Elegance of tealights. Creative decorating ideas for a cozy ambiance

Elegance of tealights

Elegance of tealights. Creative decorating ideas for a cozy ambiance

In the world of candles, there's a tiny luminary that stands out for its simplicity and versatility—the tealights. Tealight candles are some of the most versatile items for all spaces. They are perfect for setting an ambiance, taking photos, dressing space, and getting creative. Tealight candles are probably the closest you can get to an essential item that is straight out of a fairytale in this “real” world we live in.

What are tealights?


Christmas table centerpiece with burning candle heart-shaped small candles with flowers


Tealight candles are small and lightweight candles encased in small metal or plastic casings to prevent dripping and are often used to create a soft and subtle ambiance. When lit, the candle is safely ensconced in the casing, so it can melt and diffuse aromatic scented oils without making a mess. These candles can even be set afloat on the water as floating candles.

The versatility of tealight candles

What makes tealight candles truly special is their incredible versatility. Despite their size, tealights are powerful enough to add a touch of magic to any occasion. From romantic dinners to grand celebrations, these little candles are perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Their small size also makes them ideal for intricate candle holders, allowing for creative and decorative arrangements.


beeswax small candles The versatility of tealights


They can be made from various materials, such as paraffin wax, beeswax, and soy wax, and come in a variety of colors and scents. Due to their small size and relatively short burn time, tealight candles are often used in multiples to enhance their visual impact.

Benefits of tealight candles

Ease of use

Tealight candles are small and lightweight, making them easy to transport and use in a variety of settings. They are also a good choice for use in smaller spaces, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.


Benefits of tealight candles


Long burn time

Despite their small size, tealight candles often have a relatively long burn time. This makes them suitable for extended use, especially in situations where a continuous and steady light source is needed. They are also a good choice for use in situations where you need a steady source of heat, such as with wax melt burners.


Tealights are compact and easy to handle, making them convenient for both storage and use. Their small size makes them suitable for various types of candle holders, lanterns, or other decorative containers.



Cost-effective candles Relaxing atmosphere with tealights


Tealight candles are generally affordable, making them an economical choice for consumers. Their low cost allows people to purchase them in bulk for events or everyday use without breaking the bank.

Relaxing atmosphere

The flickering flame of a tealight candle can be very calming and soothing. This makes them a good choice for use in almost any room in your home where you want to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Decorative value


decoration ideas with tealights Small candles in jars


These candles are often used for decorative purposes, either alone or as part of a larger display. They come in various colors, scents, and shapes, allowing people to match them to different themes or color schemes.


These candles are generally considered safer than larger candles because they are contained in metal or plastic cups. This reduces the risk of accidental spills or tipping, making them suitable for a wide range of environments.

Creative ideas for decorating with tealights

Floating centerpiece


Floating tealight centerpiece


Place tealight candles in clear glass bowls or vases filled with water. Add decorative elements like flower petals or floating candles for an elegant centerpiece.

Jar lanterns


tealight burning candles in jar lanterns


Place them inside jars and hang them with twine or wire to create charming lanterns. You can also decorate the jars with paint, ribbons, or lace for a personalized touch.

Tealight holders on a tray


Tealight holders on a tray


Arrange tealight holders on a decorative tray. Use various shapes, sizes, and materials for the holders to add visual interest. Place the tray as a centerpiece on a table or shelf.

Tealight wall sconces


Tealight wall sconces


Attach wall sconces or decorative holders to the walls and insert tealight candles for a unique wall décor element. This can add warmth and character to any room.

Hollowed-out citrus tealights


Hollowed-out citrus DIY candles


Cut citrus fruits (like oranges or lemons) in half, scoop out the pulp, and place the candles inside. The citrus shells not only act as natural tealight holders but also emit a pleasant fragrance when heated.

Wine glass as tealight holders


Wine glass as candle holders


Upside-down wine glasses can become unique tealight holders. Simply place a tealight on the base of an inverted wine glass, creating a stylish and modern look.

Tealight chandeliers


Tealight chandeliers


Hang tealight candles from an old chandelier or a DIY structure made from driftwood, branches, or wire. This creates a stunning focal point and adds a touch of romance to any space.

Lantern walkway


Lantern walkway with tealights


Place these tiny candles in lanterns along a garden or walkway to create a charming and inviting path. This works well for outdoor events, weddings, or simply to enhance your garden's nighttime ambiance.

On shelves


burning candles on shelves


Create an inviting atmosphere in any room by placing these small candles on shelves or ledges. The flickering flames will add interest and depth to your space.

In the bathroom


bathroom decoration with small candles


Add some relaxation to your bath time by lighting a few candles and placing them around the tub. The warm glow and soothing scent will help you relax after a long day.

Candlelit staircase


Candlelit staircase


Line the steps of a staircase with small candles to create a magical and inviting entrance. Use glass holders or lanterns to protect the flames from drafts while adding an extra touch of sophistication.

Tealight candles have become a popular choice for various purposes due to their versatility, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. These small candles offer a range of decorative possibilities, enhancing the ambiance of different settings. Whether used as part of a centerpiece, in creative DIY projects, or to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, tealight candles continue to capture the attention of consumers.

As with any candle, it's crucial to practice safety measures when using tealights, such as ensuring they are placed in appropriate holders and never leaving them unattended. In essence, tealight candles blend practicality, aesthetics, and affordability, making them a go-to choice for those seeking to add a touch of warmth and charm to their living spaces.



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Candle Fair Los Angeles 2023

Candle Fair 2023 Flyer

Candle Fair Los Angeles 2023

We, at General Wax and Candle Company, are excited to announce our second Annual Candle Fair held in October! At the request of many of our customers and candle makers, we have decided to make this a “Candle Tradition” and support small businesses that create amazing products for their consumers. Candle makers not only from Southern California but, also from other states are ready and coming to introduce their creations to the candle lovers of California.


candle fair 2023 Los Angeles


A candle fair is a regularly occurring public gathering where candle manufacturers or their representatives offer items made of wax. Candle fairs foster interpersonal relationships and interconnections between candle manufacturers, consumers, and communities.

Eliminating intermediaries allows consumers to get the most distinctive, handcrafted goods while also increasing the amount of money that goes to candle makers, boosting local economies. Although "local" is defined differently at each candle fair, it is not required to just see local candle producers there.

General Wax and Candle, as the organization of this annual candle fair, has implemented guidelines and operating rules that ensure the candle fair consists principally of candle makers and craftsmen selling directly to the public products that they have produced.


candle fair booth Los Angeles


General Wax and Candle Company made sure that the visitors get the most out of their day! Therefore, there is going to be MUSIC, free Beeswax candle-making classes for the KIDS, RAFFLES, and the IN-N-OUT cookout truck!

General Wax and Candle Company which has been serving candle makers all across the US for a long time, by offering a large selection of high-quality candle-making supplies, has organized a Candle Fair in Los Angeles County. Over 30 local and non-local candle vendors and other craftsmen will showcase their new as well as well-known products to the locals.

Our upcoming annual candle fair will take place in Los Angeles on October 14th. Candle Fair is one of the ancient traditions. According to tradition, local candle makers prepare sculptures and candles from wax, and many other wax-related products and introduce them to the locals.



2023 Candle Fair Los Angeles - Vendors

Last year, General Wax and Candle Company invited many talented candle makers, who introduced their work to the public. This year, we’ve decided to include other craftsmen in the Candle Fair, who will present their works and creations, which are prepared with great love. During the event, the visitors will have the opportunity to visit all the booths, study all the presented works in detail, and purchase anything they desire directly from the creator thus helping their small business “flourish”. Many of the vendors participating in the Candle Fair are already known for their masterpieces as they managed to establish their brands throughout the years.


candle fair vendor


Some of the products you will see during the candle fair are as follows:

Candles – candles in different shapes and colors, pillar candles, jar candles, scented candles, sculptural candles, wax melts, natural non-GMO candles, pumpkin candles, skeleton candles, botanical flower candles, candles for magic and meditation, special scent blends for holidays, and more.

Soaps – different scents, shapes, and colors

Home diffusers of different scents. Come find your scent as we all know diffusers can help us relax at home with our favorite scents.

Room sprays - deliver long-lasting fragrance into your home, releasing freshening, odor-eliminating scents, and aromas you’ll love best.


Candle makers at candle fair Los Angeles


About General Wax and Candle Company

General Wax & Candle Company along with its Candle Making division, has been providing quality candles and candle-making supplies since 1949. The company’s origins are in institutional sales such as restaurants, florists, and churches, as well as small or large candle makers. General Wax and Candle and Candle Making Supplies pride themselves on creating and providing great quality candles and candle-making supplies at competitive prices.

By organizing this candle fair, General Wax and Candle Company’s aim is to ensure a place for small candle businesses for tomorrow. Because candles are essential to vibrant lives, the Candle Fair will focus on public engagement that will amplify our impact and make the candles even more valued, more visible, and more deeply embedded in our communities and in our city and its surrounding areas.


candle makers of Los Angeles


Information for non-local visitors

If you’re planning to visit The Candle Fair, which will take place on October 14th, you will have the opportunity to visit some other sightseeing in Los Angeles: the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, the Getty Center, Paramount Pictures Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Universal City Walk, Original Farmers Market, Universal Studio Tour, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Bowl and more.

The Candle Fair Details:

  • What: General Wax 2nd Annual Candle Fair 
  • When: October 14, 2023 
  • Where: 6863 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 
  • Time: 10am - 2pm 


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  • Drip Taper Candles - Blue

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11 candle types to set the perfect mood and ambiance

home decoration with candles

11 candle types to set the perfect mood and ambiance

It's not necessary to spend a lot of money on home décor; simply lighting some candles may create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in any room.

One of the most versatile items on the earth, candles can provide light, set a mood, create an atmosphere, and set the décor. Think about it: in most instances, a candle might be used to achieve the desired design for any occasions. In other words, candles give any area a distinctive atmosphere and elevate its appearance.

There are different candle types with limitless fragrances, colors and styles of candles to choose from, and it can be overwhelming knowing which one to pick for your home.


different candle types


Depending on what candle types you choose, you can add single, cluster or unique candle holders to create the perfect setting.

When it comes to buying a candle, there are a variety of options available. Each candle is made from a different combination of materials. It’s essential to educate yourself on the different candle waxes to make sure you don’t have any allergies to the wax type it was made of.

Candle types for every occasion

The concept of every occasion can be explored by the pattern of the candles one buys. Not only are sizes and locations important but also the variety of forms that may be combined to create lovely texture. They might be floating candles, votive candles, tealights, pillar candles, or taper candles. Also, when choosing them, pay attention to the finishing, they can be completely plain or they can also have different textures that can take them into a particular tone.


scented candles in different colors


Today different types of candles are available in the market. Before buying candles, we should make sure that what will be the use of those candles? Because different types of candles are used on different occasions. Different types include - votive candles, pillar candles, taper candles, decorative candles and scented or aromatherapy candles.

Basic types of candle wax

Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is one of the most versatile and common candle wax used today. It comes in different melt points appropriate for many different applications, from votives to pillars and containers.


Most of the commercially available candle types you buy in stores today are made with paraffin. As a general rule of thumb, paraffin is known for holding the scent better.


Beeswax is versatile and one of the most natural forms of candle wax.

beeswax candle types

Beeswax is a natural wax secreted by honey bees to build their hives. Since the wax does not retain aroma very well, beeswax candles are often unscented. Beeswax candles have a unique benefit in that they purify the air. It is also known to burn longer and brighter without emitting toxic and harmful fumes into the air.

Soy wax

Soy wax is derived from soy beans and being natural and non-chemically derived, is considered among the more eco-friendly candle waxes.

soy wax candles

One benefit of soy wax and soy wax blends is it actually burns slower, allowing you to enjoy your candle for much longer than most.

Its soft and pliable texture makes it ideal for candle-making. Candlemakers and consumers alike enjoy soy wax candles for their ability to burn slowly.

Coconut wax

Coconut wax is a vegan product naturally sourced from coconut oil. The coconut oil is hydrogenated and refined to produce this wax. The refining process removes the coconut smell, which is ideal for those who aren’t fans of the coconut scent or don’t want the coconut scent to interfere with the fragrances in the custom mix.


Coconut wax for candle making

For several reasons, coconut wax is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly wax products available. In addition to being responsibly sourced, coconut wax is also excellent for burning owing to its smokeless and soot-free qualities, providing a clean burn without toxins.

Palm wax


Palm wax is similar to soy wax in that it is made from a natural oil - in this case, palm oil. Palm wax is a very firm, almost brittle wax, that works well for pillars and votives. It usually produces a crystalline or "feathered" effect in the candles that is quite lovely. Palm wax is often blended with soy wax to make it harder.

11 candle types and how to use them

1.Tealight candles


citronella scented tealight candles


Tealight candles are the smallest candle type, so don’t expect a very long burn time. Tealights burn for about two to six hours. Even though they’re so small, these candles can have a big impact on any space when a few are used together. Tealight candles create a comfortable ambience when arranged as a table centerpiece, set up around a bathtub for a relaxing soak or scatter them on a mantle or windowsill to create a cozy light. You can set them out on their own, put the tealights in small lanterns or decorative glass containers or set them in water so they float.

2. Pillar candle types


blue pillar candles on a wooden tray


As their name implies, pillar candles are similar to pillars as they not only look like them but can also stand on their own without a holder, but they might not be dripless. Due to their relatively massive size, these candle styles can burn for hours, while looking all kinds of majestic and beautiful where placed.

These candles burn for different amounts of time depending on the size of the pillar, but they’re typically long lasting. These candles don’t need a container to use, but are often used in larger lanterns or placed onto candle sticks.

3. Birthday Candles


Birthday candle types


Birthday candles are nevertheless significant for restaurant operations even though they are not typical candles used in these premises. When they add birthday candles to your dessert, they go above and beyond in terms of providing excellent customer service. Many customers go out to dine to celebrate birthdays or other occasions. To let visitors express a wish on their big day, they can be placed on top of full cakes, individual slices, or the top of ice cream sundaes.

