12 outdoor candles to light up your summer nights

12 outdoor candles to light up your summer nights

Sitting outside on a summer evening is one of life's little pleasures.

Candles add a romantic atmosphere to any space, indoor or outdoor. They make fantastic centerpieces, go with any décor style, and come in a lot of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Outdoor candles can do more than just turn your outdoor space into an ambient haven. Many outdoor candles are infused with a citronella scent that deters those pesky insects that seem to appear whenever it gets a little bit warmer. Place several on your patio or alfresco dining set-up, and you'll be sure to be left in peace to enjoy without the worry of bugs invading your retreat.

 Difference between outdoor candles from indoor candles?

Though similar, there are a couple of differences. Many outdoor candles have thicker wicks to prevent rogue gusts of wind from extinguishing the flame. They're often infused with insect-repellent citronella oil to repel mosquitoes, too.

The extra heat which is generated from the big wick will make sure that the candle wax will melt easier, and will be more easily taken in by the wick itself, to make sure the candle burns longer, and at low temperatures.

12 outdoor candles to burn this summer

1. Tealight outdoor candles hanging in the trees


Hanging tealights candles for outdoor decoration outdoor tealight candles


The simplicity and sparkle of tealights can be used to great effect when you hang them from trees. All you need are some small jars and string - or even colorful ribbon - to create a glowing space at your summer party.

2. Candles in wine bottles


cut wine bottles for candle outdoor candles in a wine bottle


Cut wine bottles close to the end and suspend them on a round wrought iron circle to create a unique chandelier. Try alternating candles with plants for a unique look. Multicolor dripping candles will also look amazing.

colorful wax dripping candles

3. Tapers as an outdoor candles


outdoor table decoration with taper candles Taper candles for an outdoor dinner table


An elegant outdoor soirée needs taper candles. Use glass candle holders and tapers in two complementing colors, along with matching table décor, to create a summer party centerpiece that everyone will want to emulate.

4. Rustic wooden outdoor candle centerpiece


outdoor tealight rustic candles rustic outdoor candles decoration


A uniquely shaped piece of beech wood can easily be mounted and have tea light holders attached to create a simple, beautiful centerpiece.

5. Floating candles for an outdoor relaxing mood


floating candles for relaxing mood floating candles in pool


Bowls of floating candles make standout table centerpieces, and you can use different-sized bowls depending on the size of your table. The effect is charming and calming. Select the colors to match your theme, or go for metallic for that extra shine. We love using different-sized floating candles, too.

6. Hanging candles in jars


outdoor hanging candles in jars hanging jar candles


Simple jars are filled with pebbles to hold tealight candles in place. Thick, strong twine is looped around the top and used to suspend each jar from a branch.

7. Pillar candles in lanterns


lanterns for pillar candles outdoor pillar candles in lanterns


Of course, being outside means there’s a risk that a little wind will blow out your candles. To protect them and light up darker corners, put pillar candles in lanterns and dot them around your outdoor space.

8. Tealight candles in parasol


parasol tealight candles holder


Small glass buckets are attached to the top of a parasol via small chains. Candles inside of each jar light the dining area intimately.

9. Candle Chandelier


outdoor candle chandelier


Even a traditional wrought iron chandelier can be an outdoor lighting source. This piece is best tucked beneath a covered patio.

10. Birdcage with flowers and candles


birdcage with flowers and burning candle


An antique birdcage makes for a beautiful and quaint candle holder. Place a few blooms along the bottom and multi colored pillar candles to complete the look.

11. Flower pots with candles


Flower pots with burning candles


Inserting a glass-enclosed candle into the center of any pot of plants creates an elegant addition to your patio and dresses up plain planters.

12. Colorful summer with candles


outdoor table decoration ideas with taper candles


Summer and vibrant colors go hand-in-hand. Pinks, bright blues, yellows, and vivid greens all give that summer vibe. Mix and match different types of candles - pillars, tapers, and tealight candles, for example - and place them on trays around your outdoor space.

Candle safety tips

As beautiful as your outdoor candle setup may be, safety should always be your first concern. A burning candle should never be left unattended, or burned on or near anything that may catch fire. At gatherings, always make sure candles are out of reach of children or pets.

While we encourage the use of creative candle holders, always use one that is specifically designed for candle use. The holder should be heat-resistant, sturdy, and large enough to contain any drips or melted wax. Always place your candles on a stable, heat-resistant surface to avoid heat damage and prevent glass containers from breaking.

Be sure to light for at least four hours the first time you use it, or until it melts from edge to edge. This allows for a clean and even burn, with no wasteful, unappealing tunneling.

To prevent smoking, trim the wick by 3 to 6mm between uses, and always keep candles on a heat-resistant surface so as not to pose a fire risk or damage your garden furniture.

If your candle comes with a lid, replace it after use to protect the surface from dust and preserve its fragrance.

Wedding favor candles to memorialize your special day

Wedding favor candles to memorialize your special day

If you're on the hunt for the perfect guest gifts that uniquely reflect your nuptials and won't end up getting tossed post-reception, then add wedding favor candles to the top of your list. Just think about it - candles can easily be personalized, they're the ideal size for your nearest and dearest to grab on the way out, and, best of all, they obviously smell wonderful, meaning they'll definitely be used following your wedding.

Favor candles are a wonderful way to thank guests after the ceremony. They are also a good choice for those who want to give something to their guests that they'll actually enjoy for months to come.


candle wedding favor


These candles can be customized to complement your wedding style with tins and pretty packaging. How simple is that! These perfectly-sized votive candles will help friends and family fondly reflect on your delightful wedding day, and they're a lovely way to say thank you in a meaningful way.

It’s important to give party favors and wedding favors that your guests will enjoy and find useful.

Why Give Wedding Favor Candles?

Who doesn’t love candles? Candles always make the perfect gift and favor! This is why we suggest you get candles as your wedding favors for your big day.

Candles can be used in every detail of your wedding including your wedding favors.


personalized tealight candle wedding favors


These wedding favors are a great idea because they can also be both expensive and inexpensive depending on what you choose. For a budget-friendly candle favor, consider making them your own and filling them up in pretty containers, they will be less expensive than ordering them.

People love getting candles as a gift. Both men and women consider candles to be an always-acceptable and highly appreciated gift for a wide variety of occasions. Your guests will love to use these wedding favor candles and will remember your wedding every time they light them up.


purple candle as wedding gift


Candles create a special ambiance. They are about as romantic a light source as you can get! Soft, flickering wicks and sweet fragrances mean they make an appearance in pretty much every romantic movie. Maybe you’ve even used them to set the mood for a romantic dinner with your special someone. With candle favors, you can encourage guests to get in the mood post-wedding!

4 basic types of wedding favors

1 Candle favors for the Summer Wedding

A destination wedding is a journey you take with your closest friends and family to a place that calls the wanderlust of you and your partner. Candles in glasses are a great way to remind your guests of the wonderful memories you made, and are sure to become one of their favorite wedding favors!


wedding candles in jars with flowers tealight wedding candles


Candles that feature notes of Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange, Tangerine, Agave, Citrus, Sugar, Lime, and Peach create a warm, tropical scent that relaxes the senses. The sleek back travel tins make them perfect for a destination wedding favor candle.

These aroma candles also make an excellent gift for summer weddings and an option for minimalist candle wedding decorations.

2 Candle favors for the rustic or fall wedding

Whether you’re planning a cozy backyard wedding or a bold barn wedding, your guests will enjoy getting away from the city and spending time celebrating your love story.


rustic tealight wedding candles with dried flowers rustic tealight wedding candles


The candles with the smell of pear, jasmine, nectarine, apricot, vanilla, and vetiver will transport your guests to a land of apple fields, flowers, and beautiful memories of your wedding.

3 Favor candles for winter

For a love that stands tall like a tree and keeps you warm at night, winter weddings are so beautiful and romantic. Many winter candles might lean into more holiday aromas than winter scents.


candles for wedding guests candles with eucalyptus leaves


The candle that features the natural notes of lemon peel, cypress, evergreen, cedar, fir, amber, and moss are equal parts refreshing and welcoming. As your guests burn through each of the wax melts after the wedding, they’ll remember that on a chilly winter night, your love burned bright enough to warm all of your friends and family.

4 Candle favors for an elegant wedding

Elegant couples know that one of the most luxe ways to elevate their wedding is to have a signature scent. The sea salt and orchid scent will remind guests of the champagne they sipped and the smiles they shared on your big day... All the things you want for wedding favors!


orchid candles lavender smell wedding candles on a tray


Candles that feature notes of sea salt, ozone, and jasmine are perfect to memorialize an elegant wedding theme.

While many choose these scents for beautiful wedding candle favors, they are also very popular for bridal shower candle favors.

Wedding candle favors are versatile enough to fit into any wedding mood, not to mention they’re practical and easily personalized.

Light up your wedding guests' hearts with unique wedding favors.

11 Benefits of burning candles in your home

11 Benefits of burning candles in your home

Everyone loves a great-smelling home. Candles are a great addition to any home. While many people love burning candles for the scent, the feel, or to add a relaxing touch during their weekly self-care session, there are many other benefits that candles can provide that you may not have realized. Candles are generally viewed as an aesthetic addition to a home, more décor than anything useful. However, burning candles is providing you with much more than a pleasant scent and fun style.


beeswax burning candle in a jar burning aroma candles


Most people burn candles on the days they want to relax or relieve stress, and while they are generally paired with a glass of wine, a bubble bath, or cuddling on the couch, candles can provide these benefits and more. Many of us have been burning more candles lately and we get why. Especially in times like this, candles can truly affect how we feel in and about our space. As it turns out, lighting a scented candle at home can do much more for you than just make your place smell lovely. If you didn’t know already, here are a few benefits of burning your favorite scented candles.

11 Benefits of burning candles

  1. Increased focus

If you enjoy burning candles around you while you work, you are way ahead of the game! Candles can actually help increase focus and productivity.  This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the benefit of aromatherapy since the scents are what help boost your level of focus. Some scents that can help with your focus include cinnamon, mint, orange, lemon, and rosemary. The soy wax candles use many of these scents, allowing you to find the perfect one to work with. Use this as an excuse to cover your desk in candles and enjoy a bit of improved focus!


benefits of burning candles at home a woman holding a candle jar


  1. Create atmosphere and ambiance

Flickering candlelight creates a lovely ambiance and atmosphere. Adding a candle here and there will soften the space and instantly make it feel warm and welcoming. Scented candles are a real asset and can be placed wherever you want. Candles in the living room create a cozy and warm atmosphere and bathroom candles give you a spa feeling at home. Meanwhile, candles on your dining room table help you achieve that romantic candlelit dinner feel, and kitchen candles spark the atmosphere where we gather the most often and can kill odors.


scented pillar candles to create the perfect atmosphere  tealight candles for good ambiance


  1. Burning candles improve mood

Certain scents have actually been shown to improve mood as well. In one study, participants who were diagnosed with depression found that scents of citrus, mostly lemon, helped improve their mood. They were able to lower their dosage of antidepressants, while also having improved immune function and hormone levels that were better regulated. If you are feeling down and need a pick-me-up, light some lemon or citrus-scented candles, close your eyes, and relax for a while. You will be feeling better in no time!


good mood with scented candles Scents of candles can boost your mood and well-being


  1. Reduce stress

Since candles are able to help you feel better and boost your mood, it makes sense that they can also help you alleviate stress. Many people include candles in their self-care time because they feel as though they help them relax and destress, and they are right! The aromatherapy from candles can help reduce anxiety and depression while allowing you to relax. Scents like lavender, chamomile, and white lilac can help calm your mind, ease anxiety, and reduce stress. Destress after a long day in the office by lighting some candles and closing your eyes for a few minutes.


reduce stress with burning scented candles relaxing aroma candles


  1. Burning candles improve sleep

Another aromatherapy benefit that candles can provide is improved sleep. Since many fragrances can help you destress and relax, it only makes sense that these scents will also help improve your sleep. Light a candle before bed, relax and meditate, and enjoy the scents of these calming essential oils. Just make sure to blow the candle out before you fall asleep!


burning candles and eucalyptus in vase in white bedroom


  1. Meditation and relaxation

Burning candles is practically an integral part of setting up a relaxing ambiance where meditation can be carried out successfully. From visualization exercises to breathing exercises, candles can help to improve your meditation as you focus on the burning flames and the pleasant aroma.

In fact, during yoga and meditation classes it is normal to have several candles lit up to set the right ambiance for meditation.


meditation candles relaxing aroma candles during the spa session


  1. Scented candles stimulate memories

Multiple studies show that scents, emotions, and memories are inexplicably linked to each other. Memories and emotions can be triggered by certain scents, which can help boost your mood and provide you with happy feelings. There have been many studies that have found that smells can trigger emotional memories, which help improve your mood if you are feeling down for whatever reasons. When a scent is connected to a memory, you will be able to trigger those memories and improve your mood.


aroma candles in jars on a the floor


  1. Fragrances

Sometimes a room may feel stuffy. Despite the fact that you open windows and use air fresheners, you may not be able to retain a pleasant smell for long. Candles can prove to be a great option to add a lovely fragrance in your home. There are so many scented candles you can choose from - anything that could possibly come to mind! Burning candles can make your house more welcoming not only because of their lighting but also thanks to their unique, pleasant fragrances and aromas.


aroma candles for fresh air


  1. Prayer and remembrance

Candles are considered to be an important part of setting a place where one can feel calmer and more focused while praying. When you visit churches and shrines, you generally see several candles burning. This is because many devotees use candles as a way to offer prayer, or their thanks, as well as a sign of remembrance.


memorial candles


  1. Decoration

Candles are simple yet stylish décor options. They add a unique finishing touch to a room, and many people love shopping around for different candles to decorate various rooms in their houses. Since the candles you can find for sale range in size, shape, and color, you will be spoilt for choice as you shop around for candles for your home. Candles add softness to a room, and they can complement the style as well as the color scheme of the particular room. They can help you accentuate the style and color of a room and once you light up the candles, the atmosphere in the room will be simply beautiful.


Candle decorations with pinecones


  1. Romance

Since burning candles are able to create a really relaxing ambiance, they are ideal for romantic occasions when you want to achieve that unique setting. A candle in the middle of the table as you have dinner, and a few burning candles dispersed here and there in the bedroom and bathroom will work wonders. And it is not only about the dim light that candles create in the room but also about the aromas and fragrances that you can experiment with. Scented candles are great if you want to invigorate the senses and help you focus on your partner and your romantic evening together!


a couple holding hands under candlelight


Take away

A candle is much more than a fragrant piece of décor. A candle is many things — an olfactory object of expression, a time machine, a therapeutic tool.

The mental health benefits of burning candles are real, according to researchers. Though it might seem silly, the science of candles for health is rooted in the practice of aromatherapy.

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8 best romantic candles to set the mood

8 best romantic candles to set the mood

Properly selected aromas will help to kindle the fire of love and passion and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Seductive and exciting, subtle and enchanting - these are romantic candles for a romantic evening. With their help, it is easy to create a memorable thematic atmosphere that will remain in memory for a long time. Smelling a specific aroma each time, the subconscious mind will return you and your partner to those voluptuous moments spent together.

Don't miss the details about the romantic candles

When choosing aroma candles for romance, it is worth remembering a few rules:

  • do not mix flavors;

smells are needed for a general background that gently complements the general atmosphere, and not a sharp fragrance, from which the head will ache and the couple's well-being will worsen;

  • flickering lights serve as a source of the right mood. They will help create a suitable twilight. It is difficult to resist the temptation and not succumb to emotions in such an atmosphere.


burning aroma candles and dried roses


Romantic candles tune in to a wave of relaxation in a complex way: they affect the sense of smell with pleasant aromas, visual perception with a soft glow, the dance of “live” fire from the wick, and the sound of a crackling wooden wick, like firewood in a fireplace.

The smell of s romantic candle is the base of choice


scented romantic red heart shape candle


The meeting of lovers is filled with the mystery of tenderness, and passion, it always has a mystery and a hint of the erasure of all boundaries and prohibitions. Scented candles for a romantic evening should be chosen with the idea of ​​complete relaxation for both partners.

What smells are considered the most seductive and romantic?


tealight aroma candle with sandalwood smell


Spicy oriental fragrances with woody accords and a musky trail. Sandalwood, patchouli, tonka beans, cinnamon, and musk are the so-called aphrodisiacs.


romantic candles


Floral compositions and mono-aromas. Jasmine, royal rose, incomparable magnolia, vanilla, ylang-ylang.

Knowing all these, first ask your partner about his/her preferences in aromas, so that the evening is pleasant for both. A particular smell has a certain effect. The most seductive scents are verbena, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and lavender. Lavender, mandarin, lemon balm, and orange blossom soothe and relax. Grapefruit, sandalwood, cinnamon, and rosemary tone and relieve fatigue.

You can combine candles with different fragrances or choose ready-made compositions designed specifically for a particular occasion.

What’s the ideal style for a romantic candle?

When planning a romantic evening, it is important to create a harmonious atmosphere. An interesting aroma is backed up by a perfect picture. It is better to duplicate aroma candles for a date, and use several small models, placing them around the perimeter of the space. A light flicker of fire will create a soft twilight, smooth out all corners, and tune in to a wave of rapprochement.


aroma candles in stylish candlesticks scented candles for creating romance


Manufacturers offer modern aroma candles in stylish candlesticks of various shapes and sizes. Glass solutions convey all the beauty of the play of flame and the glare of melted wax, its color. It is easy to choose candles for a specific interior space. Neutral shades of white, delicate pinks or passionate reds, unusual blacks, and grays - the color of the candles is variable. You can choose them for specific interior items or décor, create stylish compositions based on them, or simply use them standalone.

8 romantic candle scents

1 Romantic candles with lavender


create romance with tealight lavender smell candles


When it comes to the most used aroma scents, lavender tops the list. Many people know lavender for its sweet scent and color. Apart from these, lavender has a soothing and calming effect on the body. It decreases heart rate and blood pressure helping you to reach a relaxed state. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Light up a candle with a lavender scent or place a handful of dried Lavender near your seating to reach that perfect relaxed state on your important evening. The fragrance is sure to put you and your partner in a perfect mood.

2 Cinnamon


Cinnamon smell candles for romantic dinner romantic Cinnamon smell candles


Cinnamon is a common spice used in cooking but do you know what effect cinnamon scent can leave on you? Cinnamon scent can be used as a physical and emotional stimulant. The sweet and warm smell of cinnamon helps you to concentrate better on the task that you are performing. Grab that cinnamon-scented candle to make your evening a perfect one.

3 Vanilla


tealight vanilla candles for romantic dinner vanilla scented heart romantic candles


When discussing romantic candle scents, the opulent aroma of vanilla shouldn't be overlooked.

Vanilla is widely associated with being a pleasure-inducing aroma. This scent creates an inviting mood and would be a lovely aroma to fill your dining room dinner with your sweetheart.

When done right, the smell of vanilla is sweet, creamy, and comforting, with a hint of exotic spices. This scent is known for being rich and seductive, making it a perfect candidate to add to your sexy and romantic candle collection.

Vanilla gets its vivacious smell from the compound vanillin. The presence of vanillin in pure vanilla extract evokes warmth, happiness, and relaxing sensations throughout the body. A powerful aphrodisiac, vanilla is known to boost libido.

4 Rose


rose smell candles and chocolate rose smell romantic candles


Now, who doesn’t like to see a bunch of bright-colored and sweet-smelling roses on his or her date? Rose is always the first choice in flowers when a person wants to invoke feelings of romance and love, they are said to be a synonym for romance since ever. So what if you can’t get the opportunity to grab those natural flowers, you can always get a rose-scented candle to impress your partner. Rose scent is related to joy, happiness, hope, and love. Like lavender, rose also has a soothing and calming effect on the body and mind. If you want to try a no-fail formula to win your date, you must go with rose-scented candles.

5 Citrus (Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Lime)


lemon smell pillar candles


Do you just love that sharp citrusy smell when someone is peeling an Orange? Does it make you feel happy and energetic? Then, citrus-scented candles are the perfect choice for your special date. The citrus scent has a light summery aroma and is known to have an energizing and uplifting effect on the mind and body. Many options are available in citrus scents like orange, lemon, grapefruit, and lime. All these scents are sharp, pungent, and sweet which revives your mind and body. Your partner and you are sure to get in the mood for romance if you use these candles.

