Candle color meaning for meditation

Candle colors: since ancient times, candles have had great magical significance in this magical world. Wise men knew that the color of a candle greatly affects not only the energy of space, but also has a direct influence on humans. Some scientists made observations and analyzed each color of candles during meditation and came to the following conclusion: candles can not only cleanse with their flame but also attract money into your life, improve family relationships, balance and energize you. And the ritual with a candle will help the meditator, which will require only 10-15 minutes a day.

Meditation with a candle


candle color meaning


Preparation for meditation:

  1. Before meditation, you need to finish all your doings, turn off the phone, and remove everything that will distract you. It is very important to follow this rule, otherwise, it won’t work.
  1. Take the ritual very seriously and with great responsibility, you must concentrate and fully trust this process.
  1. Choose the color of the candle that is closest to your emotional state or the one that will help you attract something in your life. The choice can be made in two ways:

1) Just trust yourself and take the candle that you like the most - in this case, your subconscious will tell you what you need;

2) A conscious approach - choose the color that best suits you.

How to Meditate:



It is best to meditate in a dimmed room - if you decide to start meditating during the day, then close your windows with curtains. It is important that the sun does not shine in your eyes. It is preferable to meditate in the evenings.

In order to better focus, you can pick up any natural stone: the best ones are amethyst, rock crystal and fluorite. It is also good to read your favorite prayer to yourself. Sit comfortably, and you are ready to begin.

Place a candle at eye level and look closely at the fire, try to concentrate on the candle as much as possible. Do not rush yourself: not everyone can turn off their thoughts immediately, but do not give up. After 21 days of meditation, you will feel how all thoughts will evaporate only at the sight of the flame itself.

At first, it’s better to meditate for about ten minutes, then you can stay in it for up to half an hour - the main thing is to listen to yourself. And the last thing: if you want to close your eyes during meditation, feel free to do it, and just try to visualize this candle in your subconscious.

It is better to leave the meditative state gradually, and stay in peace and quiet for some time.

The candle must be put out by hand after meditation and put in a box until the next meditation. You need to meditate once a day with one color.

Candle Color Meanings

colorful candles

Red candle

Is your life lacking love and passion? Then the red candle is the right choice for you. Meditation with a red candle will help you become confident in yourself, and help kindle a spark in your eyes. Do not meditate on people with a quick temper with a red candle: this will only aggravate your nervousness.

Orange candle

Do you feel that the whole world is against you, and your strength is already running out? Meditation with an orange candle will change everything. You will not only restore your strength and connection with the outside world, but also begin to share this miracle with everyone. The main thing to remember is that when you are saturated with energy, you should know how to use it correctly, good deeds will only strengthen you.

Yellow candle

Are you often sick for no reason? A yellow candle is perfect for your meditation. It will not only heal your body but also cleanse, warm and balance your soul. The most important thing in this meditation is your faith. Also, remember that patience is your main weapon against all ailments.

Green candle

Broke up with your loved one, but the pain in your heart still haunts you? Meditation with a green candle will cleanse you of unnecessary emotions, bring you back to earth and make you look at the situation from a positive side. It will also heal you from old wounds and help you move on without too much burden on your soul.

Light blue candle

You do not see the point in life, and deep depression chokes you and prevents you from focusing on the most important things? Meditation with a light blue candle will put an end to this vicious circle of self-torture. It will help you see the world anew, will bring lightness into your life, and will take you out of severe depression.

Blue candle

Have you stopped feeling connected to yourself, and intuition began to let you down? Meditation with a blue candle will fix everything. It will open and harmonize all your chakras, strengthen your intuition, and relieve you of doubts and excessive skepticism. But remember, this candle is not suitable for people who are sensitive or irritable - they should try meditation with a white candle.

Purple candle

Do you feel that someone is sucking the strength out of you, or do you have an unreasonable fear? A purple candle will save you from this problem once and for all. In addition, it will strengthen your aura and prevent energy vampires from disturbing you. And love and harmony will bloom again in your heart.

White candle

Feeling like you need a complete reboot? Perhaps one of the most powerful meditations is the meditation with a white candle. It is ideal for both enlightened people and those who aspire to it. Meditation helps to understand yourself, your destiny and skillfully manage your abilities. It will also help you to get rid of bad thoughts, and set you up for the right vibrations. You need to start meditating from five minutes and gradually add a minute every day (up to 30 minutes).

Black candle

This is the most powerful meditation aimed at cleansing from damage, evil eye, slander, birth curses, etc. Also, meditation with a black candle removes astral bindings and attachments. It is necessary to use such a candle very carefully since during the ritual there is too much reset of negative programs. Start with two to three minutes and add a minute every two days, this will allow you to smoothly get rid of the negativity.

Gold candle

A gold candle is a symbol of male power. Lovely ladies, if you lack determination and self-confidence, meditation with a golden candle will definitely help you. It will increase your endurance, bravery and courage to solve complicated situations. Men can mediate with this candle as well. But do not forget, dear ladies: the abuse of such meditation leads to irreversible consequences, that is, you can stop being soft and feminine. It is recommended to meditate once or twice a week for 5-7 minutes.

Silver candle

If your partner complains that you no longer understand her/him then meditation with a silver candle is a better thing to start. It will enhance your softness and intuitiveness and add romantic qualities to you. It is recommended to use this candle once or twice a week for 5-7 minutes.

Pink candle

If you are disturbed by an excessive temper, you become irritable and sometimes put your anger on others, a pink candle will help you. Meditation with such a candle makes you more peaceful and harmonious, helps you cope with emotions and tune in to positive changes.

Brown candle

Do you tend to doubt, and lack self-confidence and purposefulness? Regular meditations with a brown candle will help you gain confidence in yourself and the ability to defend your point of view and your place under the sun. The brown color of the candle helps to ground, and it is especially useful for people who spend more time in dreams than in reality.

Grey candle

Meditation with a gray candle helps to harmonize the energies of Yin and Yang, and strengthen your strong-willed qualities. If you have a question or a situation from which you still do not see a way out, meditation with this candle will suit you: it will help you delve into the very essence of the problem, see it from the other side and find a solution faster.



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