Scented Candles as Wellness Candles

Numerous studies have proven that candles have a sedative effect. Soft mesmerizing light makes them an important part of any relaxing process - whether it's yoga, meditation, or relaxing in a bubble bath. Scientists have found out that the flame of wellness candles calms the soul, drives away anxiety and aggression, relieves stress, and even helps to enter a meditative state.

How can candles help calm and relax?

When you focus on the flickering flame of wellness candles, your brain receives a signal. A candle is associated with calmness, and therefore the body begins to relax. Moreover, relaxation occurs on a physical and emotional level. Candlelight relaxation improves mental state, enhances energy production, improves sleep, improves immunity, and reduces pain.


Scented Candles


Scented candles carry additional benefits. In addition to soft light, the brain processes odors. Each of us has special smells that bring us joy and remind us of happy moments in life. The aroma of candles stimulates the limbic system of the brain - a storehouse of your emotions and memories. The body starts producing dopamine - a feeling of satisfaction and serotonin - a hormone responsible for mood.

How to use wellness candles

  1. Light a scented candle and enjoy a warm bath. Studies have shown that a hot bath in the company of the soft light of a flame helps to calm the nervous system and get rid of feelings of loneliness. By adding citrus or lavender essential oil to the water, you will improve your mood and feel a zest for life.


scented candles as wellness candles for bathroom


  1. Light scented candles before bed instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed. You will fall asleep faster and have a deep sleep. Sleep will become calm, you will be less likely to toss and turn in bed and wake up in the middle of the night.
  2. Use a scented candle during yoga and meditation. You can just close your eyes and think about something pleasant, freeing yourself from negative thoughts and stress.


scented candle for yoga and meditation


A 2009 study found that people can alleviate depression with scented candles and oils. Regular aromatherapy helps reduce feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress.

How to choose wellness candles to get rid of anxiety and depression

The scents of lavender, geranium, and mint have proven to be effective in the treatment of psychological and physiological disorders. Ylang Ylang evokes feelings of joy, while Jasmine boosts energy and positivity. Mint improves memory and concentration, and geranium, rosemary, chamomile, and lemon help with anxiety.


Scented Candles with chamomile scent rosemary soy Scented candles


To stay positive during this transitional period of time, psychologists advise buying citrus-scented candles. They cheer up and give a powerful charge of positive energy. Orange and lime are the best medicine for anxiety and depression that will help to calm down and relax.

7 Scented Candles to Reduce Anxiety

  1. Lavender is a calming and relaxing scent that eliminates depression, inner anxiety, and stress. Effective for insomnia and headaches. In one study, participants were made to experience stress for a long time and then given a memory test task. People who had inhaled lavender prior to the stress experienced higher scores. The second experiment showed that people who regularly inhaled the scent of lavender for 4 days experienced less stress and anxiety.


lavender scented candles as wellness candles


  1. Lemongrass is another anti-stress scent. Lemongrass scented candles help relieve anxiety and depression. Regular aromatherapy allows you to quickly cope with stressful situations, get rid of depression, calm down and relax.

lemongrass beeswax pillar candle as wellness candles

  1. Neroli is the key to peace. Neroli inhalation is used as a sedative in some clinics. According to a 2014 study, a scented candle or neroli oil can alleviate PMS and make menopause easier.


neroli scented candle in glass


  1. Bergamot relieves stress, anxiety, and depression. Effective in combating apathy and depression. It has a soothing and relaxing effect. According to a study, 15 minutes of inhaling the smell of bergamot improves mood. These are the perfect scented candles to get rid of anxiety and depression.


bergamot aroma candle


  1. Rose is a great helper for feelings of fear and anxiety. Rose scent is ideal for headaches and dizziness. It creates a peaceful and calm atmosphere for relaxation.


tealight rose candles


  1. Ylang-Ylang - gives serenity, and reduces restlessness, and anxiety. If your children have nightmares, use Ylang-Ylang scented candles before bedtime.


tealight ylang ylang candles as wellness candles


  1. Sandalwood and sage are another lifesaver in stressful situations. Such aromatic candles will relieve anxiety and depression, as well as give relaxation and tranquility. Just what you need after a busy day at work.

Scented candles that help increase productivity

If you are tired and have absolutely no energy to study for exams or do your annual accounting report, light scented candles that increase productivity. Choose from the following scents:

  1. Cinnamon - improves concentration and sense of alertness


cinnamon scented candles in tray


2. Peppermint helps wake the brain up and increases mindfulness, so its aroma is often used during brainstorming sessions.

3. Lemon encourages action - you will immediately want to create and implement new ideas into reality

4. Orange relieves fatigue, helps to get rid of depressive thoughts and apathetic states, increases efficiency


orange aroma candles 14

  1. Rosemary helps to think rationally in stressful situations. In one study, participants responded faster to questions after aromatherapy with rosemary.



aroma candle are wellness candles


Make it a tradition to light scented candles in your home. You can easily relax, improve your mood, increase productivity, feel better and sleep better.



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