Achieve harmony by meditating with a flaming candle

The incredible rhythm of the big city, the eternal rush, constant emotional stress at work, and sometimes at home, stress and crazy fatigue have led to the fact that such concepts as inner harmony, peace of mind, and balance have become almost alien to modern humanity.

What to do in such a situation? Is it really impossible to break this vicious circle of eternal life race and constant fatigue?

The answer to such a troubling question turned out to be quite simple: the practice of meditation helps to one be happy, calm, and harmonious. The beneficial effect of meditation has been repeatedly proven by scientific studies by physiologists. After all, it is at the moment of correct meditation, when it is possible to stop the thought and free the brain from disturbance (not during sleep), the human nervous system receives that long-awaited rest, as a result of which a state of inner peace sets in. But isn't this the main component of true happiness for each of us?


achieve harmony with flaming candle light


So, first, let's figure out what meditation is and why it is needed.

Meditation is a simple mental technique that allows you to cultivate a state of peace by stopping the running of thoughts and developing positive qualities in yourself.

Systematic meditation practices help:

  • harmonize your inner state;
  • feel a surge of energy and strength;
  • improve memory;
  • normalize metabolic processes in the body;
  • activate mental activity;
  • get rid of insomnia and depression.

Most meditation techniques are based on focusing the mind on a specific object because this is what helps to distract it from an endless number of thoughts. One of the most effective methods is the trataka technique. Absolutely everyone can practice this with benefit and ease.


candle flame trataka


The very word "trataka" means "fixed gaze" and suggests focusing the eyes and mind on one particular point to the exclusion of everything else. In fact, it can be absolutely any object that is easy for you to concentrate on, but the most powerful effect will certainly be achieved if you choose a flaming candle. After all, it is the fire that can hypnotically absorb your attention and give your mind a rest from a million different thoughts and things. In addition, it has long been known that fire is able to destroy negative energy, give light, and warmth, and also give hope. This is exactly what we need after a busy day. It is also a symbol of vitality. In Hinduism, fire represents three aspects: purification, destruction, and procreation.


trataka meditation with candles


Meditation technique with a flaming candle

It is recommended to perform this practice in the evening, after a hard day, as it will clear your mind of all the extra informational “garbage” accumulated over the whole day. Choose a quiet place in the apartment, with windows completely curtained, to exclude all light reflections except for a candle, as this will distract you and reduce the effectiveness of the practice. Before starting meditation, it is recommended to take a shower, and wear loose, clean clothes made from natural fabrics that will not constrain you and cause discomfort. You should sit on the floor in the lotus position, but if you are uncomfortable in it now, choose any other position, the main thing is that your back is even and does not feel stiffness in movement, remember, this is very important because any discomfort will interfere with the technique, constantly diverting your attention.

Place a lit candle on a chair or table so that it is in front of the eyes, at arm's length. If you have vision problems, adjust the distance so that the burning wick does not double. Make sure the room you practice meditation is lack of any draft, as any fluctuations in the candle flame are unacceptable. When everything is ready and you are comfortable in front of the candle, close your eyes, mentally setting yourself to rest. When all thoughts are calm, open your eyes and try to look at the fire, without blinking or moving your eyeballs: it is important not to think about anything. If, nevertheless, it was not possible to get rid of thoughts the first time, do not despair, just try to let them pass by without stopping your attention and without thinking about the essence of current problems and questions. It is important not to overstrain the eyes. Remember, you will want to blink because of the intense tension, so the more relaxed you are, the longer you can sit without blinking.


candle meditation for insomnia


Flaming candle meditation for Faith and Peace

Many argue that you need to keep your eyes open without blinking and close them only when your eyes are already full of tears. This information is quite arguable. After all, meditation is liberation, harmony, peace, and rest, and when your attention moves to the fact that you are tired of all this, as a result of inconvenience, inner anger appears, and this has nothing to do with meditation.


Candlelight meditation


At first, try to peer into the flame of the candle for about 2-3 minutes, then close your eyes and try to peer into the residual image of the candle that you will have. If the image wanders, try to fix it. After the image finally fades into darkness, open your eyes again and gaze into the flame. Repeat everything in the described sequence for 10-15 minutes. Before completing the practice, close your eyes and carefully examine the dark space in front of your closed eyes, watching as an outsider behind everything that happens, while remembering that your mind should still be free from any thoughts. Continue the last phase intuitively for a few minutes, then open your eyes and blow out the candle. Sit for a couple more minutes in a calm atmosphere. The systematic practice of meditation with a flaming candle will not only help you calm your mind, and get rid of depression and insomnia, but will also help improve your vision, as well as strengthen your eye muscles.

Try to do this practice every day and after 10 days you will feel qualitative changes in yourself and your perception of the surrounding space.

Meditation is the way to comprehend the infinite, and whoever knows the infinite attains happiness.