7 creative décor ideas with candlesticks

creative decor ideas with candlesticks

7 creative décor ideas with candlesticks

Lighting a candle at a dinner party or a scented candle on a chilly evening is something truly special. They set the tone right away, offering a gentle ambiance and a warm glow like nothing else can. Even unlit, they can make a wonderful focal point on a table or mantlepiece, but to do so, they need to be housed in an equally decorative candlestick. Candlesticks on the table give an instant festive feeling. And they provide mood lighting, of course. You can combine candlesticks at different heights or have just one take center stage.

What is a candlestick?


burning taper candles for home decoration taper candles in candleholders


It is unclear when and where this item was invented, but its presence can be noted throughout the history of mankind, accompanying man over the centuries. Candlesticks hold candles, so they burn steadily and safely. They typically consist of a base, a stem, and a platform or socket to hold the candle. They come in a wide variety of materials, styles, and sizes, ranging from simple and functional to ornate and decorative.

What is the difference between a candlestick and a chandelier?


chandelier with red burning candles difference between a candlestick and a chandelier


While both candlesticks and chandeliers provide lighting and decorative appeal, they differ in terms of design, function, and usage. Candlesticks are smaller, simpler holders designed for individual candles, while chandeliers are larger, more elaborate fixtures intended to illuminate larger spaces and make a statement in interior design. While the candlestick has support for a single candle, the chandeliers can have two, three, four, and even seven candles.

Choose the right candlesticks for your home


dining table decoration with taper candles glass candleholders with white taper candles


These amazing candle holders add a dramatic touch to your home décor and give the scene a grander, more formal feel. A tall candle holder in gold or silver on your console table or dining room table adds an air of sophistication.

When it comes to candlesticks, the options are vast, and choosing the right one can make all the difference. Depending on the style of your room, you can opt for metallic candle holders for a modern vibe or glass candle holders for a more classic look. Combine different sizes, shapes, and materials for a diverse candle display.

Throughout this blog, we've explored various ways to incorporate candlesticks into home décor, whether as centerpieces, mantel displays, or accent lighting. We've mentioned how candlesticks can create a cozy atmosphere in the dining room, add romance to the bedroom, and bring warmth to the living room.

7 uses of candlesticks for home decoration

  1. Living room decoration with candlesticks


candleholders for living room decoration Living room decoration ideas with tall candles


One of the best places in the house to bet on the use of a candlestick is in the living room, precisely because it is the place where visitors are received. Try placing one or even more candlesticks on the coffee table or side table and see the difference the piece will make in the environment.

  1. Candlesticks for the dining room


dining room decoration ideas dining table decoration with candlesticks


Decorating a dining room with candlesticks can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for romantic dinners or special occasions. Create a stunning centerpiece for your dining table by arranging a cluster of candlesticks in the center. Mix and match candlestick heights, styles, and materials for visual interest. You can place them directly on the table or a decorative tray or runner for added elegance.

  1. Fireplace decoration


Fireplace decorating with candlesticks taper candles for fireplace decoration


Whether you prefer a traditional, rustic, or modern look, there are plenty of ways to use candlesticks to add warmth and charm to your fireplace area. Decorating a fireplace with candlesticks can add warmth, charm, and ambiance to your living space, especially during seasons when the fireplace isn't in use. Place taper candles of varying heights directly on the fireplace. This creates the illusion of a flickering fire without needing logs or gas. By incorporating candlesticks into your fireplace décor, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall ambiance of your living space.

  1. Spa atmosphere in the bathroom


Spa atmosphere in the bathroom with candles


Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom by placing candlesticks on the countertop, bathtub ledge, or around the edges of a soaking tub. Opt for scented candles with relaxing fragrances like lavender or eucalyptus for added tranquility.

  1. Bedroom romance


Bedroom romance with candlesticks romantic bedroom ideas with candles


Set the mood in the bedroom by placing these candle holders on bedside tables or dressers. Use soft, flickering candlelight to create a romantic ambiance for special occasions or quiet evenings at home. If you have space, consider placing freestanding floor candleholders in the bedroom. Choose tall, elegant candle holders to add height and drama to the room, and position them in corners or next to a reading nook for added ambiance.

  1. Use different candles for home decoration


pillar candles on candlesticks tealight candles for home decoration


In addition to long candles, the variety of candlesticks allows you to use tealights and pillar candles as well. The use of different candles in the decoration of your home will allow you to create a unique and original decoration.

  1. Outdoor entertaining


Outdoor dinner with candlesticks Outdoor entertaining decoration with taper candles


Use candlesticks with long candles to enhance outdoor entertaining spaces. Place them on outdoor dining tables and along pathways. Place pillars or votive candles to create a magical ambiance for evening gatherings.

Candlesticks are not just functional items for providing light; they are also versatile and elegant decorative pieces that can enhance the ambiance of any room. From the dining room to the bedroom, these candle holders offer a timeless charm and warmth that can transform ordinary spaces into inviting sanctuaries.

