Are candles considered home décor?

Let’s talk about some candle facts before we jump into home décor.

Did you know that ancient candles were vessels filled with fat or oil and a piece of cloth or a sliver was inserted as a wick?

It was not until 3000 BC that the Egyptians created a true candle that was made out of beeswax. Wax candles burned brighter, lasted longer and didn’t have as much flame. However, beeswax candles were very expensive, only the wealthy and the church could afford them.

Paraffin was discovered by Karl Reichenbach in 1830. Paraffin is still one of the most popular products used in candle making.

Nowadays, that we no longer need to use candles as a source of light, their significance has been reduced to being purely decorative.


bedside candle


Interior décor with candles is a truly wonderful solution for the home. Interior designers and bloggers assure that correctly selected candles will give your environment a warm and cozy feel. While the flickering of fire will create real bliss and smoothly immerse you in relaxation. It will feel like the time is slowing down. To achieve this effect, you should consider the size and the shape of the candles, so that they can correspond to the area and atmosphere they are in. Below are some interesting ideas and rules on how to use candles in your home décor.

Candles beside your bed


candles in bedroom


Soy candles in glass vessels are ideal for a nightstand next to the bed. Soy wax is environmentally friendly and will not harm those who like to light a candle before going to bed. To add some extra chick, put a small vase of flowers next to your candles. Check out our previous blog, where we talked about the scents you can use in the bedroom.

Those, who prefer candles made of paraffin or other types of waxes, it is recommended to put these candles on a chest of drawers complemented by a stack of books or a vase of flowers.

Candles on A Coffee Table


tealight candle in a tray


White or beige candles of any length and size are suitable for any coffee table. The light color of the wax will not stand out too much on the table. The neutral color of these candles will complement, rather than trouble the rest of the décor. Remember that long candles always look aesthetically pleasing in minimalistic golden candelabra of different heights.

Neat tealight candles in crystal tealight candle holders brighten the interior, making the interior seem translucent and weightless. To make this composition a complete artwork, add a bouquet in a small vase and place it on a tray.

Rustic interior lovers can use large candles in vintage-style wooden candelabra with a bouquet of some green flowers.

Candle Chandelier


Candle Chandelier


For those, who love French-style interior, candelabra in the form of chandeliers will be a perfect choice. Simple wax candles suspended from the ceiling will make the space more aristocratic, giving an aesthetics of luxurious country chateaus feeling. Place these chandeliers over the dining table or in the hallway, complementing with floral arrangements or ivy and fern wreaths.

Candles on the stairs or the floor

If you have a nice and cozy country house then you know that a country house cannot be without candles. Put your candles in a glass container on the veranda or next to the sunbeds during the summertime. And in winter, the best place for candles are by the fireplace, stairs and entrance area. Complement them with seasonal plants (branches of fir, pine, and juniper).



fireplace and candles


Nothing balances the flame of the fireplace fire but an additional flicker in the room. To achieve such a décor, surround your fireplace with candles in candle holders. Make sure the candle holders have a little lighter color than the fireplace itself: this will make the candles look like a separate composition. This atmosphere is great for relaxation.

Dining Table Candles

Have you noticed that wedding stylists use linen tablecloths, eucalyptus floral compositions and candles in transparent or golden candlesticks? The main rule here is to choose pastel shades for the dishes, textiles and décor, relying on natural soothing colors (beige, mint, dusty pink, light blue). The table will look restrained and aristocratic, and the dining atmosphere relaxing.

Home décor is the art of decorating your own space and turning it into a beautiful and cozy place for you to relax. Candles are one of the most important décor elements that also have some advantages: they are inexpensive and don’t require installation. Candles’ warm light will help create a festive atmosphere or a spa aura for you to relax. It seems such a small thing, but it’s like a small miracle that can change the mood and the atmosphere.