6 Peppermint


Peppermint smell candle in a jar


Who doesn’t like an instant cooling sensation on a hot day? Peppermint scent is known to relieve anybody’s tension and sore muscles with its soothing and calming effect. It is known to manage stress and nervousness. So if you are going on your first date and are a bit nervous or it’s a hot day and you don’t want to spoil your date, you can always go for peppermint-scented candles to light up your and your partner’s mood.

7 Ylang Ylang

The sweet and floral fragrance of ylang-ylang has a soothing effect that makes it popular for romance. Its scent is known to calm anxiety and release inhibitions. Some people might find this fragrance bit strong but it makes a perfect blend with strong citrus oils. You can always make your evening a memorable one with an overwhelming scent of ylang-ylang. It will fill your space with a sweet, exciting and romantic scent that calms and stimulates the senses, making the experience intense.

8 Jasmine


Jasmine tealight candles in jar


One can never go wrong with jasmine as a fragrance for any special event. It is one of the favorite scents when it comes to romance. The scent of Jasmine works as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. It promotes confidence and eases anxiety to give you that sense of relaxation. Its warm, seductive, and sweet aroma has a balancing effect on the nervous system. If you want to uplift your partner’s mood on your date, go ahead by lighting a beautiful jasmine-scented candle.


Aromas have a positive effect on the human mind and body. They help us to free ourselves from dark thoughts and replace them with beautiful memories. These days, the majority of people want not only beauty in a candle but a scent that can make them relax and uplift their mood after a hectic day. You have to have a perfect mood to romance with your partner. For that, you search for a perfect restaurant. You can always get that ambiance anywhere by just lighting up an appropriate scent candle. You can also prepare a date night at your home by just using some of these romantic candles.

The benefits of incense for the body, mind, and soul

The benefits of incense for the body, mind, and soul

Why do we burn incense? Someone uses them to aromatize the house, someone to relax, someone to find spiritual harmony. Indeed, all this can be easily achieved with the right incense, be it incense sticks, incense, etc. Recently, scientists have begun discussions that incense has a beneficial effect on the brain.

Since time immemorial, incense has accompanied various religious rites. Besides the fact that incense is a sacred offering and a way to honor God, it also cleanses us from the inside - fragrant smoke burns out everything negative that is inside us, and refreshes both on a physical and mental level.


home incense kit


How incense affects a person

One of the benefits of incense is that its smoldering smell has an antidepressant effect. The same fact was recently proved by scientists from a research university in Baltimore. Research has shown that burning incense activates ion channels in the brain, which in turn reduces anxiety and depression.

Incense, as a rule, consists of natural aromatic substances, which naturally create one or another response in us. And what it will be depends on the smell itself. The science of aromatherapy is based on the same property of aromas.

Almost all incense helps to relax and gently relieve stress. Sandalwood, like frankincense, reduces tension in the body and mind, helps to gain awareness, and increases creativity. No wonder incense is often used during meditation.

Cinnamon helps to focus attention, cedar helps to eliminate sadness and sorrow, saffron helps to cultivate a sense of compassion, and jasmine promotes creativity and gives a sense of self-confidence.


how to improve your meditation with incense


Incense is divided into groups according to their properties:

Stimulants - increase concentration, improve memory, eliminate depression, and give vigor and efficiency. These include aromas of cedar, lemongrass, lemon, fennel, mandarin, orange, patchouli, cinnamon, rosemary, rhododendron, magnolia, camphor, and sandalwood.

Adaptogens - normalize the work of the nervous system, and increase sociability. Mint, lavender, savory, laurel, jasmine, rose, myrrh, oregano, almond.

Soothing - used for mental and physical overwork, stress, and depression. Chamomile, geranium, neroli, lemon balm, sandalwood, tea tree, lotus, orchid, marjoram.

Protection – from energy vampirism, envy, malevolence

Restore the aura - jasmine, lemon balm, almond, sage, carnation, rose, opium, rosemary, juniper, frankincense, and lemon. In cold weather, it is recommended to use: eucalyptus, almonds, cinnamon, geranium, camphor, rose, and aphrodesia. In the warm season: sandalwood, frankincense, hyacinth, violet, magnolia, lemon, bergamot, lavender. Musk is the strongest aphrodisiac.


benefits of burning incense


Many types of incense are suitable for daily use at home. Bamboo-based Indian incense sticks are the most common: they are inexpensive and readily available, and the palette of their aromas is endlessly diverse. Incense for daily home use is created, as a rule, taking into account the principles of Feng Shui. It has a deep aroma with subtle perils of shades and has a harmonizing effect on the atmosphere of the house. In Japan, burning incense is as much an art as a tea ceremony, calligraphy, or ekibana.
If you do not know which incense to choose for your home, try to recognize "family" fragrances that improve mutual understanding between family members and create the energy of warmth, comfort, and light in the house: jasmine, orange, musk, tangerine, coconut, incense, lemon, sandalwood, myrrh, as well as mixtures of these smells.


Incense cones with burning candles


Incense is one of the most versatile and "win-win" gifts, but when choosing it, it is important to take into account the interests of the person to whom your gift is intended so that it is liked and remembered for a long time. If the preferences of the recipient of the gift are unknown, then a woman can safely give incense with floral aromas or vanilla, chocolate. Incense with discreet, "woody" aromas (pine, cedar "dragon's blood", sandalwood, etc.) are suitable for a man.
A universal gift - incense, aromatic oils with "delicious" smells, such as chocolate, vanilla, orange, cinnamon, and others. If you are planning to give incense as a gift, do not forget to give both a stand for them and an aroma lamp at the same time - this will complete the gift and demonstrate your attention and care. It is especially important to add a coaster to a gift of incense, which is not available in every home.


benefits of lavender incense


Incense is ideal for spiritual practices and meditations. Since ancient times, they have been created as a means of healing the body and spirit, therefore they contain exclusively natural, often very rare components that have powerful healing and sacred properties. The aroma of incense is never sweet or "perfume-like" - it is a discreet, noble, and pure aroma of plants growing in a harsh climate. Also, a variety of incense, especially “temple” and sandalwood, are suitable to create an atmosphere for meditation.
Other types of incense that are most often recommended for meditation are aromas that allow you to enrich your spirit and energy, to achieve a harmonious merging with the outside world. These are sandalwood, myrrh, pine, musk, neroli, juniper, rose, rhododendron, etc.


incense has an antidepressant effect


The effect of incense on the human body

Incense has a general harmonizing effect and helps to increase the flow of energy into the body. It is recommended to use to increase efficiency, and relaxation, as an attraction of the opposite sex, get rid of negative emotions and unpleasant thoughts, and are also actively used for energy cleansing of space.

In order for incense to have only a positive effect, it is important to choose high-quality incense, otherwise, dangerous carcinogens can be released into the air during their burning. If during the burning of incense, you feel a sore throat, headache, or heaviness of breathing, then immediately extinguish them and ventilate the room.

The benefits of aroma candles for mental health and good mood

The benefits of aroma candles for mental health and good mood

Aroma candles not only light up a room, but they also bring pleasant scents into your home. Some studies show that scented candles, which contain natural essential oils, not only freshen the air but can also affect your mood. For example, by activating some parts of the brain that signal the body to relax, aroma candles can help elevate mood and reduce stress levels.

Lower blood pressure with an aroma candle

It has been suggested that some scented aromatherapy candles can temporarily lower blood pressure. During the study, some volunteers breathed in the scent of some aroma candles when their stress level was higher than normal, and their blood pressure dropped by 3-5 points, which usually happens after a long meditation session.


The aroma of spiced apples has been found to be particularly effective. When high blood pressure is lowered under the influence of a scented candle, you feel relaxed and, most likely, a surge of good mood.

Aroma candles against insomnia


lavender scented pillar candles Sandalwood scented candle in a container


Aroma candle lovers have reported that certain scents help them fall asleep more easily in the evening. Lavender and sandalwood have been found to be calming and reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that the smell of lavender helps fall asleep many people with sleep disorders. In addition, both lavender and sandalwood promote deeper and more restful sleep. After a good night's sleep, you will feel fresh and energized throughout the day. The smell of lavender has also been shown to help a person think more positively.

Aroma candle for relieving depression


aroma candles in jars with vanilla smell cedar scented candles


Bear in mind that depression is a serious illness that requires professional medical treatment. Aromatherapy will not help you get rid of it. But inhaling the scent of aroma candles will provide temporary relief for people suffering from depression. The aromas of peppermint, lemon, chamomile, and jasmine help boost mood by activating the endocrine system, forcing the brain to relieve tension, and nervousness and get rid of negative emotions. Because the sense of smell is directly connected to the emotional center of the brain, certain scents, including cinnamon, vanilla, rose, and cedar can alleviate some symptoms of depression by activating happy memories.

Increase energy levels


grapefruit smell candle in a jar lemon scented candle with lemons aside


Scented candles improve mood by boosting energy levels. Citrus aromas, including grapefruit, orange, and lemon, make a person feel delighted, cheerful, and positive throughout the day. Studies conducted in Japan have shown that inhaling the smell of citrus fruits improves immunity, which helps protect the body from diseases. In a healthy body, energy levels will be higher. The aroma of grapefruit in particular well activates the feeling of joy and happiness, which makes a person cheerful and energetic. And the smell of peppermint acts as a stimulant that helps fight drowsiness.

8 benefits of aroma candles for mental health

1. Candles can help to improve mood


Improve your mood with aroma candles


One of the main benefits of candles for mental health is their ability to improve mood. The scent of candles can help to calm and relax the mind, making it a popular choice for aromatherapy. This can be especially helpful in cases of anxiety or depression, as it can help to promote positive emotions.

2. Candles can help to reduce stress


relaxing aroma candles


Stress is one of the leading causes of mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Candles can help to reduce stress by providing a calming and relaxing scent. This can be especially helpful in cases where stress is causing physical symptoms, such as headaches or muscle tension.

3. Candles can help to improve concentration


Candles can help to improve concentration


Concentration can be a challenge for people with mental health problems. However, the scent of candles can help to improve concentration by providing a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This can be helpful in cases where the focus is needed in order to complete tasks or studies.

4. Candles can help to reduce anxiety


Reduce anxiety with aroma candles


Anxiety is a common problem for people with mental health problems. The scent of candles can help to reduce anxiety by providing a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This can be helpful in cases where anxiety is causing physical symptoms, such as shortness of breath or heart palpitations.

5. Candles can help to promote sleep


Candles can help to promote sleep


Insomnia is a common problem for people with mental health problems. The scent of candles can help to promote sleep by providing a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This can be helpful in cases where insomnia is caused by stress or anxiety.

6. Candles can help to create a relaxing atmosphere


create a relaxing atmosphere with aroma candles


The scent of candles can help to create a relaxing atmosphere, which can be helpful for people with mental health problems. This can be helpful in cases where relaxation is needed, such as before bed or during meditation.

  1. Candles are affordable and accessible

One of the best things about candles is that they are affordable and accessible. This means that anyone can benefit from their therapeutic properties, regardless of budget or location.

  1. Candles can be used in combination with other therapies

Candles can be used in combination with other therapies, such as counseling or medication. This can help to improve the effectiveness of treatment and provide a more holistic approach.


The benefits of aroma candles for mental health are vast and varied. Candles can help to improve mood, reduce stress, improve concentration, reduce anxiety, promote sleep, and create a relaxing atmosphere.

They are affordable and accessible, making them a popular choice for people with mental health problems. Aroma candles can be used in combination with other therapies to provide a more holistic approach to treatment.

Wax candles: what are they and how to use them?

Wax candles: what are they and how to use them?

Before, wax candles were used to light rooms, but today they are more often used for decorative purposes. They create a romantic and cozy atmosphere, and also perfectly calm the nervous system. Moreover, candlelight will allow you to rest your eyes.

The characteristics of wax candles

With the development of modern technology, the composition of candles, as well as their shape and design, gradually changed. In addition, depending on the composition, the melting point of the wax changes, as well as the duration of the burning of the candle.


burning taper candles in candleholders


There are different types of wax and all wax options have a pleasant smell, which can be improved by adding candle fragrance oils.

Candles will allow you to create a fabulous atmosphere, emphasize the excellent taste of the owners of the house, and complement even the most modest interior. Moreover, such decorative lighting will be a great surprise that any connoisseur of comfort and warmth will appreciate.

Making wax candles is gaining popularity as a hobby and an additional small income. You can also have a fun craft activity with your kids.


making candles with your kids

What are candles made of?

The modern market offers a wide range of materials used for the production of candles. In addition to traditional wax, paraffin, soy wax, beeswax, and other wax blends are used, which have their own advantages over classic wax options. Let’s take a look at some of their main compositions and characteristics.

Beeswax. This is a natural and environmentally friendly product, which is characterized by long and bright burning and a pleasant smell. Interestingly, such candles smell even when unlit, and if you are sensitive to smells, you will notice their slight honey aroma. In addition, beeswax candles are good for health.


beeswax candles in different shapes


beeswax candles in jars tealight and pillar beeswax candles


Soy and palm wax. These are natural candles that, when burned, do not emit harmful substances and do not create soot. In the production of candles, they can easily be supplemented with fragrance oils and other candle additives.


soy wax burning candles


scented soy wax candle in a jar  soy wax candles for home decoration


Coconut wax. Such candles are most often handmade, and therefore their price can be higher compared to other candles. When burned, coconut candles release a pleasant coconut scent, making them a great option for aromatherapy. Coconut oil is taken as the basis for the production of such candles, so they are environmentally friendly.


coconut wax candle in a jar scented coconut wax candles


Advantages of wax candles

  • High melting point and bright burning.
  • A wide selection of wax options and their environmental friendliness.
  • Pleasant smell: wax candles can be supplemented with various aromatic additives.
  • They have a soothing and calming look.
  • Wide range of colors.

Original design. Today it is easy to choose a candle for every taste. In the modern market, we can find candles of both the usual options as well as non-standard shapes with various decorative elements.

Affordable price. Thanks to mass production, everyone can purchase wax candles, only handmade candles with a unique design are distinguished by a high price.


benefits of wax candles burning aroma candle


Wax candles: sizes and shapes

Today, manufacturers create candles of various shapes and sizes. Depending on your personal preferences and purpose, you can easily choose the best option.

The largest candle in the world was created specifically for the Muslim holiday in 2005 in Bahrain. Its height was 239 feet, and it had about 14 thousand wicks. This candle was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Another interesting fact: the largest square candle in the world was created in Los Angeles by General Wax and Candle Company. The locals call the candle the "Nui Kukui" which means big candle in Hawaiian and there is a challenge behind the candle: It is free of charge if you can carry it out by yourself (no equipment allowed). The candle weighs 3000 lbs., and has 165 lbs. of fragrance. The candle makers used a rope for the wick because there wasn't a large enough wick to burn it with.


the largest square candle in the world


Ordinary candles are most often produced with a diameter of up to 4”, but larger decorative options are also available. Candles of the usual size decorate shelves, cabinets, tables, and other surfaces. And larger ones, as a rule, are used as floor décor.


burning pillar candles in square glasses pillar candles for shelves decoration


Products vary in height. For décor, they can use both flat versions of a small height, as well as thin or thick tall candles.

As for the form, then the choice is varied. Classic candles are round, square, or cone-shaped. Such options look stylish and perfectly complement any interior.

But modern manufacturers did not stop there and created a large number of options for non-standard forms. Today you can find models in the form of silhouettes of people, animals, buildings, dishes, and other forms. These are not only things and objects that exist in our world, but also all kinds of abstract figures and fictional characters. Figured candles will be the perfect decoration for interiors in modern styles, as they look bright and original.


animal shaped candles tulip flower shape candles


Wax candle design

New unexpected design solutions appear every year. Candles have become not only an integral element of the décor but also the decoration of the interiors of restaurants, and studios for photo shoots as well as various celebrations.

An unusual design can be achieved by using several colors in a candle that form an interesting abstraction. The multi-colored options look bright and fun. Often plain candles are decorated with original drawings that are applied directly to them.

Another interesting solution would be to use leaves, grass, or flowers in wax. When burned, dried flowers will create a pleasant aroma.


decorating candles with dried flowers eco style soy wax candles


For eco-style, candles decorated with burlap will look perfect. It can be tied around the candle and secured with ribbons, bows, buttons, flowers, or small clocks.

The candlestick can be decorated with salt, sugar or other materials. Dried flowers or small shells are perfect for this.

The candles themselves are often decorated with sparkles. They are easy to apply to them at home with a simple glue. Black or white options with bright sparkles will give a chic look.

Decoupage is another decorating method that will help you create an option in any style and color.

Natural cinnamon sticks, which can be used to decorate a candle or a candlestick, will not only create an original decoration but also act as a room fragrance.


wax candles with cinnamon sticks


For coffee lovers, products decorated with coffee beans are an excellent option. They can be poured into a container or glued over a candlestick.


tealight candle in jar with coffee beans


You can buy handmade candles made from natural citruses. Wax is poured into the peel of lemons, oranges, and other fruits, creating a stylish solution for a vibrant kitchen.


DIY citrus candles scented citrus candles


Candle burn time

Wax candles are characterized by a long burning process, as a result of which carbon dioxide is released in small volumes. Therefore, wax options are safe for human health and the environment. However, depending on the selected material, the melting point of the wax and the composition of the components released into the air change.


How long can a candle burn


It is important to remember that all wax products should not be left in the sun as they may melt and lose their attractive appearance.

How to use candles correctly?

All wax candles have the same usage. The wick is set on fire with a lighter or matches, which burns by slowly melting the wax.

To make the use of candles as safe as possible, you should follow simple rules:

  • do not put candles on uneven and staggering surfaces;
  • do not leave them near curtains, and other flammable things;
  • do not leave them unattended and allow children to play with them;
  • you should not take them out into the street or terrace in windy weather, but if you do this, you need to carefully monitor it.

Following these simple guidelines, can protect yourself and your family from the risk of fire or burns.

Beautiful examples

Wax options in high flasks, decorated with snow-white rose petals, will help create a unique path at a wedding or other celebration.


wedding stairs decoration with pillar candles


To create a romantic atmosphere on the terrace, options of different sizes and diameters are perfect.


romantic atmosphere with candles


Natural candles in unusual candlesticks with pebbles and flowers will be a stylish and original addition to the interior.

Using a large number of wax candles will allow you to create a unique design for a walk-through room in a restaurant or a hotel.

Natural candles of different diameters, installed in stylish high candlesticks, are perfect for a stylish white interior.

With the help of a vase, candlesticks, and wax candles, you can create a delicate table decoration in the living room.

You can diversify your interior with the help of such unique products.

How to decorate wedding candles with your own hands

How to decorate wedding candles with your own hands

A wedding is considered the most solemn event in the life of every person, therefore, its preparation must be taken responsibly, paying attention not only to the dress, hairstyle, makeup, but also to the design of décor elements. Candles are an important attribute of a wedding ceremony. They symbolize the sincere love of the young couple, and their future life together.


floating candles for wedding table decoration pillar candles in jars for wedding decoration


Wedding candles can be purchased at the store or made by yourself. At the same time, the latter option is more popular, since it allows you to decorate the wedding table at the request of the newlyweds, as well as prepare the attributes for the performance of an ancient tradition, according to which parents light a candle and pass it on to the younger generation as a symbol of the hearth.

Peculiarities of decorating wedding candles

Wedding candles are an original type of decoration that gives the celebration a touch of sophistication and chic. This accessory can have various shapes, carved, textured or smooth surfaces. Beautiful décor can be made with openwork or satin fabric, colored rhinestones, feathers, beads, or ribbons.


DIY wedding floating candles decoration with beads wedding pillar candle with pink ribbon


Paraffin is usually chosen as a material for candles since it is an ecological raw material and, according to the attachments, is able to drive away negative energy from lovers. You can also choose other candle wax for making your own candles, whichever you feel comfortable with.

It has become a tradition to store and light wedding candles for each anniversary of a life lived together.

Gel candles are an interesting choice here. They are available in a variety of colors, so you can easily find the right option for any design. If the wedding ceremony is going to be in bright colors, then you can purchase pink, green, red, or orange soy wax candles. They have no smell and are easily supplemented with the necessary paraphernalia.