Overall, candlesticks offer endless possibilities for creative expression and personalization in home décor. Whether you prefer classic, traditional designs or modern, minimalist styles, there's a candlestick to suit every taste and aesthetic. So why not add a touch of warmth and elegance to your home with candlesticks today?



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Candlelit elegance. 9 creative uses of tall candles

outdoor decoration with taper candles

Candlelit elegance. 9 creative uses of tall candles

Today, candles are an indispensable part of any décor. With the help of candles, you can easily and very quickly get charming tablescapes, and dreamy décor and create a romantic atmosphere.

Whether you want to create a perfect indoor ambiance for your home or light up your exteriors, taper candles, with their elegance, can bring comfort and luxury to your space.

What are tall candles?


all about taper candles tall candles in dining table


True to their name, taper candles taper from the bottom upwards, forming a subtle shape renowned for their elegance. Tall and slim, taper candles are one of the oldest types of candles and have been used as a source of illumination for millennia. These candles are typically made of paraffin wax, although modern variations may incorporate other materials such as soy wax or beeswax. Today, they are used for everything from wedding décor and dinner parties to religious celebration candles, with a vast variety of sizes, colors, and scents available.

How are tall candles made?

There are several ways to make tall candles. One of them is the traditional way, by dipping. Dipped candles are made by dipping them several times in a pot of wax. One of the benefits of dipping is that it allows candlemakers to change colors, creating a colorful array of layers within a single candle. Well-made dipped candles are very smooth, although you can create a lumpy appearance for aesthetic reasons.


tall candles mold beeswax dipped taper candles


Taper candles can also be made in molds. Molds are convenient because they allow you to make regular and differently shaped candles. For example, a cone can be shaped into a star shape, or points can be made into a mold to create a pointed candle. While making the candles, you can also incorporate dried flowers, beads, etc. into the wax.

Dripless tall candles, and how do they work?


dripless black taper candles Dripless tall candles


Dripless, tall candles bypass the tendency of traditional wax candles to drip. Several factors contribute to making a taper candle dripless. The wax quality, the type of wick used, the size of the wick, if the wick is trimmed, and how long you burn the candle all play an important role.

Candles drip as the wax melts. It's as simple as that. When the wick is lit, the heat of the flame melts its way through the candle wax. When too much wax melts at once, it can spill over the side of the candle and drip.

Dripless taper candles are designed to minimize or eliminate the dripping of wax as they burn. Traditional taper candles often tend to produce wax drips, which can be messy and pose a potential hazard. Dripless, tall candles are crafted with specific features and materials to reduce or eliminate this issue.

9 interesting uses of tall candles

Tall candles have a wide range of uses, and their versatility makes them a popular choice for various occasions and settings. Here are some common uses for tall candles:

  1. Decorative centerpieces


taper candles for decoration wedding centerpieces with tall candles


Taper candles can make elegant and dramatic centerpieces for tables during events, weddings, or special occasions. They add height and visual interest to the table décor.  Whether placed on a dining table, mantel, or shelf, tall candles can instantly transform the atmosphere and add a touch of sophistication to any space.

  1. Weddings and special events


decorate your special events with tall candles wedding table decoration with taper candles


Tall candles are frequently used at weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, both as centerpieces and for decorative purposes. They can be incorporated into tablescapes, floral arrangements, and decorative displays to enhance the overall aesthetic and create a romantic and memorable ambiance.

  1. Ceremonial and religious events


Ceremonial events with taper candles taper candles for religious events


Taper candles, especially tall ones, are often used in religious or ceremonial settings. They are frequently used in churches and temples during services, ceremonies, and prayer rituals. They can be lit during ceremonies, rituals, or as a symbolic representation of various concepts.

  1. Home décor


home decoration with tall candles taper candles for home decor


Tall candles can be used as decorative elements in the home. They can be placed in candle holders on mantels, shelves, or side tables to add warmth and style to a room.

  1. Formal dinners and celebrations


Formal dinners with tall colorful candles red taper unscented candles


Tall candles can create a sophisticated atmosphere during formal dinners or celebrations. Placed in candle holders or candelabras, they contribute to the overall ambiance.

  1. Rituals and meditation


tratak meditation with taper candle


Due to their symbolic significance, tall candles are often used in rituals and meditation practices. They can serve as focal points for meditation, helping to create a calm and serene environment. Additionally, the act of lighting a tall candle can be a meditative practice in itself, signifying the initiation of a ceremonial or introspective journey.

  1. Aromatherapy and relaxation


Aromatherapy with tall candles


Tall candles can be used to create a calming and serene atmosphere in a spa or relaxation area. Many tall candles are infused with aromatic scents, making them popular for aromatherapy and relaxation purposes. When lit, the candle releases soothing fragrances, creating a calming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and stress relief.

  1. Outdoor events


outdoor decoration with taper candles Outdoor events decoration with tall candles


Tall candles in lanterns or sturdy candle holders can be used outdoors for events like garden parties, patio dinners, or evening gatherings. They provide both illumination and decorative flair.

  1. Holiday décor


Christmas centerpieces with taper and pillar candles


Tall candles are popular during the holiday season. They can be incorporated into festive decorations for occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year's Eve.

