Home interior candles: 11 main décor rules

Home interior candles: 11 main décor rules

Bloggers and interior stylists unanimously assure that nothing decorates and “relaxes” the interior like a few candles, correctly selected for a particular space. The flickering of fire gives real bliss and smoothly immerses you in relaxation as if slowing down time. One of the main rules to consider for home interior candles is the size and the shape of the candles: candles should correspond to the area you want to compliment.


home interior candles in room home decor with candles


What is the best way to use home interior candles? Candles not only create a unique atmosphere but also become a decoration of the space. The right choice guarantees an effective design.

  1. Home interior candles by the bed


home interior candles by the bed romantic bedroom decoration with candles


Soy candles in glass containers are ideal for a nightstand next to the bed. Soy wax is considered environmentally friendly and will not harm those who like to light a candle before going to bed. Just make sure to have a candle jar lid next to your candle so you can extinguish it before falling asleep. In addition, candles in vessels look amazing as an addition to the book cup bouquet of flowers.

For those who like wide pillar wax candles, it is recommended to put them on a chest of drawers by the bed, complementing them with a stack of books or a vase of flowers.

  1. Home interior candles on the coffee table


Decorate a coffee table with candles


home interior candles on coffee table  interior decorating with candles


White or cream candles of any length and size are suitable for this area. The light color of the wax will not stand out too much on the table and, due to its neutrality, will complement, rather than push the rest of the décor. Remember that taper candles always look aesthetically pleasing in minimalistic golden candelabra of different heights.

Neat tablet candles in openwork crystal candlesticks complement light interiors, making them seem translucent and weightless. Complement such a composition with a bouquet in a small vase and place it on a tray.

Lovers of rustic interiors will love pillar candles in vintage-style wooden candelabra. Complement this décor with bouquets of greenery tied with twine.

  1. Home interior candles in the form of a chandelier


home interior candles and chandeliers circle candle chandelier 8


For those who love French-style interiors, candelabra in the form of chandeliers will be to your taste. Simple wax candles hanging from the ceiling will make the space more aristocratic, bringing the aesthetics of luxurious country chateaus. Place these chandeliers above the dining table or in the entrance area, complementing with floral arrangements or ivy and fern wreaths.

4. Candle decorations on the stairs or on the floor


floor decoration with home interior candles  stairs decoration with pillar candles 9


tealights candles decor in stairs


The interior of a house with a staircase looks spectacular with candles - large cylindrical candles can be placed on the stairs if desired, supplemented with greenery or flowers.

5. Home interior candles on the fireplace


home interior taper candles on fireplace white pillar candles on the fireplace


Happy owners of a fireplace should get a supply of long and wide pillar candles: nothing complements the flame of fire like candles’ additional flicker in the room. Such a décor requires stable candlesticks with a little lighter in color than the fireplace itself. Thanks to this, the candles will look like a separate composition, eye-catching and giving real relaxation.

  1. Home interior candles on the dining table


candle decoration for dining table table decoration with candles and flowers 14


It is worth checking out some wedding stylists’ works for dining table decoration ideas: a slightly rumpled linen tablecloth, eucalyptus floral compositions, and candles in transparent or golden candlesticks will be a perfect combination! The main rule: choose pastel shades of dishes, textiles, and décor, relying on natural soothing colors (beige, mint, dusty pink, light blue). The dinner will look restrained and aristocratic, and the guests will be astonished and relaxed at the same time.

Taper candles on long candlesticks are also suitable for dining decoration. Remember to consider the style of the interior so that the candlesticks and their contents fit in with the overall concept. Instead of candlesticks, you can take vases, glasses, or other kitchen utensils that are suitable in shape and design. Dilute the composition with cones or artificial fruits, depending on the season and the mood.

  1. Candles on a console table


taper candles decor taper candles in wooden candlestick


The console table is the first element of the interior that the eye falls on when entering the house. Ideally, there should be a minimum number of items on it, and candles and décor should be selected to match the color of the walls or be in contrast with them.

Metal candelabra with taper candles are ideal for a wide and long console. And for those who want to complement the composition of a bouquet and a lamp, transparent containers with simple white candles are suitable.

  1. Candles and house plants


pillar candles in wooden tray with houseplants tealight candles with houseplants


Fans of boho style who decorate their homes with plants choose long vintage candlesticks or neat soy candles in glass for their interiors.

Juicy green leaves of fern, ivy, and aloe, combined with a flickering fire, will bring natural peace and tranquility to the room.

  1. Candles in the bathroom


floating candles in bathroom decor home interior candles bathroom


If you want to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, then you should definitely use plants and home interior candles. Dried flowers in vases and candles in glasses are suitable for rooms without windows. Ferns and minimalistic long candlesticks along the windowsill will be an excellent choice for the owners of a bath with natural light.

In the bathroom, you can safely arrange scented candles - they will not only decorate the interior but also fill the room with a pleasant aroma. It is easier than planting living plants in the bathroom, and the result is no less spectacular.

  1. Patio decoration with candles


patio decor with home interior candles candles decoration on balcony


Every spring, the Scandinavians turn their patios into real recreation areas for the whole family. In addition to pillows, blankets, small tables, and even a mini-barbecue, northerners always install lamps on the balcony for long night gatherings with a glass of wine. Closer to midnight, about a dozen candles are lit: in large glass vessels or small vases.

11. DIY unusual candles


DIY lavender candles pillar candles in jar


Decorative candles can be made independently - any size, shape, and color. All you need is an inexpensive candle, melted in a double-boiler pot, and molds. You can use anything as a candle mold: shells, orange halves without pulp, jars, and ordinary cups. Melted wax crayons are suitable for coloring.

Home interior candles are great additions to any apartment interior, as well as an occasion to create a special mood. A huge variety of options for their placement will not leave anyone indifferent, as it will allow you to decorate your home to your taste.

When decorating the interior, do not forget about safety! You should not use home interior candles in the children's room. It is better to find other ways how to equip a teenager's room with different styles.


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