DIY candle decoration

Candles, perhaps, can be considered reminiscent of antiquity, with elegant beauty, warmth and vitality of a small fluttering light in the hearth and home. It has long been believed that a candle flame and the fire in the fireplace have a cleansing effect and protect the house from evil spirits. The effects of the firewood aroma, like juniper twigs or other trees placed in the fire, exude healing aromas.


candle decor candle decoration


It was believed that the light of a candle had the same cleansing and healing power, therefore, every house and even every room was supposed to have at least one candle.


DIY candle decoration


Ancient candlesticks and chandeliers are very beautiful. They consist of delicate candelabra which are special candle holders, originating from the ancient Etruscans - the forerunners of Roman culture.


DIY candle decoration


Different shapes of decorative stands for candles were made of wood and metal. In later times, candelabra were decorated with additional ornaments and crystals.



 white Pillar candles in white tray DIY candle decoration


DIY candle decoration DIY candle decoration


DIY candle decoration candles with decorative vessels DIY candle decoration white candle in a jar


Ancient traditions of candle decoration in modern times

Lace curls and their incredible combinations are amazing decorations for candles.


candles and décor


Lighted candles - a romantic holiday feeling

Décor with candles, as well as lit candles fills the environment with feelings of holidays. Celebration of candles begins with Christmas and New Year. Beautiful and even fragrant candles create a special mysterious fairy-tale atmosphere in every family, and this atmosphere reigns in the house during the most beloved holidays filled with joy and magic.


pillar candles and jar candles and décor purple and ivory pillar candles and décor


Natural materials for candle decoration

You can find many different decorative candles in stores and online. Their cost is much higher than ordinary white and yellow candles. If you like making your own piece of art then you can purchase simple candles and décor elements and create an amazing and unique decorative candle of your own.


heart-shape candles and décor


short pillar candles and décor short white candles with décor


short burgundy candles and décor candles in matte jars with flower décor


pillar candles of different sizes and colors yellow pillar candle with coffee beans decoration


pillar candles in wooden holders with heart décor white pillar candle and white taper candles with purple ribbons


There are various ideas for candle decoration. There are lots of materials for decorating candles in every house. Stones of different shapes and colors will do the magic; twigs are straight and intricate, multi-colored (they can be found everywhere), spruce twigs; acorns, chestnuts, small walnuts; dry colorful leaves and flowers; bizarre plant boxes and seeds; cones of different sizes; tree bark and much more.

DIY candle decoration ideas

There are also a lot of things in the house that are perfect décor elements for decorating candles with your own hands: multi-colored threads, ribbons, shreds, burlap, buttons, sweets, cinnamon bark, and essential oils with different aromas. Candles decorated with lace, beads, sequins and much more look very impressive.


red pillar candle with decorations


tealight candles in wooden holders candle decoration ideas with coffee beans


Wax and gel candles. An amazing piece of art!

You can make unique decorative candles from wax or gel. Wax is obtained after melting down the usual cheapest white or yellow candles.

For opaque wax candles or beeswax candles, external decoration will be very suitable. You can create beautiful transparent candles with gel, using some decorative objects and extraordinary content.


beeswax candle decoration decoration with beeswax candles



gel cande design gel candle in a glass


gel candle in a jar jel candle in a vase


orange pillar candle decoration white pillar candle decoration


Candle gel is available online and in stores, however, it can also be made at home. This requires water, gelatin, glycerin, tannin and molds in order to pour candles for decoration. Transparent glass containers are suitable for gel candles, as décor elements will be visible when put inside the candle.

Wax candle decoration

You can color paraffin into different colors with the help of wax pencils. The result will be a beautiful multi-colored candle.

Ordinary wide white candles are also suitable for décor at home. You can apply drawings, and original

Everyone has a unique imagination and decorating ideas. Like a birthday cake, candles can be made specifically for a particular holiday, in harmony with the interior, or tablecloth. A few pleasant minutes of creativity will help to significantly save the family budget, and make the holiday more unusual and original.



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