Aroma therapy candles: what are they and how to use them?

Aroma therapy candles: what are they and how to use them?

Create the right atmosphere in minutes

Our sense of smell is able to influence the perception of the world: just one correctly selected aroma and you completely dissolve in it, saturate with new energy and clear your mind of excess. It’s not necessary to overcome countless miles in search of “the very one” place in order to achieve this feeling: you can start by using aroma therapy candles that will help create the right atmosphere in a matter of minutes.


aroma therapy candles for aromatherapy


How aroma therapy candles affect the quality of life

Do raw materials used in scented candles play a role in this?

Aroma therapy candles are designed in a way that their usage and the sense of smell we get from them influences our minds, mood, and well-being. Some scents help to cheer up, fill up with energy and catch a wave of activity. Others have the exact opposite effect: they remove anxiety, soothe, relieve tension and help us sleep better.

The market for aroma candles is huge and the supply covers the demand of any nature. Aromatherapy with the help of scented candles is very popular: for many, aromatherapy with scented candles is a daily ritual and an integral part of creating comfort in the house. The success of the whole procedure largely relies not only on the right scent but also on the quality of the candles themselves. Therefore, the question of what scented candles are made of remains relevant, especially with an increase in the number of manufacturers.

There are several basic options for raw materials: paraffin, natural wax of various grades, and stearin (solid fatty acid). For a long time, there was a myth that paraffin candles are harmful to health. It was refuted by The National Candle Association (NCA) proving that high-quality paraffin, as well as natural wax and stearin, does not emit harmful substances when burned.


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How to choose scented candles for the perfect aromatherapy

As we mentioned above, the first component to pay attention to is the quality of aroma therapy candles. Next, pay attention to the second (but not least important) criterion for choosing a suitable product – the scent. If you still have little experience in this matter, use the basic rules:

  • The smaller the area of ​​​​the room in which you want to place candles, the less “loud” the candle aroma should be. If the room is very small and poorly ventilated, it is better not to put candles in it at all;
  • Consider the specifics of each individual room: fragrances for the bedroom will sound inappropriate in the living room or bathroom, and vice versa. For example, when preparing for bed, it is better to enjoy slightly sweet and calm compositions, and it will be more pleasant to take a morning shower surrounded by mint and lemongrass aromas, which will help you wake up faster;
  • The season also plays a role: in winter it is best to saturate the house with the aroma of cinnamon, citrus, or cedar, and the spring-summer atmosphere is perfectly revealed to the accompaniment of fresh floral aromas or the smells of the rainforest.


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How to light scented candles correctly so that the aroma is revealed to the fullest

So, we move on to that long-awaited moment when the magic begins: the fire touches the wick, the candle begins to burn and you catch the first notes of the exciting aroma. The following rules will help you feel like a wizard managing subtle compositions:

  • As soon as you light a new aroma therapy candle for the first time, let its waxy surface completely thin out so that the combustion process is even in the future. If this is not done immediately, the appearance of the candle won’t look nice: unevenly melted wax forms a hole around the wick, and a thick layer of un-melted wax remains on the walls of the candle jar;
  • Ventilate the room where you want to reveal the full intensity and depth of the selected fragrance. Extraneous odors must leave the room; to enjoy aroma candles, you need a base in the form of clean and fresh air. We recommend using scented candles within the same room, and even better - one place in the room for the greatest effectiveness;
  • Pre-determine an open place for aroma therapy candles in the center of the room and leave it to burn for a maximum of 1 hour (an exception: if the wax on the surface does not melt well during the first burning, leave the candle to burn longer, up to 3 hours). On average, one hour of burning is enough for the aroma to fully open up and not start to "suffocate" the room. We do not recommend moving burning candles: the wick will begin to smoke and distort the previously achieved effect;
  • Remember that aroma candles have nothing to do with candles on a birthday cake, so you shouldn’t blow them out openly. And in general, it is not recommended to blow out scented candles, because in this case, the next time you use it, you will immediately smell the burnt wick. Better remember school experiments in physics and cover the candle with a lid: without oxygen, it will go out “painlessly” on its own in a matter of seconds.
  • Well, and most importantly: light candles in a good mood, do it solemnly and, beautifully. After all, creating the right atmosphere for your soul will create a holiday for you. This is exactly what will happen if you have chosen the right candle and the right scent.

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How to care for scented candles after the procedure

First, trim the wick periodically, especially when the tip is already burned out. Ideally, you need to shorten the wick by ¼” before each ignition. This will protect not only the main scent but will also ensure your fire safety by preventing the flame from rising too high.

Secondly, store aroma candles in a place protected from direct sunlight, and be sure to cover them with lids to protect them from dust.

And thirdly, initially choose high-quality products that, from the first minute of burning, will be able to recreate the desired aroma and pay off with their magic after the first use.

For more tips read our previous blog on how to make scented candles last longer.

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