Candle decorations for a wedding can be purchased ready-made or made with your own hands. Details are selected not only by taking into account the taste preferences of the young. Decorating wedding candles, regardless of the material of manufacture, should be in harmony with the rest of the wedding design items. To get a unified style, it is necessary to take into account the decoration of champagne bottles, wedding glasses, and textile features (tablecloths, napkins).

FYI, when decorating a corner of the “family hearth” in the hall, it is advisable to choose wide and low candles.


the newly weds holding unity candles


Different options to decorate wedding candles

Self-decorated wedding candles are different from candles purchased in a store. They contain not only originality and unique charm, but they also have a piece of love that you invest while creating them. There are two ways to decorate wedding candles at home:

  • buy a simple candle and design it with an unusual decoration, or:
  • make your own candle with a desirable style.


DIY Wedding Candles


The second option is considered the most difficult one, as it requires special skills, but it is characterized by many advantages. For example, the product can be made in any color and shape. At the same time, it is worth noting that pillar candles are the easiest to decorate and fit perfectly into any style.

To create your own wedding candle and then decorate it yourself, you need to follow a few steps.

First, cut the wax into small pieces. Prepare the mold for filling. You can pre-attach jewelry in the form of rhinestones, beads, or beads to the edges. Heat the mold on fire and pour the melted wax into it.


small pieces of wax for DIY wedding candles


Then leave it to cool in a room at room temperature. Remove the candle from the mold carefully so as not to damage the wick. You can simplify this by lowering the mold into hot water.

The process of making a candle ends with the creative stage, which is the most interesting part. You need to prepare buttons, ribbons, lace, rhinestones, wrapping paper, beads, and other details that are at hand. Most often, wedding candles are decorated with painting, modeling, and decoupage.

Compositions can be completely different, but when choosing them, it is necessary to take into account the theme of the celebration. The right decision would be the design in the form of hearts, swans, wedding rings, and angels. In order for the decor to last for a long time, it is recommended to cover it with stained glass paint. It will provide the details with a secure fit and give the product a shiny look.


DIY wedding candles with ribbon


Decorating wedding candles on your own can seem overwhelming, but it can be done with the right supplies and patience. First of all, you should decide on the color and style of the candle. Decor elements should be in harmony with the overall color scheme of the holiday, and match the color of the textiles on the tables. After that, it remains to purchase your candle wax and follow a few steps.


materials for decorating wedding candles


If you are planning to have a drawing on the candle, apply the contours of the future drawing to the surface of the candle with a needle. It can be different figures, corresponding to the style of the wedding. Popular options are doves and hearts.


DIY wedding candles with pictures


Then the resulting outlines are decorated with beads of the same size. Outside the composition, you can put small dots and fill them with multi-colored rhinestones or beads. The needle must be preheated. In addition, beautiful flowers, curls, or leaves can also be painted on a candle with nail polish.

The final touch will be the decoration of the candle with a satin ribbon, which is attached directly to the base.


satin ribbon wedding candles


You will create a romantic design by decorating the wedding candles with lace. This design is simple to implement, looks beautiful, and is inexpensive. For this design, you need a small piece of white lace fabric. They cover the base of the candle. In the center, strapping is done with a satin ribbon of any shade.


DIY unity candles with lace wedding lace candles


You can add roses or bows between the fabric and the ribbon. Figurines in the form of angels, wedding hearts or swans will help to complement the accessory.


DIY wedding candle with rose wedding candle decoration with your own


In addition, we must not forget about decorating the candle with rhinestones or beads.

Candles decorated in a marine theme will pleasantly surprise guests at the wedding ceremony.

This idea is especially relevant for celebrations that take place in the summer. From a blue wax and a simple set of materials, you can create a real sea fairy tale. Such candles will complement the festive table in an original way and will become the main highlight of the decoration of the celebration.

Wedding table decoration with candles

Delicate sparkling products near flower arrangements will look very beautiful on the wedding table. Often they are placed in the center of the table or on its edges. The more candles there are on the table, the richer and more festive it will look. After the wedding ceremony, such candles can be used for the hearth. With their presence, the house will be filled with warmth and comfort.


floating candles for wedding table decoration wedding tables decoration with taper candles and flowers

Home candles. 5 secrets on how to handle candles

Home candles. 5 secrets on how to handle candles

Since the invention and introduction of such a miracle as electricity into our everyday life, home candles began to perform an exclusively decorative function. Of course, if there are frequent power outages in the house, they can help out in a difficult situation, but in this case, household candles come to save us. In addition to household candles, there are also scented candles, floating ones, and those that decorate the interior without even being lit. The most important difference is the size and shape. Let’s take a look at some types of home candles which can be found in almost every home.

Taper candles


taper candles for home interior on candlesticks taper candles for interior with flowers


Long and thin candles in the form of a cone or cylinder are called taper candles. They will fit into the interiors very harmoniously in classical styles, and candlesticks play a huge role in this case. Tall and heavy metallic chandeliers will add seriousness to the interior, while glass and elegant ones will add lightness and playfulness. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier, it is important to consider the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and the overall décor style to ensure that the chandelier complements the space and creates the desired ambiance.


taper burning candles for home interior taper candles on iron candle holders


Taper candles are also used in interiors that gravitate towards artificially aged elegant things: retro, vintage, and shabby chic. Then a shabby candlestick, covered with patina, should serve as a stand for an almost burnt-out candle, and the wax from it should hang like lace around. In this case, it is better to compose compositions from taper candles and hemp, combining different heights and scales.

Pillar candles


burning pillar candles home decor with pillar candles


There is no necessity to use candle holders for pillar candles. However, if you want to decorate them further, this can be done with a stable candle holder with a flat base or a simple glass container (leaving the top open, of course).

Pillar candles look great in shallow vases filled with decorative elements: twigs, berries, shells, or anything else.

These home candles are considered the basis for interior décor. For example, by gluing some cinnamon sticks to a pillar candle, you will get excellent décor for the New Year's table. It is most convenient to decorate such candles using the decoupage technique.


pillar candles in square glass holders lit pillar candles on a marble table


A large number of pillar candles placed on a platform can make up an entire chandelier. They burn for a long time, and the atmosphere is amazing. This idea fits perfectly into the rustic style.

There are many different types of compositions that can be made via these home candles. They look especially charming in a fake fireplace.

Tealight candles

Paraffin-embedded in an aluminum tablet base is the most economical type of candle. These tealight candles burn very quickly, so they are usually sold in large packages. This is the most versatile format for closed candlesticks style, where the flickering light and the candlestick are more important than the candle itself.

Tealight candles perfectly stay on the surface of the water. Therefore, you can play on the contrast of the elements and let them swim in dishes or vases with water, or even in the bathroom.


floating tealight candles for home interior floating tealight candles with roses for bathroom decoration


Try to make eco-style candlesticks yourself: What do you think about DIY wooden candlesticks? A tealight will be the best solution for them, due to its compactness.

Home candles of a unique shape


geometric shaped candles


Sometimes real works of art are made from paraffin. It’s even a pity to burn them. You just want to place them on the shelves and admire them.

5 secrets on how to handle your favorite home candles to enjoy every second!

  1. If you light a paraffin or vegetable wax candle, let it burn longer the first time, at least an hour: this will allow the wax to melt evenly and avoid the formation of a hole near the wick. Coconut and soy waxes are very delicate, they begin to melt immediately and evenly.
  2. Before you light a candle, be sure to trim the wick: this way you will avoid an unpleasant smell in the first moments. It is the decayed wick that distorts the smell of your favorite candle and it also creates soot.
  3. If the candle crackles, the wick does not burn out, and it starts smoking and charring: the candle must be extinguished and the wick cut off. You can do this with a special wick trimmer.


candle wick cutter Candle Snuffer


  1. Do not blow out the candle. In order to extinguish the candle, use special extinguishers or cover the candle with a lid: oxygen will stop flowing, and the candle will immediately stop burning. This will help prevent the wick from smoldering, which is usually what gives off a bad smell when you blow out the candle.
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to light a candle in a deep glass: if the candle is not new, it can be difficult to reach the wick. In this case, special matches for candles (they are much longer than usual) and a candle lighter with a long nozzle will come to the rescue.

Candles are leaders in creating a romantic atmosphere: turn off the lights, light a few candles and the room will be transformed. You can’t imagine any holiday without home candles, especially New Year and Christmas, when, in addition to a special mood, you really want comfort and warmth. Let the candles in your house be lit more often, this does not necessarily need a reason.


How to make multi-color Easter candles

How to make multi-color Easter candles

Easter is the cleanest, brightest, and kindest spring holiday when we visit each other, give gifts, and decorate our homes with Easter festive décor. Most of us associate this holiday with a fragrant, rich, Easter cake, bright, painted eggs, and Easter candles. Previously, only church candles were lit for this holiday, but today, Easter is decorated with a wide variety of decorative candles, in the form of Easter animals, eggs, baskets, etc. Easter candles can be purchased in stores or made by yourself with your own hands at home. Here are some tips on how to make eggshell candles of your own.


DIY egg shaped colorful candles  


DIY Easter egg candles


These colorful egg-shaped candles add a delightful touch to any decor. Molded in real eggshells and dyed with natural colors, these candles are amazingly easy to make. And the moment when you crack open the shell to get the finished candle out of it feels like magic! Even the Easter Bunny would be impressed.


green pillar candles for Easter table decoration with rabbits and eggs


Easter candles: Materials and tools:

  • chicken eggs;
  • medium grit sandpaper;
  • a knife with a sharp end and a regular kitchen knife;
  • candle wicks;
  • scissors
  • ordinary wax candles;
  • colorful wax crayons of bright colors;
  • masking or insulating tape;
  • clothespins;
  • empty cans;
  • wooden stir stick;
  • a large saucepan for melting wax in cans;
  • a metal ruler;
  • regular hair dryer;
  • empty egg carton.

Step 1: Remove the contents of the egg from the shell.


Removing the contents of the eggs from the shell


With medium grit sandpaper (120 grit sandpaper is used in this example), gently sand the two opposite ends of the egg. Sanding the ends makes them a little thinner, making it easier to make holes in the shell.

Gently holding the egg with one hand, place the tip of the knife on the sharp end of the egg and rotate the blade until it pierces the shell. Then turn the blade to enlarge the hole so that it is about the same diameter as the wick of your future candle.

Flip the egg over with the blunt end and repeat the process to make a second hole in the shell. On the blunt end of the egg, you will need a larger hole for the wax to fill in, so widen the hole about 0.4” with a knife. Don't worry if the hole doesn't come out nice and even. Then shake the egg over the container to remove the yolk and white, which you can use to make a delicious omelet. Wash the empty shell with hot soapy water and let it dry completely overnight.

Step 2: Insert the candle wick.


candle wick for DIY eggs candles


Cut a piece of candle wick so that it is about 5 to 7 centimeters longer than the egg. Candle wicks in spools can be easily purchased at an arts and crafts store. Insert the wick into the smaller hole at the pointed end of the egg, using the tip of a knife to help push the wick into the shell.

Keep pushing the wick inward until you can hook it in and pull it out of the larger hole on the opposite side of the egg. The wick should protrude from the shell by about 2” – 2.7” on both sides of the shell.

Step 3: Seal the small hole in the pointed end of the egg.

making an egg shaped candle


Since we will be pouring wax into the large hole at the blunt end of the egg, the smaller hole at the other end must be sealed so that the wax does not leak out. Seal the hole securely with masking tape. Lay several strips of tape on top of each other to securely cover the hole.

Attach a clothespin to the wick coming out of the wider hole to keep the wick from slipping back into the shell. The clothespin will also come in handy later when we fill the shell with melted wax.

Step 4: Prepare the wax.


Prepare the wax for Easter candle


Paraffin wax will be perfect for this project, but it's just as easy, and sometimes cheaper, to use wax from regular candles you have at home. If you use candles, make sure they are white or natural. With a regular kitchen knife, scrape the wax off the sides of the candle until you get the right amount.

Step 5: Cut the colored wax crayons.

rainbow colored wax crayons coloring candles

Wax crayons are an easy way to color wax. Choose the colors you want and cut about 0.9”- 1.1” from each crayon. Chop the cut chalk into small pieces.
Then place the wax and pieces of crayons into empty tins to melt. Fill the jars about three-quarters full with the wax and crayon mixture.

Step 6: Melt the wax.


melting candle wax in double boiler


Place the cans in a large pot of water. Make sure there isn't too much water so that the jars don't float but sit at the bottom of the pot. Heat the water to a boil, stirring the contents of each jar with a wooden stir stick, until the wax is completely melted and mixed with the wax crayon. Continue stirring until you have an evenly colored wax in each tin.

Step 7: Pour the wax into the shell.


pouring candle wax in eggshell


Place the prepared eggshell in an empty egg carton so that it stands upright. Pour the melted wax into the shell to the very top. To be sure that the wax has completely filled the shell, you can add it until some of the wax begins to flow out.

Use clothespins to securely hold the wicks in the center of the holes. As the wax hardens, it shrinks a bit and you will see a small indentation in the hole. You will need to add some melted wax to the top to fill this indentation. If at one time it is not possible to close the recess, repeat the procedure. Place the shell, completely filled with wax, in the refrigerator overnight.

Step 8: Remove the shell.


Remove the shell from the candles


Crack open the shell to release the candle. The shell is very easily separated from the wax, as from a hard-boiled and timely chilled egg.

Trim the excess wick from the bottom of the candle with scissors.

If there are bits of egg film left on the wax, gently scrape it off with a metal ruler. You can then heat the surface of the candle with a hairdryer and finish polishing it with your fingertips.

Step 9: Align the bottom of the candle.

To help the Easter egg candle stand on the surface, sand the bottom end of the candle with sandpaper.

Step 10: Experiment with color layers.

To create candles with two or more layers of colors, partially fill the shell with one color, let it harden, and then add wax of a different color. This method is more time-consuming, but it gives amazing results!


table decorated with Easter egg candles with flowers


Ready! These candles are so adorable that you can put them on public display long before Easter, and leave them as a bright interior accent after the holiday!

These amazingly beautiful Easter candles can also be a great gift for your loved ones and friends, just add a beautiful basket decorated with imitation green grass or other suitable elements.


Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep children and pets away from open flames! Candles should be placed on flat surfaces, away from flammable objects!

9 reasons why people are lighting candles

9 reasons why people are lighting candles

Candles have been used for thousands of years since Roman times. They were almost always used for lighting, as well as for religious purposes and, to a lesser extent, for telling time before mechanical clocks were invented.


create coziness in the house with by lighting candles


Today, they are mainly used for accent lighting, ambiance, and aromatherapy, adding a pleasant warmth to any home design.

Of course, the flame of a candle does not burn forever. In fact, most candles have a maximum "life" of about fifteen hours, and with specialized additives - up to forty hours. Therefore, if you use them every day for an hour, they will last you about two weeks.

9 reasons to love lighting candles in the house


lighting taper candles in the living room


What is your ideal evening? Homemade food and watching your favorite movies? Hot bubble bath with a glass of wine? Romantic evening with your loved one? No matter what your perfect evening includes, we are 100% sure that it will not pass without burning candles.


lighting a candle in jar


For centuries they have been used in sacred ceremonies. Tibetan monks light them while meditating in temples. Jews celebrate with them the biggest holiday of Hanukkah. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas with the light of the fire. In many cultures and religions, lighting candles is a symbol of faith, miracle, enlightenment, peace, concentration, life-giving power, and joy. Unlike sunlight, which is too strong for the eyes, soft fire helps to focus and calm down. That is why these accessories are primarily used for relaxation and tranquility. If you haven't used these attributes yet, here are 9 reasons why you'll love lighting candles in your home.

  1. Lighting candles help create a peaceful atmosphere. Light a few candles to create a warm and cozy home atmosphere. By the way, this is an indispensable attribute of Danish happiness according to Hygge. Hemp paraffin candles are famous for their calming and healing properties. They are actively used by masseurs, psychologists, and therapists. The flickering flame helps to ease and calm the mind. Light a candle, watch the flame, and just breathe for 60 seconds. You will feel the tension leaving your body.


tealight candles for creating peaceful atmosphere


  1. Lighting scented candles lift the mood. Fragrances work wonders. They bring us back to the wonderful moments of our lives, drive away depression, and charge us with new energy. Aromatherapy with candles is a great way to restore strength, energy, and mood. If you suffer from insomnia, it's time to buy scented candles with lavender. Lemon and citrus fruits give vivacity and drive away drowsiness. Eucalyptus helps to focus.


lighting pillar and tealight candles for aromatherapy


  1. Lighting candles for festive romance - Valentine's Day or just dinner with your loved one. Light table candles to turn an ordinary meal into a real celebration. The choice of candles in this case is huge. These can be colored paraffin screw candles, antique conical, or classic white taper candles.
  2. Interior transformation. Candles create stylish touch in any environment. They create a relaxing SPA environment in the bathroom and bring peace to the living room. With the help of candles, an ordinary kitchen will turn into a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere for two lovers. And these accessories are an important component of romance. Candles in glass can be placed on the patio, porch, and garden to create a magical and dreamlike setting. According to feng shui and Hyuga, fire drives away negativity from the house, and in return brings peace.


taper candles for a dining table decoration


  1. Lighting candles create an intimate environment. If you want to organize a special evening for a loved one and bring passion and intimacy back to a relationship, you cannot do it without “fire”. The best solution is to buy scented candles in glass. The lit candle relaxes, the aroma sets the right mood, and the candle jar is responsible for the safety of the event.

floating candles for creating an intimate environment


  1. Lighting candles are good for mental health. If you feel anxiety and panic, if you are tired, and your head hurts from an overabundance of information, light candles. They help to cope with anxiety and achieve peace. It is because of these properties that candles are used during prayer and meditation.


burning candle in a jar next to a girl with a laptop


  1. Lighting candles awaken inspiration. When creative people need some inspiration, they light a fire. There is something poetic and warm in it that makes you create with renewed vigor.


burning candles for getting inspiration


  1. Lighting candles help to get rid of insomnia. Before going to bed, we sit for a long time with the lights on, watch TV, and do not let go of our phones. According to studies, blue light reduces magnesium levels in the body. The result is a lack of sleep. Do an experiment: turn off the lights earlier and get ready for bedtime by candlelight. When you are not distracted by technology, it is easier for you to listen to your body and understand what it really wants. In addition, spending time in the evening by candlelight helps to focus on your thoughts and feelings. According to psychologists, this technique allows you to get restful sleep.


aromacandles can help get rid of insomnia


  1. Get rid of stress. Candles are often lit in psychotherapy sessions to help relieve tension, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. When life seems too terrible, and aggression overflows, just light a candle. It has been proven that the flame of fire even relieves the side effects of chemotherapy - nausea and pain. Good selection of scented candles is very important.


candles help to reduce stress


Lighting candles safety tips

Burning candles are always safe if used properly, so you just need to follow a few tips to keep yourself out of trouble.


burning candles at home


Extinguish an uncovered candle when it reaches about 2 inches in height. Closed candles can continue to burn until they are about half an inch high.

Why don't they burn out completely? Candles are lit by a wick wrapped in wax, which melts and slows down the burning.

If you set fire to one wick, then it will burn no more than a minute or two. Wax melts much more slowly and does not create much smoke, so it is often imbued with pleasant aromas that are released as water vapor. That's why they smell so good in stores.

Candlesticks can also make burning candles safer. They will be much less likely to tip over and also less likely to spill hot, sticky wax. Wax drips on a candlestick are easy to clean up by simply washing the candlestick.

Also, remember to trim the wicks a quarter of an inch each time you plan to light candles. So the wax will be better absorbed into the wick, and it will burn better.

Otherwise, the candle can create a lot of smoke, which negates the pleasant aroma or makes it even worse.

By following these precautions, candles will burn well and will really brighten up any room in your home.

They are perfect for romantic evenings or creating a soft glow while you enjoy a nice hot bath.

Of course, it makes no sense to use them as the main source of light in the room, especially since no one would think of reading by candlelight, but they are still great for creating a warm, soft atmosphere in the house.

