Benefits of scented candles: 10 ways to make an apartment cozy

Aromas fill people with emotions no less than beautiful things, such as music, pleasant company, or delicious food. And smells create a mood. No wonder good scented candles are an essential attribute of massage parlors and spa centers, as well as frequent companions of romantic evenings. The main thing is to choose a candle with the right aroma composition to create the right mood.

Light a scented candle in your home to purify the air and fill it with scents and positive energy. This is an ancient remedy for various diseases, meditation, and relaxation. Burning candles create an atmosphere of love and romance.


aroma candles in jars


Benefits of scented candles

Scented candles improve the mood, and the pleasant aroma and pleasant flickering of the candle create a pleasant atmosphere. Choose your favorite scent, from fresh fruit scents to spring floral scents. Some candles are made in candle jars, which can then be used as holders for floating candles. There are two important factors to consider when choosing a scented candle: where do you want to place it and what kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

For example, choose calming ingredients for your bedroom that will help you relax and sleep better. Or you can put a light citrus or mint candle in your bath to make it easier for you to get up in the morning. You can also focus on the seasons: in winter you usually want spicy scents, while in spring you want floral and refreshing scents.


scented pillar candles in a tray


Criteria for choosing a scented candle

The first violin in the aromatic composition is played by candle fragrance oils, which are released when the wax melts and fills the atmosphere with pleasant smells.

Aroma candles are created by professionals, whose task is not only to combine several smells into a single bouquet but also to make sure that when the wick burns, the aromas open up like a flower bud, without the effect of a cloying, suffocating bomb. A good aroma is always unobtrusive, and after the wick is extinguished, the cloud of smell gradually evaporates, leaving barely perceptible notes in the room.


DIY candle in jar


Among the whole variety of aroma candles, everyone can choose an option to their taste. Conventionally, aroma compositions are divided into several categories:

Scents for the cold season. In winter, you want warmth, a cozy blanket, a burning fireplace and a mug of hot tea or mulled wine. Therefore, it is recommended to use candles with the smell of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, orange, ginger, sandalwood, with vanilla and chocolate notes. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, to create a New Year's atmosphere, buy candles with the scent of pine needles and tangerine.

Scents for hot weather. In summer, people long for coolness, which is given to them by candles with the smell of mint, coconut, violet, menthol, and amber, as well as aquatic combinations with the scent of a sea breeze. The desire for coolness is also expressed in the colors of aroma candles. If in winter it is burgundy, chocolate, terracotta, or deep amber, then summer options are usually white, light mint, or bluish.

Today in perfumery there is no longer a division into specifically masculine and clearly feminine fragrances. The world is open to experimentation, and perfumers are increasingly releasing unisex fragrances. This trend is reflected in the production of scented candles. You will find products with the most unexpected combinations, for example, cedar and jasmine or leather, tobacco, and chocolate.

Take into account a few unspoken rules when using scented candles in the interior. For the bedroom, only soothing and relaxing combinations in which lavender, mint, jasmine, juniper, and rosemary are present. Ylang-ylang, cardamom, and rose will add a romantic mood.

Citrus and coniferous smells, as well as notes of lavender, are preferable in the bathroom.

Invigorating compositions with orange, neroli, lemon, and mimosa are better to use for parties, and aroma candles with notes of vanilla and spices work perfectly in the kitchen.


aroma pillar candles with aroma oil


10 ways to make an apartment cozy with scented candles

Lighting a candle is one of the ways to instantly transform an apartment, because with certain scents you will immediately feel relaxed or, conversely, energetic, romantic, or full of creative ideas.

Depending on the room you choose and the mood you want to create, a candle can help you capture the spirit of any ambiance.

Whether you like powdery notes of rose, or you are drawn to the soothing hints of vanilla, or you are already preparing for the New Year holidays... regardless of your preferences among scents, you will agree that nothing beats an evenly flickering flame to create a good mood in the house.

1. Sea salt and rose


rose smelling candle and pink roses


The combination of a floral rose scent and the clean, fresh smell of sea salt with warm candlelight will create a special mood in your home and create a relaxing atmosphere after a long stressful day.

2. Christmas candles


Christmas candles Christmas tree and gifts


Holiday candles are not only bright, tart, and bringing joy to everyone but they fill the air in the apartment with wonderful woody or warm spice notes, suitable for creating a warm and cozy fall atmosphere. Candles, scented with cinnamon, pine, or berries, will make you feel like you're in a fairytale gingerbread house in a magical Christmas forest.

3. Vanilla


vanilla smelling candles in jars vanilla tealight candles placed on top of the books


Sweet spice is one of the best home fragrances because it has soothing properties and is great for relaxing in the evening. It is vanilla oil that has a relaxing and calming effect on the brain and nervous system, relieving unnecessary worries, stress, and excitement.

4. Cotton


bubble candles


Imagine freshly laundered linen swaying restlessly in the fresh morning summer breeze. If you like the scent of freshly laundered clothes, then cotton-scented candles are made for you.

5. Gingerbread


Gingerbread DIY candles Gingerbread-scented candles in jars


The smell of freshly baked gingerbread, soft notes of cinnamon and spices... Just put this candle on the table and turn an ordinary room in the apartment into a warm and cozy world filled with the smells of a family holiday.

6. Lavender and musk


Lavender tealight candles


No time for yoga? Just light a lavender-scented candle. This fragrance can improve concentration in the middle of a workday.

7. Jasmine


Jasmine smelling candles in jars


Floral scents help calm the nerves. Light a jasmine-scented candle when you feel emotional tension or stress.

8. Citrus


Citrus aroma candle in a jar DIY citrus candles on a tray


One of the world's leading aroma therapists, Valerie Ann Worwood, has discovered a strong link between citrus aroma and work efficiency. She proved that lemon scent helped office workers make far fewer common mistakes than usual. Which candle will you choose for your office: orange or pomelo?

9. Bergamot

Need to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries? We advise you to have an aroma candle with the smell of bergamot on hand. You will definitely like this fresh, but completely unobtrusive fragrance.

10. Mint


Mint aroma burning candle on a tray



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