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Multi-Color Drip Taper Candles

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Product Description

Bring back the groovy 60's with these psychedelic candles! The white taper candles mysteriously drip wax of five different colors. Wedge each taper candle into a glass beverage bottle to fully enjoy the confetti-like formations that ensue from the drips. Whether you burn these candles in the living room or at an outdoor barbecue, they are sure to spur party conversation and mesmerize guests.

Pack of 2 candles. 12 packs per case.

Please note that in order to get results like the picture, you will need to burn a minimum of 3 to 4 candles.

0.88 inches
2.22 cm
9.5 inches
24.13 cm
Estimated Burn Time
2 hours -4 hours

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1 package
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1 case
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5 cases
per case 12 packages per case 
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Multi-Color Drip Taper Candles

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