7 easy ways for making candles of your own

7 easy ways for making candles of your own

Candles are an essential attribute of various holidays. Making candles with your own hands is not so difficult. This exciting activity provides a huge scope for creativity. Candles are usually made from beeswax, soy wax, paraffin, and some blend wax.


candles of different sizes, shapes and colors


Beeswax is a natural material - a waste product of bees, and has a very pleasant honey aroma and bactericidal properties. Beeswax contains more than 300 different compounds: minerals, vitamins, propolis, resins, pollen, etc. The color of the wax can vary from light yellow to yellow-brown. It is very interesting to work with this type of wax and it is pleasant to the touch.  It will have a putty-like consistency at above 80-90 degrees F and will melt around 145-147 degrees F. A beeswax burns much longer than a paraffin candle and does not smoke or melt.

A plate of beeswax with an imprinted bottom of the honeycombs is called a honeycomb. The foundation is inserted into the hives so that the bees build honeycombs on it and spend less wax on it. This is the "foundation" for future honeycombs.

Soy wax is a 100% natural wax derived from vegetable soybeans. Soy wax is made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources. This wax has many advantages: an extended burn time, no unsightly black soot, and it’s a naturally-derived product.

Soy wax is perfect for container candles, tealight candles, wax melts, and tarts. Some of the benefits of this wax are clean burning and long-lasting. Since soy wax has no toxins, it is less likely to trigger allergies. Soy wax burns cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer.

Paraffin is the cheapest material for this type of project. It paints easily and melts quickly. It is easy to work with, and the candles are very beautiful. FYI, a 2014 study in the Journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology found scented paraffin candles pose no known health risks, and that emission levels fall well below World Health Organization exposure limits.

Paraffin absorbs odor well. If an essential oil is applied to a finished odorless paraffin and placed in a sealed bag, after 10-15 days it will be saturated with aroma and, when burned, will release the aroma into the air.


paraffin wax candles in jars


Depending on what type of blended wax you want to use, make sure to pay attention to the specific instructions. The melting point for each blend of wax will vary, as well as the time when you can add your candle fragrance oil.


DIY soy candles - pouring wax into jars

Wick types & materials?

The wick is needed so that the molten candle mass enters the combustion zone. The wick should be made only from natural materials: cotton, hemp, and wood. The most popular material is cotton.

The thickness of the wick should be proportional to the thickness of the candle. If the wick is too thin, it will burn out very quickly, and the candle will immediately die out. And too thick will give a big flame, will smoke and the candle will quickly burn out.

wicks for making candles


If you are planning to use soy wax in your project, you need to use a cord of loose weaving, and for a paraffin one - a denser one. You can buy a ready-made wick, or you can make it yourself by twisting cotton threads. For thin candles (1-3 cm), you can take 6-10 threads, for candles 3-7 cm thick you need 10-20 threads. Before use, the wick must be soaked into molten paraffin or wax.


DIY candles for home decoration

As confirmation, it can be noted that people who decide to engage in the production of candles are gradually drawn in and for them, this is not only an income but also an interesting and exciting activity. The more often you practice, the better the finished products you get.

7 easy ways to make your own candle

And so that you understand the details of the process itself, we have prepared 7 easy ways how to enjoy the process. The result will amaze everyone at home!
1. It would seem that ice is not an assistant at all in such a delicate matter, but in this case, we simply need it! You need to take an empty plastic bottle, by using it as a mold for a future candle, put a finished candle inside, in advance cutting it to the size of the mold. Then overlay the mold with ice or use melted wax and a ready-made wick.


plastic bottle for DIY candles DIY candles made with plastic bottle


After that, you need to melt the wax and quickly pour it into the center of the mold with ice in a small stream so that the ice is completely covered. Wait ten minutes, drain the water from the candle, and gently pull the finished product out of the mold. In the future, you can add colored crayons or dye to the wax.

2. What fascinates me the most is the idea of creating rainbow candles. Children and adults will be delighted with such multi-colored candles, besides, it is not difficult to make them. Pour some soy wax into the double boiler and allow it to melt. Add small amounts of candle dye to the wax. Prepare your jar and make sure your wick is attached well to the bottom of the jar. Pour the wax into the jar. Continue mixing and pouring layers of wax into the jars in your desired colors/scent combinations. Ensure each layer has fully set before pouring in the next one.


DIY colorful candles DIY rainbow candle


DIY rainbow candles in jars


3. Beeswax sheets are ideal for creating a candlestick that will easily decorate both a children's party and a romantic evening. Beeswax sheets may come in different colors


making candles from beeswax sheets pillar beeswax candles


4. In order to create a decorative rose candle, you will need candles of different colors or paraffin, tools for melting paraffin, a wick, wax paper, a tablespoon, a lighter, a hairdryer, and 15 minutes of free time.


how to make rose candles DIY decorative rose candle


Please note that everything must be done quickly enough, because until the wax has cooled down, it is soft and, therefore, it can be sculpted like plasticine. Agree, the result is clearly worth the effort!

5. This fun candy candle is easy to make. You will need a mold, a wick, wax, and colorful decorations.


DIY candy heart candles


6. To create a fruit candle, you need a lemon, orange, grapefruit, or any other citrus with a dense peel, several white or yellow candles, floss thread, a small pan or bowl, and a pencil.

Cut the fruit in half and carefully remove the pulp from it, being careful not to damage the peel. The peel halves will serve as candle holders. Twist a few strands of floss with a tourniquet and soak them in paraffin or remove the wick from the candle.


DIY fruit candles making candles in orange pulp


Then tie one end of the wick to the pencil and lay it on top of the peeled half. Make a hole in the bottom of the peel, pull the lower end of the wick through it, and tie a knot on the outside.

Grind the candles with a knife, remove the wicks from them, and melt the pieces of paraffin. Pour the melted paraffin into halves of the peel and leave until the wax hardens. Enjoy your masterpiece!

7. To create a coffee candle, you will need 5 white paraffin candles or a few candle stubs, 5 tbsp. coffee beans, beer can, juice box, pencil, knife, sunflower oil, floss, and a small pan.


 coffee bean candle tea light candles with coffee beans


First, grind the candles with a knife, remove the wicks from them, and then melt the pieces of paraffin in the double boiler.

When the paraffin melts, add the coffee beans, and pour the wax with the beans into the mold, filling it almost halfway.

When this layer of paraffin hardens, melt the rest of the paraffin and fill the form to the top. When the candle hardens, take it out of the mold.

Take away

You can create quite extraordinary candles. It all depends on your imagination. You can create designs and shapes that will surprise the inhabitants of your home. You can also use melted wax by pouring it into various shapes.


Multi-color drip candles

Multi-color drip candles

There is something astonishing about drip candles. The reason might be how the wax spills over the holder or bottle, making you feel like you are in a café in Paris. As this trend came from candlelit French cafes, where each table was topped by a checkered tablecloth and lit by a tapered candle dripping colored wax over green bottle glass. Or it might be the way these drops bead and pool messily while you are enjoying the company of your friend. These candles seem very plain and simple yet they create a unique vibe that stores in our memories forever. Now imagine lighting a white candle, and the wax of the candle drips down the sides as it burns, creating a colorful and mesmerizing effect that can be quite beautiful!


tapper candle dripping multi-color wax


Multi-color drip candles are usually taper candles that are designed to create a colorful and unique effect as they burn. These candles are usually made from paraffin or beeswax and when melting, multi-color wax drips creating a colorful piece of art. These types of dripping taper candles are often used as decorative pieces or even centerpieces for special events or as a unique addition to home décor.

Obviously, candles have dripped for centuries, whether in old stone cathedrals, historic temples, or early Victorian houses. The “drip” of the past though wasn’t so much an aesthetic choice but a function of a given candle’s wax and wick composition, and all taper candles, to some extent, do drip. These days though, “the drip” can be a very conscious choice and usually means the wax used has a lower melting point so it burns faster, resulting in drips that hardens into “waxicles” that will collect in a holder or bottle.


multi color drip candles


Multi-color drip candles for different events

Color drip taper candles can be used for a variety of purposes, including as decorative accents for special occasions, such as weddings or dinner parties, or as a unique addition to your home décor. They also make great gifts for candle lovers or anyone who appreciates unique and artistic home accessories.


Imagine white taper candles mysteriously drip wax of red color! A must-have addition to haunted house props and Halloween decorations, this set features two spooky white and red dripping candles. As a holder, you can simply use a dark glass bottle, to give it a spookier look, decorate the bottle with artificial cobwebs, gauze with spiders, or multi-colored wax.

Another option is to use taper candles that drip 5 different colors. It will be fun to watch burning and decorative when extinguished.


spooky Halloween candle holder


The green color represents the eternal life of Jesus Christ, just as evergreen trees remain green the whole winter long. Whereas, red has long been a powerful color associated with fire, spiritual awakening, and the blood of Jesus Christ. Red color drip candles will help you create a beautiful Christmas atmosphere.


multi color dripping candles



Why not! According to New York Magazine, these candles are one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for those, who appreciate chaos. As these candlesticks drip colored wax as they burn, giving them a trippy, psychedelic effect and creating stalactites of rainbow wax drips.

In this case, you may have a few options here:

  • Multi-color dripping candles (5 different colors);
  • Red color drip candles
  • Pink and purple drip candles.

colorful wax dripping candles

Drip candles in a wine bottle

The trend of using the bottle as a candle holder first started with Italian restaurants, and now it has become a style. If you want the same melted look of an old-school Italian restaurant tableau, then it’s best to buy tapers described as “drip candles”.

To create your candle/bottle craft you will need:

  • Clean, empty wine bottle
  • Dripping taper candles.


wine bottle and dripping candles


As a holder, you may choose an empty bottle that already represents a romantic evening or another special occasion to you. Or you may choose a bottle with a pleasing shape, and a pleasant color.

It’s best to buy tapers described as dripping taper candles.

If your tapered candle is too chunky to fit the neck of your bottle, pare it down with a vegetable knife until it will fit snugly.


adjusting the dripping candle for the wine bottle


Make sure to set the wine bottle candle holder on a non-flammable surface, find a secure, flat surface that can easily be cleaned if melted wax drips onto it. Set your wine bottle on a pretty plate, or some other flat, non-flammable surface, for easy cleanup and safety.


white dripping candle in a green bottle


Candle safety tips

NEVER leave a lit candle unattended. Keep all lit candles out of the reach of children and roaming pets. Lit candles and melting wax are fire hazards.

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Benefits of scented candles: 10 ways to make an apartment cozy

Benefits of scented candles: 10 ways to make an apartment cozy

Aromas fill people with emotions no less than beautiful things, such as music, pleasant company, or delicious food. And smells create a mood. No wonder good scented candles are an essential attribute of massage parlors and spa centers, as well as frequent companions of romantic evenings. The main thing is to choose a candle with the right aroma composition to create the right mood.

Light a scented candle in your home to purify the air and fill it with scents and positive energy. This is an ancient remedy for various diseases, meditation, and relaxation. Burning candles create an atmosphere of love and romance.


aroma candles in jars


Benefits of scented candles

Scented candles improve the mood, and the pleasant aroma and pleasant flickering of the candle create a pleasant atmosphere. Choose your favorite scent, from fresh fruit scents to spring floral scents. Some candles are made in candle jars, which can then be used as holders for floating candles. There are two important factors to consider when choosing a scented candle: where do you want to place it and what kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

For example, choose calming ingredients for your bedroom that will help you relax and sleep better. Or you can put a light citrus or mint candle in your bath to make it easier for you to get up in the morning. You can also focus on the seasons: in winter you usually want spicy scents, while in spring you want floral and refreshing scents.


scented pillar candles in a tray


Criteria for choosing a scented candle

The first violin in the aromatic composition is played by candle fragrance oils, which are released when the wax melts and fills the atmosphere with pleasant smells.

Aroma candles are created by professionals, whose task is not only to combine several smells into a single bouquet but also to make sure that when the wick burns, the aromas open up like a flower bud, without the effect of a cloying, suffocating bomb. A good aroma is always unobtrusive, and after the wick is extinguished, the cloud of smell gradually evaporates, leaving barely perceptible notes in the room.


DIY candle in jar


Among the whole variety of aroma candles, everyone can choose an option to their taste. Conventionally, aroma compositions are divided into several categories:

Scents for the cold season. In winter, you want warmth, a cozy blanket, a burning fireplace and a mug of hot tea or mulled wine. Therefore, it is recommended to use candles with the smell of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, orange, ginger, sandalwood, with vanilla and chocolate notes. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, to create a New Year's atmosphere, buy candles with the scent of pine needles and tangerine.

Scents for hot weather. In summer, people long for coolness, which is given to them by candles with the smell of mint, coconut, violet, menthol, and amber, as well as aquatic combinations with the scent of a sea breeze. The desire for coolness is also expressed in the colors of aroma candles. If in winter it is burgundy, chocolate, terracotta, or deep amber, then summer options are usually white, light mint, or bluish.

Today in perfumery there is no longer a division into specifically masculine and clearly feminine fragrances. The world is open to experimentation, and perfumers are increasingly releasing unisex fragrances. This trend is reflected in the production of scented candles. You will find products with the most unexpected combinations, for example, cedar and jasmine or leather, tobacco, and chocolate.

Take into account a few unspoken rules when using scented candles in the interior. For the bedroom, only soothing and relaxing combinations in which lavender, mint, jasmine, juniper, and rosemary are present. Ylang-ylang, cardamom, and rose will add a romantic mood.

Citrus and coniferous smells, as well as notes of lavender, are preferable in the bathroom.

Invigorating compositions with orange, neroli, lemon, and mimosa are better to use for parties, and aroma candles with notes of vanilla and spices work perfectly in the kitchen.


aroma pillar candles with aroma oil


10 ways to make an apartment cozy with scented candles

Lighting a candle is one of the ways to instantly transform an apartment, because with certain scents you will immediately feel relaxed or, conversely, energetic, romantic, or full of creative ideas.

Depending on the room you choose and the mood you want to create, a candle can help you capture the spirit of any ambiance.

Whether you like powdery notes of rose, or you are drawn to the soothing hints of vanilla, or you are already preparing for the New Year holidays... regardless of your preferences among scents, you will agree that nothing beats an evenly flickering flame to create a good mood in the house.

1. Sea salt and rose


rose smelling candle and pink roses


The combination of a floral rose scent and the clean, fresh smell of sea salt with warm candlelight will create a special mood in your home and create a relaxing atmosphere after a long stressful day.

2. Christmas candles


Christmas candles Christmas tree and gifts


Holiday candles are not only bright, tart, and bringing joy to everyone but they fill the air in the apartment with wonderful woody or warm spice notes, suitable for creating a warm and cozy fall atmosphere. Candles, scented with cinnamon, pine, or berries, will make you feel like you're in a fairytale gingerbread house in a magical Christmas forest.

3. Vanilla


vanilla smelling candles in jars vanilla tealight candles placed on top of the books


Sweet spice is one of the best home fragrances because it has soothing properties and is great for relaxing in the evening. It is vanilla oil that has a relaxing and calming effect on the brain and nervous system, relieving unnecessary worries, stress, and excitement.

4. Cotton


bubble candles


Imagine freshly laundered linen swaying restlessly in the fresh morning summer breeze. If you like the scent of freshly laundered clothes, then cotton-scented candles are made for you.

5. Gingerbread


Gingerbread DIY candles Gingerbread-scented candles in jars


The smell of freshly baked gingerbread, soft notes of cinnamon and spices... Just put this candle on the table and turn an ordinary room in the apartment into a warm and cozy world filled with the smells of a family holiday.

6. Lavender and musk


Lavender tealight candles


No time for yoga? Just light a lavender-scented candle. This fragrance can improve concentration in the middle of a workday.

7. Jasmine


Jasmine smelling candles in jars


Floral scents help calm the nerves. Light a jasmine-scented candle when you feel emotional tension or stress.

8. Citrus


Citrus aroma candle in a jar DIY citrus candles on a tray


One of the world's leading aroma therapists, Valerie Ann Worwood, has discovered a strong link between citrus aroma and work efficiency. She proved that lemon scent helped office workers make far fewer common mistakes than usual. Which candle will you choose for your office: orange or pomelo?

9. Bergamot

Need to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries? We advise you to have an aroma candle with the smell of bergamot on hand. You will definitely like this fresh, but completely unobtrusive fragrance.

10. Mint


Mint aroma burning candle on a tray

All about decorative candles

All about decorative candles

Candles burning in the cozy twilight of the room are invariably associated with holidays, celebrations, and romance. In the interior, they masterfully play the magical role of an accent detail that warms you in a literal and figurative sense. The warmth from the candle and its slightly trembling fire create an amazing atmosphere of comfort. You can light them at any time of the day when you want.

taper and pillar candles in candlesticks on table


black decorative burning candles on table pillar candle on modern iron candlestick


Stylish and classic candles are individual accessories for the home, and they have the ability to transform the atmosphere in the house the way you desire. Carefully choose what decorative candle you want to have in your home if you want to see comfort and beauty, and relax surrounded by cute, mysteriously burning lights.

Candle materials

One of the best elements of simple room decoration is aesthetic candles. Candles made of natural wax have disinfectant properties and also, kill germs. Wax candles burn for a long time, perfectly relieve stress, and make the atmosphere in the room more comfortable.


unscented wax pillar candles


Natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly - beeswax is often used to make scented candles.


decorative beeswax candles


Paraffin wax is great for making candles of original shapes. Paraffin is malleable and has not lost its operational properties for decades. This is the choice of practical people who do not use candles every day. They are set on fire for a maximum of half an hour and in well-ventilated rooms.

Stearic acid is used to create beautiful interior candles in mini vases or glasses. This material is obtained from animal fat. Stearin burns for a long time, sometimes mixed with paraffin to create harder candles.

Liquid gel (glycerin, gelatin) - easily poured into glass containers. Gel candles for the interior are incredibly beautiful, but they do not burn as brightly as other decorative candles. Gel candles are often created in containers - an imitation of the seabed with shells, for example.


liquid gel decorative candles


On a note! Beautiful decorative candles made from soybean oil are becoming more and more popular in the world. This is an environmentally friendly material from which trendy designer candles are made for atmospheric interiors. Soy wax melts quickly and easily absorbs essential oils. Therefore, decorative scented candles are often made from soy wax.

Decorative candles - shapes and sizes

The right shape of a candle is important for creating a unified style in the interior. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of decorative candle options:

Numbers - for decorating a birthday cake;


color birthday number candle


Trapezoids, balls, ovals - any interesting "geometrical shape";


color geometric shapes candles geometric colored candles for decoration


Cones and cylinders;


cones and cylinders colored burned candles


Sculptures - depict birds, animals, angels, hearts, etc.


figurative brown, white and rose candles


The sizes of decorative candles can be different - from miniature "pills" for the bathroom and spectacular thickened models to tall ones for the living room or dining room. Twisted and carved fine accessories are appropriate for decorated rooms on the eve of a celebration, or a family holiday.

Décor and colors

When choosing decorative candles of extravagant shapes or classic models, do not limit your imagination. You can find real masterpieces of interior design, decorated with beads, ribbons, rhinestones, jute and burlap, lace, fabrics, and buttons.

Original candles with coffee beans, and natural materials, using the decoupage technique can be made independently or supplemented with an existing simple option. The color palette is as rich and varied as the decorative elements. White, blue, pink, burgundy, blue, green, purple - the choice depends on the mood and shades prevailing in the interior. Gold and silver models, for example, will be a wonderful Christmas or New Year decoration for an apartment or house.


pillar candle with cinnamon pillar candles with coffee bean


Important! When choosing candles, give preference to models with natural wood or cotton wicks. If it has a metal base, it must be zinc free of lead.

Scented candles: how to choose them correctly

To fill one room with pleasant smells, a candle weighing 200-300 grams is enough. When choosing a flavor, follow these tips:

  • Aromas of citrus, menthol and coniferous stimulate activity, perfectly invigorate, suitable for creating a working atmosphere;
  • Light and unobtrusive floral scents relax, and set in a romantic mood;
  • The “central” aroma should not conflict with other notes familiar to the room;
  • For the kitchen, you should choose candles with citrus or spice aromas.


candle with a citrus aroma for the kitchen


To make an aroma candle yourself, use candle fragrance oils such as - lavender, orange, lemon, rosemary, mint, and pine.

How to light and extinguish candles correctly

Before lighting candles, you can pre-cool them slightly. This secret will make the burning process even and slow. Do not keep the candle lit for more than three hours as after this period it ceases to give off a scent.