  1. Decorative Candles

There are a lot of candle options available in the market when it comes to decorative candles. These candles add beauty and lighten up the surroundings.


decorative candles for home decoration Decorative candles


Whether you’re de-stressing yourself after a long working day or planning for a romantic date, decorative candles are just perfect to lighten up your mood. They change the ambiance of your mood instantly and transform the set up into something very special.

  1. Floating Candle types


Floating Candles with flowers


Floating candles give a distinctive visual impact that immediately ups the elegance of a setting. These candles are round and float in the water, their light reflecting off the surface to create a cozy glow. To make spectacular centerpieces, place these candles in large bowls or vases filled with water.

  1. Taper candles


colorful taper candles


Taper candles are long, thin, cylindrical candles that require a holder and are a beautiful choice for a special table setting or as mantel decor. They are famous for the multitude of colors they come in, but they are also created in a wide range of twisted and ribbed shapes in addition to the classic cylinder base shape. This adds to their aesthetic attractiveness and distinctiveness.

  1. Votive candles


Votive candles in holders


Votive candles burn inside the holder they are placed in since they are tiny and, unlike tealights, don't come packed in a container. These little candles are ideal for setting the mood at the dinner table or tucked in between flowers and other beautiful items on a console, buffet, or coffee table. They do come in various colors, but white is the most traditional and popular.

  1. Scented candles


candle types with different scents


Scented candle types have essential oils or artificial scents mixed into the wax to produce a fragrant ambiance while they burn. Scented candles are typically made of a blend of waxes. They come in various forms, from tealights and pillars to container candles, and are especially popular for seasonal and holiday scents, such as pine, peppermint, or lavender scents.

  1. Container candle types


soy wax candles in jars


Candles that have had wax poured into a container are known as container candles. These are frequently made from metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, or other materials. These candles come in a range of sizes and forms, but the majority of them just have one wick inside, as in most cases, vessels are less than three inches in diameter. Because of their already attractive look, these candle types are frequently given as gifts. Many people like using their lovely jars as containers after a candle has been fully burned.

  1. Candle lamps


outdoor candle in lamps


There may occasionally be a base warmer, but the real goal is to heat and melt the wax so that the heat of an electric light bulb may release the smells into the air. Just make sure not to keep the wax warmer on for too long. In reality, they resemble tabletop lamps, complete with a lampshade, except that the candle is placed on a plate instead. For even melting, these different candles have to be situated beneath the bulb. You can leave the wick in them too. Forget all the types of floor lamps and table lamps. These will get that job done plus bring a wonderful scent to the room.

  1. Novelty candles

Novelty candle


Candles having distinctive characteristics and looks are often referred to as novelty candles. Since these candles are typically considered decorative works of art, you may decide not to light them at all. Some candles could be hand-sculpted into sculptures or poured into unique candle molds to take on odd forms. Even ordinary taper candles may be given a playful makeover by bending them into squiggly shapes after being gently softened in a warm water bath.

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How choose candles for yoga?

Candles for yoga

How choose candles for yoga?

Candles are a fantastic way to encourage relaxation and set the mood. Choosing the right candles for yoga is essential to creating a peaceful and Zen-meditation atmosphere. Knowing about candle scents and their benefits helps to create an unforgettable ambiance.

Which candles are best for yoga? Candles for yoga must be scented and non-toxic with longer burn time. Choosing the scent of candles depends on the type of yoga class. For example, eucalyptus and spearmint are popular choices for stress relief, while the lemongrass scent is excellent for meditations.


tealight candles for yoga


Plenty of candle scents can improve focus during yoga sessions and help achieve more significant benefits. Furthermore, to choose the right candles for yoga, attention should be paid to the quality of the candle.

Why use a candle for yoga practice?

Our daily lives are so stressful, it is important to take a few minutes to focus on our well-being. And nothing like a yoga session in symbiosis with one or more scented candles.


Group of people performing yoga in fitness studio with pillar candles


A successful yoga session is one where the atmosphere is relaxed, soothing, and calming. One scented candle will help you create this atmosphere. A true invitation to relax, it quickly transports you to a true haven of peace.

Stimulators of relaxation and inner peace, scented candles have a direct effect on your mind but also on your body. The dancing, flickering flame of a candle quickly becomes hypnotic.

The delicate scents coming from the candle during its burning will promote letting go, detachment, and serenity. Some fragrances have anti-stress, calming, and relaxing properties.

The use of a scented candle is often recommended to those who are just starting out, to people who have difficulty concentrating or focusing their attention.


Practicing yoga with scented candles in jars


A scented candle is much more than an accessory for the practice of yoga. It’s a real ally to let yourself be carried away in a moment of well-being.

How to choose the right type of candles for yoga

Selecting the best candles for yoga involves finding calming scents and ensuring the candles are made from non-toxic ingredients.

Candle type

Choose candles made from natural waxes such as soy wax, beeswax, or coconut wax. These types of candles are non-toxic and do not emit harmful chemicals when burned.

If you were to do yoga every day, then a soy candle would be ideal since it would allow you to avoid exposure to harmful substances. Soy candles still smoke, of course, but you’ll have to deal with it unless you are willing to go for a flameless candle.


coconut shell candles for yoga a woman practicing yoga with soy wax candles


By the way, if you want a safe and natural candle, then strongly consider beeswax candles. These candles are completely natural, burn very long, and emit a pleasant honey-like scent.

The scent of candles for yoga

The scent of candles is thought to trigger certain emotions that may be helpful during yoga sessions. For example, here are a number of popular candle scents and what you could expect from them:



lavender scented candles for yoga


Lavender has a long history of being used to purify the body and spirit. It’s also considered one of the safest plants, which is why it’s used widely in oils, teas, soaps, shampoos, and more. Lavender-scented candles used during aromatherapy have been proven to slow down the sympathetic nervous system, which is part of the body that responds to stress. Next time you need to relax, especially if it’s to fall asleep, consider sniffing a little lavender.



Rosemary scented candle in a jar


Rosemary lowers fatigue and enhances brain power, making reflexes more spontaneous.



Sage aroma candles for yoga


This scent may reduce blood sugar levels and control pressure. If you have any specific needs, then you should look up online what kind of scents and essential oils would work for that.


This scent is usually considered refreshing, so it’s a good pick if you want to have an energizing yoga session.


You might not have heard of this, but no doubt you’ve smelled it before. The bergamot scented candle has been known to uplift spirits, making one feel refreshed and less anxious.



Sandalwood tealight candle


Sandalwood has deep roots in history, spirituality, and religion. It’s been used in temples and religious status for centuries. Sandalwood is a distinctive fragrance that does wonders for promoting relaxing, meditative states. The sandalwood scented candle is essentially used as a sedative on the nervous system, calming the body down.


Jasmine is a scent that is so distinctive, it’s even defied science, as no synthetic productions to mimic the smell have ever been successful. Studies have shown that the scented candles of jasmine enhance mental alertness and stimulate brain waves. The smell acts like an antidepressant, uplifting and inducing a warm calming effect.



rose scented candles


Roses might be the most well-known flower and floral scent there is. Almost everyone can picture the unique smell. Roses are symbols of love, beauty, romance, and perfection. The intense scent is useful in calming the nervous system and gives one a positive feeling.

Candle sizes for yoga


woman practicing yoga with different sizes of candles


Choose candles for yoga that fit your yoga and meditation space. Larger candles compliment a spacious area, and smaller ones for a more intimate setting.

Burn time

It is very important that the candle for yoga burns for a long time because then you will focus on yoga and won’t be distracted by lighting another candle.

Quality of candles for yoga

Choose a high-quality candle for yoga that burns cleanly and evenly. This will ensure that you get the most out of your candle during your meditation and yoga practices.

Take Away

Using the best candles for yoga can be a transformative experience. Not only do candles create a soothing atmosphere, but they can also help you focus your attention and connect more deeply with your inner self. By choosing scents and colors that resonate with you, you can customize your meditation or yoga practice to meet your individual needs and intentions.


tealight yoga candles


So, you must explore the world of candles for yoga and meditation. Experiment with different scents and colors, and find what works best for you. And remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, so enjoy the process and allow yourself to fully embrace the beauty and wonder of this practice.

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17 useful safety tips for lighting candles

lighting candle with long-reach lighter

17 useful safety tips for lighting candles

Everybody loves lighting candles. Burning a candle every evening before bed or can’t work from your apartment without surrounding yourself with a calming scent. There are different candles that correspond to various seasons and moods. Candles also make fabulous gifts when selected with care.

Candles have gained popularity in recent years, especially scented candles, oil burners, etc. Small votive candle and tealight candle arrangements are also popular these days.

How a lighting candle works

Candles produce both light and heat through a simple combustion process.

Although it seems that the wick of the candle is burning, it actually only supports the flame; it is the wax that burns. The simple truth is that the wick is absorbent; it draws the molten wax to the flame where the wax ignites and evaporates.


burning candle wick


The burning wax vapor produces most of the light and heat. This is the reason the candle wick lasts so long, it just acts as a kind of "fuel pipe". Once the wax is used up, the candle can no longer be burned because there is no more fuel.

How to use lighting candles safely


safety tips for lighting candles


  1. Don’t burn candles near flammable Items. The NFPA says more than half of candle fires are caused by candles burned too closely to items that are flammable. Keep your candle flames a foot or more away from anything that could start on fire. So don’t light candles near, drapes, tablecloths, towels or anything else that is flammable.

    lighting candles at home


  2. Do not place candles directly on the rim of a bath. Most contemporary baths are made of fiberglass/acrylic and they can burn, and/or melt from the heat of the candle holders. Bathrooms are full of flammable objects such as towels, toilet paper, bath towels, bath mats, etc.

    lighting candle safety in bath


  3. Trim the wick. Trim the wick to be approximately ¼ inch before lighting a candle. This will keep the flame from becoming too large, which can ultimately help prevent a home fire.

    candle wick trimmer


  4. Put them in a proper candle holder. Lighting candles need to be held firmly upright by the holder so they won’t fall over. The holder needs to be stable too, so it won’t fall over either.

    Burning taper candles in metal candleholders


  5. Don’t leave them burning. Extinguish lighting candles before you leave a room. Never sleep with a candle still burning. And never leave a burning candle or oil burner in a children’s bedroom.

    use candle snuffer for safety


  6. Use long matches or a long-reach lighter. Keep your fingers safe by using a long match to light your candle. Tie your hair if it is long and keep loose sleeves and clothes away from the flame.

    long matches for burning candle

  7. Don’t move lighting candles. It's easy to forget but let a candle cool down before you try to move it. Hot wax splashing around could cause burns or even a fire.
  8. Keep the wax pool clear. Make sure your candle is free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times as these things can catch fire.

    clear wax pool for candle safety


  9. Use the proper wick. Always use the proper type of wick for each particular style of candle. The wicks used in votives or pillar candles will be much longer than those found on taper candles.
  10. Use a candle extinguisher or a spoon to put out candles. Blowing a lighting candle out can send sparks and hot wax flying, a candle extinguisher, also known as a "snuffer" or using a spoon, is a safer option.

    Candle about to be extinguished by a candle snuffer


  11. Store candles properly. Make sure that you store them where children cannot reach them and avoid storing candles anywhere near flammable materials like curtains or rugs.
  12. Be aware that tea light candles get very hot and without proper holders can melt through plastic surfaces like a TV or bath.

    burning tealight candles


  13. Don’t burn for more than four hours. When your candle is burning, carbon collects on the wick. Letting it go for too long can cause the wick to become unstable and the flame to get too large.
  14. Use secure holders to place lighting candles. Many candles are in elegant candle vessels. However, other candles, such as those used for holiday centerpieces, must be placed in holders. The holidays are already the most dangerous time of the year when it comes to potential house fires. Make sure that the holiday candles are properly secured before lighting them. It only takes a moment for a candle to light up. Loose candlesticks can cause a fire while you turn your back to the kitchen to cook dinner.
  15. It is not safe to sleep with a lighting candle lit because as the candle burns towards the bottom, the container temperature may increase to the point where it could burn the wax and start a fire that could spread to nearby items like bedding, books, and curtains.

    candles in the bedroom

    In addition, leaving candles burning during the night increases the risk of other incidents such as candle falling. It may seem unlikely, but a strong wind, a large insect, or even a pet can knock over a candle and cause a fire.
    Another potential incident of leaving a candle burning overnight is a candle flashover. A candle flashover is when all the wax in the candle melts and catches the flame of the wick and is ignited. If this happens, it can set fire to anything close to the candle.

  16. Install smoke alarms. You should have smoke alarms on each level of your home, inside each bedroom, in the hallways, and in other rooms.
  17. Using a glass jar as a candle container is considered best practice. The glass prevents the open flame from reaching any flammable objects and setting your house on fire. Even then, make sure to keep the candle at least 1 foot away from any curtains or other items that might catch fire.

Do not place the candle directly on a plate, as the open flame can spread. If you want to burn a candle for a longer time, place it in a glass container located on a metal tray or a basin filled with water.


glass jars for lighting candles safely


Each candle is different so make sure that you thoroughly read and follow each manufacturer's instructions on correct lighting, burning, and extinguishing. Don’t burn a candle longer than the manufacturer recommends.

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    Eiffel Taper Candle Holder Large Clear

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What are meditation candles?

candle gazing meditation

What are meditation candles?

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing or clearing your mind using a combination of mental and physical techniques.

Depending on the type of meditation you choose, you can meditate to relax, reduce anxiety and stress, and more. Some people even use meditation to help them improve their health, such as using it to help adapt to the challenges of quitting tobacco products.

One way to do this is by lighting a candle and focusing on the flame. Many people find it much easier to clear their minds when focusing on an object. Meditation candles can also help to create a relaxing environment during meditation. To use meditation candles, you will need to choose a candle, create a relaxing environment, and position the candle for meditation. Then, light the candle and begin to clear your mind, and focus on the flame.


candle gazing


What is candle meditation?

