Eco-style fall candle decorations

Eco-style fall candle decorations

Fall is the time when the days are getting shorter and the sunlight less. It is at this time that we need light and warmth more than ever. Daylight is getting shorter, but we are quite capable of extending it. Here is when candles come to help - a small but ingenious invention that gives not only light but also comfort.


fall candles


fall candle decoration fall scented candles


For many of us, the flame of a candle is associated with home warmth, comfort, and romance - and at the same time with something mysterious. Even an ordinary dinner will become special if candles are lit on the table. They can create both a romantic and solemn atmosphere.


taper candle decor for fall tealight candle decoration for fall

Natural eco-style fall candle decorations

These ideas can be divided into 3 categories:

(1) An original candlestick is made from solid and sustainable gifts of nature (apples, pumpkins, pomegranates, and citrus fruits), any type of candle, including tealight candles.

(2) Long, shape-retaining, "wrapper" for thick molded candles (corn cobs, asparagus, cinnamon sticks);

(3) All small, loose, and fragile eco-décor options are usually used as a “filler” (cereals, nuts, coffee, spices, berries, etc.). It fits around a candle on a tray or inside a container, the center of which is occupied by a candle, fruits, citrus fruits, and pumpkins can also play this role (if they are small in size, and the size of the composition does not play a special role).


fall fragrances for candles


candle decoration for Halloween candle decorations for fall


Try adding different vegetables and fruits to the candles. Or wrap them with corn on the cob or green asparagus. Candles can be decorated with a wreath of leaves, acorns or small pumpkins.

Variations on the cornucopia theme are perfect for the fall table. The easiest option is a candle in a low glass bowl, apples and small limes are stacked around the candle. You can make an excellent candlestick from a flat bowl, inside of which berries, kernels of nuts, or beans are scattered. It will have a spectacular chic look if you add a wreath of fall leaves - it is better if they are of different colors.

Candle decorations with apples

Beautiful, appetizing, and besides - it smells good. Such "apple" candles will delight guests. They will also bring joy on dark fall evenings and not only that, they will surround you with comfort, and fresh, invigorating aroma.


fall candle decoration with apples


fall candle decor in jar  tealight candles in tray


Nuts and acorns for candle décor

Large candles will look great in vases, where acorns, nuts, and chestnuts are poured between the walls of the vase and the candlestick.


acorns for fall candle decoration


tealight candle decor with nuts candle decorating with nuts


Tealight candles decorated with small nuts will look great in short glasses. Other natural materials such as acorns, cones, and thin flexible twigs can also be used as décor elements.

Do you want a festive atmosphere? Paint part of the décor with silver or gold paint.

Candle burning safety (applies to any kind of "dry" fillers for decorating candles and compositions using flowers):

  • Try to use thick or tall candles, and tealights - in aluminum cups;
  • Make sure that the flame of the candle its flame is at a sufficient distance from the decorative fillers (1.5”-2.3”);
  • Extinguish or replace the candle before it burns down to décor level.

Cereals, beans, and corn for fall candle decorations

These small eco-fillers can be stacked in layers inside a glass container to achieve outlandish tints of color (the glass must be thick and heat resistant!). Or make an appetizing composition: for example, candles, beans and lentils in cupcake tins.


fall corn candles decoration


aroma candles in jar for fall candle decoration fall candles decoration with corn


Fall candle décor with corns

Small cobs of multi-colored "Indian" corn can be wrapped around a thick candle or glass candlestick, secured with a rope. For greater expressiveness of the eco-style, add dry corn leaves to the composition. If you want romance, tie a playful silk ribbon and a bow.


Corn candle decorations thanksgiving pumpkin candle decoration


Grains of ordinary corn can simply be poured onto the bottom of a glass container (vases, jars), inside which a candle will be located. In addition, you can “play” with colored layers by adding red or white beans, dried peas, or lentils to the corn.

Candle decorations with ground cherries


ground cherry tealight candle decoration pillar candles decoration


A rather rare plant in our gardens, but they look like bright “boxes” in which the seeds ripen. You will achieve an amazing décor with this fruit. They are an elegant and very original version of the fall candle décor that will surprise guests and household members.

Fall berries for candle decorations


fall candle decoration with berries


pillar candles fall decor fall candle table decor


Place a thick candle on a saucer with berries. Or decorate small bright glass hanging candle holders with tiny twigs of berries. Put the candles in a row - on the shelf, and then lay berry branches of two colors in front of them. Weave a wreath of berries or make a fall arrangement with a candle on a tray.

Flower and berry compositions for fall candle decorations


pillar candle holders decoration thanksgiving fall candle decoration


Do you want candles and a bouquet "in one bottle"? Create an exquisite composition of flowers, berries, and leaves in a tall candlestick (it’s better to fasten the stems with a metal ring or wire). Collect a refreshing bouquet of tea roses and greenery and complement it with a carved wooden candlestick (to make the flowers last longer, put a floral sponge inside). Great décor in eco style!

Decorating candles with spices and coffee beans


candle wicks and cinnamon sticks cinnamon candles decoration


If your kitchen has some fragrant spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, star anise, peppercorns), but they should not be in ground form, it’s better if they are in natural form, they will be an excellent spicy filler for fall candle décor. Here are a few examples of various types of spices and decoration techniques.


Fall candle decoration with coffee tealight candles decoration with coffee jar


Coffee beans can give a special chic to your fall candle decorations. You will also enjoy the luxurious natural aroma of the coffee.

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