Home décor: Scented candles vs unscented candles


Candles have always been a part of our lives. Before they were just a source of light, but with time candles evolved into something much more than that. Nowadays, candles are not just important components used in the healing and rejuvenating process in Aromatherapy, but they are also excellent décor accessories in interior design. Let’s not forget that candles can be luxurious and personalized gifts for our loved ones.

Votive Candles (Red, Ivo, Pink) scented


Choosing the right candles that match your personality and home décor can be very challenging. You should consider different factors before surrounding yourself with candles. Some of the factors are the environment, where you want to use the candles, the quantity of candles you intend to have, and whether you want your candles scented or unscented.

If you are planning a romantic dinner for two, then you can use the traditional taper candles. If you want to add some aroma to your dinner then consider having amber and sandalwood scented candles. These two scents are the best candle scents for romance. If you’ve been cooped up for too long and need the imaginative release of a new space, lighting a candle with such aromas will certainly help you to escape.


Romantic evening with taper scented candles


If you want to use candles for a relaxing bubble bath, then you can light tealight candles. To add some spa experience to your bath use fruity and floral scented tealight candles. They will enhance the relaxing atmosphere. Plus, the blend of coconut and vanilla scents may help you feel like you’re on vacation.


Floating Candles White


Many people purchase candles for home décor, and they don’t intend to burn them. In this case, pillar candles are very popular for creating decorative arrangements. There are so many pillar sizes and colors available in the market that it is not hard to find candles that will match your home décor.

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Some people consider scented candles to be artificial, and they love the smell of natural Beeswax candles.

People who like scented candles should select the scent of their candles like they would select a perfume, that is according to their taste. There are no rules for choosing a scent, but there are some tips.

The scent creates the mood and atmosphere in the room, therefore it should harmoniously complement the interior.

  • Soothing scents are the most popular option for the bedrooms. Aromatherapy is commonly used to encourage relaxation. There are many relaxing scents out there, and the most popular ones are lavender, chamomile, vanilla and bergamot.
  • A light, refreshing scent, such as citrus, mint, lavender, or vanilla, is good for a bathroom. A strong scent can be too overbearing in a room as small as a bathroom, which can lead to migraines. Consider picking candles with scent notes of Fresh Ocean or rain, light floral scents and citrus.
  • Fresh and clean scented candles are perfect for the kitchen. These will help to neutralize the odors from last night’s dinner, making your home smell clean even when it’s not. Citrus, herbal, floral, and clean scents (like linen or cotton) are best at achieving this.
  • The living room should feel welcoming and fresh. If your living room is small though, keep fragrances simple to avoid overpowering the tiny room. Soft and light scented candles can create a relaxing feel. Floral and sweeter scents of vanilla and honey are great. If you want the vibe to be more upbeat and fun, try fruity scents. Passion fruit, wild berry, and even caramel fragrances are great for this matter.


pillar candles in living room