Candle meditation, also known as Trataka, is a form of meditation that involves gazing at a candle flame. Meditation candles have been used to enhance the calming and introspective nature of these practices, and they can be a powerful tool for anyone looking to deepen their mindfulness journey. This practice is believed to have originated in ancient India and is often used to enhance concentration, focus, and mindfulness.


candle light meditation


Technique with meditation candles

Many people find it much easier to meditate when focusing on an object, like a candle. Meditation candles can also help create a relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Choose a candle
  2. Create a relaxing environment
  3. Position the candle for meditation
  4. Light the candle
  5. Begin to clear your mind and focus on the flame

Meditation with candles is practiced by gazing at a candle flame. It can sometimes be tricky to keep your eyes open and focus on a candle without them blinking or watering.

This meditation is an amazing way to improve your concentration skills. The candle meditation session usually lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.



The benefits of meditating with candles

  • There are some benefits of when meditating with candles.
  • It helps in improving your concentration and focus on something that you want.
  • It helps you to achieve your goals and dreams in life.
  • It enhances your memory and remembrance ability that is vital for success.
  • It works on your capability to increase your productivity.
  • It effortlessly calms your mind and infuses positivity into your body.
  • You can make proper decisions for your life only when your mind is calm and relaxed.
  • It offers better sleep, and those with disorders can now sleep much better.


how to meditate with candles


The meaning of candle colors in meditation


candle color meaning for meditation


Candle color is often thought to have symbolic meaning in meditation. Different colors may be associated with specific energies, emotions, or intentions, and choosing the right color for meditation can enhance the desired outcome. Here are some common symbolic associations for candle colors:

Orange: Orange will give you a brand new perspective. Orange candles help you not only regain your strength and connection to the outside world, but you'll also start to tell everyone about this miracle. The most important thing to remember is that when you are overflowing with energy, you must know how to channel it properly; good acts will only serve to empower you.


orange burning candles in jars


Purple: Meditating with a purple candle is used to obtain desires, power, and success. Can stimulate idealism and psychic manifestations and help make contact with the spiritual world. Increases enthusiasm, desire, and power. Is also powerful for healing, and spiritual development. Some attempt to use it for power over others.


burning candles with flowers and stones Purple relaxing candles


Red: The red rays that radiate outward as the candle burns fills the room with passionate, creative energy. Lust for any desire you may have with these candles, whether it be for a loved one or a newly found passion.


red candles for Trataka


Green: Meditation with a green candle will clean you of superfluous emotions, ground you, and help you see the issue in a more positive light. It will also help you heal past hurts and move forward without putting too much strain on your spirit.


green taper burning candle


Yellow: A yellow candle for meditation can help with all things tied to the intellect and focus. Burn a yellow candle to enhance learning, overcome mental blocks, expand your wisdom, gain clarity and confidence, bring in new ideas, and see things in a more logical way.


Yellow tealight burning candles


Light Blue: You don't understand the meaning of life, and severe despair chokes you and keeps you from focusing on what matters most. This vicious spiral of self-torture can be broken by meditating with a bright blue candle. It will help you see the world from a new perspective, bring joy into your life, and help you recover from severe depression.


blue pillar candles for meditation


Rose: Rose candle for meditation is great for treating heart ailments, anxiety, and depression. Good for people who suffer from nightmares. This graceful color increases admiration, love, friendship, fidelity, and calmness. Can also arouse emotions. It stimulates compassion for self and others, higher mystical powers, and humor.


rose scented candles


White: Do you feel like you're desperate for a reboot? The meditation with a white candle is maybe one of the most profound. It is great for enlightenment. Meditation aids in the understanding of oneself, one's fate, and the wise management of one's strengths. It will also assist you in releasing negative ideas and preparing yourself for positive vibrations.


white candles for meditation 10


Grey: Gray candles are a cross between white and black and operate as a neutral color. They assist with neutrality, balance, protection, peace, and spiritual wisdom.


grey meditation candles 11


Brown: Do you have self-doubt, a lack of self-confidence, and a sense of purpose? Regular brown candle meditations can help you acquire confidence in yourself and the capacity to defend your point of view and your position in the sun. In addition, the candle's brown hue helps to ground you, which is especially beneficial for those who spend more time in their dreams than in reality.


brown burning candle


It’s important to note that the symbolic meanings of candle colors can vary depending on the tradition or individual interpretation.

Take away

Meditation is a technique for clearing your thoughts and improving your attention. Lighting a candle and focusing on the flame is one technique to achieve this. When focused on the flame, many individuals find it much simpler to clear their minds.

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12 outdoor candles to light up your summer nights

Outdoor candles

12 outdoor candles to light up your summer nights

Sitting outside on a summer evening is one of life's little pleasures.

Candles add a romantic atmosphere to any space, indoor or outdoor. They make fantastic centerpieces, go with any décor style, and come in a lot of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Outdoor candles can do more than just turn your outdoor space into an ambient haven. Many outdoor candles are infused with a citronella scent that deters those pesky insects that seem to appear whenever it gets a little bit warmer. Place several on your patio or alfresco dining set-up, and you'll be sure to be left in peace to enjoy without the worry of bugs invading your retreat.

 Difference between outdoor candles from indoor candles?

Though similar, there are a couple of differences. Many outdoor candles have thicker wicks to prevent rogue gusts of wind from extinguishing the flame. They're often infused with insect-repellent citronella oil to repel mosquitoes, too.

The extra heat which is generated from the big wick will make sure that the candle wax will melt easier, and will be more easily taken in by the wick itself, to make sure the candle burns longer, and at low temperatures.

12 outdoor candles to burn this summer

1. Tealight outdoor candles hanging in the trees


Hanging tealights candles for outdoor decoration outdoor tealight candles


The simplicity and sparkle of tealights can be used to great effect when you hang them from trees. All you need are some small jars and string - or even colorful ribbon - to create a glowing space at your summer party.

2. Candles in wine bottles


cut wine bottles for candle outdoor candles in a wine bottle


Cut wine bottles close to the end and suspend them on a round wrought iron circle to create a unique chandelier. Try alternating candles with plants for a unique look. Multicolor dripping candles will also look amazing.

colorful wax dripping candles

3. Tapers as an outdoor candles


outdoor table decoration with taper candles Taper candles for an outdoor dinner table


An elegant outdoor soirée needs taper candles. Use glass candle holders and tapers in two complementing colors, along with matching table décor, to create a summer party centerpiece that everyone will want to emulate.

4. Rustic wooden outdoor candle centerpiece


outdoor tealight rustic candles rustic outdoor candles decoration


A uniquely shaped piece of beech wood can easily be mounted and have tea light holders attached to create a simple, beautiful centerpiece.

5. Floating candles for an outdoor relaxing mood


floating candles for relaxing mood floating candles in pool


Bowls of floating candles make standout table centerpieces, and you can use different-sized bowls depending on the size of your table. The effect is charming and calming. Select the colors to match your theme, or go for metallic for that extra shine. We love using different-sized floating candles, too.

6. Hanging candles in jars


outdoor hanging candles in jars hanging jar candles


Simple jars are filled with pebbles to hold tealight candles in place. Thick, strong twine is looped around the top and used to suspend each jar from a branch.

7. Pillar candles in lanterns


lanterns for pillar candles outdoor pillar candles in lanterns


Of course, being outside means there’s a risk that a little wind will blow out your candles. To protect them and light up darker corners, put pillar candles in lanterns and dot them around your outdoor space.

8. Tealight candles in parasol


parasol tealight candles holder


Small glass buckets are attached to the top of a parasol via small chains. Candles inside of each jar light the dining area intimately.

9. Candle Chandelier


outdoor candle chandelier


Even a traditional wrought iron chandelier can be an outdoor lighting source. This piece is best tucked beneath a covered patio.

10. Birdcage with flowers and candles


birdcage with flowers and burning candle


An antique birdcage makes for a beautiful and quaint candle holder. Place a few blooms along the bottom and multi colored pillar candles to complete the look.

11. Flower pots with candles


Flower pots with burning candles


Inserting a glass-enclosed candle into the center of any pot of plants creates an elegant addition to your patio and dresses up plain planters.

12. Colorful summer with candles


outdoor table decoration ideas with taper candles


Summer and vibrant colors go hand-in-hand. Pinks, bright blues, yellows, and vivid greens all give that summer vibe. Mix and match different types of candles - pillars, tapers, and tealight candles, for example - and place them on trays around your outdoor space.

Candle safety tips

As beautiful as your outdoor candle setup may be, safety should always be your first concern. A burning candle should never be left unattended, or burned on or near anything that may catch fire. At gatherings, always make sure candles are out of reach of children or pets.

While we encourage the use of creative candle holders, always use one that is specifically designed for candle use. The holder should be heat-resistant, sturdy, and large enough to contain any drips or melted wax. Always place your candles on a stable, heat-resistant surface to avoid heat damage and prevent glass containers from breaking.

Be sure to light for at least four hours the first time you use it, or until it melts from edge to edge. This allows for a clean and even burn, with no wasteful, unappealing tunneling.

To prevent smoking, trim the wick by 3 to 6mm between uses, and always keep candles on a heat-resistant surface so as not to pose a fire risk or damage your garden furniture.

If your candle comes with a lid, replace it after use to protect the surface from dust and preserve its fragrance.



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Wax candles: what are they and how to use them?

wax candles for home decoration 1

Wax candles: what are they and how to use them?

Before, wax candles were used to light rooms, but today they are more often used for decorative purposes. They create a romantic and cozy atmosphere, and also perfectly calm the nervous system. Moreover, candlelight will allow you to rest your eyes.

The characteristics of wax candles

With the development of modern technology, the composition of candles, as well as their shape and design, gradually changed. In addition, depending on the composition, the melting point of the wax changes, as well as the duration of the burning of the candle.


burning taper candles in candleholders


There are different types of wax and all wax options have a pleasant smell, which can be improved by adding candle fragrance oils.

Candles will allow you to create a fabulous atmosphere, emphasize the excellent taste of the owners of the house, and complement even the most modest interior. Moreover, such decorative lighting will be a great surprise that any connoisseur of comfort and warmth will appreciate.

Making wax candles is gaining popularity as a hobby and an additional small income. You can also have a fun craft activity with your kids.


making candles with your kids

What are candles made of?

The modern market offers a wide range of materials used for the production of candles. In addition to traditional wax, paraffin, soy wax, beeswax, and other wax blends are used, which have their own advantages over classic wax options. Let’s take a look at some of their main compositions and characteristics.

Beeswax. This is a natural and environmentally friendly product, which is characterized by long and bright burning and a pleasant smell. Interestingly, such candles smell even when unlit, and if you are sensitive to smells, you will notice their slight honey aroma. In addition, beeswax candles are good for health.


beeswax candles in different shapes


beeswax candles in jars tealight and pillar beeswax candles


Soy and palm wax. These are natural candles that, when burned, do not emit harmful substances and do not create soot. In the production of candles, they can easily be supplemented with fragrance oils and other candle additives.


soy wax burning candles


scented soy wax candle in a jar  soy wax candles for home decoration


Coconut wax. Such candles are most often handmade, and therefore their price can be higher compared to other candles. When burned, coconut candles release a pleasant coconut scent, making them a great option for aromatherapy. Coconut oil is taken as the basis for the production of such candles, so they are environmentally friendly.


coconut wax candle in a jar scented coconut wax candles


Advantages of wax candles

  • High melting point and bright burning.
  • A wide selection of wax options and their environmental friendliness.
  • Pleasant smell: wax candles can be supplemented with various aromatic additives.
  • They have a soothing and calming look.
  • Wide range of colors.

Original design. Today it is easy to choose a candle for every taste. In the modern market, we can find candles of both the usual options as well as non-standard shapes with various decorative elements.

Affordable price. Thanks to mass production, everyone can purchase wax candles, only handmade candles with a unique design are distinguished by a high price.


benefits of wax candles burning aroma candle


Wax candles: sizes and shapes

Today, manufacturers create candles of various shapes and sizes. Depending on your personal preferences and purpose, you can easily choose the best option.

The largest candle in the world was created specifically for the Muslim holiday in 2005 in Bahrain. Its height was 239 feet, and it had about 14 thousand wicks. This candle was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Another interesting fact: the largest square candle in the world was created in Los Angeles by General Wax and Candle Company. The locals call the candle the "Nui Kukui" which means big candle in Hawaiian and there is a challenge behind the candle: It is free of charge if you can carry it out by yourself (no equipment allowed). The candle weighs 3000 lbs., and has 165 lbs. of fragrance. The candle makers used a rope for the wick because there wasn't a large enough wick to burn it with.


the largest square candle in the world


Ordinary candles are most often produced with a diameter of up to 4”, but larger decorative options are also available. Candles of the usual size decorate shelves, cabinets, tables, and other surfaces. And larger ones, as a rule, are used as floor décor.


burning pillar candles in square glasses pillar candles for shelves decoration


Products vary in height. For décor, they can use both flat versions of a small height, as well as thin or thick tall candles.

As for the form, then the choice is varied. Classic candles are round, square, or cone-shaped. Such options look stylish and perfectly complement any interior.

But modern manufacturers did not stop there and created a large number of options for non-standard forms. Today you can find models in the form of silhouettes of people, animals, buildings, dishes, and other forms. These are not only things and objects that exist in our world, but also all kinds of abstract figures and fictional characters. Figured candles will be the perfect decoration for interiors in modern styles, as they look bright and original.


animal shaped candles tulip flower shape candles


Wax candle design

New unexpected design solutions appear every year. Candles have become not only an integral element of the décor but also the decoration of the interiors of restaurants, and studios for photo shoots as well as various celebrations.

An unusual design can be achieved by using several colors in a candle that form an interesting abstraction. The multi-colored options look bright and fun. Often plain candles are decorated with original drawings that are applied directly to them.

Another interesting solution would be to use leaves, grass, or flowers in wax. When burned, dried flowers will create a pleasant aroma.


decorating candles with dried flowers eco style soy wax candles


For eco-style, candles decorated with burlap will look perfect. It can be tied around the candle and secured with ribbons, bows, buttons, flowers, or small clocks.

The candlestick can be decorated with salt, sugar or other materials. Dried flowers or small shells are perfect for this.

The candles themselves are often decorated with sparkles. They are easy to apply to them at home with a simple glue. Black or white options with bright sparkles will give a chic look.

Decoupage is another decorating method that will help you create an option in any style and color.

