How to decorate the Easter table

Easter is hopping around the corner! This is one of those holidays that take you by surprise. There’s not a lot of time left and plenty of things to do so you might be tempted to overlook some of the details such as the Easter table. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time preparing them. We have some great ideas for you to try this year.


how to decorate the Easter table


There are many ways you can incorporate the season's freshest flowers and brilliant colors into last-minute decorations.  Easter colorful decorations will make this day even brighter and more joyful. By choosing the perfect décor for a feast, you can create a special mood.

Easter Tablecloth

If you usually don't cover tables with tablecloths, it's worth making an exception for Easter. The traditional décor of the Easter table “requires” a tablecloth in white or delicate pastel colors - light green, blue, and pink. Whereas, a tablecloth with typical Easter patterns such as eggs, chickens, and rabbits will be even better. You can also use a table runner for your tablescape: this option will look especially good on a wooden table.


easter decor2    easter table

Easter Napkins

As a beautiful tablescape for Easter, it is best to use textile napkins that match the tone of your tablecloth or table runner. But instead of just stacking them next to cutlery, get creative. Napkins can be beautifully tied with colored ribbons or inserted into bunny napkin rings. Another interesting option for Easter tablescape is to fold napkins into a figure, for example, in the form of bunny ears.


Easter decorations 6

Easter basket

A beautifully designed basket is the main decoration of the Easter table. Decorate the Easter basket with ribbons, an embroidered towel, fresh flowers and some cute bunnies.


easter tablescape


Easter Candles

Candles are essential for creating a cozy homely atmosphere, so you should definitely put them on the festive table. Here are some cool Easter ideas:

Candle eggs. Poke a small hole on the top of a raw egg, discard the contents and rinse a little with clean water. After that, pour melted wax into the shell. When it completely hardens (within 40-60 minutes), carefully peel the wax egg from the shell.

Candles in shells. You can beautifully decorate the table for Easter by inserting tealight candles into multi-colored eggshells. To keep them from falling, use candlesticks or homemade nests. You can also purchase ready-made candles of any shape and color.


easter candles and eggs


easter candles9

Easter figurines

What's the easiest way to decorate an Easter table? Use the proven method and arrange a few themed figurines. The Easter spirit is best conveyed by rabbit figurines. Other figurine options are hens and chickens, angels, and beautifully painted eggs.


Easter figurines


easter decor 11

Easter nests

Everything related to chickens and birds, in general, looks very good for the Easter tablescape, as it is directly associated with the main symbol of the holiday - eggs. Therefore, decorative nests on the table for Easter help to create the right mood. You can buy ready-made ones or make them yourself, decorating them with feathers, straw, dried flowers or fresh flowers. You can put eggs or small gifts for guests in the nests.


Easter eggs and flowers 12


easter tableware13

Easter Tableware

Pay attention to the dishes you are planning to put on the table for the Easter dinner. The entire décor of the house and the table in one style looks noble and beautiful. To create a solemn atmosphere, purchase not only plates, but also various accessories such as coasters, napkin holders, sets for spices, etc. If desired, dishes with images of rabbits, flowers or chickens will make the Easter mood.


easter decorations 15


easter plates17


Easter Flowers

Take advantage of the season’s colors and prepare a magnificent bouquet to decorate your home. A composition of fresh flowers can be put on a coffee table in the living room, next to the window in the kitchen, or on a mantel. The festive table can be decorated with several small bouquets. And don't forget the beautiful vase. To give the table a romantic touch, place the flowers in a basket, metal teapot or watering can. Mini-bouquets for guests can be arranged in paper bags and tied with bright ribbons.


easter flowers18


easter table19

Easter colored eggs

There are many ways to serve Easter-colored eggs. An egg stand will look very original on the Easter table: The easiest option is to purchase dishes for serving eggs. Most often these plates have beautiful patterns, so it does not need additional décor. You can also use small nests or make small boxes or boats out of thick colored paper, and lay the eggs in them.


easter dishware26  easter eggs 22


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