It is advisable to cut the wick when lighting a new candle. The length of the latter should not exceed 5 mm. Then the flame will be bright, uniform, without unpleasant flickering. When extinguishing a candle, do not blow it out - use a candle snuffer or, if the candle is in the jar, just put the candle lid on.

Compliance with simple tips will allow decorative candles to delight you with their appearance and aromas for a long time.

Décor ideas with Valentine’s candles

Décor ideas with Valentine's candles

The main holiday of love - Valentine's Day is around the corner and it will be very pleasant to spend it with your soulmate in a romantic setting.

This day is not complete without Valentine's candles. Only the quivering flame of a candle can transform any place into a romantic corner full of comfort and magic. Often Valentine's candles are placed near fragrant decorations, then the air is saturated with amazing smells.

You can find love-themed candles at any candle store, or you can create them yourself. The exquisite romance of Valentine's Day, created with the help of candles, will add a special aura, distract from everyday life, and remind you of the dearest and closest people.

Original and colorful compositions can be created using floating candles. And you can lay out candles in the shape of a huge loving heart and place them around the perimeter of the room. With such hearts made of candles, it is easy to decorate a festive table.



How to prepare for a romantic evening

Use your creativity to organize an unforgettable evening. Do not be afraid that something will go wrong, as you planned in advance - you have already done everything in your power. Now surrender to the will of the senses, and let a good mood accompany you all evening.

In most cases, a romantic dinner is set in the dining room, so creating the right mood is extremely important for making the atmosphere romantic. No one can imagine an intimate evening without the flame of passion! Of course, in this case, we are talking about the candles.

What Valentine’s candles to choose for a room décor? There is a big variety here - large and small candles, heart-shaped candles, and simply wide cylindrical ones. Lighted candles are placed on a table and coffee table, on shelves, a fireplace, and even on the floor - in general, on all flat surfaces where they will stand steadily.


pillar candles in jar for Valentines day table decoration


Photos of you with your loved one in frames will also be quite appropriate in the living room. Place them on open shelves, and next to them you can place a flickering candle, which, when the flame moves, will cast a glare on the images. And in general, bright lighting at such an important event is inappropriate, but subdued light and reddish hues are exciting. The main lighting is not turned on at all during a romantic evening, use only the soft light of sconces, nightlights, or spotlights. If there is a voltage power regulator on the main lighting, then you can use it, the main condition is the presence of soft light in the room.


Valentine's day table decoration with red tealight candles and champagne


Romantic dinner under the Valentine’s candles

Think through everything to the smallest detail when setting the table for a romantic dinner. Round or figured Valentine’s candles can be placed directly on the tablecloth, perhaps someone will prefer candelabra, standing steadily on their long legs. Taper candles in such a decorative stand will not burn out quickly, so you have several hours of time left.


Valentine's day romantic dinner for two with burning candles


Choose pink or red paper napkins preferably with heart-shaped rings for the festive. You can go even further and purchase heart-shaped dishes especially for a romantic evening. The main thing is not to overdo it with symbolic decorations, men don’t really like such “bust”.

Do not forget about small postcards and valentines, which are given not only on Valentine's Day. Just a few lines, written from the heart and with your own hand, and not printed in typography, will tell a lot about your feelings.


romance in Valentines day with candles and flowers


How to decorate a bedroom for a romantic evening

Creating a romantic bedroom interior is quite simple, the main thing is to decide on the strategy. If this is a “candlelit room”, then you need to not only count the approximate number of candles that you will need but also consider their location in terms of fire safety. Place candles in groups, for example, place small candles in the shape of a heart somewhere on a table or on the floor away from flammable objects. Another option is to pour water into a deep plate or salad bowl and let the lighted candles float on top. Here, candles can be diluted with rose petals․

If you love to do everything yourself, you can use the following idea: decorate a pillar candle with golden New Year's beads, for this, you need to apply glue to the surface of the candle with a gun and wrap it with beads. This décor looks amazing!


bedroom decoration with candles and rose


In a similar way, you can decorate a candle, but use not beads for this, but a homemade garland of paper hearts strung on a thread. If you have time, you can make heart garlands and hang them over your bed. Such a garland is made quickly enough, for this you need strips of thick paper and a stapler.

You can also use bouquets of fresh flowers in the bedroom. There is no need to arrange a greenhouse from this room; a few bouquets in vases placed on the shelves will be enough. With rose petals, you can let your imagination take you wherever you want. Make a path of petals leading to the bed, scatter them on the bed, and let everything in this room radiate a delicate aroma. Put a heart out of rose petals on the sheets, you can even make two hearts - one of red, the other of white petals.


tealight candles in red candleholders with roses for Valentine's day


Bed linen should be laid not only fresh, but preferably in a more suitable color. Traditionally, in an intimate setting, silk sheets of red or burgundy color are used, it is believed that this is a shade of passion. Also, a piece of red fabric can be thrown over the lampshade, it will emphasize the romantic atmosphere in the bedroom and add intimacy to it.

How to decorate a bathroom for a romantic evening

As a rule, a romantic evening in the bathroom is spent surrounded by a large number of flickering candles and with a glass of champagne in hand. Warm water is drawn into the bath and rose petals are poured into it.


bathroom decoration for Valentine's day with floating candles


To prevent melted paraffin from dripping onto the floor, you can put each candle on a saucer, and put a few rose petals there as well. Another interesting option for bathroom decoration is with a candle in a glass - water is poured into a transparent glass or vase, a few sea or decorative pebbles are thrown to the bottom, and a small floating candle is placed on top.


romantic bathroom decoration for valentine's day with floating candles


If you like to create and make everything yourself, you can even start by making your own candles and for this, you just need to buy the candle-making supplies.

DIY Valentine’s candles

A beautiful red heart-shaped candle is what you need for a romantic evening. St. Valentine himself would have been delighted with such festive décor that instantly creates a mood. You do not need to buy holiday candles at all, they are quite simple to make yourself.

What materials you will need for your candle-making project

In order to decorate your home with "flaming red hearts", created by yourself, you will need the following materials:

  • wax;
  • wick;
  • candle container;
  • silicone spray - for covering the baking sheet;
  • candle dye, of course, red;
  • a heart-shaped mold, for example, for cookies;
  • candle fragrance oil;
  • stirring stick;
  • baking sheet.

You need a deep baking sheet, you can use disposable foil or silicone baking dishes. You can also use silicone molds in the form of hearts. This is convenient if you don't need a lot of candles. But, of course, the process of making décor will be different with such a replacement.

The first thing to do is to melt the wax block. This can be done in the microwave or in the oven.

The most important thing at this stage of work is to prevent the presence of unmelted solid particles. You also need to avoid boiling wax, it is not necessary to overheat it.


DIY Candle for Valentine's Day with red paper


In the heated melted wax, you need to add the red candle dye. As a rule, manufacturers of candle dyes give recommendations on the amount of pigment. After the dye is mixed with wax, you need to test the color. To do this, just drip wax on a sheet of white paper. You will immediately see whether it is necessary to add pigment to the candle mixture or not.

After the dye, candle fragrance oil is added to the wax. A few drops are enough and, of course, stirring is necessary. Another option is to soak the wicks in the fragrance oil, then the smell from burning candles will be more intense and persistent.

Once the mixture is prepared, you need to do the following:

  • apply silicone spray on a baking sheet;
  • pour colored fragrant wax into a baking sheet;
  • wait until it cools down;
  • place molds and wicks;
  • leave to freeze.

DIY Valentine’s Candle with rose

Silicone spray is needed to make the wax easier to move away from the baking sheet. If there is no such problem, then its use is not required.

As soon as the wax hardens, you need to remove the candles. The pieces of wax remaining between the forms can be melted and a couple more candles can be made.

These simple tips and tricks on how to decorate a room and make candles with your own hands for a romantic evening will help you spend an unforgettable evening alone with your loved one.


Candle lit wedding

Candle lit wedding

Wedding decorations with candles are inspirational and they have become a favorite element for any type of decoration. The reason for this is that the lighting is a major planning detail and wedding candles play a huge role in it. Depending on the wedding style and theme, they set the ambiance with a warm colorful glow. Romance, calm, and soothing energy are the hallmark of a candle lit wedding.

Not a single wedding has probably been without candles: they either stand on the tables at a wedding dinner or decorate the ceremony or meet guests at the reception, or create a cozy atmosphere in the recreation area. We are all so used to them that we forget about the basic rules that should be followed when planning a candle lit wedding:

outdoor wedding ceremony with lit floating candles


Candles should not be scented unless they are used outdoors. Some of the guests can easily be allergic to this smell, or they can simply have a headache because, without sufficient ventilation in a room where there are a lot of people, smells begin to “hit the head” strongly.

Before placing candles in any of the decoration areas, it is worth lighting them for a short period of time so that they do not look like new.

You need a candlestick for any type of candle since during the burning process, the wax can damage the surface of the table or tablecloth.

The candle should stand firmly on the candlestick so as not to fall during the evening and not provoke a fire.

Pay attention to the fact that the color of the candles should match the wedding palette: for example, if there is no white in it, you should not use white candles as decoration - choose colored or milk ones.

The main purpose of candles is to burn and illuminate the space. Therefore, when placing them in one or another zone, be sure to light them and make sure that the flame does not go out so that the décor looks as it was intended.


wedding ceremony with lit taper candles in candlestick


Candle lit table setting

Any wedding dinner will sparkle with new colors with candles. You can add them to the main composition or make them the centerpiece of the table. In both cases, they should be in candlesticks or on stands where the wax will drip so as not to damage the surface of the tablecloth.

If the central place on the table is occupied by a floral or other design composition, then choose such candles and candlesticks that will be combined with the main serving element.


white lit pillar candles in jars with flowers on the wedding table floating candles with flowers on wedding table

Antique taper candles look best in a company with classic or “garden” flower arrangements, but thicker and more voluminous options are suitable for informal styles: rustic, and country. Candles can also be an excellent option for decorating long tables: you can make a path through the entire table from candles of different heights or supplement an existing flower garland with them.

Candles are a fragile part of the décor, so be sure to prepare a few spare ones so that in case of breakage you can quickly replace them with new ones.

rustic wedding table decoration with flowers, leaves and green and white taper candles wedding table decoration with flowers and taper candles in candlesticks


Candle lit wedding ceremony

Candles at the ceremony can be not only a beautiful addition to the décor, but also the central element of the entire design. You can get away from the classic daytime option with flowers and arrange a magical evening ceremony in the light of dozens of candles. In addition, to create a romantic atmosphere, add some garlands of light bulbs to the warm candle lights.

Candles can be a replacement for a classic arch or a background during daytime registration. Choose candlesticks of different heights for the reception or use alternative stands: chandeliers, jars, hemp, stepladders, and chests of drawers, even a piano will do! Candles can also decorate the path to the altar - here, instead of the classic options, you can also use bulk ones.


garden decoration with candles and flowers for wedding photoshoot  wedding hall decoration with pillar candles in jar


pillar candles and flowers for wedding hall decoration


Take the best photos with wedding candles

Wedding candles will help make wedding photos especially spectacular during the newlywed’s photo session. Experienced photographers have a great many fantasies on this topic. For example, when photographing outdoors, you can build a heart out of candles, inside which the bride and groom merge in a kiss. Floating candles look great on the water surface of the pool, near which the photo shoot is taking place: for example, they can be placed in the middle of wreaths of flowers.

Home and Hearth

Wedding candles are, first of all, a symbolic reflection of the family hearth. In this regard, today the wedding ritual called "Unity Ceremony" has become widespread. This ceremony is very beautiful and filled with deep meaning. Three candles are used in this ceremony: one pillar candle and two taper candles. The pillar candle is held in the hands of the newlyweds, and the taper candles are in the hands of the parents of the bride and groom. Parents simultaneously light a large candle with their own candles, passing the love and warmth to a new "family hearth", and also blessing the young. The lit pillar candle stands on the table in front of the bride and groom all evening.


unity candle ceremony in garden with white taper candles


The unity candle is always very beautifully decorated (for example, with beads, ribbons, etc.), carved candles are often used, beautifully decorated with rings and flowers. It is possible to put the names of the newlyweds on the candle. Gel candles are very beautiful: they are exquisite, do not smoke, do not melt, and burn for quite a long time.

Wedding candles are kept in a new family for a long time, they are lit again on the wedding anniversary. Thus, candles help the husband and wife to remember that they should do their best to keep the warmth of the family heart respect and love each other for many years, and subsequently pass this ability on to their children and grandchildren.


unity candle ceremony in wedding with white taper candles

Other uses for candles

There are many creative ways to use candles in wedding décor:

  • Gifts for guests
  • Cards and seating plan
  • wedding cake topper
  • Cake cutting area
  • Room lighting in the evening

For each of these options, you need to choose the right candles: thin or thick, colored or white/milky, in a glass candlestick, or without it.

How to choose the right candles for the interior?

How to choose the right candles for the interior?

In order to fill an apartment or house with comfort, you need to choose candles that will look harmonious in the interior.


Candles for the interior placed on the floor


How to choose candles?

First of all, you need to focus on the style of your interior. The goals you are pursuing are also important. So, for a harmonious interior in a classic living room, white candles in metal candlesticks will look very beautiful. If your interior has a modern style, products painted in steel tones are well-suited.


candles in jar for home decoration placed on the coffee table


For holiday decorations or for an event, you can choose extraordinary solutions, experiment with candle shapes and colors, and decorate a festive table or shelves with candles for the interior in accordance with the theme of the evening.

You can decorate anything you want with candles, make the right accent and fill any place in your home with warmth.

Candles for living room interior

If your living room has a fireplace, this would be a good place to decorate with candles. If you don’t have a fireplace, no big deal. There are many minimalistic and extraordinary designer candle holders that can be matched to any interior and make the living room atmosphere warm and comfortable.


home décor design with white candles placed on thee coffee table


living room decoration with taper candles lit pillar candles on a marble table


You can use decorative lanterns that are designed for tealight candles and decorative candles.

You can also work on the contrast, if your living room is made in calm, pastel colors, then you can dilute it with bright and unusual candles, and the candle market offers a large variety of shapes, colors, and styles. You can experiment and create interesting designs with interior candles.

Candles can transform even the most boring coffee table in the living room. To avoid damage to furniture, it is better to choose candles in containers or use reliable candlesticks. Even the simplest paraffin cylinder looks luxurious if you add fresh or artificial flowers to the composition.

It is easy to find a place for beautiful gel candles in any corner of the living room. Open shelves, cabinets, and niches - carefully inspect your living room and think about how to bring zest to the interior.

How to decorate a bedroom with candles


bedroom decoration with candles placed aside the bed candles for the interior placed on the bed with pillows


In the bedroom, the interior with candles is associated with romance and Valentine's Day, but in everyday life, there is also a lot of space for them here.

It is important to follow this rule when using interior candles in the bedroom – If the size of the bedroom is small, you should consider of having fewer décor elements, and, more importantly, the size of the candles should be small as well.

Candle décor looks beautiful on the chests of drawers, and bookshelves, at the head of the bed, and on the dressing table. Avoid strongly smelling and flavored products so as not to interfere with healthy sleep and good rest.

Home decorating ideas

The interior of a house with a staircase looks spectacular with candles - large cylindrical candles can be placed on the stairs if desired, supplemented with greenery or flowers.


stair decoration with candles and plants stairs decoration with pillar candles


Be sure to decorate the dining table in the dining room. Candlesticks on high candle holders are appropriate here.


candles and candlesticks for dining room decoration dining table decoration with candles


Remember to consider the style of the interior so that the candlesticks and their contents fit in with the overall concept.

For the kitchen, bright shades made in the form of berries, flowers or fruits, or ordinary colored table candles, are perfect.


floating candles in glasses placed on the kitchen table kitchen interior design with pillar candle and flowers


In the bathroom, you can safely arrange scented candles - they will not only decorate the interior but also fill the room with a pleasant aroma.


candles for the interior placed around the bathtub tealight candles for bathroom decoration


A wall mirror with shelves in the hallway will be an ideal place for some candles. And if there are no shelves, use wall candlesticks.

Floor candles for the interior

You can use bright red floor candles. Such a decision will surely give you a charge of positive energy and cheerfulness. They say that candles not only improve mood but also bring prosperity and success to the house.

Also, designers recommend using floor candles in original containers, slightly drowning them in coffee beans or small cereals.

Pillar candles in the interior


red pillar candles in a candle holder placed on a black table


It can be interesting to work with pillar candles. A few large decorative candles can be placed in the bedroom, next to the bed, but make sure to be extra careful as the bedroom contains a large number of flammable items.

Any candle can bring a feeling of comfort, and peace, and it is always a pleasure to watch a burning fire. You can work on the décor yourself by surrounding the candles with fir cones or other elements.

If desired, you can make a wonderful composition by adding all kinds of accessories to the candles, such as golden jars, tall vases, fruits, and vegetables, and weave a few wreaths from branches or flowers. You can also place candles inside an apple or pumpkin. Candles and accessories for them, which are selected according to the season, can also be interesting options, so you can create various interesting and very original compositions.

Candles and candlesticks in the interior


taper candles in glass candle holders


Nowadays, there are a wide variety of candlesticks on the market made of various materials: from glass to silver, from bronze to wood. Also, candles can be made with your own hands, for example, from clay or ordinary dough, which will look very creative in the living room. A regular bottle or glass can come to replace the candlestick.

Candles as the best combination for relaxation

Each of us knows that today you can find a considerable number of beautiful lamps, sconces of new and more advanced types, various chandeliers for nightlights, and devices that can fully illuminate any space. But it should be noted that only candles can make our home more comfortable, and warm with the warmth of a living flame.

Just imagine - a lazy evening on the couch after work, small sips of wine, and - a slight tremor of a light that fills the room with an aroma that brings to bliss.

Don't be afraid to experiment and create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your home.

Achieve harmony by meditating with a flaming candle

Achieve harmony by meditating with a flaming candle

The incredible rhythm of the big city, the eternal rush, constant emotional stress at work, and sometimes at home, stress and crazy fatigue have led to the fact that such concepts as inner harmony, peace of mind, and balance have become almost alien to modern humanity.

What to do in such a situation? Is it really impossible to break this vicious circle of eternal life race and constant fatigue?

The answer to such a troubling question turned out to be quite simple: the practice of meditation helps to one be happy, calm, and harmonious. The beneficial effect of meditation has been repeatedly proven by scientific studies by physiologists. After all, it is at the moment of correct meditation, when it is possible to stop the thought and free the brain from disturbance (not during sleep), the human nervous system receives that long-awaited rest, as a result of which a state of inner peace sets in. But isn't this the main component of true happiness for each of us?


achieve harmony with flaming candle light


So, first, let's figure out what meditation is and why it is needed.

Meditation is a simple mental technique that allows you to cultivate a state of peace by stopping the running of thoughts and developing positive qualities in yourself.

Systematic meditation practices help:

  • harmonize your inner state;
  • feel a surge of energy and strength;
  • improve memory;
  • normalize metabolic processes in the body;
  • activate mental activity;
  • get rid of insomnia and depression.

Most meditation techniques are based on focusing the mind on a specific object because this is what helps to distract it from an endless number of thoughts. One of the most effective methods is the trataka technique. Absolutely everyone can practice this with benefit and ease.


candle flame trataka


The very word "trataka" means "fixed gaze" and suggests focusing the eyes and mind on one particular point to the exclusion of everything else. In fact, it can be absolutely any object that is easy for you to concentrate on, but the most powerful effect will certainly be achieved if you choose a flaming candle. After all, it is the fire that can hypnotically absorb your attention and give your mind a rest from a million different thoughts and things. In addition, it has long been known that fire is able to destroy negative energy, give light, and warmth, and also give hope. This is exactly what we need after a busy day. It is also a symbol of vitality. In Hinduism, fire represents three aspects: purification, destruction, and procreation.


trataka meditation with candles


Meditation technique with a flaming candle

It is recommended to perform this practice in the evening, after a hard day, as it will clear your mind of all the extra informational “garbage” accumulated over the whole day. Choose a quiet place in the apartment, with windows completely curtained, to exclude all light reflections except for a candle, as this will distract you and reduce the effectiveness of the practice. Before starting meditation, it is recommended to take a shower, and wear loose, clean clothes made from natural fabrics that will not constrain you and cause discomfort. You should sit on the floor in the lotus position, but if you are uncomfortable in it now, choose any other position, the main thing is that your back is even and does not feel stiffness in movement, remember, this is very important because any discomfort will interfere with the technique, constantly diverting your attention.