Natural cinnamon sticks, which can be used to decorate a candle or a candlestick, will not only create an original decoration but also act as a room fragrance.


wax candles with cinnamon sticks


For coffee lovers, products decorated with coffee beans are an excellent option. They can be poured into a container or glued over a candlestick.


tealight candle in jar with coffee beans


You can buy handmade candles made from natural citruses. Wax is poured into the peel of lemons, oranges, and other fruits, creating a stylish solution for a vibrant kitchen.


DIY citrus candles scented citrus candles


Candle burn time

Wax candles are characterized by a long burning process, as a result of which carbon dioxide is released in small volumes. Therefore, wax options are safe for human health and the environment. However, depending on the selected material, the melting point of the wax and the composition of the components released into the air change.


How long can a candle burn


It is important to remember that all wax products should not be left in the sun as they may melt and lose their attractive appearance.

How to use candles correctly?

All wax candles have the same usage. The wick is set on fire with a lighter or matches, which burns by slowly melting the wax.

To make the use of candles as safe as possible, you should follow simple rules:

  • do not put candles on uneven and staggering surfaces;
  • do not leave them near curtains, and other flammable things;
  • do not leave them unattended and allow children to play with them;
  • you should not take them out into the street or terrace in windy weather, but if you do this, you need to carefully monitor it.

Following these simple guidelines, can protect yourself and your family from the risk of fire or burns.

Beautiful examples

Wax options in high flasks, decorated with snow-white rose petals, will help create a unique path at a wedding or other celebration.


wedding stairs decoration with pillar candles


To create a romantic atmosphere on the terrace, options of different sizes and diameters are perfect.


romantic atmosphere with candles


Natural candles in unusual candlesticks with pebbles and flowers will be a stylish and original addition to the interior.

Using a large number of wax candles will allow you to create a unique design for a walk-through room in a restaurant or a hotel.

Natural candles of different diameters, installed in stylish high candlesticks, are perfect for a stylish white interior.

With the help of a vase, candlesticks, and wax candles, you can create a delicate table decoration in the living room.

You can diversify your interior with the help of such unique products.

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  • beeswax votives candles

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Home candles. 5 secrets on how to handle candles

burning home candle in jar on tray with white flowers

Home candles. 5 secrets on how to handle candles

Since the invention and introduction of such a miracle as electricity into our everyday life, home candles began to perform an exclusively decorative function. Of course, if there are frequent power outages in the house, they can help out in a difficult situation, but in this case, household candles come to save us. In addition to household candles, there are also scented candles, floating ones, and those that decorate the interior without even being lit. The most important difference is the size and shape. Let’s take a look at some types of home candles which can be found in almost every home.

Taper candles


taper candles for home interior on candlesticks taper candles for interior with flowers


Long and thin candles in the form of a cone or cylinder are called taper candles. They will fit into the interiors very harmoniously in classical styles, and candlesticks play a huge role in this case. Tall and heavy metallic chandeliers will add seriousness to the interior, while glass and elegant ones will add lightness and playfulness. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier, it is important to consider the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and the overall décor style to ensure that the chandelier complements the space and creates the desired ambiance.


taper burning candles for home interior taper candles on iron candle holders


Taper candles are also used in interiors that gravitate towards artificially aged elegant things: retro, vintage, and shabby chic. Then a shabby candlestick, covered with patina, should serve as a stand for an almost burnt-out candle, and the wax from it should hang like lace around. In this case, it is better to compose compositions from taper candles and hemp, combining different heights and scales.

Pillar candles


burning pillar candles home decor with pillar candles


There is no necessity to use candle holders for pillar candles. However, if you want to decorate them further, this can be done with a stable candle holder with a flat base or a simple glass container (leaving the top open, of course).

Pillar candles look great in shallow vases filled with decorative elements: twigs, berries, shells, or anything else.

These home candles are considered the basis for interior décor. For example, by gluing some cinnamon sticks to a pillar candle, you will get excellent décor for the New Year's table. It is most convenient to decorate such candles using the decoupage technique.


pillar candles in square glass holders lit pillar candles on a marble table


A large number of pillar candles placed on a platform can make up an entire chandelier. They burn for a long time, and the atmosphere is amazing. This idea fits perfectly into the rustic style.

There are many different types of compositions that can be made via these home candles. They look especially charming in a fake fireplace.

Tealight candles

Paraffin-embedded in an aluminum tablet base is the most economical type of candle. These tealight candles burn very quickly, so they are usually sold in large packages. This is the most versatile format for closed candlesticks style, where the flickering light and the candlestick are more important than the candle itself.

Tealight candles perfectly stay on the surface of the water. Therefore, you can play on the contrast of the elements and let them swim in dishes or vases with water, or even in the bathroom.


floating tealight candles for home interior floating tealight candles with roses for bathroom decoration


Try to make eco-style candlesticks yourself: What do you think about DIY wooden candlesticks? A tealight will be the best solution for them, due to its compactness.

Home candles of a unique shape


geometric shaped candles


Sometimes real works of art are made from paraffin. It’s even a pity to burn them. You just want to place them on the shelves and admire them.

5 secrets on how to handle your favorite home candles to enjoy every second!

  1. If you light a paraffin or vegetable wax candle, let it burn longer the first time, at least an hour: this will allow the wax to melt evenly and avoid the formation of a hole near the wick. Coconut and soy waxes are very delicate, they begin to melt immediately and evenly.
  2. Before you light a candle, be sure to trim the wick: this way you will avoid an unpleasant smell in the first moments. It is the decayed wick that distorts the smell of your favorite candle and it also creates soot.
  3. If the candle crackles, the wick does not burn out, and it starts smoking and charring: the candle must be extinguished and the wick cut off. You can do this with a special wick trimmer.


candle wick cutter Candle Snuffer


  1. Do not blow out the candle. In order to extinguish the candle, use special extinguishers or cover the candle with a lid: oxygen will stop flowing, and the candle will immediately stop burning. This will help prevent the wick from smoldering, which is usually what gives off a bad smell when you blow out the candle.
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to light a candle in a deep glass: if the candle is not new, it can be difficult to reach the wick. In this case, special matches for candles (they are much longer than usual) and a candle lighter with a long nozzle will come to the rescue.

Candles are leaders in creating a romantic atmosphere: turn off the lights, light a few candles and the room will be transformed. You can’t imagine any holiday without home candles, especially New Year and Christmas, when, in addition to a special mood, you really want comfort and warmth. Let the candles in your house be lit more often, this does not necessarily need a reason.




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9 reasons why people are lighting candles

two pillar candles on the tray

9 reasons why people are lighting candles

Candles have been used for thousands of years since Roman times. They were almost always used for lighting, as well as for religious purposes and, to a lesser extent, for telling time before mechanical clocks were invented.


create coziness in the house with by lighting candles


Today, they are mainly used for accent lighting, ambiance, and aromatherapy, adding a pleasant warmth to any home design.

Of course, the flame of a candle does not burn forever. In fact, most candles have a maximum "life" of about fifteen hours, and with specialized additives - up to forty hours. Therefore, if you use them every day for an hour, they will last you about two weeks.

9 reasons to love lighting candles in the house


lighting taper candles in the living room


What is your ideal evening? Homemade food and watching your favorite movies? Hot bubble bath with a glass of wine? Romantic evening with your loved one? No matter what your perfect evening includes, we are 100% sure that it will not pass without burning candles.


lighting a candle in jar


For centuries they have been used in sacred ceremonies. Tibetan monks light them while meditating in temples. Jews celebrate with them the biggest holiday of Hanukkah. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas with the light of the fire. In many cultures and religions, lighting candles is a symbol of faith, miracle, enlightenment, peace, concentration, life-giving power, and joy. Unlike sunlight, which is too strong for the eyes, soft fire helps to focus and calm down. That is why these accessories are primarily used for relaxation and tranquility. If you haven't used these attributes yet, here are 9 reasons why you'll love lighting candles in your home.

  1. Lighting candles help create a peaceful atmosphere. Light a few candles to create a warm and cozy home atmosphere. By the way, this is an indispensable attribute of Danish happiness according to Hygge. Hemp paraffin candles are famous for their calming and healing properties. They are actively used by masseurs, psychologists, and therapists. The flickering flame helps to ease and calm the mind. Light a candle, watch the flame, and just breathe for 60 seconds. You will feel the tension leaving your body.


tealight candles for creating peaceful atmosphere


  1. Lighting scented candles lift the mood. Fragrances work wonders. They bring us back to the wonderful moments of our lives, drive away depression, and charge us with new energy. Aromatherapy with candles is a great way to restore strength, energy, and mood. If you suffer from insomnia, it's time to buy scented candles with lavender. Lemon and citrus fruits give vivacity and drive away drowsiness. Eucalyptus helps to focus.


lighting pillar and tealight candles for aromatherapy


  1. Lighting candles for festive romance - Valentine's Day or just dinner with your loved one. Light table candles to turn an ordinary meal into a real celebration. The choice of candles in this case is huge. These can be colored paraffin screw candles, antique conical, or classic white taper candles.
  2. Interior transformation. Candles create stylish touch in any environment. They create a relaxing SPA environment in the bathroom and bring peace to the living room. With the help of candles, an ordinary kitchen will turn into a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere for two lovers. And these accessories are an important component of romance. Candles in glass can be placed on the patio, porch, and garden to create a magical and dreamlike setting. According to feng shui and Hyuga, fire drives away negativity from the house, and in return brings peace.


taper candles for a dining table decoration


  1. Lighting candles create an intimate environment. If you want to organize a special evening for a loved one and bring passion and intimacy back to a relationship, you cannot do it without “fire”. The best solution is to buy scented candles in glass. The lit candle relaxes, the aroma sets the right mood, and the candle jar is responsible for the safety of the event.

floating candles for creating an intimate environment


  1. Lighting candles are good for mental health. If you feel anxiety and panic, if you are tired, and your head hurts from an overabundance of information, light candles. They help to cope with anxiety and achieve peace. It is because of these properties that candles are used during prayer and meditation.


burning candle in a jar next to a girl with a laptop


  1. Lighting candles awaken inspiration. When creative people need some inspiration, they light a fire. There is something poetic and warm in it that makes you create with renewed vigor.


burning candles for getting inspiration


  1. Lighting candles help to get rid of insomnia. Before going to bed, we sit for a long time with the lights on, watch TV, and do not let go of our phones. According to studies, blue light reduces magnesium levels in the body. The result is a lack of sleep. Do an experiment: turn off the lights earlier and get ready for bedtime by candlelight. When you are not distracted by technology, it is easier for you to listen to your body and understand what it really wants. In addition, spending time in the evening by candlelight helps to focus on your thoughts and feelings. According to psychologists, this technique allows you to get restful sleep.


aromacandles can help get rid of insomnia


  1. Get rid of stress. Candles are often lit in psychotherapy sessions to help relieve tension, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. When life seems too terrible, and aggression overflows, just light a candle. It has been proven that the flame of fire even relieves the side effects of chemotherapy - nausea and pain. Good selection of scented candles is very important.


candles help to reduce stress


Lighting candles safety tips

Burning candles are always safe if used properly, so you just need to follow a few tips to keep yourself out of trouble.


burning candles at home


Extinguish an uncovered candle when it reaches about 2 inches in height. Closed candles can continue to burn until they are about half an inch high.

Why don't they burn out completely? Candles are lit by a wick wrapped in wax, which melts and slows down the burning.

If you set fire to one wick, then it will burn no more than a minute or two. Wax melts much more slowly and does not create much smoke, so it is often imbued with pleasant aromas that are released as water vapor. That's why they smell so good in stores.

Candlesticks can also make burning candles safer. They will be much less likely to tip over and also less likely to spill hot, sticky wax. Wax drips on a candlestick are easy to clean up by simply washing the candlestick.

Also, remember to trim the wicks a quarter of an inch each time you plan to light candles. So the wax will be better absorbed into the wick, and it will burn better.

Otherwise, the candle can create a lot of smoke, which negates the pleasant aroma or makes it even worse.

By following these precautions, candles will burn well and will really brighten up any room in your home.

They are perfect for romantic evenings or creating a soft glow while you enjoy a nice hot bath.

Of course, it makes no sense to use them as the main source of light in the room, especially since no one would think of reading by candlelight, but they are still great for creating a warm, soft atmosphere in the house.

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Multi-color drip candles

Multi-color drip candles

There is something astonishing about drip candles. The reason might be how the wax spills over the holder or bottle, making you feel like you are in a café in Paris. As this trend came from candlelit French cafes, where each table was topped by a checkered tablecloth and lit by a tapered candle dripping colored wax over green bottle glass. Or it might be the way these drops bead and pool messily while you are enjoying the company of your friend. These candles seem very plain and simple yet they create a unique vibe that stores in our memories forever. Now imagine lighting a white candle, and the wax of the candle drips down the sides as it burns, creating a colorful and mesmerizing effect that can be quite beautiful!


tapper candle dripping multi-color wax


Multi-color drip candles are usually taper candles that are designed to create a colorful and unique effect as they burn. These candles are usually made from paraffin or beeswax and when melting, multi-color wax drips creating a colorful piece of art. These types of dripping taper candles are often used as decorative pieces or even centerpieces for special events or as a unique addition to home décor.

Obviously, candles have dripped for centuries, whether in old stone cathedrals, historic temples, or early Victorian houses. The “drip” of the past though wasn’t so much an aesthetic choice but a function of a given candle’s wax and wick composition, and all taper candles, to some extent, do drip. These days though, “the drip” can be a very conscious choice and usually means the wax used has a lower melting point so it burns faster, resulting in drips that hardens into “waxicles” that will collect in a holder or bottle.


multi color drip candles


Multi-color drip candles for different events

Color drip taper candles can be used for a variety of purposes, including as decorative accents for special occasions, such as weddings or dinner parties, or as a unique addition to your home décor. They also make great gifts for candle lovers or anyone who appreciates unique and artistic home accessories.


Imagine white taper candles mysteriously drip wax of red color! A must-have addition to haunted house props and Halloween decorations, this set features two spooky white and red dripping candles. As a holder, you can simply use a dark glass bottle, to give it a spookier look, decorate the bottle with artificial cobwebs, gauze with spiders, or multi-colored wax.

