About Candles

What is a candle?

A candle is a device for providing light or dispersing fragrance.

The body of a candle is comprised of a solid fuel source, usually paraffin wax. A wick runs through the center of the body of the candle from the bottom, extending out of the top. The wick, which acts as a fuel pump when the candle is burning, is generally made of cotton fibers that have been braided together.

Soot stained stone dishes found in ancient caves in France show that stone-age man used a crude candle/lamp to light the cave walls as he painted upon them. The saucer shaped stone appears to have held a piece of animal fat that could be set afire to give off light.

Ancient Egyptians were known to drip beeswax or tallow onto rush stems. They would set flame to the tip of these "Rush Lights" to provide them with light.

Today, we do not rely so much on candles for lighting our homes, except in the event of a power outage. Candles are now used for decorative or religious purposes, to create a mood with their hypnotic glow, their soothing fragrances please our sense of smell, and they often represent symbols of our personal faiths.

Genwax Candles

A candle is the light, the body, the soul of our modern imaginations.

You can obtain candles in a variety of styles. The main types of candle are as follows:

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