Décor ideas with Valentine's candles

The main holiday of love - Valentine's Day is around the corner and it will be very pleasant to spend it with your soulmate in a romantic setting.

This day is not complete without Valentine's candles. Only the quivering flame of a candle can transform any place into a romantic corner full of comfort and magic. Often Valentine's candles are placed near fragrant decorations, then the air is saturated with amazing smells.

You can find love-themed candles at any candle store, or you can create them yourself. The exquisite romance of Valentine's Day, created with the help of candles, will add a special aura, distract from everyday life, and remind you of the dearest and closest people.

Original and colorful compositions can be created using floating candles. And you can lay out candles in the shape of a huge loving heart and place them around the perimeter of the room. With such hearts made of candles, it is easy to decorate a festive table.



How to prepare for a romantic evening

Use your creativity to organize an unforgettable evening. Do not be afraid that something will go wrong, as you planned in advance - you have already done everything in your power. Now surrender to the will of the senses, and let a good mood accompany you all evening.

In most cases, a romantic dinner is set in the dining room, so creating the right mood is extremely important for making the atmosphere romantic. No one can imagine an intimate evening without the flame of passion! Of course, in this case, we are talking about the candles.

What Valentine’s candles to choose for a room décor? There is a big variety here - large and small candles, heart-shaped candles, and simply wide cylindrical ones. Lighted candles are placed on a table and coffee table, on shelves, a fireplace, and even on the floor - in general, on all flat surfaces where they will stand steadily.


pillar candles in jar for Valentines day table decoration


Photos of you with your loved one in frames will also be quite appropriate in the living room. Place them on open shelves, and next to them you can place a flickering candle, which, when the flame moves, will cast a glare on the images. And in general, bright lighting at such an important event is inappropriate, but subdued light and reddish hues are exciting. The main lighting is not turned on at all during a romantic evening, use only the soft light of sconces, nightlights, or spotlights. If there is a voltage power regulator on the main lighting, then you can use it, the main condition is the presence of soft light in the room.


Valentine's day table decoration with red tealight candles and champagne


Romantic dinner under the Valentine’s candles

Think through everything to the smallest detail when setting the table for a romantic dinner. Round or figured Valentine’s candles can be placed directly on the tablecloth, perhaps someone will prefer candelabra, standing steadily on their long legs. Taper candles in such a decorative stand will not burn out quickly, so you have several hours of time left.


Valentine's day romantic dinner for two with burning candles


Choose pink or red paper napkins preferably with heart-shaped rings for the festive. You can go even further and purchase heart-shaped dishes especially for a romantic evening. The main thing is not to overdo it with symbolic decorations, men don’t really like such “bust”.

Do not forget about small postcards and valentines, which are given not only on Valentine's Day. Just a few lines, written from the heart and with your own hand, and not printed in typography, will tell a lot about your feelings.


romance in Valentines day with candles and flowers


How to decorate a bedroom for a romantic evening

Creating a romantic bedroom interior is quite simple, the main thing is to decide on the strategy. If this is a “candlelit room”, then you need to not only count the approximate number of candles that you will need but also consider their location in terms of fire safety. Place candles in groups, for example, place small candles in the shape of a heart somewhere on a table or on the floor away from flammable objects. Another option is to pour water into a deep plate or salad bowl and let the lighted candles float on top. Here, candles can be diluted with rose petals․

If you love to do everything yourself, you can use the following idea: decorate a pillar candle with golden New Year's beads, for this, you need to apply glue to the surface of the candle with a gun and wrap it with beads. This décor looks amazing!


bedroom decoration with candles and rose


In a similar way, you can decorate a candle, but use not beads for this, but a homemade garland of paper hearts strung on a thread. If you have time, you can make heart garlands and hang them over your bed. Such a garland is made quickly enough, for this you need strips of thick paper and a stapler.

You can also use bouquets of fresh flowers in the bedroom. There is no need to arrange a greenhouse from this room; a few bouquets in vases placed on the shelves will be enough. With rose petals, you can let your imagination take you wherever you want. Make a path of petals leading to the bed, scatter them on the bed, and let everything in this room radiate a delicate aroma. Put a heart out of rose petals on the sheets, you can even make two hearts - one of red, the other of white petals.


tealight candles in red candleholders with roses for Valentine's day


Bed linen should be laid not only fresh, but preferably in a more suitable color. Traditionally, in an intimate setting, silk sheets of red or burgundy color are used, it is believed that this is a shade of passion. Also, a piece of red fabric can be thrown over the lampshade, it will emphasize the romantic atmosphere in the bedroom and add intimacy to it.

How to decorate a bathroom for a romantic evening

As a rule, a romantic evening in the bathroom is spent surrounded by a large number of flickering candles and with a glass of champagne in hand. Warm water is drawn into the bath and rose petals are poured into it.


bathroom decoration for Valentine's day with floating candles


To prevent melted paraffin from dripping onto the floor, you can put each candle on a saucer, and put a few rose petals there as well. Another interesting option for bathroom decoration is with a candle in a glass - water is poured into a transparent glass or vase, a few sea or decorative pebbles are thrown to the bottom, and a small floating candle is placed on top.


romantic bathroom decoration for valentine's day with floating candles


If you like to create and make everything yourself, you can even start by making your own candles and for this, you just need to buy the candle-making supplies.

DIY Valentine’s candles

A beautiful red heart-shaped candle is what you need for a romantic evening. St. Valentine himself would have been delighted with such festive décor that instantly creates a mood. You do not need to buy holiday candles at all, they are quite simple to make yourself.

What materials you will need for your candle-making project

In order to decorate your home with "flaming red hearts", created by yourself, you will need the following materials:

  • wax;
  • wick;
  • candle container;
  • silicone spray - for covering the baking sheet;
  • candle dye, of course, red;
  • a heart-shaped mold, for example, for cookies;
  • candle fragrance oil;
  • stirring stick;
  • baking sheet.

You need a deep baking sheet, you can use disposable foil or silicone baking dishes. You can also use silicone molds in the form of hearts. This is convenient if you don't need a lot of candles. But, of course, the process of making décor will be different with such a replacement.

The first thing to do is to melt the wax block. This can be done in the microwave or in the oven.

The most important thing at this stage of work is to prevent the presence of unmelted solid particles. You also need to avoid boiling wax, it is not necessary to overheat it.


DIY Candle for Valentine's Day with red paper


In the heated melted wax, you need to add the red candle dye. As a rule, manufacturers of candle dyes give recommendations on the amount of pigment. After the dye is mixed with wax, you need to test the color. To do this, just drip wax on a sheet of white paper. You will immediately see whether it is necessary to add pigment to the candle mixture or not.

After the dye, candle fragrance oil is added to the wax. A few drops are enough and, of course, stirring is necessary. Another option is to soak the wicks in the fragrance oil, then the smell from burning candles will be more intense and persistent.

Once the mixture is prepared, you need to do the following:

  • apply silicone spray on a baking sheet;
  • pour colored fragrant wax into a baking sheet;
  • wait until it cools down;
  • place molds and wicks;
  • leave to freeze.

DIY Valentine’s Candle with rose

Silicone spray is needed to make the wax easier to move away from the baking sheet. If there is no such problem, then its use is not required.

As soon as the wax hardens, you need to remove the candles. The pieces of wax remaining between the forms can be melted and a couple more candles can be made.

These simple tips and tricks on how to decorate a room and make candles with your own hands for a romantic evening will help you spend an unforgettable evening alone with your loved one.




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