Another option is to use taper candles that drip 5 different colors. It will be fun to watch burning and decorative when extinguished.


spooky Halloween candle holder


The green color represents the eternal life of Jesus Christ, just as evergreen trees remain green the whole winter long. Whereas, red has long been a powerful color associated with fire, spiritual awakening, and the blood of Jesus Christ. Red color drip candles will help you create a beautiful Christmas atmosphere.


multi color dripping candles



Why not! According to New York Magazine, these candles are one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for those, who appreciate chaos. As these candlesticks drip colored wax as they burn, giving them a trippy, psychedelic effect and creating stalactites of rainbow wax drips.

In this case, you may have a few options here:

  • Multi-color dripping candles (5 different colors);
  • Red color drip candles
  • Pink and purple drip candles.

colorful wax dripping candles

Drip candles in a wine bottle

The trend of using the bottle as a candle holder first started with Italian restaurants, and now it has become a style. If you want the same melted look of an old-school Italian restaurant tableau, then it’s best to buy tapers described as “drip candles”.

To create your candle/bottle craft you will need:

  • Clean, empty wine bottle
  • Dripping taper candles.


wine bottle and dripping candles


As a holder, you may choose an empty bottle that already represents a romantic evening or another special occasion to you. Or you may choose a bottle with a pleasing shape, and a pleasant color.

It’s best to buy tapers described as dripping taper candles.

If your tapered candle is too chunky to fit the neck of your bottle, pare it down with a vegetable knife until it will fit snugly.


adjusting the dripping candle for the wine bottle


Make sure to set the wine bottle candle holder on a non-flammable surface, find a secure, flat surface that can easily be cleaned if melted wax drips onto it. Set your wine bottle on a pretty plate, or some other flat, non-flammable surface, for easy cleanup and safety.


white dripping candle in a green bottle


Candle safety tips

NEVER leave a lit candle unattended. Keep all lit candles out of the reach of children and roaming pets. Lit candles and melting wax are fire hazards.

Video curiosity of @babybruja__

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All about decorative candles

All about decorative candles

All about decorative candles

Candles burning in the cozy twilight of the room are invariably associated with holidays, celebrations, and romance. In the interior, they masterfully play the magical role of an accent detail that warms you in a literal and figurative sense. The warmth from the candle and its slightly trembling fire create an amazing atmosphere of comfort. You can light them at any time of the day when you want.

taper and pillar candles in candlesticks on table


black decorative burning candles on table pillar candle on modern iron candlestick


Stylish and classic candles are individual accessories for the home, and they have the ability to transform the atmosphere in the house the way you desire. Carefully choose what decorative candle you want to have in your home if you want to see comfort and beauty, and relax surrounded by cute, mysteriously burning lights.

Candle materials

One of the best elements of simple room decoration is aesthetic candles. Candles made of natural wax have disinfectant properties and also, kill germs. Wax candles burn for a long time, perfectly relieve stress, and make the atmosphere in the room more comfortable.


unscented wax pillar candles


Natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly - beeswax is often used to make scented candles.


decorative beeswax candles


Paraffin wax is great for making candles of original shapes. Paraffin is malleable and has not lost its operational properties for decades. This is the choice of practical people who do not use candles every day. They are set on fire for a maximum of half an hour and in well-ventilated rooms.

Stearic acid is used to create beautiful interior candles in mini vases or glasses. This material is obtained from animal fat. Stearin burns for a long time, sometimes mixed with paraffin to create harder candles.

Liquid gel (glycerin, gelatin) - easily poured into glass containers. Gel candles for the interior are incredibly beautiful, but they do not burn as brightly as other decorative candles. Gel candles are often created in containers - an imitation of the seabed with shells, for example.


liquid gel decorative candles


On a note! Beautiful decorative candles made from soybean oil are becoming more and more popular in the world. This is an environmentally friendly material from which trendy designer candles are made for atmospheric interiors. Soy wax melts quickly and easily absorbs essential oils. Therefore, decorative scented candles are often made from soy wax.

Decorative candles - shapes and sizes

The right shape of a candle is important for creating a unified style in the interior. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of decorative candle options:

Numbers - for decorating a birthday cake;


color birthday number candle


Trapezoids, balls, ovals - any interesting "geometrical shape";


color geometric shapes candles geometric colored candles for decoration


Cones and cylinders;


cones and cylinders colored burned candles


Sculptures - depict birds, animals, angels, hearts, etc.


figurative brown, white and rose candles


The sizes of decorative candles can be different - from miniature "pills" for the bathroom and spectacular thickened models to tall ones for the living room or dining room. Twisted and carved fine accessories are appropriate for decorated rooms on the eve of a celebration, or a family holiday.

Décor and colors

When choosing decorative candles of extravagant shapes or classic models, do not limit your imagination. You can find real masterpieces of interior design, decorated with beads, ribbons, rhinestones, jute and burlap, lace, fabrics, and buttons.

Original candles with coffee beans, and natural materials, using the decoupage technique can be made independently or supplemented with an existing simple option. The color palette is as rich and varied as the decorative elements. White, blue, pink, burgundy, blue, green, purple - the choice depends on the mood and shades prevailing in the interior. Gold and silver models, for example, will be a wonderful Christmas or New Year decoration for an apartment or house.


pillar candle with cinnamon pillar candles with coffee bean


Important! When choosing candles, give preference to models with natural wood or cotton wicks. If it has a metal base, it must be zinc free of lead.

Scented candles: how to choose them correctly

To fill one room with pleasant smells, a candle weighing 200-300 grams is enough. When choosing a flavor, follow these tips:

  • Aromas of citrus, menthol and coniferous stimulate activity, perfectly invigorate, suitable for creating a working atmosphere;
  • Light and unobtrusive floral scents relax, and set in a romantic mood;
  • The “central” aroma should not conflict with other notes familiar to the room;
  • For the kitchen, you should choose candles with citrus or spice aromas.


candle with a citrus aroma for the kitchen


To make an aroma candle yourself, use candle fragrance oils such as - lavender, orange, lemon, rosemary, mint, and pine.

How to light and extinguish candles correctly

Before lighting candles, you can pre-cool them slightly. This secret will make the burning process even and slow. Do not keep the candle lit for more than three hours as after this period it ceases to give off a scent.

It is advisable to cut the wick when lighting a new candle. The length of the latter should not exceed 5 mm. Then the flame will be bright, uniform, without unpleasant flickering. When extinguishing a candle, do not blow it out - use a candle snuffer or, if the candle is in the jar, just put the candle lid on.

Compliance with simple tips will allow decorative candles to delight you with their appearance and aromas for a long time.

Achieve harmony by meditating with a flaming candle

Achieve harmony by meditating with a flaming candle

Achieve harmony by meditating with a flaming candle

The incredible rhythm of the big city, the eternal rush, constant emotional stress at work, and sometimes at home, stress and crazy fatigue have led to the fact that such concepts as inner harmony, peace of mind, and balance have become almost alien to modern humanity.

What to do in such a situation? Is it really impossible to break this vicious circle of eternal life race and constant fatigue?

The answer to such a troubling question turned out to be quite simple: the practice of meditation helps to one be happy, calm, and harmonious. The beneficial effect of meditation has been repeatedly proven by scientific studies by physiologists. After all, it is at the moment of correct meditation, when it is possible to stop the thought and free the brain from disturbance (not during sleep), the human nervous system receives that long-awaited rest, as a result of which a state of inner peace sets in. But isn't this the main component of true happiness for each of us?


achieve harmony with flaming candle light


So, first, let's figure out what meditation is and why it is needed.

Meditation is a simple mental technique that allows you to cultivate a state of peace by stopping the running of thoughts and developing positive qualities in yourself.

Systematic meditation practices help:

  • harmonize your inner state;
  • feel a surge of energy and strength;
  • improve memory;
  • normalize metabolic processes in the body;
  • activate mental activity;
  • get rid of insomnia and depression.

Most meditation techniques are based on focusing the mind on a specific object because this is what helps to distract it from an endless number of thoughts. One of the most effective methods is the trataka technique. Absolutely everyone can practice this with benefit and ease.


candle flame trataka


The very word "trataka" means "fixed gaze" and suggests focusing the eyes and mind on one particular point to the exclusion of everything else. In fact, it can be absolutely any object that is easy for you to concentrate on, but the most powerful effect will certainly be achieved if you choose a flaming candle. After all, it is the fire that can hypnotically absorb your attention and give your mind a rest from a million different thoughts and things. In addition, it has long been known that fire is able to destroy negative energy, give light, and warmth, and also give hope. This is exactly what we need after a busy day. It is also a symbol of vitality. In Hinduism, fire represents three aspects: purification, destruction, and procreation.


trataka meditation with candles


Meditation technique with a flaming candle

It is recommended to perform this practice in the evening, after a hard day, as it will clear your mind of all the extra informational “garbage” accumulated over the whole day. Choose a quiet place in the apartment, with windows completely curtained, to exclude all light reflections except for a candle, as this will distract you and reduce the effectiveness of the practice. Before starting meditation, it is recommended to take a shower, and wear loose, clean clothes made from natural fabrics that will not constrain you and cause discomfort. You should sit on the floor in the lotus position, but if you are uncomfortable in it now, choose any other position, the main thing is that your back is even and does not feel stiffness in movement, remember, this is very important because any discomfort will interfere with the technique, constantly diverting your attention.

Place a lit candle on a chair or table so that it is in front of the eyes, at arm's length. If you have vision problems, adjust the distance so that the burning wick does not double. Make sure the room you practice meditation is lack of any draft, as any fluctuations in the candle flame are unacceptable. When everything is ready and you are comfortable in front of the candle, close your eyes, mentally setting yourself to rest. When all thoughts are calm, open your eyes and try to look at the fire, without blinking or moving your eyeballs: it is important not to think about anything. If, nevertheless, it was not possible to get rid of thoughts the first time, do not despair, just try to let them pass by without stopping your attention and without thinking about the essence of current problems and questions. It is important not to overstrain the eyes. Remember, you will want to blink because of the intense tension, so the more relaxed you are, the longer you can sit without blinking.


candle meditation for insomnia


Flaming candle meditation for Faith and Peace

Many argue that you need to keep your eyes open without blinking and close them only when your eyes are already full of tears. This information is quite arguable. After all, meditation is liberation, harmony, peace, and rest, and when your attention moves to the fact that you are tired of all this, as a result of inconvenience, inner anger appears, and this has nothing to do with meditation.


Candlelight meditation


At first, try to peer into the flame of the candle for about 2-3 minutes, then close your eyes and try to peer into the residual image of the candle that you will have. If the image wanders, try to fix it. After the image finally fades into darkness, open your eyes again and gaze into the flame. Repeat everything in the described sequence for 10-15 minutes. Before completing the practice, close your eyes and carefully examine the dark space in front of your closed eyes, watching as an outsider behind everything that happens, while remembering that your mind should still be free from any thoughts. Continue the last phase intuitively for a few minutes, then open your eyes and blow out the candle. Sit for a couple more minutes in a calm atmosphere. The systematic practice of meditation with a flaming candle will not only help you calm your mind, and get rid of depression and insomnia, but will also help improve your vision, as well as strengthen your eye muscles.

Try to do this practice every day and after 10 days you will feel qualitative changes in yourself and your perception of the surrounding space.

Meditation is the way to comprehend the infinite, and whoever knows the infinite attains happiness.

Candle types and candle scents

Candle types and candle scents

Candle types and candle scents

There is no easier way to add ambience to a room than using candles. Candles are a wonderful, and most importantly, affordable way to create a mood and subtle scent for your home. They are an affordable investment to a beautiful interior.

aroma candles with rose smell home decoration with aroma candles

Candles come in different shapes and sizes. The larger the candle, the longer it burns. Let's take a look at the main types of candles.

Candle types: Candles in a jars


aroma candles in glass scented candles in jar

The most common type of candles are the ones in jars. One of the main advantages of this type of candle is their relative safety, and the fact that you can clean and store the vessel after the candle is completely used up!

Candle types: Decorative candles


decorative aroma candles scented bubble candles

Due to the plasticity of wax, candles can be given any shape! This gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality with a candle that suits your interests. It can be your favorite movie, sport, hobby, or whatever you like.

Candle types: Pillar candles


fruit scented pillar candle scented pillar candles

Pillar candles - high, cylindrical candles that do not have a stand. Often the most economical, compared to others.

Candle types: Votive candles


candle types votive candles votive candles - candle types

Votive candles are very small candles designed to burn for a very short period of time - usually just a few hours. They can be floating, in small jars, or freestanding.

Candle types: Taper candles


French dinner candles candle types taper candles


Taper candles are taller and thinner than pillar candles; they have a shorter burn time and are often used for celebratory or ceremonial purposes, such as religious gatherings, and holidays or placed in candlesticks and burned at dinner time.

How to choose candles for décor?

With the exception of decorative candles, you'll probably want your furnishings to match the aesthetics of your home. Examine the shapes and colors you are planning to use in the room. Since candles will be the focal point of your home, choosing the right candles is key.

If your décor is minimalistic and simple, choose white, cream, navy, or black candles. If your décor is brighter, choose a basic colored candle to make it stand out from the rest of the décor!

Tapered candles are a great choice for dining rooms because they add a romantic touch to your table, while pillar candles are great for display in the living room because they last a long time.

Consider putting jar candles in your bathroom. The jar will help protect the wax from environmental moisture!

scented candles in tray


How to arrange candles of different styles and sizes?

Arranging candles on candle holders is nice and simple, but you can change the height and type of the candles to achieve maximum visual interest.

If you want to arrange multiple candles, place the tallest candles in the center and short candles around them.

Buying candles of the same color but different sizes, thicknesses, and even engraved designs are the best way to get a solid yet interesting look.

Finally, candles are best placed in groups of odd numbers. If you have three pillar candles, arrange them from highest to shortest.

What are the best candle scents?

Candles can smell like anything! What’s your favorite scent? Here are some of the more common candle scents:

Floral aroma candles

Floral: jasmine, peony, roses, tulips and daisies. Choose a floral candle if you want to bring subtle, summery scents into the room.

