Home candles. 5 secrets on how to handle candles

Since the invention and introduction of such a miracle as electricity into our everyday life, home candles began to perform an exclusively decorative function. Of course, if there are frequent power outages in the house, they can help out in a difficult situation, but in this case, household candles come to save us. In addition to household candles, there are also scented candles, floating ones, and those that decorate the interior without even being lit. The most important difference is the size and shape. Let’s take a look at some types of home candles which can be found in almost every home.

Taper candles


taper candles for home interior on candlesticks taper candles for interior with flowers


Long and thin candles in the form of a cone or cylinder are called taper candles. They will fit into the interiors very harmoniously in classical styles, and candlesticks play a huge role in this case. Tall and heavy metallic chandeliers will add seriousness to the interior, while glass and elegant ones will add lightness and playfulness. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier, it is important to consider the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and the overall décor style to ensure that the chandelier complements the space and creates the desired ambiance.


taper burning candles for home interior taper candles on iron candle holders


Taper candles are also used in interiors that gravitate towards artificially aged elegant things: retro, vintage, and shabby chic. Then a shabby candlestick, covered with patina, should serve as a stand for an almost burnt-out candle, and the wax from it should hang like lace around. In this case, it is better to compose compositions from taper candles and hemp, combining different heights and scales.

Pillar candles


burning pillar candles home decor with pillar candles


There is no necessity to use candle holders for pillar candles. However, if you want to decorate them further, this can be done with a stable candle holder with a flat base or a simple glass container (leaving the top open, of course).

Pillar candles look great in shallow vases filled with decorative elements: twigs, berries, shells, or anything else.

These home candles are considered the basis for interior décor. For example, by gluing some cinnamon sticks to a pillar candle, you will get excellent décor for the New Year's table. It is most convenient to decorate such candles using the decoupage technique.


pillar candles in square glass holders lit pillar candles on a marble table


A large number of pillar candles placed on a platform can make up an entire chandelier. They burn for a long time, and the atmosphere is amazing. This idea fits perfectly into the rustic style.

There are many different types of compositions that can be made via these home candles. They look especially charming in a fake fireplace.

Tealight candles

Paraffin-embedded in an aluminum tablet base is the most economical type of candle. These tealight candles burn very quickly, so they are usually sold in large packages. This is the most versatile format for closed candlesticks style, where the flickering light and the candlestick are more important than the candle itself.

Tealight candles perfectly stay on the surface of the water. Therefore, you can play on the contrast of the elements and let them swim in dishes or vases with water, or even in the bathroom.


floating tealight candles for home interior floating tealight candles with roses for bathroom decoration


Try to make eco-style candlesticks yourself: What do you think about DIY wooden candlesticks? A tealight will be the best solution for them, due to its compactness.

Home candles of a unique shape


geometric shaped candles


Sometimes real works of art are made from paraffin. It’s even a pity to burn them. You just want to place them on the shelves and admire them.

5 secrets on how to handle your favorite home candles to enjoy every second!

  1. If you light a paraffin or vegetable wax candle, let it burn longer the first time, at least an hour: this will allow the wax to melt evenly and avoid the formation of a hole near the wick. Coconut and soy waxes are very delicate, they begin to melt immediately and evenly.
  2. Before you light a candle, be sure to trim the wick: this way you will avoid an unpleasant smell in the first moments. It is the decayed wick that distorts the smell of your favorite candle and it also creates soot.
  3. If the candle crackles, the wick does not burn out, and it starts smoking and charring: the candle must be extinguished and the wick cut off. You can do this with a special wick trimmer.


candle wick cutter Candle Snuffer


  1. Do not blow out the candle. In order to extinguish the candle, use special extinguishers or cover the candle with a lid: oxygen will stop flowing, and the candle will immediately stop burning. This will help prevent the wick from smoldering, which is usually what gives off a bad smell when you blow out the candle.
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to light a candle in a deep glass: if the candle is not new, it can be difficult to reach the wick. In this case, special matches for candles (they are much longer than usual) and a candle lighter with a long nozzle will come to the rescue.

Candles are leaders in creating a romantic atmosphere: turn off the lights, light a few candles and the room will be transformed. You can’t imagine any holiday without home candles, especially New Year and Christmas, when, in addition to a special mood, you really want comfort and warmth. Let the candles in your house be lit more often, this does not necessarily need a reason.




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