles


Candle burn time

Wax candles are characterized by a long burning process, as a result of which carbon dioxide is released in small volumes. Therefore, wax options are safe for human health and the environment. However, depending on the selected material, the melting point of the wax and the composition of the components released into the air change.


How long can a candle burn


It is important to remember that all wax products should not be left in the sun as they may melt and lose their attractive appearance.

How to use candles correctly?

All wax candles have the same usage. The wick is set on fire with a lighter or matches, which burns by slowly melting the wax.

To make the use of candles as safe as possible, you should follow simple rules:

  • do not put candles on uneven and staggering surfaces;
  • do not leave them near curtains, and other flammable things;
  • do not leave them unattended and allow children to play with them;
  • you should not take them out into the street or terrace in windy weather, but if you do this, you need to carefully monitor it.

Following these simple guidelines, can protect yourself and your family from the risk of fire or burns.

Beautiful examples

Wax options in high flasks, decorated with snow-white rose petals, will help create a unique path at a wedding or other celebration.


wedding stairs decoration with pillar candles


To create a romantic atmosphere on the terrace, options of different sizes and diameters are perfect.


romantic atmosphere with candles


Natural candles in unusual candlesticks with pebbles and flowers will be a stylish and original addition to the interior.

Using a large number of wax candles will allow you to create a unique design for a walk-through room in a restaurant or a hotel.

Natural candles of different diameters, installed in stylish high candlesticks, are perfect for a stylish white interior.

With the help of a vase, candlesticks, and wax candles, you can create a delicate table decoration in the living room.

You can diversify your interior with the help of such unique products.

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