Candles for wedding hall decoration

Candles are an attribute of romance and love. Candles for wedding increase the intimacy of the atmosphere, set in a romantic mood, regardless of where the wedding ceremony is held. The soft light of candles gives a sense of solemnity and significance to the event.

With the help of candles of the original colors and/or shapes, you can create an atmosphere of joy and fun. Candles for weddings can be used in combination with flowers, or on their own as part of wedding décor. Large and small candelabras look luxurious in the interior of the wedding hall. Candelabras can be in many shapes and styles. Arranged candles along the ledges, on the stairs, and on the table as well as placing them in the form of a lantern are inexpensive, but exquisite wedding decorations. You can also consider placing candles in front of mirrors. Multiplying the reflection of the flame from the candles will create a truly fabulous atmosphere.


tealight candles for wedding hall decoration


Candles for weddings can not only decorate the banquet hall but also create a romantic atmosphere and give the celebration a very personal and even mystical touch. Candles can be used for any purpose, as long as certain rules are followed. Some venues may allow open flame, some are flat-out against candles and only allow flameless candles, and some may require votive candles and no free-standing candles. But if this is something you’re committed to, keep some safety rules in mind: Never leave burning candles unattended for any reason. Never move a lit candle.


wedding hall decoration with candles


How to decorate wedding hall with candles

When decorating a wedding celebration, candles can also be used to decorate a banquet hall.

Decorating the banquet hall begins with decorating the main table for the bride and groom. The style and colors used in the design of the central place in the hall should be in harmony with the rest of the decorative paraphernalia.

The most popular solution is to decorate the wedding hall with white candles, but with the right approach, colored candles will create a special mood and can complement the chosen color scheme in decorating the wedding banquet hall.

If you place accents beautifully and competently, you can completely dim the electricity in the hall and let the candles light up the wedding venue.


elegant wedding hall decoration with candles


wedding table decoration with candles wedding table decoration with taper candles


Small transparent vases with water can serve as decorative accents, and you can add artificial pearls, pebbles, shells, and flower petals. When adding any décor element, make sure it complements the entire design of the wedding venue.

Basic rules for candles decorations

Candle decoration should be in harmony with the rest of the wedding attributes. This means that the decoration of the table of the bride and groom with glasses, and candles should complement the general decoration of the banquet hall.

Depending on the overall design of the venue, you can choose taper candles or pillar candles of different sizes.

Decorative materials should be used only of high quality so that when burned, they do not catch fire and do not begin to melt.


wedding hall candle decoration


stair decoration with pillar candles stairs decoration for wedding with candles

Candle decoration ideas


candles for wedding decor with ribbons


Ribbon decoration is the most common way to decorate wedding candles. There are many ways to create unique decorations.

Wedding candles can be decorated with polymer clay flowers. Fresh flowers are not suitable for this purpose, as they will wither during the evening and may burn. Therefore, the best material is polymer clay.

Candle decorations inspired by the sea


candles for weddings with a beach theme


Seashells can only be used for thematic events. They are especially popular in the summer.

The most delicate decoration

If the main color of the wedding is white, then wedding candles can be decorated with pearls and silver ribbons. White candles will help emphasize the purity of thoughts and the strength of the feelings of the newlyweds.


wedding hall decoration with white pillar candles


Wedding table decoration with candles

Candles for weddings as delicate sparkling décor elements near flower arrangements will look very beautiful on the wedding table. Often they are placed in the center of the table or on the edges. The more wax products there are on the table, the richer and more festive it will look. After the wedding ceremony, such candles can be used for the hearth.


candles for wedding unity candles unity candle for wedding


The tradition of decorating the hall with candles is very romantic and beautiful, but we must not forget about safety and choose places for arranging candles where they can least damage the interior surrounding them. Keep candles away from ribbons, cloth, and other flammable items. Protect surfaces from hot, dripping candle wax. Arrange candles away from aisles and other places where guests will walk the most and, of course, place candles away from the bride.


wedding hall decoration with floating candles


Remember that the bridesmaid's dress usually requires more space than the casual wear of other guests and invitees, so all candles should be properly placed. Finally, make sure all candles are kept away from children. By following these simple rules, with the help of candles, you will create an atmosphere of fabulousness and romance.

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