About General Wax & Candle Company

Quality Control

Genwax Candle Quality Control

Candles are much more than wax and a piece of string. All candles that we manufacture endure rigorous testing. The first thing we have to test is the wax. Waxes are not as homogeneous as most people would imagine. They are refined by a variety of methods and from a variety of crude sources. It is possible for different batches to have different characteristics. We may get the same wax for weeks, months or maybe even years, but once it changes, we have to adapt to it. After the wax comes in via rail car (on our own rail spur), a sample is taken and sent to our own on site laboratory. Our quality control engineers, supervised by our Chief Chemist, subject the waxes to a variety of tests. These include Color fastness, penetration, and manufacturing characteristics. Our Chief Chemist then makes any changes which are necessary to our formulas so that we can manufacture the best quality candle possible.

In order for candles to burn properly a delicate balance is struck between wax formula, perfume, dye, candle diameter, candle height and burning requirement. Candles should generally burn without dripping or smoking, and be relightable after they have been extinguished. We burn test our candles inside special cabinets in a temperature-controlled environment. Our lab technicians aided by a special slow motion video camera monitor the burning times and burning characteristics of our candles. This allows us to tune our waxes and wicks to burning perfection. Its no accident that we make some of the best burning candles in the industry.

Candles are made from wax, which is a fuel. Add a little perfume and you have a mixture, which loves to change color from something that matches your tablecloth, to something that matches two-year-old roast beef. General Wax uses light and temperature testing to test the light fastness of our formulas and our finished candles. Although our lab technicians can often spot a small color error with the naked eye, we used sophisticated color meters and computers to make sure our colors stay consistent and accurate.

Information Systems

Genwax Candle Manufacturing Information Systems

At General Wax, we stay right on the leading edge of automation. Our goal is not to replace people with computers, but to enhance their abilities to produce the best product possible, with the best service at the most competitive prices possible. We utilize high performance Unix based systems, running our own custom software. These are hooked via fiber optic and regular ethernet networks to a variety of Pentium workstations running Windows XP. Macintoshes are also utilized along with several Linux servers. Our software is modified constantly to improve our accuracy and response times.

Our entire operation is integrated in the computer system and is carefully managed by our executives using the up to the minute data provided by the system. We know the exact status of every order in the system. Additionally, we keep a detailed history of every transaction for seven years. Every order, every item that is manufactured, every shipment, every payment.


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