Place a lit candle on a chair or table so that it is in front of the eyes, at arm's length. If you have vision problems, adjust the distance so that the burning wick does not double. Make sure the room you practice meditation is lack of any draft, as any fluctuations in the candle flame are unacceptable. When everything is ready and you are comfortable in front of the candle, close your eyes, mentally setting yourself to rest. When all thoughts are calm, open your eyes and try to look at the fire, without blinking or moving your eyeballs: it is important not to think about anything. If, nevertheless, it was not possible to get rid of thoughts the first time, do not despair, just try to let them pass by without stopping your attention and without thinking about the essence of current problems and questions. It is important not to overstrain the eyes. Remember, you will want to blink because of the intense tension, so the more relaxed you are, the longer you can sit without blinking.


candle meditation for insomnia


Flaming candle meditation for Faith and Peace

Many argue that you need to keep your eyes open without blinking and close them only when your eyes are already full of tears. This information is quite arguable. After all, meditation is liberation, harmony, peace, and rest, and when your attention moves to the fact that you are tired of all this, as a result of inconvenience, inner anger appears, and this has nothing to do with meditation.


Candlelight meditation


At first, try to peer into the flame of the candle for about 2-3 minutes, then close your eyes and try to peer into the residual image of the candle that you will have. If the image wanders, try to fix it. After the image finally fades into darkness, open your eyes again and gaze into the flame. Repeat everything in the described sequence for 10-15 minutes. Before completing the practice, close your eyes and carefully examine the dark space in front of your closed eyes, watching as an outsider behind everything that happens, while remembering that your mind should still be free from any thoughts. Continue the last phase intuitively for a few minutes, then open your eyes and blow out the candle. Sit for a couple more minutes in a calm atmosphere. The systematic practice of meditation with a flaming candle will not only help you calm your mind, and get rid of depression and insomnia, but will also help improve your vision, as well as strengthen your eye muscles.

Try to do this practice every day and after 10 days you will feel qualitative changes in yourself and your perception of the surrounding space.

Meditation is the way to comprehend the infinite, and whoever knows the infinite attains happiness.

All you need to know about a scented candle

All you need to know about a scented candle

Every home has its own unique scent. It can be the smell of old books, sweet pastries, flowers, or a whole range of different aromatic notes that makes you feel like you are “at home” and is strongly associated with you and your family and friends.

Since ancient times, people have scented rooms. For these purposes, dried herbs (mint, lavender, lemon balm, rose petals), oils, and incense were used.

Now there are even more ways to fill the house with a pleasant smell - there are various diffusers, scented sachets, incense sticks, aroma lamps, candles, and room sprays.

What type of scents are there?

Aromas for the home can be divided into several groups:

Relaxing - smells that create an atmosphere of calm, warmth, and comfort in the house, for example, the smell of lavender, mint, rose, juniper, and sage.

Energizing - aromas that have a stimulating effect on the nervous system and increase efficiency. These include aromas of orange, basil, coffee, herbs, and spices.

Refreshing - aromas that fill the house with pleasant coolness. These are the smells of the sea breeze, verbena, lime, lemon, mandarin, and watermelon.

It is also worth highlighting a group of bactericidal scents, which are also used for the disinfection of premises: aromas of spruce, cedar, juniper, tea tree, sage, and eucalyptus.


refresh your space with aroma candles


Aromatization of the apartment by zones

Today, many people use scented candles and various fragrances to create a special atmosphere at home. Many have several scents in their arsenal for different moods or occasions. For some, this is already a routine to come home and light a candle or incense, for others it is a special ritual, where the aroma becomes a guide to a new world.

Given the characteristics of aromas, you need to be able to combine them correctly and know which room in the house is best suited for this or that aroma.

The living room is the heart of the house. The main room, where we receive guests, relax after a working day, arrange movie screenings, and play with children. Aromas of coniferous forest, rose, musk and bergamot will be appropriate here.


living room decoration with scented candles


Kitchen. A place where the whole family gathers. There are always a lot of scents in this room, so it's important not to overdo it by choosing a scent that's too harsh. Light citrus aromas and fruity and floral scents will organically fit into the kitchen, while aromas of spicy spices and coffee will help awaken your appetite.


scented tealight candles in kitchen


Bathroom. With the help of scented candles, you can create a spa atmosphere and soak in a warm bath. For this purpose, the aromas of the sea breeze, cherry blossoms, vanilla, lavender, and mint are suitable.


spa atmosphere with scented candles


Bedroom. The right fragrance will help you relax and prepare for sleep. Many people use scented candles to create a romantic setting: tart playful aromas of patchouli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and pleasant twilight.


Regulate your sleep with scented candles


Regular use of fragrances that are pleasant to you can positively affect your physical and emotional state.

About scented candles

The main role of scented candles is to create comfort at home. This is facilitated by both the contemplation of the fire of a candle and the smell that fills the room.

There are a huge number of materials for making candles, the most common of which is wax. It is a natural material and is divided into different types:

Beeswax. It has a characteristic sweet honey smell. The color palette of the finished beeswax candle without dyes includes light yellow (almost white) to dark yellow, sometimes with a green tint.

beeswax candles for aromatherapy


Palm wax. Has no smell. This wax is more durable than beeswax. It is not afraid of high temperatures and direct sunlight but easily breaks off when dropped.

Coconut wax. Has a neutral smell. Expensive natural material, which has a very low melting rate.

Soy wax. Currently the most popular type of wax. Candles made from soy wax have a matte white tint and a subtle milky aroma.

How to light and extinguish candles?

In order for the candle to burn longer, it is necessary to cool the wax before using it. Each time before lighting a candle, shorten its wick to 5 mm.

To extinguish a candle, a special snuffer cap or a cap from an aroma candle is best suited, with which you need to block the oxygen. If you simply blow out the wick of the candle, then the room will be filled with a smoldering smell that will kill the aroma. You can also gently bend the wick into the liquid wax that forms around the wick itself as it burns. This technique will seal the wick, and when you re-light the candle, you will not need to cut it.

burning white scented candles


Most popular candle scents

Verbena. Subtle candy, fresh aroma with citrus notes. Candles with this smell help to recover from severe physical overexertion. The aroma of verbena is a powerful aphrodisiac and helps to normalize hormonal levels. In aromatherapy, the smell of verbena is used to combat hypotension.

Citrus. The aroma of oranges, lemons, and grapefruits is popular in aromatherapy. The fresh and light smell of zest is loved by both adults and children. Citrus fruits contain components such as limonene and cineole. The first is able to eliminate the blues and improve mood. Cineole acts as an antiseptic, which is why citrus-scented candles are especially popular during the season of respiratory diseases. They will clean the air in the house from viruses and help improve your mood.


lemon scented candle


Rose. Without this fragrance, it is impossible to create a romantic atmosphere. The scent of a rose is often used in the manufacture of perfumes. Rose essential oils have been used since ancient times. A rose petal-scented candle lit in the bedroom will create a romantic, sensual mood and help you relax.


tealight scented candles with rose smell


Vanilla. Another popular fragrance that is reminiscent of the smell of baking. Vanilla oil is valued in aromatherapy. It can create a feeling of comfort and relieve insomnia. Vanilla is often supplemented with cinnamon. This combination expands the possibilities of aroma. Vanilla and cinnamon have a general strengthening effect.

Lavender. On cold winter evenings, you can create the atmosphere of a real Cote d'Azur or Provence at home. To do this, just buy a candle with the smell of lavender. Magical properties were attributed to this fragrance. It helps to calm the nerves and improve mood.


Lavender scented candle


Sakura. The aroma of Japanese plums has a calming and harmonizing effect on a person. Light a candle with the smell of Japanese plum to forget about your hardships and sorrows. In Japan, this fragrance is considered an aphrodisiac that can revive past passion.

Acai berries. The aroma of the fruits of the Brazilian palm tree is successfully used in the preparation of bouquets in perfumery products and aromatherapy. The smell of acai is reminiscent of a chocolate-nut dessert with fruits. It is able to activate the thinking process and improve memory. Candles with this smell can be used to prepare for exams.

When buying scented candles, the most important thing is to choose your scent. Take your time and trust your feelings.

Candle types and candle scents

Candle types and candle scents

There is no easier way to add ambience to a room than using candles. Candles are a wonderful, and most importantly, affordable way to create a mood and subtle scent for your home. They are an affordable investment to a beautiful interior.

aroma candles with rose smell home decoration with aroma candles

Candles come in different shapes and sizes. The larger the candle, the longer it burns. Let's take a look at the main types of candles.

Candle types: Candles in a jars


aroma candles in glass scented candles in jar

The most common type of candles are the ones in jars. One of the main advantages of this type of candle is their relative safety, and the fact that you can clean and store the vessel after the candle is completely used up!

Candle types: Decorative candles


decorative aroma candles scented bubble candles

Due to the plasticity of wax, candles can be given any shape! This gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality with a candle that suits your interests. It can be your favorite movie, sport, hobby, or whatever you like.

Candle types: Pillar candles


fruit scented pillar candle scented pillar candles

Pillar candles - high, cylindrical candles that do not have a stand. Often the most economical, compared to others.

Candle types: Votive candles


candle types votive candles votive candles - candle types

Votive candles are very small candles designed to burn for a very short period of time - usually just a few hours. They can be floating, in small jars, or freestanding.

Candle types: Taper candles


French dinner candles candle types taper candles


Taper candles are taller and thinner than pillar candles; they have a shorter burn time and are often used for celebratory or ceremonial purposes, such as religious gatherings, and holidays or placed in candlesticks and burned at dinner time.

How to choose candles for décor?

With the exception of decorative candles, you'll probably want your furnishings to match the aesthetics of your home. Examine the shapes and colors you are planning to use in the room. Since candles will be the focal point of your home, choosing the right candles is key.

If your décor is minimalistic and simple, choose white, cream, navy, or black candles. If your décor is brighter, choose a basic colored candle to make it stand out from the rest of the décor!

Tapered candles are a great choice for dining rooms because they add a romantic touch to your table, while pillar candles are great for display in the living room because they last a long time.

Consider putting jar candles in your bathroom. The jar will help protect the wax from environmental moisture!

scented candles in tray


How to arrange candles of different styles and sizes?

Arranging candles on candle holders is nice and simple, but you can change the height and type of the candles to achieve maximum visual interest.

If you want to arrange multiple candles, place the tallest candles in the center and short candles around them.

Buying candles of the same color but different sizes, thicknesses, and even engraved designs are the best way to get a solid yet interesting look.

Finally, candles are best placed in groups of odd numbers. If you have three pillar candles, arrange them from highest to shortest.

What are the best candle scents?

Candles can smell like anything! What’s your favorite scent? Here are some of the more common candle scents:

Floral aroma candles

Floral: jasmine, peony, roses, tulips and daisies. Choose a floral candle if you want to bring subtle, summery scents into the room.

Baking: With a candle scented with cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, or chocolate, your entire home will be filled with the delicate aroma of a pastry shop.

Cleanness: Choosing a citrus-scented candle will neutralize any food or pet odors you have in your home and give the whole room an instant feeling of freshness.

Holiday: If you're thinking about buying a candle for the holidays, focus on pine, mint, and pumpkin to add another decoration to your holiday décor.

Since candles have an aromatic component, the key is choosing their placement based on the smell. Soothing scents like lavender are a good choice for the bedroom, while invigorating scents like lemon or orange can have a stimulating effect and are best placed in the office. Strong scented candles based on flowers and food should not be placed in a dining room or kitchen as they can interfere with the natural aroma of any delicious food you prepare.

cinnamon smell aroma candles fall scented candles


When scented candles are lit, they release a weak but persistent floral and herbal scent of essential oils. The molecules of essential oils that are released when a candle is burned, enter our respiratory system through inhalation. Therefore, the aromatic composition of such candles is important. Cheap candles containing synthetic ingredients can release toxic fumes when burned. If you like to scent the air in the room with candles, it is better to purchase wax from reputable brands. And in order for you to better understand the issue, here are 5 facts about scented candles.

1. Every flower has its place

If you want to buy a candle as a gift, then the floral option is the safest. Light, delicate, subtle, and unobtrusive scent will suit everyone. If preferences are not known for certain, then among the numerous flowers it is better to bypass tuberose and jasmine - sometimes their smell can cause a headache.

2. Better lower than higher

Candles do not require the attention of everyone who enters. The lower the candle, the faster and more intensely it will fill the room with aroma. They will also suit small rooms - corridors, interior spaces, bathrooms, or toilets.

3. Wick First

A good quality wick helps the candle burn evenly and spread the scent. The wick must be strong to withstand the effects of the candle fragrance oils in the wax. The wick must also be properly secured to the bottom so that it does not swing out of the way while burning.

4. Candle care

Trimming the wick before relighting the candle will give you extra hours of burning and allow the wax to melt evenly. But never cut the wick immediately after you have extinguished it - the wick can sink in the melted wax. If you have a candle with three wicks, the length of all three should be the same with each trimming.

5. Candles don't like to be rushed

It is better not to extinguish the candle until its surface becomes liquid - which can take several hours. Candles have memory, so if you extinguish a candle half-melted, the next time the burning process will be uneven. The correct candle always melts, leaving a thin edge of unmelted wax around the circle.

Wedding day candles: Create romance for the special day

Wedding day candles: Create romance for the special day

Candles are simple but beautiful elements of décor that can make a wedding more cozy, romantic, and unusual, and the atmosphere itself more festive or even mysterious. At the same time, wedding day candles can be used in completely different ways.

The simplest option is to arrange the candlesticks on the tables in the banquet hall. This will make each of the guests feel the cozy atmosphere, while the candles themselves will become an additional decoration. In addition, candlesticks can be located throughout the hall. However, the use of candles is not limited to this.

Wedding day candles can be handed out to guests during the on-site registration or during the first dance of the bride and groom. Or you can lay out a large circle of candles or a heart on the floor, inside which the dance will be performed.


candle decorations for the wedding day


A photoshoot using candles can turn out to be very romantic. Of course, such photographs may require the additional skill of the photographer, but the pictures will be bright and original. Newlyweds can hold a candle in their hands or pose against the backdrop of many burning candles placed on various surfaces. For a photo shoot in nature, you can lay out a drawing or an inscription from candles in the sand or snow.

How exactly to use wedding day candles at a wedding is a very broad question. It largely depends on the overall concept of the wedding, colors, and styles used. Candles should be a harmonious addition to all other decorations, combined with flowers, ribbons, and other décor elements.

Wedding day candles in jars

Small candles placed in jars will look elegant. The jars themselves can be filled with sea salt or sand and decorated with openwork painting, stained glass drawings, lace, fabric, or paper. If this fits the general concept, you can decorate the jars with fir cones or twigs, cinnamon sticks, and flowers. Such options have an additional bonus - when heated, a pleasant aroma will spread around the room.

In addition to jars, other containers can serve as candlesticks - glasses, wine glasses, vases, glasses, bottles, etc. They can be both transparent, and matte, and have different colors. Transparent containers can also be filled with something, such as flowers or berries.


romantic wedding candles


wedding candles in jar wedding pillar candles


The candles themselves can also be additionally decorated with: berries, flowers and their petals, small twigs, cones, nuts, acorns, ribbons, bells, rhinestones, stones, small figurines, feathers, etc. In addition, candles can themselves have an unusual design and shape. For example, candles made in the form of flowers, as well as openwork and carved candles will look beautiful and appropriate.

Floating candles for wedding decorations

Special attention should be paid to floating candles. These candles are small and quite simple, but they look spectacular in different compositions. Floating candles require a shallow and round vase or bowl that is filled with water. Candles are placed on the surface of the water, as well as flower buds and their petals. The bottom of the bowl is decorated with sand and stones. Such compositions can be placed both on the tables and around the entire perimeter of the wedding banquet hall.


wedding candles with flowers wedding taper candles


wedding day Candle centerpiece


The use of candles in the interior of the hall will look great if you put candles on the tables, but much depends on the decoration and size of the hall in which the celebration takes place. If the room is small, you can put pillar candles of different heights around the perimeter, in the corners, and in the center of the hall and you can decorate them with ribbons or flowers, to match the chosen wedding. If the room is large, then it is pointless to make such décor - the candles will be “lost”. However, if you arrange a room using other light sources - garlands, flashlights, and lights - then the candles will look beautiful.


floating candles wedding centerpieces


wedding candle decoration tealight candles for wedding table


Taper wedding day candles

Decorating a wedding with candles will look especially stylish if you buy or make decorations for wedding day candles with your own hands. The choice of decorations depends on the type of candles used and the presence of a candlestick. Tall wedding candles (taper candles) are usually placed in a beautiful candelabra, which is additionally decorated with flowers. Such a candlestick will be an ideal decoration for a small table for 5-8 people. A long row of tables can also be decorated with chandeliers, leaving a distance of four or five chairs between them.


taper candles for wedding table decoration


wedding candles decoration wedding taper candles


If you decide to use pillar candles, then a different décor will be required. These can be floral wreaths, ribbon arrangements, or other options.

A mirror decorated around the perimeter with beautiful candles will look unusual and romantic. Such a mirror can be placed, for example, behind the table for the bride and groom. The lights of the candles will be reflected from the mirror surface, and their light will be beautifully refracted.

The colors that are chosen for the candles usually depend on the overall theme of the wedding. But most often they take cylindrical candles of white, pink, or red colors. However, candles of other shades will also look interesting. For example, for a green-style wedding, green candles decorated with twigs or green ribbons and lace will look extremely beautiful.


wedding with candles


wedding ceremony with candles


You can buy wedding day candles in various places. They can be both candles from a gift shop or supermarket, and candles that are offered by wedding salons. In addition, you can order specific and original candle designs from candle-making companies. In this case, your wedding day candles will be exclusive, unusual, and made in full accordance with all other elements of your special day.

Takeaway: candles will help make your special day more romantic and mysterious, will add coziness and originality, and unforgettable and warm memories for everyone.

11 New Year’s candle decoration ideas

11 New Year’s candle decoration ideas

New Year is a favorite holiday for many adults and children. This is a time of miracles and surprises, so you want to fill everything around with a fabulous mood, including your home. To decorate the house for the holiday, you can buy accessories in the store, or you can make decorations with your own hands. Candles are one of the most popular New Year's décor attributes.


pillar candles for Christmas decoration advent wreath


New Year’s candle: History

The custom of lighting candles during the evening feast on New Year's holidays dates back to the time when electricity had not yet been invented. Despite the modern abundance of electric and LED devices, candles are often found on the festive table. Often, a composition of four candles is used as a central decoration. This custom was adopted by the Catholics, who lit one candle a week for a month during the fast before Christmas. As a result, a monument of four candles is formed on the table, which marks the end of abstinence by the time of the celebration of the Catholic holiday.

Since ancient times, people used to light fires in their homes during the winter holidays. New Year's candles are a long-standing tradition that brings warmth, comfort, and a special atmosphere to the house. There are different types of them, and many techniques in which they can be performed. The interior with these décor items acquires new, unique features.


New Year and Christmas decorations


New Year's candles - varieties

During the winter holidays, you can show your imagination by choosing candles as a décor attribute. Beautiful New Year's candles, depending on the design and their features, can be of the following types:

1. Taper candles – tall with a classic design and a small diameter. These candles can help you create a cozy atmosphere. Candelabra will give your creation sophistication and delicacy, and for New Year's décor, they are combined with coniferous twigs.

Christmas tree and taper candles taper candles decoration


2. Pillar candles. Self-supporting candles with different heights, are sturdy and are created with molds rather than jars or containers. They use denser wax, which provides a longer burn and can be scented or unscented.


candle decoration for the holidays pillar candles and new year ornaments


  1. Tealight candles. They are flat paraffin candles enclosed in aluminum or plastic cups.


Christmas tealight candles decoration tealight candles decoration for the holidays


  1. New Year's scented candles. Essential oils or candle fragrance oils are added to create a festive atmosphere.

scented tealight candles for the new year


  1. Candle with various shapes. To decorate the house for the winter holidays, you can choose candles in the form of deer, fairy-tale characters, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and the like.


