DIY Candle Artwork With Dripping Candles

The word “candle” comes from the Latin “candere,” which means “to shine.”

Candles have been around for a long time. They were used in Egypt around 3,000 BCE and were a major light source for many centuries. Candles were made from tallow (rendered animal fat) for a long time. However, with the advent of paraffin wax in the 1800s, tallow candles went by the wayside. Another big breakthrough in the 19th century was the production of stearic acid, which made paraffin wax harder and more manageable.



multi color dripping candles


Wax, candle additives, as well as the wick, play a huge role in how a candle burns. Some candles are made from wax that drips down the side while melting. As the liquid wax hardens, it forms “waxicles”. These types of candles are designed to burn fast and completely burn down with a waterfall of wax drips. Now imagine that the waterfall created by the dripping wax has different colors! What a unique piece of art that would be…! How about a white taper candle that mysteriously dripping wax of five different colors. It’s like the groovy 60’s are back.

How to create a wine bottle sculpture with dripping candles?

Start with a clean, empty bottle. Tall narrow bottles like wine bottles work best, but any will do as long as the mouth of the bottle is about 3/4 inch in diameter. This is the size of the drip candles, and it will be easier to get the candle to stand in the mouth of the bottle if they are near the same size.

Place the bottle on a solid surface and protect an area about one foot around the bottle on all sides. The wax will drip down the bottle and some of it will make its way down to the surface, so protect any table tops, furniture, or shelves you put your wine bottle sculpture on. Also be careful to keep it away from curtains, papers, and anything flammable.


DIY Candle Artwork With Dripping Candles


Find a perfect multi-color dripping candle, and simply place it into the wine bottle (or other candle holders) and watch as it covers the holder in colorful drips. This kind of fascinating centerpiece can decorate any party (especially on Halloween).

When the candle is almost gone and the flame is in a small puddle at the mouth of the bottle, choose another candle. Light it from the flame, and set the base of the new candle directly onto the flame of the old candle, extinguishing it. Hold the new candle steady for about 30 seconds until it seems secure. The melted wax from the previous flame will harden and hold your new candle in place. Continue adding candles to create a unique, ever-changing work of art.

Enjoy your piece of art!


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