Inspiring ideas on how to decorate candles

Inspiring ideas on how to decorate candles

A few candles can light up a room with their warm glow, but they add even more to your décor with a few unique, pretty embellishments. Not sure how to decorate candles with your own hands? These tips and a selection of photos will inspire you to create masterpieces!

Candles are an essential attribute in home décor and in decorating a festive table. Ordinary candles may look boring to you, even if you match them with expensive candlesticks. Try to decorate candles with your own hands in a beautiful and unique way.


Inspiring ideas on how to decorate candles


Decorate candles with coffee and cinnamon - for aromas lovers

Cinnamon sticks have an amazing aroma and a warm, cozy feel. The smell of cinnamon has been proven to soothe and uplift the mood and also reduce appetite. Candle decoration with cinnamon can be used both in home décor and in the decoration of a festive table or a romantic dinner. It will be no less pleasant to receive such a beauty as a gift.


decorate Pillar candles with cinnamon Inspiring ideas on how to decorate candles with cinnamon


Decorating candles with cinnamon is as easy as shelling pears. Carefully place the sticks around the base and tie them with a ribbon, rope, cord, or lace. For a romantic setting, you can add beads to the décor or pin the ribbon with a beautiful brooch.


Cinnamon scented candle


Place a small dot of hot glue on the back of each and press it against the candle, placing it vertically with the bottom in line with the bottom of the candle. Continue all the way around the candle, then tie a piece of ribbon around them for decoration. You can embellish it even more with a sprig of holly or cranberries.

Candle decoration with coffee is perfect for home décor and the smell is fantastic. There are two ways you can decorate your pillar candle with coffee beans:

  1. Pour coffee beans into a clear glass container or beautiful ceramic vase and place a regular pillar candle in the middle. While melting, the wax will drain onto the beans. The melted wax will hold the coffee beans perfectly in place.
  2. Use a hot glue gun for this project. Start at the bottom of your candle. Add just a bit of hot glue and then stick a coffee bean on. Push the coffee bean slightly into the candle - the hot glue will melt the wax just enough to do this. Hold the bean for just a second or two until you make sure that it’s stuck well onto the candle. Repeat this process until you go all the way around the candle. Then, repeat in another row and go up the candle until you get about halfway - or cover the entire candle if you want.


candle decoration with coffee beans 6 how to decorate candles with coffee 5


Decorate candles for kitchen - cereals and seeds

Similar to coffee beans, you can use cereals, beans, seeds, nuts, and even pasta. It is difficult to come up with something simpler, but the result is amazing. With a little effort, spectacular patterns can be obtained if you use several types of cereals or spend time dyeing rice in different shades.


Candle decoration with beans pillar candle in glass


Candle decoration with seeds  decorate pillar candles with seeds


Another option is to glue the grains to the wax candles - this is easy to do if you heat the candle with a hairdryer.

Candle decoration with natural materials

Pillar candles decoration with natural materials


Don’t know where or how to use the shells brought from vacation? You can create astonishing candle decorations with them.


Candle decoration with shells


It is not difficult to make impromptu candlesticks from shells with your own hands, and it is not difficult to make a cozy “bed” for candles from cones, using a suitable vase or basket as a base.


taper candle decoration on a tray


A decorative hearth or fireplace can be decorated with candles placed on stumps made from branches.


Fireplace decoration with candles


The dining table will look spectacular in a composition of natural ingredients from the garden or forest.


decoration with Red pillar candles Pillar candle décor


Decoupage and ribbons for elegant candles

Candles decorated with the decoupage technique are perfect for a wedding table or as a gift.


Decoupage candle decoration


If you're looking for a simple candle decoration for your wedding, use satin ribbons and pretty-headed safety pins. Accessorize the ribbons with lace, bows, brooches, earrings, and other handy materials found in a jewelry box.


candles in glasses decorated with ribbons Pillar and taper candles decoration


Burlap - tenderness of coarse fabric

Burlap crafts are very popular nowadays. This fabric can turn a not expensive candle into a work of art.


Burlap candle décor Pillar candles in a tray


Be aware that a burning candle carries a potential fire hazard. Using décor, think a hundred times whether it is possible to light a flame with it or is it better to be content with only the beauty of the resulting masterpiece.

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