Christmas wax candles New year candle decoration


13 candle decoration ideas for the New Year

Candles create a magical atmosphere in the house, which is why they are so often used in the New Year's interior. Their flickering lights complement the comfort of winter evenings and emphasize the festive decoration of the rooms. But even unlit wax and paraffin figurines can decorate a house. Having shown a little imagination, you can make original New Year's compositions from them.

1. Glass candlesticks

new year candles with glasses new years candleholders

Take ordinary glasses of wine or champagne, and put New Year's toys, cones, and Christmas tree branches in them. Sprinkle some artificial snow or glitter and turn the glasses upside down. Place white pillar candles on top. Arrange them in a row, from 3 to 5 pieces, on a shelf, windowsill, or fireplace.

2. Festive tray


It is quite simple to create a New Year's composition on a tray. Place candles of different sizes and widths on a tray, and place Christmas balls, cones, and tangerines between them. Such a decoration can be moved from place to place, and the wax will drip onto the tray and will not stain the furniture.

3. New Year wreath

Christmas wreath Christmas wreath with candles


This traditional spruce twig decoration is usually hung on a door or wall. But it will fit perfectly into the interior and as a stand for candles. Cut out a small hoop from cardboard. Attach spruce branches to the frame with threads or wire and decorate the wreath with cones and Christmas tree decorations. Now place one large candle or several smaller ones in the center. Such a composition will be a great decoration for a festive table.

4. Hanging pot

hanging pot with candles for New year hanging pot with candles


This decoration is made the same way as a wreath. Only the basis for the composition should not have holes. You can take a round metal tray and wrap it around the edge with wire. After that, attach pine branches in a circle, making a wreath. From below, hang Christmas balls. And along the edges, tie a few long ribbons for which the planter will be attached to a chandelier or a hook on the ceiling. Make sure they can support the weight of the structure. Place the candles on a tray and hang the pots over the table.

5. Artificial fireplace

fireplace decoration ideas


Not everyone has a real fireplace in the house, and even more so in the apartment. But some have artificial ones. You can create a cozy hearth with the help of candles. Just place thick candles of different sizes inside, and decorate the candles with pine or juniper twigs. By the way, you can make a decorative fireplace with your own hands from foam or cardboard boxes.

6. Unusual pots

pots with candles


A garden blooming on the windowsill can also be made festive with the help of candles. Add some festive elements to cacti and violets. Place long candles in pots and decorate the composition with New Year's tinsel and other New Year's attributes. Pots with candles can also be “dressed” in knitted planters from old mittens or woolen socks, which will add even more comfort and a winter mood.

7. Fairy meadow

decorations with candles for New Year


Saw the logs into stumps of different heights, decorate with artificial snow and place them against the wall. Now put candles on them. You can complement the composition with figures of forest animals and birds. Such an unusual and rather easy décor will create an atmosphere of a winter forest or a summer cottage in an apartment.

8. New Year’s candles and lollipops

candy cane candle holders


Lollipops in this case can not only be eaten but also used as a decoration. Wrap the bottom of the candle with double-sided tape and attach the Christmas candy around the entire circumference of the candle.

9. Candlesticks decorated with coniferous twigs and berries

decoration with candles and berries


Flower pots can be used not only for plants but also as New Year’s candle holders. Put some damp floral foam in a pot and stick coniferous branches and berries into it, leaving room for a candle in the middle. Then strengthen the candle in the pot with small twigs. To do this, make three or four holes in the base of the candle and insert branches into them. Then stick the candle into the floral foam.

10. Sea of white candles

Christmas white candles decoration


Take a mirror, put it on the table and put a lot of white candles on it. Arrange fragrant coniferous branches, small oranges or tangerines and pine cones in the center of the table. Instead of oranges and cones, you can put a Christmas garland on top of the twigs.

11. Candles in jars

An ordinary jar can turn into a beautiful candlestick. You just need to fill it with water, dip a small candle into the water and decorate the jar with a ribbon.


decoration with candles in jars

5 best scented candles for mediation

5 best scented candles for mediation

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing or clearing your mind using a combination of mental and physical techniques.

Depending on the type of meditation you choose, you can meditate to relax, reduce anxiety and stress, and more. Some people even use meditation to help them improve their health.

Why meditate?  – Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. You can also use it to relax and cope with stress by refocusing your attention on something calming. Meditation can help you learn to stay centered and keep inner peace.


benefits of meditation


Meditation is the mental training that leads to a better understanding of yourself and the world around you, to a more harmonious life, and to the purification of the soul and body. Meditation requires the creation of an appropriate atmosphere. The usual pose for meditation is considered sitting with eyes closed. But if you want to meditate under the candle light then it’s better to have your eyes open. Candle meditation is a simple meditation technique in which you focus your sight and your attention on the flame of a candle for a certain length of time.

The flame of a candle has some mystery in it, and it attracts attention. It flickers, changes its shape, produces a halo, and displays several colors. All this fascinates the mind, attracts the attention, and puts the mind in a relaxed mood.

Why do Candles Help in Meditation?

The concept of meditation seems simple. In order to help you calm down and relax, you need to create the right atmosphere. You create a favorable mood for meditation by lighting candles. Not everyone knows that lighting candles are a routine in many cultures.

Light brightens the mind, and gives hope. It was also considered a symbol of happiness, knowledge, and gentleness.

Today candles will help to relax and cheer you up.


aroma candles for healing-meditation


What are the best candles for meditation?

When choosing candles for meditation, remember that the quality of the candles is critical. Natural candles are the best. Before you buy a candle, make sure it has good quality. In addition, pay attention to features such as:

  • Candle color - the candle should have a muted, neutral hue because no artificial dyes are added to ecological products,
  • Burning method - candles have a warm yellow flame and should not smoke,
  • Burning time - natural candles burn faster than paraffin candles, but they also release aroma faster.

You still have to choose between a regular candle and a scented candle. Which one to choose? Scented candles release scents that promote concentration, and achieve a state of calm, peace, and relaxation. They provide a wide range of aromatic compositions. They hit the bull’s eye!

Scented candles - what aromas will help achieve a meditative state?

What are the best scents to help clear your mind and gather your thoughts? You can choose between soothing or energizing scents:

  • Vanilla - brings peace and awakens good thoughts,
  • Lavender - soothes and relaxes, but also sets you up very positively,
  • Cinnamon – lowers the stress level and relaxes,
  • Pine, spruce, or juniper - reduce mental heaviness and fatigue, as well as calm nerves,
  • Limes - refreshes and stimulates action.

Choose a scent that doesn't irritate you and is the best for soothing. Meditation can bring many positive changes to your life. It is worth practicing to achieve a sense of inner peace and harmony.


tealight candle meditation


5 best fragrance Oils for candles

Candles are an incredible asset to your daily meditation routine because they are typically affordable and available on a variety of sites.

Lavender scented Candles for Meditation

Lavender is a popular meditation candle smell, and there are even lavender-scented meditation candles. Lavender fragrance oil has a natural aroma that can help you feel more energized and focused while also relieving depressive symptoms. All body parts require sleep in order to grow and develop properly. Sleep deprivation can be caused by a multitude of circumstances, but slowing your thoughts might help you relax.

Sandalwood scented Candles for Meditation

Sandalwood Fragrance Oil is known for stabilizing and quieting the mind, resulting in feelings of peace and clarity. This well-known mood enhancer is reported to provide a number of benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep and mental alertness, and increased feelings of harmony and sensuality.




Lemongrass scented Candles for Meditation

The scent of lemongrass soothes and refreshes the atmosphere as well as your senses. It relieves stress and anxiety. Lemongrass fragrance oil can provide even more benefits. If done once a week, it can even help lower blood pressure.

Jasmine scented Candles for Meditation

Jasmine is a relaxant that relaxes the mind, body, and soul. It alleviates stress, anger, anxiety, and melancholy by eliciting positive and constructive emotions. Furthermore, its aphrodisiac effects are thought to improve partner desire and sensuality. As a result, this candle is ideal for a romantic evening with your love.

Rose scented Candles for Meditation

The fragrance of roses relieves stress, combats anxiety, and relaxes the body and mind. The fragrance oils in rose aromatherapy penetrate deep into your skin and into your lungs, rejuvenating the skin and calming the psyche. It works by gradually relaxing muscles, relieving tensions, and reducing inflammation.


Meditation with scented candles is an effective approach to relax and de-stress your thoughts. If you concentrate on something like a candle flame, it might help your mind relax into a more meditative state. Aromatherapy, which involves the use of fragrance oils and candles, has been shown to improve fitness and mood.

Each of the meditation candles has a unique use. So you have the option of purchasing these candles or making your own.

Christmas compositions with candles. 15 DIY Christmas candle décor ideas

Christmas compositions with candles. 15 DIY Christmas candle décor ideas

Christmas is a special holiday filled with symbolism, warmth, joy, and the smell of a Christmas tree. Christmas is a time of magic, great hope, and beauty. At this time, despite the winter, it seems that the world around us becomes simply fabulous. This unique mood depends on many factors and colorful Christmas decorations are among them. They will decorate not only the rooms of the house but also the terrace, balcony, and even the garden.

These days we want the atmosphere of a holiday to reign around, which is created not only by an elegant Christmas tree and bright garlands but also by various compositions.


 candles and spruce branches


Christmas tree and candles - the main attributes of the holiday

What is most associated with Christmas in for person? Of course, the Christmas tree - artificial or real. It is the symbol of winter holidays all over the world - even in childhood, each of us was looking forward to when the time would come to get a Christmas tree. Accordingly, when creating Christmas décor, the tree should be given as much attention as possible. It is not necessary to put a large tree in the living room in advance - for starters, you can decorate the walls and doors with spruce branches and festive wreaths.

The second indispensable attribute of Christmas is soft warm lighting and multi-colored garlands shimmering at dusk. You can arrange scented candles and lamps around the apartment or house and decorate walls and windows with bright light bulbs. The cozy blinking of green, red, and blue lights, as well as the natural unobtrusive light from the candles, make you relax, forget about daily problems and internally tune in to rest and peace.


Christmas tree and spruce branches decoration


Why are candles lit at Christmas?

A beautiful tradition is to light candles for Christmas. In the Christian tradition, they are a symbol of the victory of light over darkness, a symbol of Jesus Christ himself. Pillar candles are considered traditional Christmas candles, and they last longer. It is believed that candles lit at Christmas bring grace to the house, illuminate the path, and make life clearer.

It's hard to imagine Christmas without decorative candles. It is thanks to them that you can create a full-fledged Christmas mood. Candles can be used everywhere: as decorative elements for a fireplace or as part of a composition of fir branches and balls. You can also give candles a place of honor at a solemn feast, which will surprise guests and family a lot. In any case, you can’t do without candles on a holiday.

Making candle decorations at home is quite easy. It is enough to have all the necessary items at hand and some imagination.

15 creative DIY Christmas candle décor ideas

Whether you want to surprise your family or want to create a stylish decoration and traditional warmth, you can create a décor with a DIY Christmas wreath and candles.

1. Candles with evergreen branches


 candles with branches for Christmas green LED pillar candles


LED pillar candles


Before you get started, check out these ideas for color choices as the wreath and candles need to blend in with the rest of the décor. In white tones or minimalist styles, you can choose a silver or purple wreath and candles, while the traditional red and green color combination and gold candles are great for classic or modern interiors.

Once you've decided on a color scheme, you'll need to gather the materials you'll be using. Modern Christmas Candle Wreaths are easy to make because they follow the traditional shape, but with modern colors, you can combine four purple candles with silver balls as a decoration. Or alternatively – paint the pine cones in different colors - purple, pink, blue - and combine them with four tall candles - it always looks good and is relatively easy to make. Making a decorative mesh Christmas wreath is also a great idea. For a rustic style, burlap and natural materials are usually chosen.

2. Rustic decorations


candle decoration for Christmas candles for Christmas decoration


Christmas candles with nuts rustic decorations


There are quite a few wreaths and candle ideas that are made from natural materials. They can be found while walking in the woods - beautiful branches, pine cones, dry grass, berries - all these are an abundance and a suitable material for the base of your décor. Choose candles in the appropriate color. White always fits. Red, of course, is traditional and goes well with evergreens. Attach small decorative themed items such as deer figurines, small sleighs, small bells, or anything else to complete the composition.

3. Candles with river rocks and wood


candles and rocks tealight candles for holiday decoration


Wonderful idea for Christmas decoration. They are very beautiful when candles of different colors are used. This idea is good as it does not require special costs for materials.

4. Reds and ribbons


candles and ribbons red pillar candles for holiday decoration


Adding an accent to those chunks of candles can completely turn them into this Christmas delight. You can use red ribbons and accessories to turn dull white candles into a holiday beauty.

5. DIY Christmas candle crafts


Christmas candles with berries Christmas candles with cinnamon


Christmas table with candles


Another way to make candles a wonderful décor for Christmas is by adding some elements to them – cinnamon sticks for example. Just wrap it around your candle and secure it with yarn.

Christmas candles with cinnamon sticks wrapped around them are truly a spectacle to look at. You can use other Christmas elements like berries and hollies, bells and buttons to make your craft more creative.

6. Outdoor decoration


outdoor Christmas candle decorations outdoor Christmas decorations with candles


Here’s a wonderful Christmas candle decoration for your yard. Set up on a log, the clear cylinder glass is accented with berries and greens. The burlap ribbons make it even more enticing.

7. Christmas candles in jars


Christmas candles in jar


Christmas jar candles Christmas jar crafts


Candles in jars can create a warm and cozy atmosphere at home. And if you’re interested to create one, you just need a jar, salt, some evergreen branches, ribbons, and, of course, a candle and you got this magical Mason jar luminary.

8. Simple arrangements


Christmas candles on the table Christmas centerpiece ideas


Christmas candles for cozy mood


Here’s a beautiful Christmas table décor that you can set up this holiday. The combination of brown, silver, gold, and dark blue baubles created a cozy look on this Christmas candle arrangement.

9. Christmas decorations with wine glasses and candles


Christmas candles with wine glass wine glasses and candles


Wineglasses can now be used as decoration, particularly candle holders. Turn the wineglass upside down, having some hollies inside, and put your teacup candles on the bottom (which is now the top) of the wineglass.

10. Christmas table decorations with candles


Christmas table decoration with candle Christmas dinner table with candles


If you need a quick fix for your dining table, you may try this Christmas candle decorating idea. Basically, you just need a set of small candles. Arrange it on a rectangular platter and fill the spaces with berries.

11. Keep it nice and simple


Christmas decorations with candles in tray


Add some greens to your candle holder and you’ve got this simple yet cozy centerpiece.

12. Christmas candle decoration ideas for the living room


Christmas candles decoration for living room Christmas candles in living room


Match your Christmas candle décor with your living room. Add some balls of yarn and pinecones to your candle arrangement.

13. White and silver platter


Christmas candles with white and silver platter


The white color of the candles and other embellishments complemented well with the evergreen leaves. It is so beautiful.

14. Decoration with floating candles


floating candles decoration


This is one of the most popular Christmas candle decoration ideas. There are so many varieties of this craft but using a jar is the most popular.

Aside from a jar, a wine glass is also a perfect holder for a floating candle.

You can also use a small canning jar. Just throw some greens and berries onto the water and let the candle float.

15. Fruity candles


fruity candles


You can use fresh fruits to hold those candles. Apples are the perfect example.

The magic of winter fragrances: choosing candles for home

The magic of winter fragrances: choosing candles for home

Fragrances are magical. With their help, you can get rid of negative emotions, relax, cheer up and, of course, create a unique atmosphere of comfort in the house. The need for good aromas especially increases in the winter, when most of all we want warmth, light melancholy, and tranquility.

How to choose winter fragrances for your home

An innumerable number of existing fragrances are usually classified into different families: chypre, citrus, green, fougere, woody, spicy, amber, oceanic, fruity, floral, etc. Each group has its own special features that influence people. Spicy, citrus, and woody scents are more suitable for "winter aromas".

There are several ways to recreate this or that aroma at home. For example, using scented candles, sachets, home diffusers, essential oils, or incense. In addition, you can create a suitable aroma from improvised means.

In the East, for example, housewives often use this recipe: cinnamon, almonds, cloves, ginger, and mint are added to a pot of boiling water. While the aromatic mixture is boiling, the house is filled with a magical aroma. Next, the liquid is poured into a bowl in which several small floating candles are placed. Lighted candles will heat the water so that the house will be filled with a subtle and unobtrusive aroma. You can also add citrus zest and a few drops of citrus fruit juice to the liquid. The aroma of the citrus family relieves sadness and gives a charge of vivacity.


cinnamon scented candles for home


Candles for a home that bring happiness to the house

The term "aromatherapy" is probably known to everyone. Even in ancient Egypt, people noticed that some aromas can cheer up and increase human activity. The ancient Egyptians used the fragrance of myrrh and sandalwood for these purposes. And in China, it was believed that the best way to get rid of bad thoughts is the aroma of tea tree and rose.

Nowadays, experts have managed to accurately determine that smells have the most direct impact on the mood and well-being of a person. For example, to get rid of apathy and sadness, it is recommended to recreate the aroma of citrus fruits, sandalwood, bergamot, rosemary, and ylang-ylang in the house.

A pleasant smell in the house, which is best associated with winter comfort and, moreover, relieves depression, can be recreated using aroma candles for the home.

winter aroma candles for home


The aroma of cinnamon and vanilla is the best fit for a carefree winter pastime and for recreating an atmosphere of joy and celebration in the house. Such a delicious smell at home is associated with the aroma of fresh pastries, and this, in turn, brings back memories of childhood, in the company of which negative emotions are instantly neutralized. Moreover, in China, there is an interesting saying, the literal translation of which means: “Love and happiness reign in a house that smells cinnamon.” In addition to scented candles for home, sticks, sachets, and fragrance oils, such a favorable scent can be recreated with a pomander. Pomander is an aromatic ball created with fruits and spices. For example, you can take an ordinary ripe orange, pierce its skin in several places with a knife, generously spread it with cinnamon, and insert clove seeds into the cuts. Next, the fruit should be put in a dark place for several days, until it is slightly tied. After that, the pomander will exude a light pleasant aroma for many months.

Winter scents are invariably associated with pine needles. It is noteworthy that coniferous aromas perfectly relax and set in a positive way. The best way to bring the scent of evergreen beauty into your home is to have a pine bonsai or candles for home that have pine scents.


winter tealight candles


Winter fragrances for health

Besides the fact that smells eliminate depression, they can also save a person from colds and migraines. The most healing scents for winter are mint, rosemary, tea tree, patchouli, lavender, and cypress. As a prophylactic against colds, aromatic oils for home with the smell of chamomile, which has antibacterial properties, will help. Diffuse oils with these odors two hours before bedtime or light a chamomile-scented candle for home.

Citrus-scented scented candles for the home have an analgesic effect, therefore they are recommended for headaches.

To get rid of insomnia and normalize sleep, you need to make an aromatic sachet for the home. It is necessary to put dry lavender, lemon balm, and mint in a small fabric bag, and then fill it with cotton wool, which was previously soaked with essential oils of bergamot, nutmeg, and lemongrass.


ginger aroma candles


To fill your home with the scents you desire, you can use one or more of these effective approaches:

  • Diffuser. Diffusers automatically spray the fragrance filled into them based on essential oils or on a synthetic basis;
  • Candles. The simplest way to make your home scented. Nowadays, a huge number of candles are produced with different scents, including the use of essential oils of pine needles and citrus, which can help create a festive atmosphere with a minimum of effort;
  • Incense - natural incense that was used to aromatize homes thousands of years ago in ancient India;
  • Home sprays. Spraying a room with a spray can be called one of the simplest procedures for aromatizing a home. However, it is important to choose a quality fragrance based on natural oils and not synthetic substances. In addition, you need to be careful not to overdo it with the amount of flavoring. Otherwise, this method of aromatization can cause dizziness and headaches;
  • Bahoor. Specially processed wood fragments, which are additionally flavored. Before use, the bakhoor must be set on fire, it will leave a pleasant and unobtrusive aroma in the room;
  • Pomander. It is made at home on the basis of fruits with the use of additional spices.

