7 easy ways for making candles of your own

7 easy ways for making candles of your own

7 easy ways for making candles of your own

Candles are an essential attribute of various holidays. Making candles with your own hands is not so difficult. This exciting activity provides a huge scope for creativity. Candles are usually made from beeswax, soy wax, paraffin, and some blend wax.


candles of different sizes, shapes and colors


Beeswax is a natural material - a waste product of bees, and has a very pleasant honey aroma and bactericidal properties. Beeswax contains more than 300 different compounds: minerals, vitamins, propolis, resins, pollen, etc. The color of the wax can vary from light yellow to yellow-brown. It is very interesting to work with this type of wax and it is pleasant to the touch.  It will have a putty-like consistency at above 80-90 degrees F and will melt around 145-147 degrees F. A beeswax burns much longer than a paraffin candle and does not smoke or melt.

A plate of beeswax with an imprinted bottom of the honeycombs is called a honeycomb. The foundation is inserted into the hives so that the bees build honeycombs on it and spend less wax on it. This is the "foundation" for future honeycombs.

Soy wax is a 100% natural wax derived from vegetable soybeans. Soy wax is made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources. This wax has many advantages: an extended burn time, no unsightly black soot, and it’s a naturally-derived product.

Soy wax is perfect for container candles, tealight candles, wax melts, and tarts. Some of the benefits of this wax are clean burning and long-lasting. Since soy wax has no toxins, it is less likely to trigger allergies. Soy wax burns cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer.

Paraffin is the cheapest material for this type of project. It paints easily and melts quickly. It is easy to work with, and the candles are very beautiful. FYI, a 2014 study in the Journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology found scented paraffin candles pose no known health risks, and that emission levels fall well below World Health Organization exposure limits.

Paraffin absorbs odor well. If an essential oil is applied to a finished odorless paraffin and placed in a sealed bag, after 10-15 days it will be saturated with aroma and, when burned, will release the aroma into the air.


paraffin wax candles in jars


Depending on what type of blended wax you want to use, make sure to pay attention to the specific instructions. The melting point for each blend of wax will vary, as well as the time when you can add your candle fragrance oil.


DIY soy candles - pouring wax into jars

Wick types & materials?

The wick is needed so that the molten candle mass enters the combustion zone. The wick should be made only from natural materials: cotton, hemp, and wood. The most popular material is cotton.

The thickness of the wick should be proportional to the thickness of the candle. If the wick is too thin, it will burn out very quickly, and the candle will immediately die out. And too thick will give a big flame, will smoke and the candle will quickly burn out.

wicks for making candles


If you are planning to use soy wax in your project, you need to use a cord of loose weaving, and for a paraffin one - a denser one. You can buy a ready-made wick, or you can make it yourself by twisting cotton threads. For thin candles (1-3 cm), you can take 6-10 threads, for candles 3-7 cm thick you need 10-20 threads. Before use, the wick must be soaked into molten paraffin or wax.


DIY candles for home decoration

As confirmation, it can be noted that people who decide to engage in the production of candles are gradually drawn in and for them, this is not only an income but also an interesting and exciting activity. The more often you practice, the better the finished products you get.

7 easy ways to make your own candle

And so that you understand the details of the process itself, we have prepared 7 easy ways how to enjoy the process. The result will amaze everyone at home!
1. It would seem that ice is not an assistant at all in such a delicate matter, but in this case, we simply need it! You need to take an empty plastic bottle, by using it as a mold for a future candle, put a finished candle inside, in advance cutting it to the size of the mold. Then overlay the mold with ice or use melted wax and a ready-made wick.


plastic bottle for DIY candles DIY candles made with plastic bottle


After that, you need to melt the wax and quickly pour it into the center of the mold with ice in a small stream so that the ice is completely covered. Wait ten minutes, drain the water from the candle, and gently pull the finished product out of the mold. In the future, you can add colored crayons or dye to the wax.

2. What fascinates me the most is the idea of creating rainbow candles. Children and adults will be delighted with such multi-colored candles, besides, it is not difficult to make them. Pour some soy wax into the double boiler and allow it to melt. Add small amounts of candle dye to the wax. Prepare your jar and make sure your wick is attached well to the bottom of the jar. Pour the wax into the jar. Continue mixing and pouring layers of wax into the jars in your desired colors/scent combinations. Ensure each layer has fully set before pouring in the next one.


DIY colorful candles DIY rainbow candle


DIY rainbow candles in jars


3. Beeswax sheets are ideal for creating a candlestick that will easily decorate both a children's party and a romantic evening. Beeswax sheets may come in different colors


making candles from beeswax sheets pillar beeswax candles


4. In order to create a decorative rose candle, you will need candles of different colors or paraffin, tools for melting paraffin, a wick, wax paper, a tablespoon, a lighter, a hairdryer, and 15 minutes of free time.


how to make rose candles DIY decorative rose candle


Please note that everything must be done quickly enough, because until the wax has cooled down, it is soft and, therefore, it can be sculpted like plasticine. Agree, the result is clearly worth the effort!

5. This fun candy candle is easy to make. You will need a mold, a wick, wax, and colorful decorations.


DIY candy heart candles


6. To create a fruit candle, you need a lemon, orange, grapefruit, or any other citrus with a dense peel, several white or yellow candles, floss thread, a small pan or bowl, and a pencil.

Cut the fruit in half and carefully remove the pulp from it, being careful not to damage the peel. The peel halves will serve as candle holders. Twist a few strands of floss with a tourniquet and soak them in paraffin or remove the wick from the candle.


DIY fruit candles making candles in orange pulp


Then tie one end of the wick to the pencil and lay it on top of the peeled half. Make a hole in the bottom of the peel, pull the lower end of the wick through it, and tie a knot on the outside.

Grind the candles with a knife, remove the wicks from them, and melt the pieces of paraffin. Pour the melted paraffin into halves of the peel and leave until the wax hardens. Enjoy your masterpiece!

7. To create a coffee candle, you will need 5 white paraffin candles or a few candle stubs, 5 tbsp. coffee beans, beer can, juice box, pencil, knife, sunflower oil, floss, and a small pan.


 coffee bean candle tea light candles with coffee beans


First, grind the candles with a knife, remove the wicks from them, and then melt the pieces of paraffin in the double boiler.

When the paraffin melts, add the coffee beans, and pour the wax with the beans into the mold, filling it almost halfway.

When this layer of paraffin hardens, melt the rest of the paraffin and fill the form to the top. When the candle hardens, take it out of the mold.

Take away

You can create quite extraordinary candles. It all depends on your imagination. You can create designs and shapes that will surprise the inhabitants of your home. You can also use melted wax by pouring it into various shapes.


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