Baking: With a candle scented with cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, or chocolate, your entire home will be filled with the delicate aroma of a pastry shop.

Cleanness: Choosing a citrus-scented candle will neutralize any food or pet odors you have in your home and give the whole room an instant feeling of freshness.

Holiday: If you're thinking about buying a candle for the holidays, focus on pine, mint, and pumpkin to add another decoration to your holiday décor.

Since candles have an aromatic component, the key is choosing their placement based on the smell. Soothing scents like lavender are a good choice for the bedroom, while invigorating scents like lemon or orange can have a stimulating effect and are best placed in the office. Strong scented candles based on flowers and food should not be placed in a dining room or kitchen as they can interfere with the natural aroma of any delicious food you prepare.

cinnamon smell aroma candles fall scented candles


When scented candles are lit, they release a weak but persistent floral and herbal scent of essential oils. The molecules of essential oils that are released when a candle is burned, enter our respiratory system through inhalation. Therefore, the aromatic composition of such candles is important. Cheap candles containing synthetic ingredients can release toxic fumes when burned. If you like to scent the air in the room with candles, it is better to purchase wax from reputable brands. And in order for you to better understand the issue, here are 5 facts about scented candles.

1. Every flower has its place

If you want to buy a candle as a gift, then the floral option is the safest. Light, delicate, subtle, and unobtrusive scent will suit everyone. If preferences are not known for certain, then among the numerous flowers it is better to bypass tuberose and jasmine - sometimes their smell can cause a headache.

2. Better lower than higher

Candles do not require the attention of everyone who enters. The lower the candle, the faster and more intensely it will fill the room with aroma. They will also suit small rooms - corridors, interior spaces, bathrooms, or toilets.

3. Wick First

A good quality wick helps the candle burn evenly and spread the scent. The wick must be strong to withstand the effects of the candle fragrance oils in the wax. The wick must also be properly secured to the bottom so that it does not swing out of the way while burning.

4. Candle care

Trimming the wick before relighting the candle will give you extra hours of burning and allow the wax to melt evenly. But never cut the wick immediately after you have extinguished it - the wick can sink in the melted wax. If you have a candle with three wicks, the length of all three should be the same with each trimming.

5. Candles don't like to be rushed

It is better not to extinguish the candle until its surface becomes liquid - which can take several hours. Candles have memory, so if you extinguish a candle half-melted, the next time the burning process will be uneven. The correct candle always melts, leaving a thin edge of unmelted wax around the circle.

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11 reasons why light candles in the house every evening

11 reasons why light candles in the house every evening

11 reasons why light candles in the house every evening

What is your ideal evening? Homemade food and watching your favorite movies? Hot bubble bath with a glass of wine? Romantic evening with your loved one? It doesn’t matter what you choose, lighting candles in the house will give you more benefits.

For centuries, candles have been used in sacred ceremonies. Tibetan monks light candles while meditating in temples. Jews celebrate Hanukkah - their biggest holiday accompanied by burning candles. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas with the light of a fire. In many cultures and religions, a lit flame is a symbol of faith, miracle, enlightenment, peace, concentration, life-giving power, and joy. Unlike sunlight, which is too strong for the eyes, soft fire helps to focus and calm down. That is why candles are primarily used for relaxation and tranquility.

A candle symbolizes a person: the wax is the physical body, the wick is the mind, and the flame is the spirit. Psychotherapists recommend lighting candles in the house every evening to relieve stress and inner peace.


light candles for relaxing

How lighting candles can help you

Burning a candle is something we might do at the end of the day to make the room look prettier, and when we're looking at the benefits of burning candles, they can go way beyond this.

11 reasons to light candles in the house every evening

1. Relax the mind

Have you ever noticed how you relax and forget about problems when you look at the fire? They say, there are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and ... other people working. When you watch the flames play, thoughts dissipate and worries go away. Do this in a comfortable place where you can be alone with yourself in complete silence. Sometimes it's good to turn off your brain and get rid of a thousand thoughts in your head.


relaxing with candles


2. Light candles to relieve insomnia and restless sleep

If you scroll through your Instagram feed every night before going to bed, and then you can’t fall asleep for a long time, it’s time to change your habits. At first glance, harmless entertainment disrupts sleep, which is why you sleep poorly at night and wake up the next day completely broken. It has been proven that the blue light from your smartphone or laptop can seriously disrupt your sleep. It lowers magnesium levels, which can cause anxiety. Get in the habit of lighting lavender and eucalyptus scented candles an hour before bed to help you relax, allowing your body and mind to shut down until the morning.


aroma candles for stress relief


3. Light candles to clear the mind, focus, and solve problems

Meditation surrounded by candles not only relaxes the mind but also opens the channels of perception that have been blocked due to your crazy pace of life. When it seems that you are cornered and you cannot cope with all the problems, stop. Sit between two lighted candles and listen to yourself. Express your true desires, make pros and cons list, or chant aloud any mantra that has special meaning to you. You will definitely find ways to solve problems and calm down.


aroma candles for wellness


4. Lighted candles reduce the stress level

This is the best place to begin. Many people like to light candles at the end of the day. And, when we dig deep into the reasons why we do this, it is usually because of the scent that it exudes. Science has proven that candles can actually soothe us. And they do this in two different ways:

The light

The flame of a candle is an incredibly soothing thing. There's a reason that people have used candlelight to meditate for centuries. If you've never taken the opportunity to meditate in your life, you might be surprised what staring into a candle can achieve. The flame of a candle can soothe us, but it can reduce our stress, while also increasing our self-awareness. This is done because the low light coming from a candle is captured instantly by your eye. The light is sent straight to your brain, and our association with candlelight helps us to calm down.

The scent

Scented candles offer many benefits. But there are a wide variety of scents that can boost our mood. For example, eucalyptus candle benefits include improving your focus and energizing you. When you feel less stressed, you are happier in every aspect of your life. You instantly feel more focused. We live in a world where stress is commonplace. It is ingrained into us that our fight or flight sensation is triggered every time we experience something in the workplace. Taking the opportunity to light a candle at the end of a busy day can do wonders to reduce your stress.


candles reduce the stress level


5. Lighted candles help to focus and concentrate

If your attention is scattered, thoughts are confused, and you cannot focus on any important thing, it's time to light a candle. First of all, remove all annoying external factors: bright lights, noise, and clutter. Then relax by the light of the fire for a few minutes and make a plan of action. Take these breaks regularly to boost your productivity.

6. Lift your spirits and return to the best days of your life

Every time you feel down, spend time with candles lit. Mentally transport yourself to the happy moments of your life in order to understand: happiness exists! You can also buy citrus-scented candles to lift your mood and morale. Lemon, orange, grapefruit, and lime perfectly invigorate, drive away drowsiness, and set you up for work.

7. Lighted candles are good for mental health

If anxiety and concerns have become your main companions in life, try scented candle therapy. Smells and fire have a positive effect on the nervous system, reduce the production of the stress hormone, help get rid of excessive anxiety, and eventually, make you feel good.

Lighted candles are good for mental health


8. Burning candles help with visualization

Do you have dreams but don't know how to make them come true? There are many visualization exercises and manifestation techniques in which you need to focus on the flame of a burning candle and send your desires to the Universe. Candles are also used during prayer.

9. Use candles to improve your relationship with your loved one

If passion and romance have left your relationship, and the bedroom has become the coldest place in the house, give a spark in the truest sense of the word. Lit candles throughout the ages were considered symbols of romance, love, and passion. Add aphrodisiac scents - vanilla, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, or patchouli - and your significant other will look at you with different eyes.

sleeping with scented candles


10. Lit candles transform the Ambiance of a Space

Candles create a very unique atmosphere. Before the advent of light, candles were used as a way to illuminate. And when we think of candles as a light source, our minds instantly go to simpler, more peaceful times. And this is something we can recreate in our home, or when we need an opportunity to declutter our brains from the day we've just had. The most obvious and beneficial example is lighting a couple of candles in your bathroom. They instantly transform a space and induce a cozy atmosphere. Candles have healing properties and there's a reason why they are used to create ambiance by massage therapists. It simplifies things and makes the space more welcoming. You can try it now; light a candle, turn all the lights out, and you can just stare into the flame and step away, literally and metaphorically, from the world.

11. Lit candles improve the atmosphere in the house

If there is no mood at all on a cloudy rainy day and you cannot find a place for yourself at home, light a couple of candles. The room will immediately restore a cozy, warm, and relaxing atmosphere in which you will feel happy.



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    Soy Candle Collection in Matte Jars

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  • 3x6 scented mottled pillar candle


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  • WARM & COZY Soy Candle Collection

    WARM & COZY Soy Candle Collection

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Candle Fair Los Angeles 2022

candle fair Los Angeles

Candle Fair Los Angeles 2022

A candle fair is a public and recurring assembly of candle makers or their representatives selling wax-related products. Candle fairs facilitate personal connections and bonds of mutual benefits between candle makers, shoppers, and communities.

By cutting out middlemen, candle makers receive more of our candle dollars and shoppers receive handmade and the most unique products thus helping local economies prosper. Each candle fair defines the term “local”, however, it is not necessary to see only local candle makers in a candle fair. The organizations of candle fairs also implement guidelines and operating rules that ensure the candle fair consists principally of candle makers selling directly to the public products that they have produced.



General Wax and Candle Company which has been serving candle makers all across the US for a long time, by offering a large selection of high-quality candle-making supplies, has organized a Candle Fair in Los Angeles County. Over 20 local and non-local candle vendors will showcase their new as well as well-known products to the locals.

 The annual candle fair will take place in Los Angeles on October 1st. Candle Fair is one of the ancient traditions. According to tradition, local candle makers prepare sculptures from wax and candles, and many other wax-related products and introduce them to the locals.

The candle fair features music, raffles, food, and much more…


candle makers market Los Angeles


2022 Candle Fair Los Angeles - Vendors

General Wax and Candle Company have invited many talented candle makers, who will introduce their work to the public. Candle makers participating in the candle fair will present their works, which are prepared with great love. During the event, you will have the opportunity to visit all the booths, study all the presented works in detail, and purchase your fire as soon as you find it. You definitely know many of their masterpieces as they managed to establish their brands throughout the years.

Some of the products you will see during the candle fair are as followed:

  • Candles – candles in different shapes and colors, pillar candles, jar candles, scented candles, sculptural candles, wax melts, natural non-GMO candles, pumpkin candles, skeleton candles, botanical flower candles, candles for magic and meditation, special scent blends for holidays, and more.
  • Soaps – different scents, shapes, and colors
  • Home diffusers of different scents. Come find your scent as we all know diffusers can help us relax at home with our favorite scents.
  • Room sprays - deliver long-lasting fragrance into your home, releasing freshening, odor-eliminating scents, and aromas you’ll love best.


candle fair los angeles 2022 small


candles fair in Los Angeles handmade candles Los Angeles candles fair


About General Wax and Candle Company

General Wax & Candle Company along with its Candle Making division, has been providing quality candles and candle-making supplies since 1949. The company’s origins are in institutional sales such as restaurants, florists, and churches, as well as small or large candle makers. General Wax and Candle and Candle Making Supplies pride themselves on creating and providing great quality candles and candle-making supplies at competitive prices.

By organizing this candle fair, General Wax and Candle Company’s aim is to ensure a place for the small candle businesses for tomorrow. Because candles are essential to vibrant lives, the Candle Fair will focus on public engagement that will amplify our impact and make the candles even more valued, more visible, and more deeply embedded in our communities and in our city and its surrounding areas.

GW - Logo

Information for non-local visitors

If you’re planning to visit The Candle Fair, which will take place on October 1st, you will have the opportunity to visit some sightseeing in Los Angeles: the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, the Getty Center, Paramount Pictures Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Universal City Walk, Original Farmers Market, Universal Studio Tour, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Bowl and more.





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  • Marriage CANDLE Set - Eternal Love

    Marriage CANDLE Set – Eternal Love

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  • 100% BEESWAX 10" TAPER CANDLE (Box of 12)

    100% BEESWAX TAPER CANDLES 10″ (Box of 12)

    As Low As $1.90 Each
  • soy candle collection in matte jar

    Soy Candle Collection in Matte Jars

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Candle Meditation: Do Candles Help with Meditation?

Candle Meditation Do Candles Help with Meditation

Candle Meditation: Do Candles Help with Meditation?

More and more people are recently interested in meditation. It has become clear that practice is a really effective way to improve lives and bring peace and harmony to your inner world. Relaxation techniques often involve using objects to help you concentrate. Today, candle meditation is very popular, as the flame of a candle produces a healing effect, and also helps to gain confidence and calmness.

Just one session is enough to recharge your batteries and get rid of the burden of negative emotions. Whereas, constant meditation contributes to the healing of the whole organism.

Benefits of Candlelight Meditation

What's great about candle meditations is that they have no limits! Fire is able to warm the soul, burn everything negative in a human’s mind, fill it with light, inspire confidence, and give passion. Fire is viewed as a powerful transformer of the negative to the positive. Because of such properties, fire is commonly found in purification rites throughout the world. This is also the element of passion and cheerfulness. If you lack these qualities, a candle meditation may well gift them to you.


meditation with candles


Candle meditation practices also strengthen intuition and develop concentration, helping stop the flow of thoughts. Observe for yourself, how you will begin to anticipate some events. Your sleep will also become much deeper and calmer, and diseases of the nervous system and eyes will be weakened. Your heart will become warmer, and filled with positivity.

Who is right for candle meditation and what is the right time for it?

Candle meditation is ideal not only for adults but also for nervous, anxious, and aggressive children. As watching the sparks of flame can be soothing, this type of daily practice will gradually reduce the child's negative traits.


Kids trataka Candlelight meditation


Time and rules of candlelight meditation

It is best to meditate under the candlelight at night or in the evening. In this case, it is preferable to meditate in a dark room, where nothing will scatter attention. Experts advise using ordinary wax candles without additional odors. There is also another opinion that church candles should be used, and not paraffin candles. However, ancient meditation traditions have no such prejudice.