Pomander for winter smell


Winter candles for home

  •  "Delicious" candles with a delicate and unobtrusive aroma of ginger in combination with milk tea can significantly improve the well-being of residents;
  • Candles with a rich cinnamon scent. Users who have chosen these candles note that they have such a pleasant aroma in the house as if a Cinnamon buns bakery was set up right in the kitchen;
  • Candles with the aroma of mulled wine, cloves, nutmeg, and pepper have a special aroma for a merry Christmas, which will have a great effect on raising the level of the festive mood of all residents;
  • The aroma of coniferous pine in combination with cinnamon and bergamot makes candles one of the best for creating a New Year's festive atmosphere in the house;
  • Candles for home with a rich and natural scent of freshly peeled mandarin. Ideal for creating a festive New Year's atmosphere.


mulled wine scented candle


Properly selected winter fragrances for the home are not only an opportunity to cheer up and recreate the atmosphere of a holiday, but it is also a way to give your home a personality.

Surprisingly, the most persistent human memory is the memory of smell. And if your house smells like a holiday, comfort, and happiness, then all incoming guests will remember it this way.

How to make candles at home

How to make candles at home

Making candles at home seems a little intimidating, but it’s actually easier than you’d expect to create your own custom-scented candles. Whether you like elegant floral scents or modern citrus fragrances, this beginner-level candle-making project will help you create the perfect custom candle in no time at all.

We know that candle decoration is a great idea. Especially if they are fragrant. They have a rather spectacular decorative look and are combined with various possible combinations. You can turn this place into a much more welcoming place and create a style that suits you. There are people who want to learn how to make candles in a simple and effective way.

Scented candles have a warm scent that distinguishes a beautifully decorated space from a warm and inviting home. With the help of scented candles, we can turn any environment into a relaxing and magical place that will remind us of other times and places. For this reason, scented candles have become another element of our decoration and are an exquisite gift for Christmas or any other time of the year.


how to make candles at home


But that's not all, candles are also a symbol of renewal, enlightenment, and purification. That's why they are so often used in various etiquette traditions around the world, either to promote meditation or to create a more intriguing and romantic atmosphere. In addition, depending on their aroma, they can also have an invigorating effect on us, relieve congestion, relax or stimulate, and also enhance certain emotions.

The history of candles goes back to the beginning of the first civilization. From Roman oil candles to other finer products made from fat, and herbal extracts, or the Egyptians who used dirty branches from cattle or lamb. For all these cultures, candles were the main means of light. Candles were and still are used in religious ceremonies and sacrifices.

Its existence as a symbol of Christmas also goes back hundreds of years. Candles are used to scare away evil spirits and are gradually becoming one of the typical elements of these holidays. In fact, there is evidence that in the 16th century, candles were placed on German Christmas trees to decorate a room.

Starting with the discovery of oil in 1850, candles were made from paraffin. Later, when kerosene and electricity appeared in our homes, everything changed. Candles have become more decorative and fragrant Holy Grail, rather than just a lighting tool.


scented candles


How to make candles at home

If you are fascinated by the magic of candles, then you already know that there are thousands of different models, shapes, sizes, and colors on the market. However, they can be made at home, and in fact, this is a simple and original craft that is great as a gift. Let's see what materials are needed to learn how to make candles:


candle making supplies

 Step-by-step guide

It takes time to learn how to make scented candles, but it's not difficult. Just make sure you follow these steps:

* The first thing you need to do is pour a little bit of water into the pot for double boiling. Put the wax into the melting pitcher and put the pitcher into the pot to melt the soy wax.

* Then, when the wax has cooled down a bit, add the candle coloring and a few drops of your preferred candle fragrance scent. Be careful not to overdo it, otherwise, the scent will be too strong and annoying.

* If you are planning to use a mold, follow these steps: pour the melted, fragrant and colored wax into the mold of your choice (don't forget to grease the bottom and sides of the mold with a drop of frying oil first).

* Then connect the wick to the candle and tie one end of the candle to the guide rod. You will see a hole in the stem through which you can insert the wick and lead it to the other end of the mold. Some wicks have a flat base so that they can be easily attached to candles, especially if we want to place them in a container.

* If you are making a candle in a container, place the wick sticker on the bottom of the wick you chose and center the wick inside the candle jar. Carefully pour the wax into the candle jar. Note: you can use your leftover wax to later top your candle if a small cavity is formed.

* Place the wick bar with the center peak facing up on top of your jar. Pull the wick taut and gently press the wick into the opening of the wick bar.

* Let the candle cool for about 12 hours at room temperature.

* Finally, cut off the tip of the wick, and remember to leave a piece on top so you can light it up without any problems.


candle making kits


Candle safety tips

Making candles at home usually does not pose a serious danger, but we must remember that we dealing with wax, it will reach a very high temperature. Therefore, it is always recommended to observe the following precautions:

  • It is advisable to wear gloves and goggles.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • It is recommended to use a thermometer to make sure we never exceed the flammable limit.
  • If the wax catches fire, cover it with a cloth and turn off the gas. Never add water, as this will only increase the flame.
  • Finally, make sure you clean the pan and everything was used for candle making before you can use them for food or cooking.

11 Thanksgiving table décor ideas with candles

11 Thanksgiving table décor ideas with candles

Light up your Thanksgiving table décor with these candle decoration ideas for quick and easy holiday arrangements. For safety, never leave a burning candle unattended. Many of our candle displays should only be lit for a short time; do not let the flame come close to flammable design elements.




It is getting colder day by day and it is the right time you brought the warm colors of fall into your home. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and most of us are busy with planning the ultimate Thanksgiving holiday feast and want to take our guests’ breath away with our holiday decorations. When getting ready for Thanksgiving, never forget to embellish your candles which will light your table while giving thanks to your friends and family. You can use seasonal elements to adorn your candles like putting them on little pumpkins or decorating a wooden tray with fall leaves and placing your candles on it.


dinner setup


Before the holiday, every family carefully prepares the house for Thanksgiving. Most of us usually choose a natural theme, which symbolizes the harvest and the arrival of fall. The most popular decoration in every home on the eve of the holiday is a bright paper or fabric garland on which each family member can write their words of gratitude for the blessings received this year. You can hang this above the entrance or fireplace, as well as on the walls of the dining room.


holiday table setting


The main attribute of the holiday is, of course, the turkey. It is generally accepted that this particular bird was shot on the first Thanksgiving holiday of the English settlers. The image of a turkey appears not only in the form of a dish, people have learned to make funny table decorations in the form of this bird from various natural materials. To do this, they use bright threads, acorns, and beads. One of the main Thanksgiving decorations is the festive wreath. It is customary to make it from pine branches, leaves, or dry spikelets.

11 Table décor ideas

  1. Pinecones, berries, and candles are the three things you need to create a Thanksgiving candle centerpiece that will wow your guests.


candle centerpiece with pinecones and berries


2. Place pinecones around a candle for a fun and festive look.


festive look with candles and pinecones


3. Glue geometric wood beads onto a foam wreath. From there, simply fill it with.


pillar candles and greenery


4. Create a stunning display of fall colors with white pillar candles and bright fruit. Add candles, greenery, and an assortment of fruit to a long mirrored table runner to create a pretty fall candle display.


pillar candles and bright fruit


5. This centerpiece is easy to make and looks gorgeous for everyday use as well. Placed painted pumpkins at each setting to add charm to the table.


Thanksgiving table decor with pillar candles


6. This fall  can be made in just 5 minutes.


candle centerpiece with tealights


7. Create an easy but elegant . Simply spread a few out along the center of the table and place pumpkins and gourds on the table space in between. To continue a natural look, use a tan table runner as a base for the centerpiece.


rattan votive candle decoration


8. Attach greenery or bright fall leaves with adhesive to create a custom Thanksgiving table display that matches your existing Thanksgiving décor.


greenery or bright fall leaves with pillar candles


9. Tall white pillar candles are gorgeous in all-glass lanterns with dark metal frames.


Tall white pillar candles for Thanksgiving table décor


10. A very creative idea with votive candles and candle jars!


votive candles and candle jars


11. A Thanksgiving table décor with a candle display for a rustic vibe.


tealight candle decorations


Thanksgiving decoration ideas

  1. Hang a Fall Wreath

Create a welcoming entry with this season’s easiest fall decoration. Pick up a wreath of preserved fall leaves, berries, or understated green. Besides the usual placement on the front door, wreaths can also be hung from garden gates, sheds, and mailboxes, or be brought indoors to serve as tabletop decorations.


Thanksgiving decoration Thanksgiving wreath


2. Design a place for guests

We celebrate this holiday with a wide circle of relatives, so we should make sure that each of them has a place at the festive table. The best place for this is the living room or dining room, where there is a cozy fireplace. You can use the fireplace as a bright attribute of the holiday, decorating it with various autumn elements on top. It is worth taking care of the dishes that should match the holiday.


taper candles with holder for holiday decorations


3. Use leaves from your garden to set the table

Ordinary autumn leaves can become a special decoration for the festive table. In addition to other decorations, the leaf is one of the main ones. It can be put on a tablecloth or even decorate festive dishes with it.


leaves for Thanksgiving decoration

4. Make a festive centerpiece

You can collect ingredients from your garden, arrange them in a group and fasten them with a length of twine. Place the natural arrangement on the table as the centerpiece or on a sideboard surrounded by votive candles. To create an interesting centerpiece, look for brightly colored leaves, branches covered in lichen, and textural elements like pine cones, seedpods, and berries.


table decoration with candles


5. Decorate the table with candles

You can decorate the festive table not only with autumn foliage but also with creative candles that will give your home a cozy atmosphere. Such a Thanksgiving decoration will become unique if you create a whole composition from candles. To do this, you can use a variety of improvised elements, such as cones, acorns, leaves, dried flowers, or nuts.

You can also make a simple and inviting centerpiece with a tray of flickering candles. Choose candles of different heights, and put them in a base of fall leaves, small pine cones, or unshelled nuts. When you’re ready to bring food out, move the candle tray to a coffee table.


tealight candles decorations holiday decoration with pillar candles


6. Use a table runner 

Another element of Thanksgiving décor will be a festive table runner. It is used as a separate element or in combination with a regular tablecloth. In this case, the table runner should contrast in color with the main tablecloth. It is better to choose fall fabric colors so that they convey the whole palette of autumn. The table runner can be decorated with your own composition of candles, a toy bird made of cones, leaves, a, pumpkin, or other autumn attributes. In the very center of the narrow tablecloth should be the main dish.


tablecloth or table runner for holidays


Thanksgiving is going to be here very soon. Use these Thanksgiving decoration ideas to create a warm and loving atmosphere for you and your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Candles for wedding hall decoration

Candles for wedding hall decoration

Candles are an attribute of romance and love. Candles for wedding increase the intimacy of the atmosphere, set in a romantic mood, regardless of where the wedding ceremony is held. The soft light of candles gives a sense of solemnity and significance to the event.

With the help of candles of the original colors and/or shapes, you can create an atmosphere of joy and fun. Candles for weddings can be used in combination with flowers, or on their own as part of wedding décor. Large and small candelabras look luxurious in the interior of the wedding hall. Candelabras can be in many shapes and styles. Arranged candles along the ledges, on the stairs, and on the table as well as placing them in the form of a lantern are inexpensive, but exquisite wedding decorations. You can also consider placing candles in front of mirrors. Multiplying the reflection of the flame from the candles will create a truly fabulous atmosphere.


tealight candles for wedding hall decoration


Candles for weddings can not only decorate the banquet hall but also create a romantic atmosphere and give the celebration a very personal and even mystical touch. Candles can be used for any purpose, as long as certain rules are followed. Some venues may allow open flame, some are flat-out against candles and only allow flameless candles, and some may require votive candles and no free-standing candles. But if this is something you’re committed to, keep some safety rules in mind: Never leave burning candles unattended for any reason. Never move a lit candle.


wedding hall decoration with candles


How to decorate wedding hall with candles

When decorating a wedding celebration, candles can also be used to decorate a banquet hall.

Decorating the banquet hall begins with decorating the main table for the bride and groom. The style and colors used in the design of the central place in the hall should be in harmony with the rest of the decorative paraphernalia.

The most popular solution is to decorate the wedding hall with white candles, but with the right approach, colored candles will create a special mood and can complement the chosen color scheme in decorating the wedding banquet hall.

If you place accents beautifully and competently, you can completely dim the electricity in the hall and let the candles light up the wedding venue.


elegant wedding hall decoration with candles


wedding table decoration with candles wedding table decoration with taper candles


Small transparent vases with water can serve as decorative accents, and you can add artificial pearls, pebbles, shells, and flower petals. When adding any décor element, make sure it complements the entire design of the wedding venue.

Basic rules for candles decorations

Candle decoration should be in harmony with the rest of the wedding attributes. This means that the decoration of the table of the bride and groom with glasses, and candles should complement the general decoration of the banquet hall.

Depending on the overall design of the venue, you can choose taper candles or pillar candles of different sizes.

Decorative materials should be used only of high quality so that when burned, they do not catch fire and do not begin to melt.


wedding hall candle decoration


stair decoration with pillar candles stairs decoration for wedding with candles

Candle decoration ideas


candles for wedding decor with ribbons


Ribbon decoration is the most common way to decorate wedding candles. There are many ways to create unique decorations.

Wedding candles can be decorated with polymer clay flowers. Fresh flowers are not suitable for this purpose, as they will wither during the evening and may burn. Therefore, the best material is polymer clay.

Candle decorations inspired by the sea


candles for weddings with a beach theme


Seashells can only be used for thematic events. They are especially popular in the summer.

The most delicate decoration

If the main color of the wedding is white, then wedding candles can be decorated with pearls and silver ribbons. White candles will help emphasize the purity of thoughts and the strength of the feelings of the newlyweds.


wedding hall decoration with white pillar candles


Wedding table decoration with candles

Candles for weddings as delicate sparkling décor elements near flower arrangements will look very beautiful on the wedding table. Often they are placed in the center of the table or on the edges. The more wax products there are on the table, the richer and more festive it will look. After the wedding ceremony, such candles can be used for the hearth.


candles for wedding unity candles unity candle for wedding


The tradition of decorating the hall with candles is very romantic and beautiful, but we must not forget about safety and choose places for arranging candles where they can least damage the interior surrounding them. Keep candles away from ribbons, cloth, and other flammable items. Protect surfaces from hot, dripping candle wax. Arrange candles away from aisles and other places where guests will walk the most and, of course, place candles away from the bride.


wedding hall decoration with floating candles


Remember that the bridesmaid's dress usually requires more space than the casual wear of other guests and invitees, so all candles should be properly placed. Finally, make sure all candles are kept away from children. By following these simple rules, with the help of candles, you will create an atmosphere of fabulousness and romance.

11 reasons why light candles in the house every evening

11 reasons why light candles in the house every evening

What is your ideal evening? Homemade food and watching your favorite movies? Hot bubble bath with a glass of wine? Romantic evening with your loved one? It doesn’t matter what you choose, lighting candles in the house will give you more benefits.

For centuries, candles have been used in sacred ceremonies. Tibetan monks light candles while meditating in temples. Jews celebrate Hanukkah - their biggest holiday accompanied by burning candles. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas with the light of a fire. In many cultures and religions, a lit flame is a symbol of faith, miracle, enlightenment, peace, concentration, life-giving power, and joy. Unlike sunlight, which is too strong for the eyes, soft fire helps to focus and calm down. That is why candles are primarily used for relaxation and tranquility.

A candle symbolizes a person: the wax is the physical body, the wick is the mind, and the flame is the spirit. Psychotherapists recommend lighting candles in the house every evening to relieve stress and inner peace.


light candles for relaxing

How lighting candles can help you

Burning a candle is something we might do at the end of the day to make the room look prettier, and when we're looking at the benefits of burning candles, they can go way beyond this.

11 reasons to light candles in the house every evening

1. Relax the mind

Have you ever noticed how you relax and forget about problems when you look at the fire? They say, there are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and ... other people working. When you watch the flames play, thoughts dissipate and worries go away. Do this in a comfortable place where you can be alone with yourself in complete silence. Sometimes it's good to turn off your brain and get rid of a thousand thoughts in your head.


relaxing with candles


2. Light candles to relieve insomnia and restless sleep

If you scroll through your Instagram feed every night before going to bed, and then you can’t fall asleep for a long time, it’s time to change your habits. At first glance, harmless entertainment disrupts sleep, which is why you sleep poorly at night and wake up the next day completely broken. It has been proven that the blue light from your smartphone or laptop can seriously disrupt your sleep. It lowers magnesium levels, which can cause anxiety. Get in the habit of lighting lavender and eucalyptus scented candles an hour before bed to help you relax, allowing your body and mind to shut down until the morning.


aroma candles for stress relief


3. Light candles to clear the mind, focus, and solve problems

Meditation surrounded by candles not only relaxes the mind but also opens the channels of perception that have been blocked due to your crazy pace of life. When it seems that you are cornered and you cannot cope with all the problems, stop. Sit between two lighted candles and listen to yourself. Express your true desires, make pros and cons list, or chant aloud any mantra that has special meaning to you. You will definitely find ways to solve problems and calm down.


aroma candles for wellness


4. Lighted candles reduce the stress level

This is the best place to begin. Many people like to light candles at the end of the day. And, when we dig deep into the reasons why we do this, it is usually because of the scent that it exudes. Science has proven that candles can actually soothe us. And they do this in two different ways:

The light

The flame of a candle is an incredibly soothing thing. There's a reason that people have used candlelight to meditate for centuries. If you've never taken the opportunity to meditate in your life, you might be surprised what staring into a candle can achieve. The flame of a candle can soothe us, but it can reduce our stress, while also increasing our self-awareness. This is done because the low light coming from a candle is captured instantly by your eye. The light is sent straight to your brain, and our association with candlelight helps us to calm down.

The scent

Scented candles offer many benefits. But there are a wide variety of scents that can boost our mood. For example, eucalyptus candle benefits include improving your focus and energizing you. When you feel less stressed, you are happier in every aspect of your life. You instantly feel more focused. We live in a world where stress is commonplace. It is ingrained into us that our fight or flight sensation is triggered every time we experience something in the workplace. Taking the opportunity to light a candle at the end of a busy day can do wonders to reduce your stress.


candles reduce the stress level


5. Lighted candles help to focus and concentrate

If your attention is scattered, thoughts are confused, and you cannot focus on any important thing, it's time to light a candle. First of all, remove all annoying external factors: bright lights, noise, and clutter. Then relax by the light of the fire for a few minutes and make a plan of action. Take these breaks regularly to boost your productivity.

6. Lift your spirits and return to the best days of your life

Every time you feel down, spend time with candles lit. Mentally transport yourself to the happy moments of your life in order to understand: happiness exists! You can also buy citrus-scented candles to lift your mood and morale. Lemon, orange, grapefruit, and lime perfectly invigorate, drive away drowsiness, and set you up for work.

7. Lighted candles are good for mental health

If anxiety and concerns have become your main companions in life, try scented candle therapy. Smells and fire have a positive effect on the nervous system, reduce the production of the stress hormone, help get rid of excessive anxiety, and eventually, make you feel good.


Lighted candles are good for mental health


8. Burning candles help with visualization

Do you have dreams but don't know how to make them come true? There are many visualization exercises and manifestation techniques in which you need to focus on the flame of a burning candle and send your desires to the Universe. Candles are also used during prayer.

9. Use candles to improve your relationship with your loved one

If passion and romance have left your relationship, and the bedroom has become the coldest place in the house, give a spark in the truest sense of the word. Lit candles throughout the ages were considered symbols of romance, love, and passion. Add aphrodisiac scents - vanilla, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, or patchouli - and your significant other will look at you with different eyes.


sleeping with scented candles


10. Lit candles transform the Ambiance of a Space

Candles create a very unique atmosphere. Before the advent of light, candles were used as a way to illuminate. And when we think of candles as a light source, our minds instantly go to simpler, more peaceful times. And this is something we can recreate in our home, or when we need an opportunity to declutter our brains from the day we've just had. The most obvious and beneficial example is lighting a couple of candles in your bathroom. They instantly transform a space and induce a cozy atmosphere. Candles have healing properties and there's a reason why they are used to create ambiance by massage therapists. It simplifies things and makes the space more welcoming. You can try it now; light a candle, turn all the lights out, and you can just stare into the flame and step away, literally and metaphorically, from the world.

11. Lit candles improve the atmosphere in the house

If there is no mood at all on a cloudy rainy day and you cannot find a place for yourself at home, light a couple of candles. The room will immediately restore a cozy, warm, and relaxing atmosphere in which you will feel happy.