8 best romantic candles to set the mood

Properly selected aromas will help to kindle the fire of love and passion and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Seductive and exciting, subtle and enchanting - these are romantic candles for a romantic evening. With their help, it is easy to create a memorable thematic atmosphere that will remain in memory for a long time. Smelling a specific aroma each time, the subconscious mind will return you and your partner to those voluptuous moments spent together.

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When choosing aroma candles for romance, it is worth remembering a few rules:

  • do not mix flavors;

smells are needed for a general background that gently complements the general atmosphere, and not a sharp fragrance, from which the head will ache and the couple's well-being will worsen;

  • flickering lights serve as a source of the right mood. They will help create a suitable twilight. It is difficult to resist the temptation and not succumb to emotions in such an atmosphere.


burning aroma candles and dried roses


Romantic candles tune in to a wave of relaxation in a complex way: they affect the sense of smell with pleasant aromas, visual perception with a soft glow, the dance of “live” fire from the wick, and the sound of a crackling wooden wick, like firewood in a fireplace.

The smell of s romantic candle is the base of choice


scented romantic red heart shape candle


The meeting of lovers is filled with the mystery of tenderness, and passion, it always has a mystery and a hint of the erasure of all boundaries and prohibitions. Scented candles for a romantic evening should be chosen with the idea of ​​complete relaxation for both partners.

What smells are considered the most seductive and romantic?


tealight aroma candle with sandalwood smell


Spicy oriental fragrances with woody accords and a musky trail. Sandalwood, patchouli, tonka beans, cinnamon, and musk are the so-called aphrodisiacs.


romantic candles


Floral compositions and mono-aromas. Jasmine, royal rose, incomparable magnolia, vanilla, ylang-ylang.

Knowing all these, first ask your partner about his/her preferences in aromas, so that the evening is pleasant for both. A particular smell has a certain effect. The most seductive scents are verbena, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and lavender. Lavender, mandarin, lemon balm, and orange blossom soothe and relax. Grapefruit, sandalwood, cinnamon, and rosemary tone and relieve fatigue.

You can combine candles with different fragrances or choose ready-made compositions designed specifically for a particular occasion.

What’s the ideal style for a romantic candle?

When planning a romantic evening, it is important to create a harmonious atmosphere. An interesting aroma is backed up by a perfect picture. It is better to duplicate aroma candles for a date, and use several small models, placing them around the perimeter of the space. A light flicker of fire will create a soft twilight, smooth out all corners, and tune in to a wave of rapprochement.


aroma candles in stylish candlesticks scented candles for creating romance


Manufacturers offer modern aroma candles in stylish candlesticks of various shapes and sizes. Glass solutions convey all the beauty of the play of flame and the glare of melted wax, its color. It is easy to choose candles for a specific interior space. Neutral shades of white, delicate pinks or passionate reds, unusual blacks, and grays - the color of the candles is variable. You can choose them for specific interior items or décor, create stylish compositions based on them, or simply use them standalone.

8 romantic candle scents

1 Romantic candles with lavender


create romance with tealight lavender smell candles


When it comes to the most used aroma scents, lavender tops the list. Many people know lavender for its sweet scent and color. Apart from these, lavender has a soothing and calming effect on the body. It decreases heart rate and blood pressure helping you to reach a relaxed state. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Light up a candle with a lavender scent or place a handful of dried Lavender near your seating to reach that perfect relaxed state on your important evening. The fragrance is sure to put you and your partner in a perfect mood.

2 Cinnamon


Cinnamon smell candles for romantic dinner romantic Cinnamon smell candles


Cinnamon is a common spice used in cooking but do you know what effect cinnamon scent can leave on you? Cinnamon scent can be used as a physical and emotional stimulant. The sweet and warm smell of cinnamon helps you to concentrate better on the task that you are performing. Grab that cinnamon-scented candle to make your evening a perfect one.

3 Vanilla


tealight vanilla candles for romantic dinner vanilla scented heart romantic candles


When discussing romantic candle scents, the opulent aroma of vanilla shouldn't be overlooked.

Vanilla is widely associated with being a pleasure-inducing aroma. This scent creates an inviting mood and would be a lovely aroma to fill your dining room dinner with your sweetheart.

When done right, the smell of vanilla is sweet, creamy, and comforting, with a hint of exotic spices. This scent is known for being rich and seductive, making it a perfect candidate to add to your sexy and romantic candle collection.

Vanilla gets its vivacious smell from the compound vanillin. The presence of vanillin in pure vanilla extract evokes warmth, happiness, and relaxing sensations throughout the body. A powerful aphrodisiac, vanilla is known to boost libido.

4 Rose


rose smell candles and chocolate rose smell romantic candles


Now, who doesn’t like to see a bunch of bright-colored and sweet-smelling roses on his or her date? Rose is always the first choice in flowers when a person wants to invoke feelings of romance and love, they are said to be a synonym for romance since ever. So what if you can’t get the opportunity to grab those natural flowers, you can always get a rose-scented candle to impress your partner. Rose scent is related to joy, happiness, hope, and love. Like lavender, rose also has a soothing and calming effect on the body and mind. If you want to try a no-fail formula to win your date, you must go with rose-scented candles.

5 Citrus (Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Lime)


lemon smell pillar candles


Do you just love that sharp citrusy smell when someone is peeling an Orange? Does it make you feel happy and energetic? Then, citrus-scented candles are the perfect choice for your special date. The citrus scent has a light summery aroma and is known to have an energizing and uplifting effect on the mind and body. Many options are available in citrus scents like orange, lemon, grapefruit, and lime. All these scents are sharp, pungent, and sweet which revives your mind and body. Your partner and you are sure to get in the mood for romance if you use these candles.

6 Peppermint


Peppermint smell candle in a jar


Who doesn’t like an instant cooling sensation on a hot day? Peppermint scent is known to relieve anybody’s tension and sore muscles with its soothing and calming effect. It is known to manage stress and nervousness. So if you are going on your first date and are a bit nervous or it’s a hot day and you don’t want to spoil your date, you can always go for peppermint-scented candles to light up your and your partner’s mood.

7 Ylang Ylang

The sweet and floral fragrance of ylang-ylang has a soothing effect that makes it popular for romance. Its scent is known to calm anxiety and release inhibitions. Some people might find this fragrance bit strong but it makes a perfect blend with strong citrus oils. You can always make your evening a memorable one with an overwhelming scent of ylang-ylang. It will fill your space with a sweet, exciting and romantic scent that calms and stimulates the senses, making the experience intense.

8 Jasmine


Jasmine tealight candles in jar


One can never go wrong with jasmine as a fragrance for any special event. It is one of the favorite scents when it comes to romance. The scent of Jasmine works as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. It promotes confidence and eases anxiety to give you that sense of relaxation. Its warm, seductive, and sweet aroma has a balancing effect on the nervous system. If you want to uplift your partner’s mood on your date, go ahead by lighting a beautiful jasmine-scented candle.


Aromas have a positive effect on the human mind and body. They help us to free ourselves from dark thoughts and replace them with beautiful memories. These days, the majority of people want not only beauty in a candle but a scent that can make them relax and uplift their mood after a hectic day. You have to have a perfect mood to romance with your partner. For that, you search for a perfect restaurant. You can always get that ambiance anywhere by just lighting up an appropriate scent candle. You can also prepare a date night at your home by just using some of these romantic candles.



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