How to make candles at home

How to make candles at home

How to make candles at home

Making candles at home seems a little intimidating, but it’s actually easier than you’d expect to create your own custom-scented candles. Whether you like elegant floral scents or modern citrus fragrances, this beginner-level candle-making project will help you create the perfect custom candle in no time at all.

We know that candle decoration is a great idea. Especially if they are fragrant. They have a rather spectacular decorative look and are combined with various possible combinations. You can turn this place into a much more welcoming place and create a style that suits you. There are people who want to learn how to make candles in a simple and effective way.

Scented candles have a warm scent that distinguishes a beautifully decorated space from a warm and inviting home. With the help of scented candles, we can turn any environment into a relaxing and magical place that will remind us of other times and places. For this reason, scented candles have become another element of our decoration and are an exquisite gift for Christmas or any other time of the year.


how to make candles at home


But that's not all, candles are also a symbol of renewal, enlightenment, and purification. That's why they are so often used in various etiquette traditions around the world, either to promote meditation or to create a more intriguing and romantic atmosphere. In addition, depending on their aroma, they can also have an invigorating effect on us, relieve congestion, relax or stimulate, and also enhance certain emotions.

The history of candles goes back to the beginning of the first civilization. From Roman oil candles to other finer products made from fat, and herbal extracts, or the Egyptians who used dirty branches from cattle or lamb. For all these cultures, candles were the main means of light. Candles were and still are used in religious ceremonies and sacrifices.

Its existence as a symbol of Christmas also goes back hundreds of years. Candles are used to scare away evil spirits and are gradually becoming one of the typical elements of these holidays. In fact, there is evidence that in the 16th century, candles were placed on German Christmas trees to decorate a room.

Starting with the discovery of oil in 1850, candles were made from paraffin. Later, when kerosene and electricity appeared in our homes, everything changed. Candles have become more decorative and fragrant Holy Grail, rather than just a lighting tool.


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How to make candles at home

If you are fascinated by the magic of candles, then you already know that there are thousands of different models, shapes, sizes, and colors on the market. However, they can be made at home, and in fact, this is a simple and original craft that is great as a gift. Let's see what materials are needed to learn how to make candles:


candle making supplies

 Step-by-step guide

It takes time to learn how to make scented candles, but it's not difficult. Just make sure you follow these steps:

* The first thing you need to do is pour a little bit of water into the pot for double boiling. Put the wax into the melting pitcher and put the pitcher into the pot to melt the soy wax.

* Then, when the wax has cooled down a bit, add the candle coloring and a few drops of your preferred candle fragrance scent. Be careful not to overdo it, otherwise, the scent will be too strong and annoying.

* If you are planning to use a mold, follow these steps: pour the melted, fragrant and colored wax into the mold of your choice (don't forget to grease the bottom and sides of the mold with a drop of frying oil first).

* Then connect the wick to the candle and tie one end of the candle to the guide rod. You will see a hole in the stem through which you can insert the wick and lead it to the other end of the mold. Some wicks have a flat base so that they can be easily attached to candles, especially if we want to place them in a container.

* If you are making a candle in a container, place the wick sticker on the bottom of the wick you chose and center the wick inside the candle jar. Carefully pour the wax into the candle jar. Note: you can use your leftover wax to later top your candle if a small cavity is formed.

* Place the wick bar with the center peak facing up on top of your jar. Pull the wick taut and gently press the wick into the opening of the wick bar.

* Let the candle cool for about 12 hours at room temperature.

* Finally, cut off the tip of the wick, and remember to leave a piece on top so you can light it up without any problems.


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Candle safety tips

Making candles at home usually does not pose a serious danger, but we must remember that we dealing with wax, it will reach a very high temperature. Therefore, it is always recommended to observe the following precautions:

  • It is advisable to wear gloves and goggles.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • It is recommended to use a thermometer to make sure we never exceed the flammable limit.
  • If the wax catches fire, cover it with a cloth and turn off the gas. Never add water, as this will only increase the flame.
  • Finally, make sure you clean the pan and everything was used for candle making before you can use them for food or cooking.