It is assumed that for complete relaxation, a candle should be placed at eye level. It should be located approximately 11”-25” away from a meditator. Safety tip: keep as far as possible away from flammable objects. If you put candles too close to yourself, it will strain your eyes, and being far from the object will not help you focus because of the extra space in your eyes.

Candle meditation for beginners

There are no special requirements for the first time. Choose a creamy or white candle and try to get rid of extraneous sounds in the room. Silence within the framework of relaxation is the best helper. It is also worth checking the absence of drafts.


Candlelight meditation for beginners


How to Meditate

  • Find your optimal time of day.
  • Find a dark, quiet space with no interruptions.
  • Sit straight, with the candle at eye level. This prevents strain.
  • Take a few deep breaths and settle into your intention.
  • Set a timer for 1 minute to start.
  • Follow the movements of the candle flame with your eyes.
  • Observe your thoughts as they come up, but gently let them go without judgment. Don’t engage with them.
  • Make an effort to blink as little as possible.
  • Develop a sense that your eyes merge and become one eye, invoking the intuitive third eye chakra.
  • When the eyes get tired from the tension, close them slowly and come to a state of rest. Then repeat the previous step.
  • Feel how the flame clears the mind and calms the body. Give fire all negative feelings and unhappiness.
  • After 15-20 minutes, close your eyes and try to feel the flame of the candle in your heart, in the chest chakra. Feel how the glow filled your entire body.
  • Slowly stretch, taking a leisurely deep breath. As you exhale, open your eyes and gradually end the meditation.
  • Finish with gratitude and a commitment to return.

scented meditation candles


Candlelight meditation combined with proper breathing

Breathing exercises have always been an essential part of any meditation. In order for the candle to have a positive effect on the body, it is recommended to enhance its effect with relaxed breathing.

How to Meditate

Completely calm down and imagine your body transparent, empty. At first, breathe only through the left nostril, closing the rest of the nose with the index finger of the right hand. As you inhale, think that the body is filled with the purest light. As you exhale, try to get rid of obsessive thoughts. Repeat inhale-exhale three times.

Close the left nostril with the same finger and again visualize bright white light. Try to expel negative emotions from yourself, i.e. anger or hatred that will come out of you in the form of dark smoke. Repeat this three times.

Now breathe in streams of light with your whole nose. Breathe out confusion, ignorance, and all negative energy. This time, all the negativity leaves not through the nostrils, but with the help of the third eye point between the eyebrows. Do this part of the meditation three times.

Switch your attention to the candle flame. You need to focus on the object as much as possible and free yourself from all thoughts. Visualize how each breath will mark the release of fears and worries thanks to the warmth of the candle. Sweep away all extraneous thoughts.

Meditate like this for about 10-15 minutes.

Even the usual meditation with a wax candle carried out before going to bed, allows you to get rid of many ailments.

Health benefits of candle meditation

  • Increased cognitive performance and focus
  • Improved memory and spatial attention
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved eye health


chakra aroma candles


Cleansing by fire

If you want to purify all organ systems with fire, try to mentally direct the flame to the entire body. If you plan to treat a specific organ, you need to concentrate on them. It should be imagined how the body or a specific area is saturated with health and cleansed by the glow.

You can also visually simulate how the body is completely immersed in the flame of a candle. In this case, only the black energy of diseases will burn, but not a person.

Activating the chakras with a candle flame

There are 7 basic chakras in the human body, a.k.a. human energy centers. All of them help improve physical health, as well as be filled with strength. Meditation with a candle allows you to increase energy tone and cleanse the chakra channels of your hands.

chakra opening with Candlelight meditation


  • Place a red candle at arm's length. Relax and calm your thoughts.
  • Light a fire. Sit comfortably, but be sure to straighten your back.
  • Bring the thumb of your right hand to the highest point of the fire. The flame should not burn the skin, but it should be clearly felt, so choose a comfortable distance.
  • The thumb is associated with the first chakra. Therefore, while inhaling, imagine how the fire rises along the channel along the arm to the very shoulder. As you exhale, direct the flame to a specific chakra.
  • After repeating the procedure 12 times, you can move on to another finger with the next chakra. Then you need to bring the whole palm to the candle. Inhale and exhale fire into all chakras one by one for 12 times.
  • After the right hand, you can move on to the left in the same order of all stages.

For the meditation to be effective, you must first study the location of all the main chakras. At first, it can be difficult to imagine the flame in the body, but after several sessions, the burning of the energy channel is felt more and more clearly. The chakras will pulsate, gradually filling with the warmth of the candle.

Restore vision with candlelight meditation (trataka)

Candle gazing meditation is also known as trataka, or yogic gazing. Its essence lies in the gradual transition from external concentration to internal concentration. This yoga practice not only relaxes and enhances intuition but also quickly relieves eye fatigue.


candle meditation known as trataka


Trataka has two levels.

At the basic stage, a person should simply look at the flame without closing their eyes.

For more advanced users of meditation, there is an inner trataka. The flame in this case exists only in the human mind, in the form of a candle.

You need to contemplate the fire until tears appear in your eyes. In this case, it is imperative to calm your breathing and take a position with a straight back. Meditation with candles is carried out for about 15 minutes, while you do not need to move, blink, or even move your eyeballs. The essence of the procedure is that the eyes should not be strained at all. If fatigue is still felt, you need to take a break for 15-20 seconds by closing your eyelids.

candle meditation trataka benefits


Conducting trataka means letting go of all thoughts and feeling the power of freedom. Just admire the flame of the candle. At the end, you need to close your eyes for 2-3 minutes to keep the image of fire on the retina for as long as possible.

Candle meditation combined with aromatherapy

To activate different energies, you should select candles by color, as well as accompany meditation with pleasant aromas.

  • Pink wax is used for love meditations.
  • Red is to stimulate passion.
  • Green candles restore balance in the soul and help create harmony around.
  • Peaceful meditations can be accompanied by blue candles.


blue aroma candles green tea light meditation candles pink soothing meditation candles in glass


A scented candle helps create the right mood that will awaken the right energy during meditation. It is believed that essential oils, which give a pleasant smell to wax, can have the following effects:

  • Sandalwood helps to achieve the enlightenment of the spirit.
  • Lemongrass and rosemary are set up to solve problems and have clear thoughts.
  • Jasmine or rose oil adds passion, and feelings of passion, they also relieve tension.
  • Heather, vanilla, and patchouli direct energy towards real goals and well-being in life, and develop sensuality.

  • scented pillar candles


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  • soy candle collection in matte jar

    Soy Candle Collection in Matte Jars

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    As Low As $10.50 Each


Candle meditation may improve focus, cognition, mental health, sleep, and spiritual wellness. Experts suggest speaking with a healthcare professional before beginning a practice if you have an eye disease. People prone to seizures or who have certain mental health conditions should also speak with their doctor before trying it.

Candle color meaning for meditation

Candle color meaning for meditation

Candle color meaning for meditation

Candle colors: since ancient times, candles have had great magical significance in this magical world. Wise men knew that the color of a candle greatly affects not only the energy of space, but also has a direct influence on humans. Some scientists made observations and analyzed each color of candles during meditation and came to the following conclusion: candles can not only cleanse with their flame but also attract money into your life, improve family relationships, balance and energize you. And the ritual with a candle will help the meditator, which will require only 10-15 minutes a day.

Meditation with a candle


candle color meaning


Preparation for meditation:

  1. Before meditation, you need to finish all your doings, turn off the phone, and remove everything that will distract you. It is very important to follow this rule, otherwise, it won’t work.
  1. Take the ritual very seriously and with great responsibility, you must concentrate and fully trust this process.
  1. Choose the color of the candle that is closest to your emotional state or the one that will help you attract something in your life. The choice can be made in two ways:

1) Just trust yourself and take the candle that you like the most - in this case, your subconscious will tell you what you need;

2) A conscious approach - choose the color that best suits you.

How to Meditate:



It is best to meditate in a dimmed room - if you decide to start meditating during the day, then close your windows with curtains. It is important that the sun does not shine in your eyes. It is preferable to meditate in the evenings.

In order to better focus, you can pick up any natural stone: the best ones are amethyst, rock crystal and fluorite. It is also good to read your favorite prayer to yourself. Sit comfortably, and you are ready to begin.

Place a candle at eye level and look closely at the fire, try to concentrate on the candle as much as possible. Do not rush yourself: not everyone can turn off their thoughts immediately, but do not give up. After 21 days of meditation, you will feel how all thoughts will evaporate only at the sight of the flame itself.

At first, it’s better to meditate for about ten minutes, then you can stay in it for up to half an hour - the main thing is to listen to yourself. And the last thing: if you want to close your eyes during meditation, feel free to do it, and just try to visualize this candle in your subconscious.

It is better to leave the meditative state gradually, and stay in peace and quiet for some time.

The candle must be put out by hand after meditation and put in a box until the next meditation. You need to meditate once a day with one color.

Candle Color Meanings

colorful candles

Red candle

Is your life lacking love and passion? Then the red candle is the right choice for you. Meditation with a red candle will help you become confident in yourself, and help kindle a spark in your eyes. Do not meditate on people with a quick temper with a red candle: this will only aggravate your nervousness.

Orange candle

Do you feel that the whole world is against you, and your strength is already running out? Meditation with an orange candle will change everything. You will not only restore your strength and connection with the outside world, but also begin to share this miracle with everyone. The main thing to remember is that when you are saturated with energy, you should know how to use it correctly, good deeds will only strengthen you.

Yellow candle

Are you often sick for no reason? A yellow candle is perfect for your meditation. It will not only heal your body but also cleanse, warm and balance your soul. The most important thing in this meditation is your faith. Also, remember that patience is your main weapon against all ailments.

Green candle

Broke up with your loved one, but the pain in your heart still haunts you? Meditation with a green candle will cleanse you of unnecessary emotions, bring you back to earth and make you look at the situation from a positive side. It will also heal you from old wounds and help you move on without too much burden on your soul.

Light blue candle

You do not see the point in life, and deep depression chokes you and prevents you from focusing on the most important things? Meditation with a light blue candle will put an end to this vicious circle of self-torture. It will help you see the world anew, will bring lightness into your life, and will take you out of severe depression.

Blue candle

Have you stopped feeling connected to yourself, and intuition began to let you down? Meditation with a blue candle will fix everything. It will open and harmonize all your chakras, strengthen your intuition, and relieve you of doubts and excessive skepticism. But remember, this candle is not suitable for people who are sensitive or irritable - they should try meditation with a white candle.

Purple candle

Do you feel that someone is sucking the strength out of you, or do you have an unreasonable fear? A purple candle will save you from this problem once and for all. In addition, it will strengthen your aura and prevent energy vampires from disturbing you. And love and harmony will bloom again in your heart.

White candle

Feeling like you need a complete reboot? Perhaps one of the most powerful meditations is the meditation with a white candle. It is ideal for both enlightened people and those who aspire to it. Meditation helps to understand yourself, your destiny and skillfully manage your abilities. It will also help you to get rid of bad thoughts, and set you up for the right vibrations. You need to start meditating from five minutes and gradually add a minute every day (up to 30 minutes).

Black candle

This is the most powerful meditation aimed at cleansing from damage, evil eye, slander, birth curses, etc. Also, meditation with a black candle removes astral bindings and attachments. It is necessary to use such a candle very carefully since during the ritual there is too much reset of negative programs. Start with two to three minutes and add a minute every two days, this will allow you to smoothly get rid of the negativity.

Gold candle

A gold candle is a symbol of male power. Lovely ladies, if you lack determination and self-confidence, meditation with a golden candle will definitely help you. It will increase your endurance, bravery and courage to solve complicated situations. Men can mediate with this candle as well. But do not forget, dear ladies: the abuse of such meditation leads to irreversible consequences, that is, you can stop being soft and feminine. It is recommended to meditate once or twice a week for 5-7 minutes.

Silver candle

If your partner complains that you no longer understand her/him then meditation with a silver candle is a better thing to start. It will enhance your softness and intuitiveness and add romantic qualities to you. It is recommended to use this candle once or twice a week for 5-7 minutes.

Pink candle

If you are disturbed by an excessive temper, you become irritable and sometimes put your anger on others, a pink candle will help you. Meditation with such a candle makes you more peaceful and harmonious, helps you cope with emotions and tune in to positive changes.

Brown candle

Do you tend to doubt, and lack self-confidence and purposefulness? Regular meditations with a brown candle will help you gain confidence in yourself and the ability to defend your point of view and your place under the sun. The brown color of the candle helps to ground, and it is especially useful for people who spend more time in dreams than in reality.

Grey candle

Meditation with a gray candle helps to harmonize the energies of Yin and Yang, and strengthen your strong-willed qualities. If you have a question or a situation from which you still do not see a way out, meditation with this candle will suit you: it will help you delve into the very essence of the problem, see it from the other side and find a solution faster.



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  • scented pillar candles


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Creative Ways to Decorate Summer Candles

Creative Ways to Decorate Summer Candles

Creative Ways to Decorate Summer Candles

Summer is the favorite season of the year for many people out there. For many, summer is not only a time for vacations, but also a time to make romantic dreams come true. Good weather is perfect to spend an evening outdoors, and summer candles are the right elements to create a cozy and relaxing mood in the fresh air.

Summer is almost here and if you are planning to spend your evenings outdoors or just create attractive and bright summer decorations indoors or outdoors, these inspiring ideas will help you a lot. It is quite possible that the result will be much more spectacular than a visit to a café or resort restaurant. These new tricks will help you make your outdoor party unforgettable. You can even create a spa-like atmosphere, if you want.

Summer themes with summer candles

  • Marine theme and holiday souvenirs;
  • Fashionable eco-style decorations;
  • Candles with beautiful flowers;
  • Candles surrounded with juicy fruits;
  • Bright summer combinations.

Marine theme with candles

Marine theme candles create a beach, nautical or ocean décor for your home or office. Shells and sand, starfish and pebbles, fish and boats, a combination of blue, blue and white. All these can surround the simplest candles and create a unique and beautiful artistic atmosphere. Each of these décor elements features the calming influences of the ocean.