When using tall candles, it's important to consider safety measures, such as placing them in sturdy holders, keeping them away from flammable materials, and never leaving them unattended while lit. Additionally, consider the burn time of the candles and whether they are designed to be dripless if cleanliness is a concern.

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The elegance of taper candles

The elegance of taper candles

The elegance of taper candles

You may enjoy candlelight in an elegant way with taper candles. These tall, thin candles have a long tradition of illuminating homes, churches, celebrations, and candlelit feasts.

What is a taper candle?

True to their name, taper candles taper from the bottom upwards, forming a subtle shape renowned for their elegance. Tall and slim, taper candles are one of the oldest types of candles and have been used as a source of illumination for millennia. A taper candle can be scented or unscented.


burning taper candles table decoration with candles and flowers


These days, there are a wide range of sizes, colors, and smells available, including natural choices like beeswax, and they are used for anything from wedding décor and dinner parties to religious celebrations.

Which wax is good for tapers?


eco-friendly beeswax dinner candles paraffin tapers on glass holders


Paraffin and beeswax are the best waxes for a taper candle. These two waxes are able to hold their shape while burning. You might find some blended tapers containing paraffin and beeswax blend. Soy candles don't perform well for a taper candle since the soy wax isn't stapled enough and has a lower melting point. However, you might come across a soy and paraffin blend as well.

Are taper candles dripless?


dripless colorful candles


Unlike votives or pillar candles, the melted wax reservoir of a taper is tiny. The taper is designed so the flame will burn up all the melted wax as quickly as it melts. Drafts can cause the flame to dance about the tip of the candle and burn away the outer wall of the candle that typically contains the melted wax until the flame burns it off.

High-quality tapers can't totally prevent leaking, but any product made of liquid wax may occasionally drip. Make sure to get the best candles you can find if you want to entirely avoid candle drip.

Best places for taper candles

Tapers can fit into any corner of a room. But because of their slender elegance and height, they are best suited for areas of focus.


3 wick decorative taper candles


A mantlepiece or comparable elevated surface allows the candles to reach their light into the dark corners of a room. But there is perhaps no better place for them than the center of a dinner table.

Taper candles are ideal on a coffee table


coffee table decoration with candles Taper candles are ideal on a coffee table


Place three to five tapers on your coffee table. The color of the candles depends on the color and overall style of the room. You can also put some books and a vase of beautiful flowers on the table. Be careful when lighting these candles, as the coffee tables are usually set in places where you walk.

Taper candles on the fireplace


colorful taper candles on the fireplace fireplace decoration with candles


One of the most popular places to style taper candles is the fireplace. This is because the fireplace provides the perfect backdrop for the candles. The flames from the candles will reflect off of the fireplace and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. All you need to do to enhance the room's focal point is place the taper candles on each side of the fireplace and light them. The added ambiance this will create is a nice perk of this styling placement too.


Tall candles for bedroom decoration


burning candles for cozy interior candles on a tray for bedroom decoration


Taper candles create a high mood in the coziest corner of your home. They are very elegant in the bedroom. Place them near your bed to illuminate your nighttime reading. You can put several conical candles on the cabinet or windowsill.

Tapers on the dining room table


Dinner candles Taper candles on the dining table


One spot that always looks great for tapers is the dining room table. They elevate any dining experience, whether you’re having a romantic dinner for two or a large gathering with friends and family. There are a few things to keep in mind when styling tapers on your dining room table. Candles at different heights create a dynamic focal point and a more unique tablescape. And don’t forget to light the candles before your guests arrive – it will set the look for a perfect evening.

Tapers on kitchen tables


burning red candles tall candles on kitchen table


Taper candles are a great way to decorate a kitchen table. You can also put decorative fruits, a bowl full of dried fruits, and cinnamon around the candles. They are very beautiful, especially during romantic evenings.

Taper candles in the bathroom


Bathroom candles Taper candles for bathroom decoration


Enjoy unforgettable moments in the bath under the tapers’ light. Depending on your space, try lighting a few candles on the bathroom windowsill. Even better, place taper candles on the edge of the tub surrounded by tea light candles, just don't forget about a glass of wine.

Taper candles in the outdoor space


outdoor dinner table decoration with taper candles tall candles for outdoor wedding table decoration


One of the great things about taper candles is that they can be used beyond indoor spaces and in a variety of outdoor spaces - think porch, deck, or even a campsite! Get some tall and wide hurricane glass and you can place tapers inside along with little tea lights for some variety in depth. It's perfect for places like porches or decks where you want a bit of light without having an open flame. Another idea would be to melt down the bottom of a taper and stick it into a jar centered, placed along a porch or deck railing. All the wax will collect inside the glass and add to the outdoor ambiance.

Take away

There are many ways to decorate your home with taper candles, and the best way to do it depends on your personal style and what look you're going for. Whether you're lighting them for a romantic dinner, a festive holiday party, or just to add a touch of ambiance to your home, taper candles are a great way to do it. With so many different sizes, colors, and scents available, there's sure to be a taper candle that's perfect for you.



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