Creative Ways to Decorate Summer Candles    Creative Ways to Decorate Summer Candles    Summer Candles decorations 2


Summer Candles decorations       


Summer Candles decorations 4        


Eco-style decoration with candles

In addition to sea pebbles and sand, as mentioned above, any natural materials, including leaves, plant seeds, coffee, cereals, can take part in the creation of summer candles compositions. Shaped candles and tealight candles are also perfect for eco-style decoration with candles.




        summer candle decoration ideas 6


summer candle decoration ideas 3       


Candles with flowers

Candles, combined with flowers, make a gorgeous and romantic atmosphere in the fresh air. Large or small tealight candles make the space cozy and relaxing. Flowers and candles will make your loved ones feel very special. Fresh flower petals floating in the water, combined with tealight candles, look beautiful and offer a romantic holiday mood.


summer candle decoration ideas 11    summer candle decoration ideas 13    summer candle decoration ideas 14


summer candle decoration ideas 12    summer candle decoration ideas 10


summer candle decoration ideas 15    summer decor with candles


Candles with fruits

Summer colorful fruits are a great addition to any candle. Invitingly shaped, brightly colored, deliciously flavored fruits will give a juicy and summery look to any décor. Pillar candles and floating candles are perfect for this kind of decoration. Pillar candles with some citrusy fruits or berries look very creative and natural. Another option is clear glass vases and bowls with half-filled water and fruits of your choice and floating candles.






Bright summer picnic with candles

A summer picnic evokes a scent of fresh flowers, juicy fruits, a citrus grove with a warm breeze, and a gentle hug. Create a colorful summer atmosphere on a table or in a corner of the house with bright summer candle decorations.


summer decoration with candles    summer decoration with candles 5    summer decoration with candles 8


summer decoration with candles 7    summer candles creative ideas    bright candles decoration


Candles add a romantic atmosphere to any space, indoor or outdoor. They make fantastic centerpieces, go with any décor style, and come in a lot of different sizes, shapes and colors. They’re a very versatile way to add style to an outdoor or indoor space.

Summer is almost here! And this time of the year we start to enjoy life outdoors more, enjoy the benefits of the sun and decorate our gardens and patios. The decoration tends to be more colorful than in any other season and lighter at the same time bringing coziness and the desire to spend more time outside of the home while still feeling homey.

Decorations and lighting are an important part of creating the mood you want for you and for your loved ones. Patio candles, candles decorated with branches of trees, flowers, fruits, plants, and handmade boxes play an important role in decorating exteriors.



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  • 3x6 scented mottled pillar candle


    As Low As $8.99


    As Low As $1.83 Each


    As Low As $0.52 Each

Wedding décor with taper candles

wedding decor with taper candles

Wedding décor with taper candles

In this article, we will talk about the warm and magical elements of wedding décor – taper candles.

Probably not a single wedding has been decorated without candles: taper candles are a great way to add height to any table without blocking the view of guests across the table. Candlesticks are a great starting point for a centerpiece because you can accent them in so many ways – small floral arrangements, bud vases, greenery, velvet table runners – truly there are no limitations.


wedding table decor with taper candles


We are all so used to candles that we forget about the basic rules that should be followed when using candles in wedding décor:

  • Candles should not be scented unless they are used outdoors. Some of the guests can easily be allergic to this smell, or they can simply get a headache.
  • Light the candles for a short time before placing them in any of the decoration areas so that they do not look new. Putting new candles on tables and in the ceremony area is not a good idea. And if you are a perfectionist, turn and tilt them in different directions while they are burning so that beautiful streams of the wax freeze on the candles.
  • You need a candlestick for any candle since the wax can damage the surface of the table or tablecloth during the burning process.
  • Candles should stand firmly on the candlesticks so that they don’t fall during the evening and not provoke a fire.
  • Pay attention to the fact that the color of the candles should match the wedding palette: for example, if the wedding decoration doesn’t have white in it, you should not use white candles as decoration - choose colored or milk ones.

Taper candles wedding


Table setting with Tapper Candles

Any wedding dinner will sparkle with new colors if you add candles to it. You can add them to the main composition or make them the centerpiece on the table. In both cases, they should be in candlesticks or on stands.


wedding table with candles


If the central place on the table is occupied by a floral or other design composition, then choose such candles and candlesticks that will be combined with the main serving element.

Thin antique candles look best in a company with classic or “garden” flower arrangements, but thicker and more voluminous options are suitable for informal styles: rustic, country style. Candles can also be a great option for decorating long tables: you can make a path through the entire table from candles of different heights or add them to an existing flower garland.

Candles are a fragile part of the décor, so be sure to prepare a few spare ones so that in case of breakage you can quickly replace them with new ones.

  • 10" Wedding Taper Candles




    As Low As $2.18 Per PR

How to use a candle correctly

How to use a candle correctly8

How to use a candle correctly

Most of us don't know how to use a candle correctly. Most of us don't realize that there is a right way to burn a candle and most of us have no idea what that is. As a result, we have to scrape the soot off a candlestick and experience other unfortunate consequences. Follow these tips and you'll be a real candle-burning pro.

How do you light a candle and treat it while it is burning? Many do not have the slightest idea how to use the purchased candle to the maximum. Follow these guidelines and you'll get way more out of your candles every time with no wasted wax (or scent).

Tips on using candle correctly

  1. Trim the wick

How to use a candle correctly5


Don't be lazy, each time you want to burn your candle, start by trimming the wick to between 1/8 and 1/4 inches long. You can use scissors, nail clippers, or a wick trimmer. Why every time? Trimmed wicks will make your candle burn cleaner and brighter. Untrimmed wicks are a lot more likely to take on a strange shape that dulls and obscures the flame. Also, excessively long wicks cause nasty smoky stains that end up on your glass jar candles.

By the way, the most convenient way to light a candle is to use long matches.

  1. Let the wax melt all the way across

When you have your candle lit, do not extinguish it until the top layer of wax is completely melted. This may take several hours. If you are not ready to wait that long, it is better not to light a candle at all.


How to use a candle correctly3


If you do not let the wax melt completely, you're contributing to a process called tunneling. Tunneling happens when only a small portion of the wax around the wick melts while the candle is burning. Instead of having the entire surface of the wax melt evenly, it will appear as though the flame is burrowing into the candle and creating what resembles a small, vertical tunnel. Inside the tunnel, the wax directly underneath the flame quickly melts into the liquid while the surrounding wax remains hard. This causes the tunneling to become worse over time. Once the wick descends deeper into the surrounding wax, the flame won’t be able to get enough oxygen to sustain itself, causing the candle to go out. Tunneling is bad because it can drastically reduce the total burn time of your candle.


How to use a candle correctly 1


Yes, it takes patience. But if you let the wax melt completely every time you light a candle, the surface of the candle will remain smooth and the walls of the candlestick clean.

  1. Buy Candles with Multiple Wicks

If you don’t have time or patience to wait for the wax to melt all the way across, buy candles that have two or more wicks. More flames mean more heat, which leads to a quicker melt. It also throws more scent. Avoid very wide single-wick candles. The heat from one wick is clearly not enough to completely melt the entire candle.

  1. Keep your candle flame away from high traffic areas



Try to keep the burning candle far away from fans, air conditioners, open windows, or high traffic areas. Moving air can disturb the flame, which can also stain the tin or jar, and can give you tunneling and other issues.

  1. Don't blow out the candle

To extinguish a candle, cover it with some kind of lid, but do not blow it out (unless, of course, this is a candle from your birthday cake). This way you can avoid unpleasant odors.

Now you are ready. Use your candles the way the pros do, save money and effort, and enjoy your candles to the fullest.

Are candles considered home décor?

Are candles considered home décor  

Are candles considered home décor?

Let’s talk about some candle facts before we jump into home décor.

Did you know that ancient candles were vessels filled with fat or oil and a piece of cloth or a sliver was inserted as a wick?

It was not until 3000 BC that the Egyptians created a true candle that was made out of beeswax. Wax candles burned brighter, lasted longer and didn’t have as much flame. However, beeswax candles were very expensive, only the wealthy and the church could afford them.

Paraffin was discovered by Karl Reichenbach in 1830. Paraffin is still one of the most popular products used in candle making.

Nowadays, that we no longer need to use candles as a source of light, their significance has been reduced to being purely decorative.


bedside candle


Interior décor with candles is a truly wonderful solution for the home. Interior designers and bloggers assure that correctly selected candles will give your environment a warm and cozy feel. While the flickering of fire will create real bliss and smoothly immerse you in relaxation. It will feel like the time is slowing down. To achieve this effect, you should consider the size and the shape of the candles, so that they can correspond to the area and atmosphere they are in. Below are some interesting ideas and rules on how to use candles in your home décor.

Candles beside your bed


candles in bedroom


Soy candles in glass vessels are ideal for a nightstand next to the bed. Soy wax is environmentally friendly and will not harm those who like to light a candle before going to bed. To add some extra chick, put a small vase of flowers next to your candles. Check out our previous blog, where we talked about the scents you can use in the bedroom.

Those, who prefer candles made of paraffin or other types of waxes, it is recommended to put these candles on a chest of drawers complemented by a stack of books or a vase of flowers.

Candles on A Coffee Table


tealight candle in a tray


White or beige candles of any length and size are suitable for any coffee table. The light color of the wax will not stand out too much on the table. The neutral color of these candles will complement, rather than trouble the rest of the décor. Remember that long candles always look aesthetically pleasing in minimalistic golden candelabra of different heights.

Neat tealight candles in crystal tealight candle holders brighten the interior, making the interior seem translucent and weightless. To make this composition a complete artwork, add a bouquet in a small vase and place it on a tray.

Rustic interior lovers can use large candles in vintage-style wooden candelabra with a bouquet of some green flowers.

Candle Chandelier


Candle Chandelier


For those, who love French-style interior, candelabra in the form of chandeliers will be a perfect choice. Simple wax candles suspended from the ceiling will make the space more aristocratic, giving an aesthetics of luxurious country chateaus feeling. Place these chandeliers over the dining table or in the hallway, complementing with floral arrangements or ivy and fern wreaths.

Candles on the stairs or the floor

If you have a nice and cozy country house then you know that a country house cannot be without candles. Put your candles in a glass container on the veranda or next to the sunbeds during the summertime. And in winter, the best place for candles are by the fireplace, stairs and entrance area. Complement them with seasonal plants (branches of fir, pine, and juniper).



fireplace and candles


Nothing balances the flame of the fireplace fire but an additional flicker in the room. To achieve such a décor, surround your fireplace with candles in candle holders. Make sure the candle holders have a little lighter color than the fireplace itself: this will make the candles look like a separate composition. This atmosphere is great for relaxation.

Dining Table Candles

Have you noticed that wedding stylists use linen tablecloths, eucalyptus floral compositions and candles in transparent or golden candlesticks? The main rule here is to choose pastel shades for the dishes, textiles and décor, relying on natural soothing colors (beige, mint, dusty pink, light blue). The table will look restrained and aristocratic, and the dining atmosphere relaxing.

Home décor is the art of decorating your own space and turning it into a beautiful and cozy place for you to relax. Candles are one of the most important décor elements that also have some advantages: they are inexpensive and don’t require installation. Candles’ warm light will help create a festive atmosphere or a spa aura for you to relax. It seems such a small thing, but it’s like a small miracle that can change the mood and the atmosphere.

Home décor: Scented candles vs unscented candles

Scented Candles Group

Home décor: Scented candles vs unscented candles


Candles have always been a part of our lives. Before they were just a source of light, but with time candles evolved into something much more than that. Nowadays, candles are not just important components used in the healing and rejuvenating process in Aromatherapy, but they are also excellent décor accessories in interior design. Let’s not forget that candles can be luxurious and personalized gifts for our loved ones.

Votive Candles (Red, Ivo, Pink) scented


Choosing the right candles that match your personality and home décor can be very challenging. You should consider different factors before surrounding yourself with candles. Some of the factors are the environment, where you want to use the candles, the quantity of candles you intend to have, and whether you want your candles scented or unscented.

If you are planning a romantic dinner for two, then you can use the traditional taper candles. If you want to add some aroma to your dinner then consider having amber and sandalwood scented candles. These two scents are the best candle scents for romance. If you’ve been cooped up for too long and need the imaginative release of a new space, lighting a candle with such aromas will certainly help you to escape.


Romantic evening with taper scented candles


If you want to use candles for a relaxing bubble bath, then you can light tealight candles. To add some spa experience to your bath use fruity and floral scented tealight candles. They will enhance the relaxing atmosphere. Plus, the blend of coconut and vanilla scents may help you feel like you’re on vacation.


Floating Candles White


Many people purchase candles for home décor, and they don’t intend to burn them. In this case, pillar candles are very popular for creating decorative arrangements. There are so many pillar sizes and colors available in the market that it is not hard to find candles that will match your home décor.

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Some people consider scented candles to be artificial, and they love the smell of natural Beeswax candles.

People who like scented candles should select the scent of their candles like they would select a perfume, that is according to their taste. There are no rules for choosing a scent, but there are some tips.

The scent creates the mood and atmosphere in the room, therefore it should harmoniously complement the interior.

  • Soothing scents are the most popular option for the bedrooms. Aromatherapy is commonly used to encourage relaxation. There are many relaxing scents out there, and the most popular ones are lavender, chamomile, vanilla and bergamot.
  • A light, refreshing scent, such as citrus, mint, lavender, or vanilla, is good for a bathroom. A strong scent can be too overbearing in a room as small as a bathroom, which can lead to migraines. Consider picking candles with scent notes of Fresh Ocean or rain, light floral scents and citrus.
  • Fresh and clean scented candles are perfect for the kitchen. These will help to neutralize the odors from last night’s dinner, making your home smell clean even when it’s not. Citrus, herbal, floral, and clean scents (like linen or cotton) are best at achieving this.
  • The living room should feel welcoming and fresh. If your living room is small though, keep fragrances simple to avoid overpowering the tiny room. Soft and light scented candles can create a relaxing feel. Floral and sweeter scents of vanilla and honey are great. If you want the vibe to be more upbeat and fun, try fruity scents. Passion fruit, wild berry, and even caramel fragrances are great for this matter.

pillar candles in living room